Go-to Guy Ch. 06

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Marc took hold of Josie’s thighs, his hands brushing against the exquisite fabric of her stockings. He pulled them gently apart and closed in on the red, swollen mound of flesh between her legs. It had already been very well serviced, but it still glistened with her juices, and more was seeping out of her. She reached down and spread herself open for him, watching his penis intently as it pushed at her outer labia and then finally slid into her. Her eyes closed and her head lolled back on her shoulders, drinking in the feeling of being filled up one more time.

Marc placed his hands round Josie’s thighs for leverage as he began to pick up the pace again, reaching for the back of her vagina. She winced every now and then as she felt him penetrate her, but it was followed by a moan that encouraged him to continue. He lifted up her legs and suddenly she swung them onto his shoulders, drawing him down towards her. He hung in front of Josie’s face, the feeling of the lace on his skin making his entire body tingle with excitement. She regarded him thoughtfully, like an object she might have tired of; then she grinned, stroking his neck playfully with her foot. “On you go, Marc. Let’s start feeling that cock.”

As he went deeper and harder he felt her toes clutch at his neck, increasing their grip on him. He also realised from her stance that she wasn’t relaxing at all; she was pushing herself up slightly on her elbows, showing off her body to him. Giving him one last ordeal to endure. She set her fingers to work on her nipple and her clit, teasing them, pulling them outwards, inviting him to watch. She was only too keen to remind him of his current situation. “Did you think you’d last this long, Marc?” she purred. “Are you surprised you’ve managed to hold it together?”

“I’m very surprised!” he exclaimed, shaking his head.

“How does it feel at the moment? Your dick, I mean.”

“It feels good. It hurts so bad, but… it feels good.”

“Hurts, huh?” she said curiously, her head cocked to one side. “I guess that must be because…” She made a vague cupping gesture with her hand. “Because your balls are so full of sperm right now? Is that the problem?”

“Uh-hmm,” Marc muttered through gritted teeth, catching the twinkle in her eye and smiling despite himself. He pushed deeper inside Josie’s pussy, almost an act of defiance, and was rewarded by the sight of her catching her breath suddenly. She raised herself further up on her elbows, pushing her breasts out towards him.

“You’re thinking about coming inside me right now, aren’t you? Wondering what that would feel like?” He nodded, and she smiled understandingly. “Well, I’m wondering what it would feel like to come on a dick that’s full of sperm and begging to be released. Just saying.”

Her intentions clearly conveyed to him, she settled back down on the cushion and spread her thighs a little wider. Her left hand moved down to join her right on her clit. She looked up at him as she began to rub herself frantically, her knuckles a barely visible blur. Marc looked into her sparkling brown eyes, so challenging and so full of life, and knew that he had to deliver for her. He sank his hands into her hips and fucked her with all the force he could muster, thinking only of how he could maximise her pleasure. His cock trembled, desperate to erupt, and as his eyes swept over Josie’s body he tried to look past the beauty in front of him; to put himself in her shoes, and give her exactly the experience she was hoping for.

“You’re such a good boy, Marc,” Josie whispered, a familiar pink glow spreading across her neck and chest. “Do anything to satisfy your lady, wouldn’t you? Anything…” She flung her head back and stared at him as she masturbated herself towards a climax, silently demanding that he stay with her all the way. She moved one foot onto his face, probing at his mouth. Her fingers bore down on her clit one last time and she shook in ecstasy. “Oh, God…”

Marc had kept his self-control all night long, but the hardest challenge of all was to stay still and watch Josie’s face as it twisted in orgasm. Her eyes stared up at him, wide and appealing, and she let out a long wail of astonishment, her legs twitching on his shoulders. Her pussy locked down hard on his cock, as if it were trying to force the cum out of him. He dug his knees into the bed and stared ahead in grim determination. She looked at him as though even she couldn’t believe that he was holding it in; that she was going to ride this orgasm right to the end and he would still be there, denied, afterwards. That realisation seemed to only intensify her climax. Her body arched upwards, feeding hungrily on the energy from her clit.

The moment lasted an eternity for Marc, his muscles tense and aching as he stared at Josie’s magnificent, proud body. Then her eyes closed and she fell back on the cushions, clutching at her head to try and clear it. She quivered uncontrollably, all of a sudden görükle escort looking as vulnerable as he had ever seen her. He almost caused another orgasm as he eased himself out of her sore vagina, feeling her sticky outer lips cling to him. She winced sharply, her face still buried in her hand. He looked down at his cock, glistening from one end to the other with her juices, and still perfectly preserved. He felt an immense rush of satisfaction and pride as he knelt in front of her glowing body, knowing that he had helped her get there and stay there.

Getting bolder, he shuffled up to her and ran his hands down her dripping wet thighs. She had left a puddle underneath her crotch. He knelt down and kissed her on one thigh, then the other, before moving up to her stomach. He could, and should, have left it there; but the sight of her pussy right in front of him, and the thought of going a whole night without tasting it, were too much to bear. His tongue dropped to her clit and began to lick it, softly but quickly, and there was an instant gasp of shock from Josie. “No, no…” she whispered.

Marc felt her hand reach down to him to try and pull him away, and he backed off her clit and instead pushed his mouth deep into her pussy. The exquisite taste flooded his throat and he carried on, eagerly lapping up every drop of fluid he could. She had plenty more left to give, despite her protests to the contrary. “No, no, I can’t…” Her breathing quickened again and she let out another desperate moan. As he licked and sucked at her labia her hand came to rest on his scalp, not holding him back any more. Her body twisted to one side, thighs clenched tight round his head, and he let himself be carried along. The heat and the smell of her washed over him, and he breathed in as much of her essence as he could.

His lips stayed clamped over her pussy, making love to it, and before long he felt it pulse and contract. Josie gave a loud, furious yell as one final orgasm was forced out of her; she expelled her breath in a sharp burst from her heaving lungs, her body half-rising off the bed. When Marc pulled away he could see her clit burning a vivid shade of crimson. She looked as though she had just been hit by a runaway truck, her eyes screwed shut and her arms flung out either side like a doll. He lay down beside her and hugged her gently, kissing his way down her chest and torso as she slowly recovered. It took another few minutes for her to regain her strength.

“You know Marc,” she murmured, grinning up at him dizzily through half-closed eyes, “I should really beat your ass for pulling that stunt on me. But you’re good at it, so you’re forgiven.”

She slumped back on her shoulder with an exhausted sigh, a layer of sweat coating her face. Marc gazed down at her. “I love you so, so much,” he declared.

Her eyes flitted from side to side as she stared back at him, her mouth half-open. “Oh God,” she whispered, her hand suddenly flying to her eyes to cover them. “Oh God, not now.” She giggled for a moment, her head still racing with the euphoria of her orgasm. Then she realised that Marc might have misunderstood her, and reached up to reassure him. “I love you too.” They kissed gently, their lips gliding together in the heat. Josie draped her arms round Marc’s neck and pulled him down on top of her with a contented sigh.

They lay together, endorphins flooding through their bodies, for a long time. The smell of sex filled the room, and the evidence of it was spread all around them in a large sticky patch. In the sudden quiet Marc was keenly aware of the sound of Josie breathing, and the gentle pumping of her heart next to his. Her eyes flicked languidly around the room, taking in her surroundings for the first time. She looked back at Marc and smiled, running a hand through his hair. “OK, honey. I think if any guy on the planet has ever earned his orgasm, it’s you.”

The thought of this being the night that Marc got to finish, if it ever had occurred to him, had long since been forgotten. He had accepted that it wasn’t his time yet, and he had fought the urge all night long because he truly, genuinely did not want to come, not when she still needed his attentions. He looked back at Josie, hardly believing that after all her teasing and tormenting, it was going to happen right now. He felt his body tremble, the hairs on his skin standing on end. “Where do you want me?”

Josie turned onto her side and stroked his chest playfully. “I want you right where you are. You can get a little more comfortable, though.” She reached back and grabbed a cushion, pushing it gently under his head; then she leaned in closer to him, her voice hardening. “Now put your hands behind your back, folded, and open your legs nice and wide for me. Keep them open until I say so.”

Marc laced his arms together beneath him, shifting his head back and forth on the cushion. He found himself looking up at the ceiling, aware that görükle escort bayan his body was totally exposed to her and wanting to know what she was doing. Her hand ran down his torso and he flinched, suddenly tensing up. Josie chuckled sympathetically. “This is supposed to be easier when someone does it for you, isn’t it?” She put her fingers flat on his stomach, massaging his flesh until she had calmed him down. Then she went lower, tracing a careful route around his cock to his right thigh. As she rubbed the inside of it, his shaft began to spring to life.

“I see you,” she purred slowly. Huddling next to him, she lifted her right leg and draped it over both of his. The feel of her lace stockings on his bare skin sent a shiver of pleasure running through him, and she began to rub her leg against his in a gentle circular motion. “Marc,” she said abruptly, and his head snapped round to face hers. She kissed him gently, the hesitant motion of her lips calculated to raise his arousal still further. Her hand moved gradually across to his balls, massaging them between her fingertips. “These are mine right now, OK?” she murmured, as though trying to convince him; he nodded, needing no reminder.

Moving up to his cock, she took the shaft and began to pump it slowly. She was handling him with care, but he could feel a sudden bout of stage fright coming on. He had withstood the most intense pleasure all night long because he knew he had to, because there was a job to be done. Now that it was his turn, he couldn’t calm himself down enough to last the distance. He could feel that he was going to come any moment, in this soft half-erect state, and knew it would be a letdown. He gritted his teeth, his body tense again, and Josie saw it.

“Don’t rush it, Marc. Like I said, you’ve earned this. Do you think I would settle for an average orgasm from you if I were in your position?” He shook his head. “No, of course not.” She leaned over him, her face pointing right into his. “I’m not going to short change you. I’m not going to jerk you off like it meant nothing to me, and then make you beg to come. You don’t need my permission, because you have my wish. All you need to do is tell me when you’re close, because I want a good view when you spurt, OK?” She delivered that last sentence with a hint of exasperation, making Marc realise that she was stating the obvious. He nodded in agreement.

“Thank you Josie,” he whispered, and she kissed him again. Abandoning her attempts to stroke him, she closed her fingers round his cock and held it. That simple gesture reassured Marc that she was in no hurry; instead of chasing his erection, she was simply going to let it grow there, inside her fist. With that thought in mind he quickly began to swell up, blood flowing to the head of his penis. As he looked down his body he could just about see the tip peaking out through her knuckles, but no more. Unconsciously he dug his ass into the bed and strained upwards with his hips, reaching deeper into her closed palm; trying to get right inside her.

Josie leant over him and kissed him from his neck to his nipples, her tongue trailing warm silvery patterns down his skin. Her hair fell across his face and he took a deep, glorious breath of it, feeling his cock stiffen even more. She let her head rest on his heaving chest for a few seconds before she slowly lifted it off him, applying the same focus and ruthlessness in giving him pleasure as she had in extracting it. Scooping more precum off the tip of his cock, she brought it to his lips. “I think that’s even more than the last time I fed you, isn’t it?” She grinned approvingly as he swallowed it without needing to be told.

When she began to stroke him again she knew she had a good solid hard-on to work with, and her motion was steady and confident. She glanced down at Marc, her eyes suggestive and her mouth half-open, letting him wonder how soon the moment would be. The sticky sound of his cock inside her fist permeated the room, and all the while she kept up the exact same pace, letting him push closer and closer to the brink. She was coaxing the cum out of him, one twist at a time.

Marc felt the first faint stirrings deep inside him, of a ball of intense pleasure pushing upwards from his crotch. He looked up at Josie, silently pleading, but the moment she caught his eye she spread her fingers out wide and trailed them up his cock, cooing in sympathy. She bent down to his forehead and nuzzled against it, their faces jammed up against each other; but she said nothing. She merely absorbed the look of desperation written all over him, then resumed her grip. He dropped slightly from his high, but he was still so agonisingly close. Once again she worked him over and suddenly backed off, and he slumped back on the bed with a wince. The ache in his balls was getting more painful.

He looked up at Josie and saw that she was facing away from him, staring down at his crotch in bursa escort what seemed like mild curiosity. He felt the surge right inside him yet again, and this time he voiced what he was feeling. “Oh God, Josie…” he hissed. “I can’t… I’m going to come…”

Her head flicked round to face him, a look of disinterest on her face; and suddenly she broke into a warm encouraging smile. “So you are.”

He fell flat on his back, gasping as he felt a jolt of excitement race up his shaft. It stayed there for just a fraction of a second, as though even his penis couldn’t believe that permission had finally been granted. Then it dissolved into a feeling of the most intense bliss, like nothing he had ever felt before. He stared up at the ceiling and saw something splash against it, then realised it was the first shot of his own semen. The others rapidly followed, bursting out of him in an uncontrollable shower. He rose up off the bed, crying out almost in shock. His groans were so loud that he could barely hear Josie’s laugh of disbelief in the background.

As he dropped back on the bed his sperm dropped with him, scattering in droplets all over his shaking body. His eyes were closed, but the sudden warm sticky feeling on his skin told him it had really happened, and a dizzy wave of astonishment passed through his brain. The ache in his gut spread down to his balls, propelling him straight into another orgasm. The spurts were smaller, but even more intense, and he shuddered from side to side as the stuffing was knocked out of him. He let out a long exhausted sigh and finally fell back on the cushions.

He took a series of deep breaths, the blood pumping frantically through his veins. As he calmed down he heard Josie giggling quietly, still amazed at what she had witnessed. His eyes opened slowly and he saw her peel her arm off his crotch, totally drenched in his sperm. “My God… And to think, you guys are jealous of us! God, I would give anything, anything, to be able to come like this just once.”

“The, uh… the clear-up can take a long time,” Marc said hoarsely, straining to get up on his elbows.

“I see what you mean!” Josie chuckled as she wiped her arm clean on the few dry spots she could find on his torso. She unwrapped herself from his body and he could see that she had been spattered on her chest, her shoulder and her stocking-clad thighs. “Look at these!” she scolded him, pointing to them. “Like you haven’t ruined my underwear enough…” She broke into a cheeky grin and shuffled forward on her knees, taking Marc by the neck. She kissed him hard, and he had to get her to slow down as his lungs couldn’t take the exertion. She settled down and made love to him at a gentler pace, smoothing his hair back from his sweaty brow.

The smell of sperm hung heavily around them. Josie looked at the mess they were lying in, almost a little embarrassed that she had caused it. “You made the most of it, didn’t you? After all that time without an orgasm…” She stared down at his cum-covered body. “I guess you needed a little reminder of what it feels like.”

Marc shook his head. “They’ve never felt like that. Not even close.” He sank back onto the cushion, staring up at the stain on the ceiling; he didn’t know how he was going to clean it up. Now that the initial effects had worn off he could feel his body glowing with energy, his circulation flowing freely. Remembering his manners at last, he turned to look at Josie. “Thank you. Josie.”

“Any time, sweetie,” she smiled, kissing him on his shoulder. They looked at each other for a moment and her smile grew a little wider. “Well…” she conceded. “Sometimes, anyway. But you wouldn’t want this too often, would you?” Marc shook his head. “No, even your beautiful cock couldn’t manage that. We’ll have to give it to you now and then. And we’ll have to think of some different ways to give it to you, won’t we?” Marc stared at her suggestive little mouth, knowing there was no ‘we’ about it. He felt his cock, totally drained and exhausted, give a little twitch of excitement; and he knew that he was utterly, inescapably hers.

She lay on her side looking him over. He knew he should get cleaned up, but he still needed more recovery time. He glanced at his surroundings, at his own room, which he had never viewed quite like this. The accumulated weight of the last few weeks had suddenly lifted from him, and he realised just how intense his tunnel vision had been. Josie seemed to detect the change in him too. “You’ve been on quite a ride lately, haven’t you?” she said quietly. She took him by the hair and guided him gently round to face her. “You might not think it right now, but you’re going to get back there again. I promise.”

Marc knew what she was driving at, and he quickly allayed her fears. “I know.” He looked up at Josie, calm and at peace, and they shared a moment as intimate as any they’d had that evening. She bent down and kissed him on the nose.

“Good boy.”

They lay side by side a little longer before the smell became more noticeable, and they stirred themselves. Marc swung his legs over the side of the bed and sat up with a grunt of exertion, staring down at the bed. “Jeez, this is going to take a while to clean up.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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