Holy Orders

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Graham kissed me on the cheek as he always did when he went to work and said

“I should be home at my usual time. Have a good day and don’t let the builders slack. We need to get the work finished as soon as possible.”

“Yes I will, have a good day.” I replied, waving as drove away.

We had finally been forced to move into our new home on Friday. The building work was not finished and it was several weeks behind schedule but we had to move due to the new vicar taking over our previous parish. As Graham had been promoted, he didn’t want to delay any longer so we agreed to work around the building works. The old house was still usable for the most part but the new extension was only half done due to some unforeseen problems. Subsidence I think one of the builders told Graham when they arrived this morning but it was foreign to me.

As Graham drove away, I looked out beyond our garden to the wide-open vistas. The house was very old and set in the middle of the countryside, surrounded by fields and woodland. In no way typical of a country vicarage, the previous vicar had lived here for fifty years and never done any work to the house. When he died, he left it to the diocese and it became the vicarage. Everything about it was old and decrepit. I was dismayed when I had first seen it but the Bishop had agreed to some major alterations and the work had started almost straight away. Graham had told me that the other four Vicars homes that were now unused would more than pay for the alterations.

Graham was thirty-five and had been a vicar almost from leaving uni. Something he had wanted to do since childhood. He was ten years older than I was when we met but we just seemed to belong together.

I was always a loner. My mother died when I was a just a little girl and my father just lost it so the only person who showed me any attention was the vicar who used to come round to see that daddy and I were ok. I remember he used to play dollies with me and he was such a nice man. It took a long time for daddy to recover but recover he did and seemed to get back to his old self. I was had been very close to my mother as daddy was always working, so I never had a close relationship with him. Therefore, when he came home one day just after my tenth birthday and said that we were moving I wasn’t surprised. It just seemed like a little adventure. What I didn’t know then was daddy was getting remarried, and I didn’t find that out until the day of the wedding. Getting a new dress was wonderful but I had no idea what was going on at the church until the vicar, the same one that used to come round said.

“Hello Dawn. You must be really looking forward to having a new mummy.” Then he walked away, patting me on the head as he used to. To say I was confused would be an understatement, even for a child.

Anyway after the wedding we moved into a new house with my new ‘mother’ who seemed to hate me from the off, and it didn’t help that she already had two children of her own. Jason who was eighteen and Penny who was twenty. Neither of them seemed to know I existed until I got under their feet and then it was just, “Move brat.” or something like it. Therefore, I just hid myself away from them all as much as possible.

We did start going to church regularly. Not our old church as we had moved too far away. This was where I first met Graham. He took the Sunday school classes and as time went by I would help him with the younger children. We spent a lot of time together and he would always walk me home after. Nothing ever happened of course, not even a kiss or hand holding. He was much too proper for that and so courteous. I felt it was inevitable that we would one day marry.

Shortly after my nineteenth birthday, my father called me into his study. As soon as I saw Graham sitting with him, I suppose I guessed why I was there.

We were married shortly after and not long after that Graham got his own parish. We have been married now for five years. It wasn’t exciting but I was happy and I was the dutiful vicar’s wife and helped wherever I could with his parish work.

“You ok miss?”

The voice startled me, I don’t know how long I had been gazing but it suddenly seemed like ages. “Ohh yes, sorry you startled me Mr Hughes.”

“Please call me Pete and I will call you Dawn ok?” He stepped forward and held his huge hand out to me.

Somewhat taken back by his sudden movement I reached out and said, “Er yes, Pete, yes I’m fine thank you.”

His hand swallowed mine and he held it a little longer than needed but I just thought he was being friendly. “Cuppa tea would be nice.” he said,

“Of course!” I replied, pulling my hand from his as I walked past him into the house.

He followed me to the kitchen and said, “Five of us.”

“Yes ok it will be five minutes.”

I don’t know if he heard me as he had gone from the doorway, only to appear Gaziantep Fetiş Escort a moment later with the other men. As the sun was quite high now none of them had shirts on and they were all in shorts, some were very short, almost indecent. I couldn’t help but notice there muscular bodies, covered in sweat. I felt inexplicably embarrassed

As I made the tea, I heard a shuffling of chair and when I turned around, they had all seated themselves along one wall behind me, leaving one chair by the kitchen table and beside the back door.

They were all chatting quietly until Pete said, “If you don’t mind me asking Dawn the guys here were wondering just how old you were. I know it’s rude to ask a woman there age but as you’re old man is what, forty something? We just wondered.”

I giggled, “Forty something, no he’s thirty five and I am twenty five.”

“There you are, told you he was dirty old git, what a waste of I nice bit of skirt.” one of the others said.

“Don’t mind him Dawn. Bill. Be quiet. She’s the vicar’s wife not some bit of skirt.”

I was somewhat dumbstruck I think, I had never been called a ‘bit of skirt’ before and wasn’t sure how I felt about it. “That’s ok.” I said. I poured the tea and took it over to them on a tray.

“So does he do the business then?” Bill asked.

I must be really naïve, as I had no idea what he meant. It must have shown on my face as they all laughed. “He means in bed, can he get it up.”

“Tony that’s enough.” Pete said.

I was flushed red and didn’t know where to put my face. I went to the cupboard without saying anything, hiding my embarrassment by reaching for a tin of biscuits. By the time I put them on the table the laughter had stopped.

“You will have to forgive this crude lot Dawn.” Pete said “They are not used to dealing with….well vicars wives shall we say.”

“That’s ok.” I said and sat in the remaining chair by the door. I couldn’t help looking along the line of men sat there. Those shorts seemed to have shrunk and I realised that Pete’s were so short his, willy, was showing, just a little bit but to my eyes it seemed huge. I averted my gaze but no matter what I did I just kept going back to it.

“Is your knob end hanging out Pete cos her eyes have gone like saucers?” Not Bill this time but one of the others.

I was so embarrassed I wanted to run but I knew that would make things worse so I sat there, staring at the wall. A strange feeling in my stomach

“So doe’s he then?” Bill again, and this time of course I knew what he meant.

“My husband and I are very happy thank you very much, and I prefer you not to talk to me like that.” I said angrily, “My private life has nothing to do with any of you.”

“Maybe not but your private parts will be if you stand up with that door behind you.” Another one this time

I suddenly realised what they meant, and why I sat in front of the door. I was wearing a thin cotton dress and the sunlight must be passing straight through it. Even though I had underwear on they wouldn’t need much imagination to widen there lurid thoughts. I went to jump up and run out of the kitchen in anger but knew that would be giving them what they wanted. Instead, I just said, “I think it’s time you were back at work.” I tried to inject Graham’s authority into my voice but they just laughed.

“You gotta move sometime so I think I will just wait here till you do.” Bill said. The others all laughed in agreement.

“B….but you can’t” I stammered, “Graham will know you haven’t done any work and he will be angry that I let you slack.” I used Graham’s word, as I didn’t know a better one. Big mistake.

“Nothing slack about me darling.” Bill said, putting his hand to his crotch and grabbing himself in a filthy manner. The others followed suit. My eyes went straight to Pete who like the others had grabbed himself, putting his ‘willy’ even more on show.

My face went red all over again. “Please you must go back to work. Please.”

“Ok Dawn.” Pete said, “Ill make you a deal. You stand in front of that door for, ooo lets say a minute and then we will go back to work.”

Shocked I said, “No I couldn’t.”

“Why not you didn’t mind this morning when you were out the front.”

Oh my god, I hadn’t thought of that they must have been looking even then, or Pete had at least.” “I cant, I would be so ashamed.”

“Well we aren’t going back to work till you do, and if you leave it too long the time will go up to 2 minutes so make your mind up. What harm can it do, we only want to look and it’s not like you would be naked would it.”

What choice did I have? They had been sitting here for nearly an hour already, and like he said it’s not like I would be naked, even if it felt like it. “Alright, alright. But you promise you will go straight back to work?”

“Yep after two minutes we will go back to work.” Bill said.

“You said one minute.” I said

“That was then. You kept us waiting so now it’s two and outside would be better.” Pete said, smiling.

“Out….Yes alright but then you go back to work.” I said defeated.

I took a deep breath and moved outside as quickly as I could. Before I had even turned and moved the chair they were all around me. Hands on me guiding me outside. They manhandled me into position, with more touching me than I thought was necessary. They positioned me so that the sun was behind me of course but slightly to one side. I stood there, eyes closed. I felt a hand between my legs just above my knees and jumped.

“What are you doing. Nobody said anything about touching.” I was shaking, I convinced myself it was due to anger not the feel of a mans hand on my naked flesh.

“Need those pretty legs open so the light can get through don’t we.” Pete said.

“I can do it myself, just say how far.” I said.

A burst of laughter and again I realised my error, “As far as you can darlin so I can see that bush of yours.”

Again bright red I ignored the filthy comment and opened my legs about two feet. “That will be far enough.” I said.

They were still not satisfied but they accepted what was on offer and started looking me over. I was so embarrassed. They came up close and one man even tried to look up my dress They looked at me from all angles. “Is it two minutes yet? It must be two minutes.”

“Why darlin? Is that pussy of yours begging for a real shagging then.”

“Please, don’t talk like that. I have done as you asked now will you please go back to work.” I said, closing my legs but too afraid to walk past them I turned and walked into the garden.

“I bet the vicar loves them frilly knickers don’t he?” a voice shouted to my back.

I was shaking. I didn’t realise they would see that much. Graham didn’t know anything about my ‘frilly knickers’. He had never seen any of my underwear. He had never seen me undress and certainly never seen me naked. If he knew about my little secret he would be so shocked. I don’t think he would want to hear me say it was the only feminine thing I had. It shocked me thinking about it. But I knew deep down that’s why I had kept them after our marriage. I had started wearing them at college. They just felt so nice, so feminine and when you’re a loner you’re the only one who can make you feel that way. So I did. Until now I was the only person who knew, the only person who had ever seen them.

“Don’t worry darlin we wont tell him we seen em. Not if your nice to us.” another voice this time.

I walked to the bench half way down the garden and brushing the debris off sat down. I couldn’t quite get my head round what was happening. This was my new home. My new life. I had only been here for two days and felt like I had betrayed Graham. Not only had five complete strangers looked at me luridly, with god knows what thoughts going through their heads but I had assisted them. And they had touched me, I distinctly remember at least one hand on my breasts and then those hands on my legs, spreading them. The feeling in my stomach started again at this thought, driven on by the knowledge that they had seen my underwear. What was happening to me.

“Pull yourself together Dawn.” I said to myself. “It’s just men playing around, just trying to get you embarrassed that’s all, ignore them.” I stood up and determined to heed my own advice I forced a smile to my face and went back into the house. I would have changed my dress but there was no way I was going to be half naked, even for a second with those men in the house. Neither my bedroom nor the bathroom was safe as they were both being worked on.

Several times during the next hour or so I had to squeeze past one builder or another. Either for something I was doing or something they said they needed to do. More than once I felt a hand running over my bottom or over my hip. I did my best to ignore them but my stomach just kept leaping each time it happened and even down….there….felt funny. And however hard I tried I couldn’t get the picture of Pete’s, thing, out of my head.

Even though I had never seen Grahams I knew what one looked like. I had been in my step sisters room one night when she came home with her boyfriend. I hid in a corner of the messy room hoping nobody would see me. I couldn’t believe what they did with his, thing. What she did with it. I was disgusted and it made my stomach turn.

“Just like it was now.” I mumbled

“What was that.” a voice said, making me jump. It was one of the builders, Ray I think his name was. I must have been in dreamland as I remembered my step sister as I hadn’t heard him come into the kitchen. He was close to me and getting closer. Before I knew it he was pushing me against the sink.

I could feel his hardness pushing against my bottom. His hot breath against my neck. This mingled with my thoughts made my tummy swirl in turmoil and the feeling down there was growing with each second. It was his hand on my breast that shook me out of it. I pushed against the sink violently thus against him. His hardness seemed to dig into me but as he went backward I slid away from him. I didn’t say anything, breathing had become difficult, I rushed into the garden hoping the air would make it easier but it took a long time for me to calm down. I couldn’t believe the turmoil that was in my stomach, and all over my body. My nipples were rubbing against my bra tingling and my legs were shaking, even sitting down.

“Time for tea Dawn.” a voice said from above me. I looked up to see Pete hanging out of what was going to be the master bedroom. The wall at this point was non existent as it was going to be a huge window.

“Yes, ok.” I said timidly, not able to think straight.

As I put the kettle on it dawned on me of course that they would all be leering at me again. I quickly grabbed an apron and wrapped it around me, tying it at the front. Now let them leer. All they would see would be a little old lady holding a loaf of bread, which of course was the pattern on the front.

I felt a little easier as they walked into the kitchen knowing they couldn’t see anything and as I had moved the chairs back around the table I knew I would not be stuck by the door. This illusion of safety was soon shattered when all but one of them went and sat in the garden. Pete stood by the door into the house. Which meant I had to go into the garden with the tray.

The apron still gave me feeling of security so I picked up the tray and moved to the back door. As I stepped out Bill stepped in front of me, a huge smile on his face. I stepped back but only as far as Pete who had moved in behind me.

“Tut tut sexy lady.” Bill smirked, “We don’t need this do we.” and started to undo the apron.

I was trapped and didn’t have any idea what to say as I felt the apron lifted over my head and dropped to the floor. Bill bent down to pick it up. I felt his hand on my leg and Pete had moved in close behind me, I could feel his hardness pushing into my bottom and the picture of his willy came into my head. Bills hand was now past my knees. “Please don’t.” I murmured.

As his hand reached my upper thigh I started to shake. “That’s enough Bill or she will drop the tray on your head.” Pete said.

Why hadn’t I thought of that instead of shaking like a school girl getting her first kiss. Bill stood up and made a sarcastic bow, waving me though with his arm. Shakily I put the tray on the table. The garden had several of those plastic chairs and a swing chair, one of those things with the sun shade attached. All the plastic chairs had been taken so I took my tea and sat on the swing chair. Bill and Pete joined me and as it was only a two seater I was immediately squashed between them. They squirmed and turned until I was sitting half on and half off there leg, my bum raised off the seat almost. With my cup in my hand I could hardly keep it from spilling. I was not comfortable. Neither with the seat or having them so close to me. My stomach was doing its turning thing again as the picture of Pete’s ‘thing’ earlier came into my mind. If it was doing that again it meant that it would almost be touching my leg.

As soon as they were settled their hands rested on my legs, one each side. I could push one off but with my cup in my hand I couldn’t push them both off. The other three had swung there chairs round facing me and moved in closer, so close I couldn’t even move my legs away. As I tried to fight first one hand then the other off I felt my legs being opened and Tom, I think it was, moved between them. Still sitting but both his legs were between mine. I stopped my struggling. “Don’t please. Don’t do this.” I moaned

“Do what honey.” Pete said, his hand now up to my thigh, pulling my dress with it. “We just want to have a good look at that sexy underwear you got on.”

“Yeah I bet hubby loves it don’t he?” Bill said reaching the same point that Pete had.

I must have panicked as Ray said, “Ho ho, he doesn’t know doe’s he?”

“Oh Dawn how could you not tell him?” Pete said, “I think he should know. What do reckon guy’s?”

“No.” my response was out before I could stop it, “Don’t tell him please.”

“Well now then little missy.” Pete said, as he and Bill threw their legs over mine pinning my legs in place, open and vulnerable. I gave up trying to keep my dress down and put my hand between my legs, doing my utmost to hide my modesty. The other two men had moved either side of the one holding my legs open as Bill and Pete took over this task. They started running their hands up the leg nearest to them. I now had four men with there hands on my legs and me desperately trying to fight them off.

The man who was holding my legs open to start with was now free to do as he wished. He stood up and reached forward to undo the buttons to my dress, which went all the way down. “No. Don’t do that.” I said panicked by the thought of being almost naked with these men. It was bad enough earlier but if he got my dress open god knows what they would have done to me. I dropped my cup and struggled to stand up, the tea spilt all over the dress, warmth hit my legs where their hands were, just brushing my knickers, joining the warmth that was already there from the torment in my stomach.

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