How I started Cuckolding my husband

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No 1 The start of Cuckolding

Before I met David, my husband to be I had sex with maybe 20 men, after that point it didn’t change much till my wedding. Well my Hen Night really. My sister organised it all, lots of alcohol and a visit to a male stripper’s bar. Initially even our Mum and my mum in law to be were with us, But by 1am the next morning getting back to my sister’s place we were down to a hard core of her, me and 4 other friends of ours. Back there was Paul my future brother in law plus some male friends of his.

Going to bed with my future brother in law was easy, and then I floated away in a dream over the next 30 hours as men had me sexually in ones and twos; I was in a darken bedroom losing track of time, in a sexual bliss. Every time I fell asleep, a different man would be with me when I woke up again, some would come back for seconds and thirds. Food and more alcohol appeared regularly, I got about 8 hours sleep during the day time Friday and it started all over again that evening. It was sexual bliss, with a combination of rough sex to gentle sex; one new thing for me was every so often Paul or my sister would slip into the bed, each would gently lick my pussy and rim my anus, tasting the juices laid there, Each had served as my personal urinal during that time, whilst watersports were part of the sex play I enjoyed with Paul, for my sister and I this was our first sexual contact. On her second visit to me I had pulled her around for a mutual ‘69’ and found she’d been sexually active with a man in the hour before.

All the time I thought the other girls left over from my Hen night were getting the same treatment and it was the same half dozen guys that had been there when we arrived back. It wasn’t, I later found out that by dawn my friends had all departed for work or home. Plus the initial guys had departed replaced by fresh cock for the day. Friday night was a gangbang on me. For a while in the months afterwards, my sister said it all the same 6 guys, I knew it wasn’t, till she admitted she found out that I’d had about 20 lovers up to that date and she wanted to double that and she did.

At 10am my hair and makeup etc., started and I was at the church at 12:30; As I walked up to the church doors I felt my panties slip down my legs, the 3rd pair that day now also sodden wet. I walked up the aisle pantieless with cum leaking down my thighs from my sore pussy and arsehole. Yes those men had used all three of my holes; I’d taken anal fucks before but in those previous hours had loosened me up. Also I had sucked to completion and swallowed, especially that morning.

As I reached my husband to be and his best man and looked around I saw the line of six grooms men, every one of them had screwed me in my gangbang I saw it in their eyes, but I also felt a lurch of reigniting sexual excitement.

As I was taking my vows, I had a briefest thought of ‘am I throwing all this fun away?’ Yes I had enjoyed that sexual spree with how many men.

But another thought was uppermost in my mind that day. Three months earlier David and I had agreed we’d start a family as soon as we were married. I had stopped taking my pill at that point, I’d told no one, and every single guy who’d screwed me in the last 36 hours had done so barebacked, spewing cum into me and not only had I not raised a protest, I’d found a extra zing from it.


This is the account of how I first really cuckolded my husband. I use that word carefully as opposed to saying I was unfaithful, my husband knew I was going to have sex with another man and had encouraged me. As you will see he set me up.

In the course of my marriage at that point I had been unfaithful with several other men, one of whom was Paul, my brother in law who I met with a half dozen times a year. Paul and I were also aware that my David was screwing my sister; maybe even more often than us, like with Paul and myself, they had started before marriage had taken place for either of us. I’d also taken other men during that time and I knew David played as well, but we never confronted each other with that knowledge.

By the start of 2008, David and I had been married 7 years, during which I had been pregnant twice. That year I was being chased by two quite different guys, at the company where I had started to work about 6 months earlier. I hadn’t ‘gone all the way’ with either man, but I had engaged in heavy petting which for me included giving the guy full oral sex to completion. (Yes, I swallow). This heavy level had taken place about 3 times with one guy and maybe 10 or 12 with the other. I suppose the reason why I hadn’t gone all the way with either guy was with one he was younger – 19 still lived at home with his parents, the other was married, and if circumstances with either had been different I would have. There was another factor in that David and I had talked on and off about having another child before I was 30 (I was nearly there) and so I wasn’t actively protected by the pill at this time.

Frankly by that time our sex life was almost confined to a Saturday night quickie; One thing that I had found turned both me and my husband on was dirty sex talk about me with another guy, not the old adventures I had before my marriage, but new fantasies of me with men and not just straight sex, but kinky sex, like anal and watersports or sex with 2 guys etc. it was all fantasy and we both knew that, but it was mostly 90% of the time it was about me, rather than him in the action. I also realised It worked even better if my lover was someone we both knew.

Another thing coming out of these fantasies was David confessed a desire to watch me with another man and to do so he acknowledged that I should in fact be in a sexual relationship before that could or would happen. I must admit I was dubious of the effect on our marriage if I did actually fuck someone else with my hubby watching. Again my husband had suggested mutual male friends I could fuck with; to some extent when we went to parties etc., he encouraged me to dress in sexier clothes, also daring me to leave off my bra and or panties, initially I was reluctant, but by 2008 I was doing so and without being asked most times.

It was in late summer 2008, that things really started to develop, Adam had been a long time friend of David’s having worked together about the time we got married and in fact he was a guest at our wedding. Adam is older than David by 8 or 9 years had already been married for 5 years or so when we married. He and Lydia were very inseparable, there was never any hint of either of them playing around when we met them socially, although she flirted with David a lot, With Adam, I liked him but found him very aloof (which turned out to be incredible shyness on his part), so we’d never even flirted a little.

Lydia died of cancer, struck down within 6 months of being diagnosed. Adam was devastated and it took him ages to get back to even remotely like his former self. Lydia had been his world for over 12 years. It was about 18 months after Lydia’s death that he was over with us and a few close friends for Sunday dinner when he confided in me, that he was trying to get back into the dating game but so far it had been a disaster, His confidence at 42 was not the same as in his early 20’s and he was still very shy with women.

This had taken him about 4 glasses of wine to tell me, he went escort gaziantep minyon bayan onto to say that he had as he was now managing director of the company with over 100 employees, to attend the Company’s annual dinner dance in about a month and he needed a partner. I truly believe that he was asking me if I had any friends who’d be willing and able not only in bed, but without being snobbish I knew he wanted a woman who’d be socially able to engage in conversation at the right level. I also think he was saying he was grateful for the two women we had attempted to link him up with, but neither was his type. In fact both had liked him, but found him still too remorseful. Each had had a few dates with him and had ended up in bed, more by their design than his probably.

We had conversed for some 15 minutes and we were joined by David as I was suggesting female friends of ours that Adam may have met at previous social gatherings. It was David who looked at me and said “why don’t you go with Adam”. Adam was very surprised, almost shocked and speechless, I wasn’t quiet that bad. I should emphasis that all three of us were very aware, because Adam had stressed it that ‘the do’ was in fact a weekend away at a plush hotel in Wales. Obviously he wanted a partner that was going to be sexual with him and that factor had played a prominent part in our discussion of the 4 or 5 women we kicked about as a date for him. In fact two of the women Adam admitted he fancied sexually were married and as David correctly stated that both women “spread (their legs) easier than peanut butter”, but only when their husband don’t know, so they were both out!

David turned away ‘a done deal’ as far as he was concerned leaving Adam slightly embarrassed, but with a definitely gleam in his eyes now. He looked at me and said “Has he just given us the okay to do what I think?” Any other guy at this stage I would have teased a bit, but I wasn’t sure that Adam was ready for that level of sexual banter. “Yes, of course that is if you want to, with me” silly question I already knew the answer from his eyes.

He was still rather agog on this development, but aided by the wine, he got around to asking a few more pertinent questions. Without wanting to appear to be a slut to him, I ‘confessed’ that I had experienced extra martial sex with David’s permission with several other men I had met and fancied (a total white lie, but one I thought would help him out). By now he had a very obvious total hard on and we’ve moved out of earshot of the others.

He then amazed me by confessing that all his married life his recurring fantasy was to have been able to watch his Lydia with two men at once (big black males in particular). Our conversation ended about there as, some of our guests were leaving including the couple who’d given Adam a lift, but before he left he asked me to buy me a special sexy dress for the dinner dance and some shoes and gave me a cheque for £2,000 to cover everything. Of course I said yes, I’d never spent more than £500 on an outfit and thought that was special.

That night in bed my husband was rampant and every night that week. On Saturday he said we’d both go shopping for my ‘outfit’ and maybe get some other sexy stuff for me as he put it. In a boutique he bought me a sexy black cocktail dress slashed across one shoulder; the left side on which the slashed shoulder was open but held by one matching shoe string which threaded it was around 8 lace point to hold the dress almost together, but left a gap which could be adjusted to open and close the gap in stages from about 3” to a ½” gap. When I tried it on in the shop it was obvious that I could not wear a bra with it, but when I stepped out for David to see, both he and the shop assistant said I would have to go ‘full commando’, so going back into the vestibule I slipped off my panties as well and came back out again.

The shop was small, but there were other men in there with their wives/girlfriends, to my surprise, I started to get quite a turn on. I hadn’t worn anything like this — ever! Anyone looking my way could see the total lack of underwear, and the dress was really quite short as well as well as thin material. I tried to play it down that it wasn’t me and that told him it felt a bit tarty, which was actually very true, I was a bit alarmed at how it showed up my erect nipples, hardened by my public exposure. David believed he got round me taking it by saying it was a ‘woman’s dress’. But by then I felt so sexy in it, there was no way he was not going to have buy it for me, but I suggested he look for something else to try out.

The assistant then suggested I try some shoes on with it, whilst David looked at some other dresses for me, she produced some very sexy stilettos with 5” or so heels, I’d never worn higher than 4” and these felt really sexy, especially as she knelt in front of me and I could feel her eyes on my naked pussy. But I looked up and a guy was getting a full view of my pussy as well. I have never flashed in my life before, but I got a huge surge of sexual excitement, there was nothing I could do to stop him seeing, short of standing up. I felt my face redden and also my pussy became incredibly moist, almost as if I was having some foreplay done on me. As the girl slipped on each of the sexy shoes, she was deliberately ‘opening me up for her own view and thought I was meekly letting her do so. But she was letting this guy get a real eyeful of me and I was getting so turned on. I didn’t have to look down to feel that her actions had actually parted my labia lips at that point, my voyeur was getting his eyeful and I was getting more aroused by the second.

Once the shoes were on, I still lingered with parted thighs before standing. It felt really sexy being in 5” heels. I walked a bit unsteady at first. I walked towards my voyeur, ‘very nice’ he said, I smiled and thanked him, I was turning away from him, when I almost stumbled, he grabbed my arm as I was about to go. In that moment he slipped into my hand a business card with his name and mobile phone number on. ‘Call me sometime’ he said.

Quite flushed I agreed to have those high heels as well. David had now ***********ed a couple of other items for me to try one. The next outfit I walked out into the shop in was a totally sheer see through blouse with a really miniscule micro mini black leather skirt – I was still fully commando. My ‘man’ had moved on with his wife, but I was appraised by several guys, who must have noticed the hardness of my nipples. My shop assistant could barely keep her hands off me by this point. Whether David had noticed this or not, I didn’t know, but now she followed me back into the changing cubicle with a couple of suggestions of her own.

How long we were in there I dread to think, but she went down on me almost as soon as I had the blouse and skirt off and eat me out in a gorgeous way, I had to bite my arm to stop making a noise as she made me cum off. It was a terrific oral climax and when she stopped, we kissed long and deep, suddenly I wanted to return the compliment to her. She was without underwear as well, unlike me she was completely smooth, but she was completely soaking wet. My oral wasn’t as skilful as hers, but she came. It was my first taste of another woman and I was stunned to find how good it felt.

I was pretty horny even then, and it was now escort bayan nizip late into the day so we drove home, collecting the kids on the way. If David had noticed anything at the shop, he didn’t say. Having fed us and the kids and put them to bed, I had a long relaxing bath. I started thinking about my day and that shop, I could not believe how blatant I had been, nor how much the events had aroused me and that man’s business card had almost burnt a hole in my handbag. After I was dried off, I shaved my labia smooth, leaving just a trim patch of pubes above. I then put on the see through blouse, mini skirt and high heeled shoes brought in the boutique. I felt sexy. I walked into our lounge and stood in front of my husband.

He later told me that the first thing he noticed, (he was sitting down mind) was that the skirt was so short he could see I’d shaved myself. David was all for phoning our neighbour’s teenage daughter and asking her to baby sit for an hour or so, and we’d walk to our local pub for a drink. I was a bit stunned that he’d want to take me out to a very public place dressed as I was, and to our local where there would be people we both knew.

I wasn’t sure if he was just testing me, I could see that he was getting an erection in his trousers and a gleam in his eye, for my part my pulse was racing. We were now seeing who’d back off first. I heard myself saying “okay, but not in these shoes”, he shot off his seat a wide grin saying “Okay, then put on those boots I bought you at Christmas” and he was at the phone, my knees were feeling very weak, all of a sudden, but I was also getting very moist again.

I cannot say if I would have had the enough nerve and arousal to go with him, especially going like that into a pub where we knew people, also whilst I knew the skirt was short, it wasn’t till my sister tried it on a few weeks later and I was sat on a chair, did I realise how much of me would have been ‘on show’ to those who were sat around drinking. As for my see through blouse, being November I would have had to wear a jacket, so whilst people would have seen that I was bra less with a see through blouse on, my breasts would have been covered by a jacket, unless of course my husband asked me to take it off.

As it was the girl was already out with her boyfriend (it was a Saturday). But now we were both fired up, what followed was one of the best sexual sessions we’d had almost ever, but certainly not since our honeymoon. The first fuck was fast and furious, but almost ran continuously into our second, only that was a longer and slower one. Finally, we laid back getting breath. He wanted to know if I would have really been brave enough to go to the pub as I was dressed some 40 minutes ago. I had to play him along a bit, because I knew that if I said I would have, he would be wanting me to actually do it any day soon. So I said perhaps not our local pub, but maybe one we weren’t known in.

He then asked me if to-day was the first time, I’d ever exposed my naked pussy to a complete stranger. He got me to admit that I was more than a little excited by it. I assumed that he was talking about the guy who’d seen me, he wasn’t — he had meant the woman assistant and had semi guessed what had happened there. It wasn’t till I told him that the man had slipped me his business card, that we realised our crossed conversation.

So I told him about the shop assistant and me, but he really wanted to know about the guy. So I told him about the guy seeing me and then giving me his card, I also noticed that David’s cock went from flaccid to rock hard – pretty impressive after two fucks. As I finished he asked if I was going to call the guy.

I said ‘he is looking for quick casual sex with me’.

David said ‘and?”

“and I’m a married mother of two children” I looked down and David’s cock was even harder now, “I mean he’d probably want me to turn up dressed like I was just now”

“Yes” said David,

“So then, we’d probably end up in a hotel room, and he’d want me to suck his cock and lick his balls,” David’s eyes glazed over and his cock was now oozing pre cum “of course, he’d cum in my mouth and expect me to swallow” (usually do anyway), he’d want to fuck me bare, maybe even fuck my arse as well.”

My husband, who’d already cum off twice, now shot a watery jet of cum from his cock. He’d not touched himself, neither had I? Now I was a little taken aback at his intensity of the fantasy. I also found I was turned on at the idea of having sex with this stranger.

I won’t bore you with the details of the next two hours, except to say that my husband wanted me to phone the guy up and have sex with him, he said he’d love to watch, but accepted that was unrealistic. David made love to me again in the following hours and once more when we awoke next morning. But which time I had been talked into being unfaithful. I found the idea very exciting, I was almost like a teenager with butterflies once more.

The business card the man had given me, Peter was his name and I phoned him mid-morning Monday, I was nervous as hell. Within minutes he’d calmed me down and we talked for over an hour. That evening when David got home, I told him I’d spoken to Peter and that he wanted to meet me at 8pm the following evening, he was obviously excited, that night we had sex again, the third night running, I couldn’t remember the last time we had sex on three consecutive days.

Peter hadn’t asked me to wear anything special, but David had other ideas. That afternoon, when I got home from work, I got myself ready and was still very nervous. My husband’s idea was for me to wear black seamed stockings with suspender belt, and my highest heeled black court shoes (about 4”) he originally wanted me to wear the new 5” heels bought on the Saturday, but I said I couldn’t walk in them yet. In view of the circumstances of Peter seeing me he said I should leave off my bra and knickers, the bra I didn’t mind too much, but I was wearing a flared black mini skirt to mid-thigh, so as he compromised on the shoes I agreed. I actually like the fact that he pushed me to going knickerless, as I wouldn’t have had the courage to do so otherwise, even though the idea had crossed my mind as well. On top I wore a sheer white silk blouse, not see through, but certainly diaphanous enough to show my nipple shape and size. Finally a red blazer. David got home early that day so I could go on ‘my date’, besides the practicalities of his looking after the kids; he wanted to ‘see me off’. I had a half hour drive to the hotel where I would meet with Peter.

I was so nervous; it was like being on a first date, except that I knew exactly how it was going to end. Peter was there waiting for me, looking calm and relaxed. We had a couple of drinks, I was rather glad I wasn’t wearing knickers or panties as quite early on Peter asked me if I often went out pantieless, I was able to say no, only on special occasions, so he asked if tonight was special so I was able to show him how special it was in a good retake of “Sharon Stone’s Basic Instinct” flash, right there in the bar of the 5 * hotel.

We were in bed together by 9pm and we had sex till about 1am, it was hot. He had a great body and a real nice cock. He was also turned on by the fact that not only was I married, but I was there with my husband’s permission. He wasn’t married, but had lived with his escort bayan nurdağı girlfriend for 3 years. He admitted he’d love to see her fucked by another man.

I got home just before 2am to find a husband with a steel cock waiting for me. He wanted to know everything and we didn’t get any sleep that night. Next morning with a slightly sore pussy and a smile on my face, I’d had nearly 7 hours of rampant sex.

David and my sex life had ramped up considerably and by the time of Adam’s dinner dance, I’d met with Peter 5 times and was more concerned that David might call it off with Adam because what David had sought was now happening, but no, the idea of me having sex with someone he already knew was more exciting for my husband.

Come the weekend of the dinner dance, Adam and I checked into the hotel after lunch and we made love for a couple of hours in the afternoon. It was his first real sex (as he put it) for ages, and he was a considerate lover. In the aftermath of sex, he confessed that he had previously had lustful ideas over me since he first saw me. He was also considerably interested in our life style and was very aroused by my minor revelations to him.

When we went down to the dance, I think Adam was more nervous than me. The night before David had shaved my labia lips clean and left a tiny tuft of pubic hair just above, which he had darkened. He had also instructed me to wear open crotch tights of light tan, under the dress which if anything only emphasised my bald pussy more, framing it to the world.

It had never for a moment occurred to me till we entered the hall that of course there were still people employed in the company that knew my husband David and myself; after all he’d only left there about 4 years previously. Within a few moments I saw several faces I recognised and over the course of the evening I was chatted to by many men, all with a common theme of “have you split up”, I think I raised temperatures as well as eyebrows by saying that no, I was just Adam’s date for the evening. By the end of the evening I had accumulated over a dozen business cards, as well as giving out my phone number. I don’t think at that time I ever actually told anyone what my new lifestyle with David was, but each guy seemed to recognise my signals.

Part 2

Nothing really happened at the dinner dance with other men other than several came onto me quite heavily. These were guys who had their own wives and girlfriends with them and whom I meet numerous times at other social events. Adam kept me quite close and I didn’t really appreciate how revealing my outfit was till I saw some pictures a week or so later. A year earlier I would have died of embarrassment and shame, now I found my pussy wetting.

I was aware that David was very encouraging, but also aware that apart from the aftermath of my liaison with Adam and Pete, he wasn’t getting much out of it although our sex life had gone way up.

In December that year, I was had sex regularly with 6 men:-

My husband David – almost daily now;

My brother in law Paul a couple of times a week;

Peter (my pick up) once a week

Adam (Dave’s former boss) once a week.

Plus the two guys from work I went all the way with, separately one of them each week.

In fact I reckoned I had more sex than since I was a teenager because in addition to those, in the run up to Christmas, I confessed to Paul what I’d been doing. He was almost as turned on as David and then confessed that Katie (my sister) had done similar and also was sluttier; she’s also has sex numerous times with him watching her and her lover. When I pushed for more details, he’d seen her in action maybe 50 times with at least a dozen different men although she’d had twice that number as lovers. They had also numerous wife swapping partners. She knew about Paul and me and it was why it was so easy for him to see me –when I wanted.

It did cross my mind that it would be ironic if David had been screwing Katie behind our backs all this time. But it also gave me an idea to reward David. It was almost Christmas when I went to their house and we had a threesome. It felt pretty weird the first few minutes having sex with my own sister, but it also felt great unlike me, she was experienced in lesbian love making and got me so high.

Katie had no qualms about relating to me her extra marital fun which not only confirmed Paul’s numbers which if anything were conservative. This was as we washed up and showered afterwards over coffee and we planned that two days later David would get his threesome with the two of us, which he did. We both made it plain to him that he could have Katie anytime he wanted. So now I felt a little more relaxed and soon after that we sister’s swapped bed all night, once a week, every week for ages and still do from time to time.

Later on David confessed that he not only knew about my occasional trysts with Paul; but he’d sworn them to secrecy till the time was right, but he had indeed been having sex with my sister since before our wedding and even full on bi sex with Paul and Katie. If anything it was Katie and Paul who turned him onto the idea of me cuckolding him. What really stunned me was my sister telling me she’d been aching to have sex with me for ages

A few days after that I had Paul and David in my bed as a threesome, I was amazed at how hot I found those guys giving each other oral as playing with me. It was Paul who told me how erotic it was to eat his wife’s pussy when it was full of another man’s cum, she barebacked most of her lovers, whereas because I’d been off the pill about a year, I had so far always insisted on all the guys using a condom. David said he was really looking forward to licking my cum filled pussy. When he said that I couldn’t believe how instantly that sent a shiver of pure sexual aroused thru me. I did wonder for a while if David remembered that I’d been off the pill for almost a year.

During those initial months of 2009 I did feel struggle with the concept that other married couples were carrying on swapping and cuckolding etc. Because in those months I became more amazed at what Katie and Paul got up to sexually, they were experimenting with all sorts. At that time they had just about stopped the swapping scene, but she told me which of their friends they had swapped with – couples I’d met at parties etc. and had no idea. But some of the flirty half passes some of the men had made at me now fitted in with what I now knew. Whether she was aware of it or not some of her confessions, made me quite hot.

Like when she told me she’d fucked Paul’s father regularly since she was engaged and my own father in law too. Not only that but both men had 3-sumed her on several occasions. Another time she said she was taking gang fucks, I thought she meant like 5 or 6 guys, only later did it turn out it was often double that number.

I felt fantastic, attractive and sexy. David said I had changed subtly in my disposition, my clothing, demeanour and outlook. 12 months earlier I had felt the weight of almost 30, 2 kids and not much fun to a complete flip. My sister said to me ‘you’re 30 now – you still have a good tits and a great body, still attractive – you can fuck anything from 15 to 70, more importantly, your husband is up for you doing just that, in 10 years’ time it will be different’.

As we moved into 2009 I found that men were reacting to me very differently, It was like I had a sign on my forehead saying ‘open for fucking’ where in the past men would flirt with me, now it seemed more acute and my sister was right I did have the pick of ages. And as for those men from the dinner dance, well with encouragement I took on some of those.

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