I Hate My Brother Ch. 01

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I’ve always hated my brother. Growing up he’s made my life a living hell. He always had something negative to say about me and was always such a big pervert. But it always seemed like I was the only one who noticed what a cold-hearted jerk he was. He’s stolen at least 600 dollars from me. Thats cash, and things I’ve bought, such as my mp3 player.

It never helped that all of these dumb ass women were in love with him. I always wondered why they kept on seeing his stupid ass. Although he was about 6’2, in descent shape, and had a nice face, he was an abusive wimp. He’s pretty much smacked around every woman he’s ever been with. But trust me when I say his sissy ass would run away if he ever had to face a real man.

He was always sneaking girls into the house. And yes, our bed rooms were right next to each other. So of course I heard all the moaning and screaming. It made me sick. He was getting laid on the regular.

Me on the other hand, I wasn’t getting laid. Not that I didn’t have my chances. I just knew how these guys were. Sleep with them and they tell the entire school. I didn’t want anyone calling me a slut. I was already being called one since this bitch saw my birth control pills (mom put me on them so I didn’t make her mistakes). But the thing is, I was always so fucking horny. I masturbated constantly, with anything I could find. I loved it, I loved ramming something long and hard into my wet pussy and teasing my own clit. And damn I loved to taste myself afterwards.

When I was 18, and a senior in high school, I would see my mom probably once a week. She was pretty much at her “friend’s house” 24/7. So I was kind of living by myself. Which was pretty nice since I could masturbate anytime and anywhere. But then my brother and his girlfriend got evicted and had nowhere else to go so my mom let them move in here. He was about 20 at that time, the mother of his child was 23, her daughter (by her step brother) was 4, and my niece was 8 months old. Although I hated my brother and didn’t want him anywhere near me, I loved my niece so I had to be okay with him living here.

There was a fight every day. Either between my brother and myself, or he and April. She took it all, like he was a God or something. And I hated to see them kiss, the thought of kissing his lips made me want to barf.

Things sort of changed after a few months. They had been living with me for about 2 months. sex izle Summer was coming soon, and you know California is hot. We all went swimming all the time. My brother didn’t have any swimming trunks so he swam in his boxers. One day we all got out of the pool and I went into my mother’s room looking for a towel. My brother and April were right behind me. I got the towels and then I turned around, and I saw my brother’s cock sticking out of his boxers. He didn’t even realize it until I said “oh my god”. He then tried to tuck it back into his boxers and ran out.

I couldn’t believe how long and thick it was. No wonder these stupid women kept coming back. Who wouldn’t love a big cock like that.

For the next few days I tried to block the image out. Then one day we were all in the living room watching television while the kids were with their uncle. My brother and April were laying on the floor under their cover. They started wrestling and being goofy, and he tried to pull her shirt off in front of me and embarrass her. But instead she pulled his pants down and out popped that big cock of his. I just stared at it and my jaw dropped a little as I saw his cock rise to a full hard on. He ran into the bathroom as me and April laughed.

After that I couldn’t stop thinking about his cock. I hated him but I so adored the sight of his cock. I knew it was wrong, but I didn’t care, they were just thoughts. At least I thought they were.

One morning while April and the kids were at church and my brother was at a friends house, I came on line and decided I would download some porn and read a little erotica. I downloaded all types of videos. I just wanted to spend the morning cumming since I haven’t since they’ve been here. I got a cucumber and clicked “play all” for the videos I had just downloaded. I took off all my clothes and I pushed the cucumber in and out of me, hard. I love it rough. I turned the volume up, to make it feel more real, as if I was the one being fucked. During each video, with each thrust on the man’s cock I matched it with the cucumber. I wanted an actual cock so bad, and I decided then and there that I was gonna get one soon.

Then I heard a deep voice say “damn.” I opened my eyes and my brother was standing over me. I guess I didn’t hear him come in over the volume of my videos. I was in total shock. I pulled the cucumber out and told him to get the hell out. alt yazılı porno Then I saw the huge tent in his pants. My pussy twitched. But this was my brother. I stood up and was going to put something on when he walked over to me and rubbed his cock against my wet pussy through his basketball shorts. I pushed him away and said “fuck off.” He just laughed at me and went back downstairs. I licked my cunt juices off of the cucumber, put on a robe, and went back downstairs, hoping he wouldn’t say shit about it. I was wrong.

As soon as I got downstairs he said, “I don’t know about you but I want salad for dinner…with extra cucumbers.”

I said, “shut the fuck up, like you’ve never played with yourself before.” He just kept smiling at me.

He was still rock hard, which made my pussy twitch again. He kept asking me questions, like how many times a day I fuck myself, have I ever fucked a guy, what else I used to masturbate. Shit like that. We argued over it not being any of his business. I ended up slapping him. He grabbed me by my arm and pushed me up against the wall. I kicked him in his rock hard cock and he whimpered like a little bitch. I just laughed at him. I told him, “I guess you’re going to have to go jack off because April isn’t here to relieve you.”

Then he smirked at me. First, he pulled his t shirt off, then the wife beater. Damn he was toned. Then he pulled his shorts off. He was standing in front of me completely naked. With that beautiful cock staring right at me. Then, he did the last thing I expected, he walked over to me, and tried to kiss me. Of course, I slapped him. I wanted his cock, but wouldn’t kiss him for the world.

He stepped back and started to slowly stroke his dick. It looked so good. I was so irritated by the fact that I wanted my brothers cock. I went over to him and just started slapping him all over his face, and he started stroking harder like thats what he wanted. I reached down and started to stroke it hard. I squeezed it, making sure he felt some pain.

At that point he pushed me into the wall. Then, he pulled my robe off. He lifted me up and his cock head was rubbing against my pussy lips. He Said, “I’m going to show you how much I hate you bitch.” And with that he slammed his massive cock into me. I took it all in. It hurt so bad and thats what made it feel so good. He rammed that fat cock deep inside me as altyazılı sex izle I was being slammed against the wall. The pain that my back was feeling being slammed up against the wall was so erotic for me. After I came I made him put me down.

I told him to lay his stupid ass on the floor. I slapped him again and told him that I hated his fucking guts and I wish that I didn’t have him as a brother. With that I aimed his big cock at my pussy and eased down on it. Then I was riding his cock. I flopped up and down on it. I was grinding it. I made sure we both felt pleasure and pain. I was on the verge of having another orgasm when I told him to “fucking play with my clit you bastard.” He did. He tugged it, rubbed it, till I had the best orgasm I had ever had.

After I had my second orgasm, I got off of his dick which was now covered in my pussy juices. It looked so tasty So I bent back down and sucked all my juices off of his cock and balls. Then he got up, and pulled me up by my hair.

He threw me on the couch. And Said, ” get on your knees bitch.” I did so. Next thing I knew he was trying to fit that big cock of his into my virgin ass hole. He realized it wasn’t going to fit quite yet. So he started to lick my ass hole. He worked his finger in and made sure it was nice and wet. Then he slowly worked his dick head in. He started to thrust in and out slowly, with a little more of his cock in the each thrust until finally it was in as far as it could go. I couldn’t believe how bad it hurt. My ass was so sore. But I loved it. It Just turned me on even more.

He started to pump in and out slowly. After a bit I was stretched out enough for him to easily slide in and out of my ass, and at that point it started to feel good. But this was my brother we’re talking about. He heard my moans of pleasure and started to ram my ass. That thick cock of his pounded in and out of my ass. He was fucking me so hard. I screamed and moaned and came all at once it seemed. After a while I could feel his cock swell and I told him that he better not cum inside my ass. With that he pulled out of my ass hole. I watched as he jacked himself off. His hand was moving so fast. My pussy was twitching again. I watched as he came. Squirt after squirt landed on his chest. There was so much cum, I was amazed.

We both laid on the floor and caught our breathes. He went into the bathroom and cleaned himself up then left to his friend’s house again. I went and got in the shower and thought about what had just happened. As I played with my nipples I thought to myself, “Damn I hate him. Even more now that I love his cock so much.”

………..To Be Continued…..maybe………….

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