Instructor Mike’s Academy – Part 4 – Becoming a Girl

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Warning: This is an explicit semi-fictional/semi-autobiographical

multipart series involving White Daddy / south asian teen raceplay,

crossdressing, and more. If you are not over 18 and/or find the notion

of White Cock superiority to be offensive, then please do not read on.

Instructor Mike’s Academy – Part 4 – Becoming a Girl

Sadly, it was time to head back. I had cleaned myself well in Instructor Mike’s shower, and when my mother came home she was none the wiser to my day’s lesson plan or psychological transition. I went to bed with a smile on my face thinking of the amazing feeling when he made my little peepee dribble, but more so with the knowledge that I pleased my Sir and helped him shoot his Glorious White Man Cum all over his little sissy’s face.

I arose Friday morning immensely excited for the weekend to start so that I could serve Instructor Mike’s needs once again, and continue learning my place in the world. I hadn’t seen my father in a week and Sir Mike was quickly becoming my new Daddy, filling me with feelings of love, affection, obedience, and a desire to please. I barely paid attention in class, waiting anxiously for the final bell to ring to continue meeting my destiny; the real lesson plan I needed in my life right now.

The bell rang, I changed, and my mind was racing as fast as my legs towards the powerful demeanor, body and Magnificent White Cock of Instructor Mike. I was dying to be aimee again and please my new Daddy, but another part of me resisted the act of submission. I was rubberbanding between my old notions of a future with women, which would be near impossible it now seems, or becoming a sissy girl endlessly sought after by Superior White Men. When I wasn’t in his presence, things were less clear.

As I approach the door it is slightly ajar and I hear Instructor Mike speaking on the phone about stocks. I knock gently and push the door open and find him sitting on the recliner wearing a business suit and sipping a bourbon. He ushers me in while still talking about the market and points to a wall in the foyer. He attached a note that said “remove your shoes and socks” which I did immediately, as well as a poster for me to read titled “Submissive Sissy Faggot Positions” with pictures of shrimp dicklet asian sissies like me in slutty girl clothes assuming different poses each with de***********ions and numbers:

1) SIT *A relaxed position beneath Master to admire and serve him*

Sit with legs crossed, hands on knees, and back straight. Eyes should be cast down and closed.

2) KNEEL *Master can admire sissy’s pretty form or use her mouth*

Kneel with legs together. Hands should be crossed behind you, back straight, chest out, eyes cast down and closed.

3) BEND *Gives Master easy access to your boy pussy*

Stand with legs spread slightly. Knees should be locked and hands should be on ankles. Eyes closed and free.

4) DOWN *Master will have his way with you which you’ll be permitted to glimpse in your periphery*

Lie flat, face down, peepee pointing down. Legs should be spread wide with hands behind the back, eyes open and free

5) HANG *White Ball Smell fills the nostrils of sissy as Master uses her mouth*

Lay flat, face up, head hanging over the edge. Legs should be spread wide with hands behind the back, eyes closed and free

6) FOURS *Another position for Master to admire and grope sissy’s faggot body*

Doggie style with elbows locked, palms on floor, and knees together. Head should be up, eyes cast down and closed.

7) PRESENT *The position of deepest submission where Master will show sissy what it means to be a girl”

Doggie style, with head down, eyes cast down and closed. Knees should be wide apart and palms should be flat to the surface and out in front.

8) SPREAD *If you’re a good girl, Master may grope and pleasure your clitty*

Lay flat, face up, spread eagle. Eyes closed and free.

9) INSPECT *The final position is often the first one ordered where sissy will be examined and groped*

Stand with legs open wide, hands behind neck, chest out and eyes cast down and closed.

*You will learn to obey these commands verbally and nonverbally. You will remain still, silent, and smiling in the desired position until ordered otherwise. Master may knock on your head twice with his knuckles or Cock as a nonverbal command to both open or close your eyes and direct your gaze elsewhere if he so chooses. Do not point your gaze in an unsanctioned direction after a position is ordered or you will be punished. Good sissy faggots are rewarded. Total trust, compliance, obedience, and attention to detail will yield the highest rewards.*

I studied it for a few minutes, especially thinking what HANG would be like with those Wonderful White Balls mashed roughly into my nose, and how I could be a good girl to get into the SPREAD position. I looked over at Sir Mike who rested the phone on his shoulder, flashed 8 thick fingers, and then pointed to a spot for me to assume my INSPECT position. Glancing back at the poster a few times, I then faced Instructor Mike and got it right before waiting patiently with eyes closed, still sweaty and panting from the run, wiggling my toes on the cold tile. After a couple of minutes I heard him say, “Let me switch to the cordless” and he walked away to the kitchen, then returned, approaching me determinedly. With my eyes closed for this long, my other senses were heightened and I could smell and feel Sir Mike’s Power as he neared. The sound of the phone conversation got louder and I heard a beep. “I muted the phone for a second. Remain still and don’t make a sound.”

As Instructor Mike continued his chat, I complied with anticipation of what was to come next. At first he was pacing around me for a few more minutes, likely feeling me up with his eyes. Then, I gasped quietly as I suddenly felt his Powerful White Hand at the top of my ass, first sliding a bit up my shirt, and then down under my running shorts to grope my cheeks. He kneaded them gently but firmly for a minute as he laughed with his colleague, treating me like the sissy toy that I am. Two raps with the knuckle hit my forehead and I slowly opened my eyes, getting used to the light again. Sir Mike placed his index finger in front of my lowered gaze, then brought it up till I was looking at him. I smiled and he smiled back warmly. He pointed to my shirt and shorts, motioning me to take them off as he discussed a weekend getaway in the Bahamas he wanted to plan.

Now fully naked standing on a cold floor in front of a handsome and fully dressed White Man, I felt totally emasculated, especially knowing the Powerful Tool he had hiding in his slacks absolutely dwarfed my little peepee, and his chest which I was eye level with was wider than my shoulders. The rubberbanding previously in my mind snapped right back to wanting to be a servile sissy for White Men. Instructor Mike smiled again, likely mocking and savoring my pathetic form while getting turned on by the power he had over me and the delicious internal struggle he was fostering. Sir Mike winked at me, squatted down, and flicked my left blueberry quite hard. I winced in pain but held my tongue and position. Sir Mike then looked up at me with a grin, held his finger out in a flicking position menacingly, and flicked the right berry even harder making me almost lose it. I hated this so much. I already had figured out that I wasn’t a pain slut, and so had Instructor Mike. But clearly he was enjoying it and I wanted to be a good little girl for Daddy, who had my total trust and faith. The call ended.

“You were a nicely obedient faggot sissy there as I assaulted your clitty berries. We both know you don’t like pain, but a casual reminder from time to time of “your place” is both enjoyable for me, and necessary for you. Solid performance in all areas will reduce my desire and need to administer these corrections. Does the pussy boy faggot sissy understand?”

“Yes, Sir! The pussy boy faggot sissy desires to develop into Instructor Mike’s obedient little girl and promises to do everything Sir asks with a smile, knowing that it makes Sir happy.” I knew I was nothing; escort kahramanmaraş bayan the competition was over. It was time to become a girl. I felt fortunate to have this guidance in my life finally, and knew as much as Instructor Mike that it’s what I needed most.

“Very good, aimee. You may relax now for a moment.” I lowered my arms and narrowed my stance to get more comfortable. “I really enjoyed our time together yesterday. You made your Daddy very happy. What did you enjoy best, my little aimee?”

“I had an amazing time as well, Daddy. I enjoyed learning how to please Daddy, the new instructions which give me purpose, and being kissed by Daddy,” I blushed.

“Oh my little girl didn’t like it when Daddy made her clitty dribble?” He asked jokingly.

“That felt amazing too, Daddy, but I guess I was thinking more about being in your arms and pleasing you,” I responded honestly after thinking about it.

“That’s how good girls should be; always trying to make their Men happy in every dirty way possible in return for a strong embrace. I’m sure that’s enough reward for sissy aimee in return for being allowed in Daddy’s presence, don’t you agree?” He said as he looked down sternly at me.

“Without question, Daddy! I long to feel your embrace again, and so much more, but I will always defer to Daddy’s Will and trust that he will treat his sissy well.” I meant every word of it. I was groomed for more now. He was my Daddy now, and the upcoming physical struggles with the sheer size of Daddy’s Massive White Cock would be pain, pleasure, and pride that I will remember forever.

“I think things will go very well between us, little aimee. Time for us both to get cleaned up, but before we do that the girly faggot has earned a reward. Remove my shoes and all of my clothes. You may sniff, kiss and/or lick any area as you expose it. You can smell what a Powerful White Man exudes after a day of success. Proceed!” He ordered.

I moved my naked body closer towards him and began loosening his tie, and he took that opportunity to play with my ass some more, prompting me to moan and close my eyes a bit. I folded the tie and placed it on the foyer bench before bending down to remove Daddy’s shoes and socks, giving his feet a long sniff and a kiss once complete. I will say that the feet smell didn’t do much for me, and never did with anyone after. To each their own. I then rose up to remove his jacket, dutifully unbutton and remove his dress shirt, and then happily sniffed his armpits and kissed all over his Mighty White Chest.

“Get my finger nice and wet so I can guide you to the shower properly.”

While I was unbuckling my Daddy’s belt, his thick middle finger began teasing my lips and I compliantly let them part to moisten his digit on my tongue. As I began unbuttoning his pants, The soaked finger was removed from my mouth, I felt 4 dry fingers run slowly down my back to my cheeks, and the giant wet finger began teasing my little girl hole. Now I had to squat to get his pants off, which would drive that finger deep inside, and also which I’m sure was his plan. As I descended I felt the pressure but let it happen like a good girl. My face was near the Magnificent White Cock as I lowered his pants to his ankles, and I didn’t have to sniff to already have my senses filled with White Man Balls Essence. I swooned in my inferiority as the smell overtook me and the finger drove all the way into my bowels. I got back on task and removed his pants one leg at a time till he pulled me back to standing position by my tight boy pussy. I folded his pants as he wiggled his intruder around and stretched me, feeling uncomfortable but happy to be under Daddy’s Power. I descended again and he bent forward with me till I was impaled on his finger with my face inches from his Powerful Package. I couldn’t resist as I peeled his underwear down and gently buried my face in his balls, breathing deeply as I worked his underwear around his ankles. The smell after a long day was so powerful and I was overtaken. I got myself under control and assumed my prayer pose.

“Thank you, Daddy, for letting me experience the scent of your powerful White Man Balls after a long day’s work. I am honored and awed to be in their presence.” I was kissing his Giant Mushroom Head while saying this then began swirling my tongue around, before descending to kiss his Mighty Balls, and finally returning to my position with his Bulbous White Cockhead resting on my virginal lips, my eyes pleading for instructions.

“Obedient sissies deserve great rewards,” he said as he pulled me back to my feet away from the Stiffening Mass. “Daddy wants his White Ball-drunk sissy girl to be happy being his little piece of fuckmeat. Does the little fag like the sound of that?”

“Yes Sir. This sissy girl is indeed drunk off the scent of your Powerful White Balls. The fag will do whatever Sir asks happily and obediently.” I finished folding Daddy’s underwear as I pledged myself to him.

“Close your eyes. You must learn to trust me completely, while also learning how to be guided nonverbally. It will become apparent to you and not a word will be said until we get to the bathroom.”

With one finger buried in my boy pussy and the remaining fingers of his right hand webbed around my ass cheeks, I felt myself nudged in a direction and proceeded walking with eyes closed. Suddenly the finger pulled back and I stopped. I was being guided like a horse or a dog, which a week ago would have been humiliating, but now I see as just another way to please Daddy. He made a lifting motion which indicated to me that we were at the stairs. I put my trust in Daddy and started climbing, finding the first step as I knew I would. As we ascended my cheeks were squeezed like the toy they were to Sir Mike, until I finally felt a tug letting me know we were at the top. Another firm nudge directed me towards the bathroom where I finally felt 2 knocks on my head.

I opened my eyes and said, “I knew where we were going, but I had no sense we were going the right way. I just had to trust you and it felt good to let go.”

“Exactly” He replied simply. He slowly removed his finger from my now slightly stretched hole and moved it to the sink.

“Start warming up the shower and then wash your ass stink off of my finger. We need to get you properly cleaned today for your lesson.”

I proceeded as instructed and thoroughly cleaned his finger in the sink, at the same time he was rummaging under the sink before producing a rubber device that looked like a tulip bulb. He pulled off the top.

“Make the water lukewarm, fill this up, then screw the top back on.” I did so and then looked at him expectantly.

“Back to an earlier lesson, I informed you that asian sissies need to have sparkling clean holes. You will learn why soon enough, but for now we must give you what is called an enema. This will clean you out so that Daddy can use your girly ass properly.” I still didn’t have a notion of Daddy pounding my ass pussy with his Giant White Weapon and honestly the thought hadn’t occurred to me. Something that big couldn’t possibly fit so it was inconceivable. He applied some lubricant to the tip of the device.

“Sit on the toilet and slide the tip all the way up your fag hole.” He commanded as he handed the enema to me. It went in easily after his finger had loosened me up. He saw that I had gotten it all the way in and told me to squeeze. The feeling was interesting. A rush of warm fluid in my bowels swirling around. I wasn’t halfway done yet and was starting to feel very full and uncomfortable.

“OK now remove the enema, push it out hard, and see how clean it was. Repeat until it comes out clear.” It took 3 cycles including having to fill up the enema again. I dutifully cleaned out my rectum while Instructor Mike stood over me observing.

“Sorry it took so long Instructor Mike, but it’s coming out clear now.”

“Good girl. Is my little aimee ready for shower time with Daddy. Is aimee ready to clean Daddy how she was taught?”

“Yes, Daddy. Your little clitty girl can’t wait to make us both sparkling and escort kapalı gaziantep bayan fresh.”

I was motioned into the shower and proceeded to clean us both as I was taught, praying reverently to the Mighty White Cock at the end. I cleaned myself thoroughly and was sure to use the undercarriage spray to finish the job the enema might have missed. That huge finger came up to my lips again and I moistened it well knowing where it was going next. This time Instructor Mike came from below, brushed my blueberries gently, and then gripped my cheeks before sliding in. Once again I was his sissy puppet and was guided to the towel rack. He continued probing as I toweled him off fully, collecting a nice sample of my ass juice on his finger.

“Put it right in your mouth and clean it” Now I was wishing I had done a fourth enema, but I knew I couldn’t be that bad. The moment I opened my mouth he roughly began smearing it over my tongue, as I “fought back” by sucking on it even more vigorously. It didn’t taste bad at all.

“You see. Now you are a clean little girl with a clean little pussy. Daddy’s gonna take a break while Instructor Mike continues the lesson plan. Head to the girl’s bedroom and be downstairs by 3PM, sissy. There’s a bit more to your instructions today so use your time well. ”

Instructor Mike removed his finger from my mouth and I scampered off nude to the bedroom. It was only 2:40 so I lingered for a moment taking in the surroundings. The posters all had faggy limp dicked asian sissies, mostly sitting underneath a powerful White Man standing tall with his Giant White Cock hanging near their smiling faces. I saw one with a sissy bent over and the White Master was behind him, but I wasn’t sure what was happening. I had tasks to perform so I had to get to it and tore myself away from the captivating image. I went over and picked up the note.

“It’s time you got more acquainted with your new room and made it your own aimee. I imagine you like the decor already, but the drawers and closets are currently empty. We’ll go shopping for some special outfits together in the future, but for now I took the liberty of picking up some things that should suit your girly figure. We’re gonna do a little sissy fashion show while teaching you how to walk, talk, and think like a girl. In the top left drawer of the vanity, you’ll find your first new outfit. I think you’ll really enjoy pleasing Daddy by wearing it. Put on the same pigtail wig, earrings, and your QT Pie slippers before grabbing your doggy bed and entering the SIT position at the foot of my recliner.”

I opened the drawer and pulled out a dark purple garment and matching panties. I first put the panties on which were quite sheer in many places, but had nice coverage and fit perfectly. I checked the tag on the mystery garment and saw it was from Victoria’s Secret and was called a babydoll. I found what I assumed to be shoulder straps and finally figured out how to put it on. Oh my was it comfortable and felt so sexy to be wearing. It came halfway down my asscheeks and showed them off nicely. As I admired myself in the mirror I saw that I had 7 minutes left, so I got all of my accessories in order, with the wig being much easier this time. Now I looked really cute!

As I went over to Daddy’s Chair, I took another minute to study the Positions poster so I would be prepared, if necessary. I practiced a few before 3PM and then assumed SIT announcing myself.

Instructor Mike yelled from the other room “eyes open and free” before walking in wearing an open bathrobe, swinging his Massive Meat, and carrying 2 suitcases. What did he buy?! He laid each one down to the left of his chair and then sat down.

“You look very pretty, aimee. Do you like your new outfit?”

“Very much so, Instructor Mike! I like that it’s warm but shows my ass off for Daddy.”

“He’s going to enjoy seeing and groping you in it for sure. Let’s work on your girly voice a bit now. I want to hear a higher pitch with a more gentle demeanor. Now be a good girl and open up the left suitcase.” I did and was in sissy heaven. Panties, bras, frilly socks, more babydolls, bikinis, sexy outfits, skirts, and skimpy tops. I started running my hands over the fabric.

“Easy there, sissy. You’ll get your chance soon enough. Now open the other suitcase.” This one had 4 pairs of shoes with assorted heel lengths, as well as some sandals, some different colored wigs, a few boxes which I assumed was more jewelry and other accessories, a makeup kit, and then some rubber and metal items that I was unfamiliar with.

I was beaming with happiness. “Is this all for me?!” I exclaimed as I looked over at Instructor Mike, trying to say it like a cute girl would.

“Your Daddy and I are very pleased with your progress and enthusiasm. This is sissy aimee’s justified reward.”

“I would love to be able to properly thank my Daddy right now, Instructor Mike.”

“Hop onto the chair in Daddy’s lap” he said as his demeanor shifted slightly. I’m starting to realize that when the lesson is on, Instructor Mike wants to be all business, but I think Daddy and I have feelings for each other and that’s hard for him to ignore. I stood up and slithered into his lap in my sexy babydoll and skimpy panties. He embraced me and gave me a long and deep kiss that took my breath away.

“You’re a lovely girl, but Daddy needs Instructor Mike to make aimee into the perfect little White Cock slut for him. It’s time for the lesson to continue.” He said as his demeanor changed back. “Remove the babydoll and panties, fold them neatly, and place them on the couch in one section. You will be organizing everything there. Items that don’t suit you will be stacked on the armrests. Then goto the 2nd suitcase and grab the black bottle along with the small metal object with the ring. Hand them to me and assume the BEND position with your tight little pussy facing me.”

I went about my business. The babydoll and panties were stunning and were clearly going in the Like pile. Since they were a matching set, I kept them together on a corner of the cushions. After I handed the items to Instructor Mike, including the heavy steel object, he grabbed a couple of small towels from the end table as I bent over in front of him, exposed and a little afraid as I shut my eyes.

“Good girl, aimee. Now you’re gonna feel some pressure, but just try to relax. This is called a butt plug and it’s a very small one. It’s part of what we need to do to feminize you. Once the plug is in, you’ll be wearing it like a good little sissy during your entire fashion show. It has a circumference of 4 inches which is a bit larger than your pathetic dicklet for reference. I’ve already opened you up a bit so it should go in pretty easy.” Suddenly I felt the tip of the metal object spreading lube on my sissy hole before quickly pushing its way in. It was almost feeling like too much when my boycunt sucked it in and it situated nicely. It felt a bit weird at first but I got used to it.

“SIT!” He ordered. I was worried what sitting on this thing would feel like, but I assured the position precisely, and thankfully my ample backside gave me enough padding to sit comfortably. Bless my girly ass.

“See, that wasn’t so bad. Now let’s get this show on the road. We want to find all of the outfits that will please Daddy. Let’s start with the matching panty and bra sets only. Proceed!”

As I bent over to grab the items from the suitcase, Instructor Mike began groping my cheeks and gently pulled on the plug handle a few times. The first set was a bright green, and after putting it on, we both agreed that the color didn’t work for me. Into the return pile it went. We tried black, white and yellow next but it was the same problem. Now I see why girls have so much trouble shopping! The dark purple was a perfect look but I was hoping brighter colors would work on me as well. Next we got to trusty pink and this did look good on me. It was bright and pretty and I felt really cute in them. It was weird putting on a bra with AA cups but wearing it made me feel like such a hot girl. He seemed kaliteli gaziantep escort bayan to like this outfit as well.

“Come here so Instructor Mike can grope you.” I walked over gingerly as he stood up and started fondling me all over from above. The panties felt so smooth and his hand lingered for a long time rubbing my ass through them.

“I think we have a winner. They both fit and feel great. Place that in the good pile.” We went through 10 more sets of various colors and fabrics. Some didn’t look good, some didn’t feel smooth to him when he was groping me, but we settled on 5 more sets that were perfect. Next I stripped down and tried on all of the outdoor wear like bikinis, dresses, skirts, and tops and we went through the same process. It was very important that my ass was showing properly but not too much in the skirts, so length was key. Instructor Mike explained that skirts with no panties would be something I’d often wear in public, and the dresses were for more formal gatherings where I would have to be sexy but demure. The tops were mostly tied off exposing my midriff and neckline. The bathing suits were all skimpy thong bikinis except for one more modest one that we might need “just in case”.

We then tried on some more babydolls and settled on the ones with the perfect length to partially cover my ass. I really liked the babydolls because they kept me pretty warm while leaving me fairly exposed as well. Next were the sexy outfits which were my favorite. They were often elaborate, and involved a lot of proper fitting so it took a few minutes for each. The black and white french maid outfit with an ultra short skirt and no panties looked amazing on me. Instructor Mike stated that it would be my outfit whenever house duties were required of me. My favorite though was the asian schoolgirl outfit which went really well with my pigtails. With our ***********ions complete, Sir Mike ordered me to place the good items in an organized fashion back in the suitcase.

“I think the little faggot likes her gifts and should thank Instructor Mike properly.”

“I love the gifts; thank you so much Instructor Mike!” I exclaimed in my feminine voice with my hands together like a cutesy asian schoolgirl. Kneeling nude in front of the Daddy Chair and praying to Instructor Mike’s Powerful White Cock with a big smile on my face.

“Good sissy! You’re dressing and talking like a girl, now it’s time to learn to walk like a girl. Grab the brown shoes and put them on. With no clothes on, I’ll be able to monitor how your ass moves and ensure you are walking correctly. Remember to go heel-toe each step.” I made my attempt and stumbled a few times as I started getting the hang of it. After pacing back and forth about 10 times, I was able to tolerably walk around.

“Better, but now you also need to take your steps one foot in front of the other. This ensures that you ass sways in the way that will please your Daddy. Practice until you get it right.”

It took a good 10 minutes of practice and my feet were starting to hurt a bit from the tight shoes, but I finally got the rhythm down. I noticed each time I turned to face Instructor Mike as I walked down the sissy runway that he was enjoying my ass more and more.

“Well done, girl. Now switch to the next size up.” After doing so, I immediately had problems again, but overcame them more quickly. In a few short minutes, my ass was once again swaying hypnotically for Sir.

“My little sissy is a natural. Let’s try on the rest and then you can show me your room.”

We wrapped up with the wigs and other accessories, and figured out our keep pile. Once again, I loaded them up, this time in the second suitcase. Instructor Mike stood up and closed each suitcase before picking them up. I reached for one to help but he stopped me.

“Daddy carries the heavy stuff. Little girls sway their cute little butts in front of Daddy to please him. Pick up your doggy bed and you can show me your room. Hold it out in front of you so I get a good look at your ass as we head up.”

My ass swung lewdly before his eyes as we ascended. He placed my suitcases on the bed and opened them up.

“Nice room. I love the posters. You look very pretty with no clothes on aimee. A delightful treat for Daddy to use over and over again. Start organizing your clothes and accessories and then we’ll talk about the rest.”

I put all of the sexy clothes in the top drawers and on the most accessible hangers and the more reserved clothing farther back. The 4 wigs we settled on I placed on a stand next to the vanity, and the jewelry, hair bands, scrunchees, and other accessories went on top for easy access. It was really starting to look like a girl’s room as I placed the cute shoes in the closet.

“All that remains are an array of items related to your sissy pussy. You will place these lubricants and toys in your nightstand where every naughty girl keeps them. The enema is under the bathroom sink for use each time you come over. Finish organizing, then close up the suitcases and place them in the closet.

I started putting away all of the toys and some of them were huge and so thick. Because of my ignorance I still didn’t quite understand these would go in my ass. The concept of stretching that wide seemed impossible to me. I would find out soon enough. After completing the requested tasks I stood at attention in front of Instructor Mike, naked, vulnerable, but with purpose.

“Very good, aimee. Your Daddy and I are very pleased with your progress. You’re gonna be such a good little fucktoy. Going forward the door will always be open for you at 2PM. You will enter, strip nude folding your clothes onto the bench, and then stand in the INSPECT position facing the wall until I’m ready. You will then have your sissy hole enemas, you will bathe us, and then report to your room for your daily instructions and lesson plan. Do you understand, faggot?”

“Yes, Instructor Mike. The faggot understands and will perform her duties as she has been trained. The sissy hopes to continue proving to Instructor Mike that she is worthy of being in Daddy’s presence.”

“That’s our obedient little sissy. Remove your accessories and then come downstairs so Daddy can see you out.”

That got me excited. Seeing Daddy before I left would cap off this magical day. Daddy’s generosity was unexpected and wonderful, and I can’t wait to thank him in all the ways that will make him happy. I ran downstairs and Daddy was dressed to go out as I stood there nude. He looked at me and walked over as I stood there expectantly. With his right hand, he gripped my ass cheeks and pulled me up and towards him.

“Wrap your arms and legs around me.” He growled as he supported my meager weight with his powerful arm. I did so as he placed his other hand on the back of my head and pulled me in for a long, passionate kiss. He was playing with my ass and stroking my hair, and I felt his Huge White Cock growing next to my puny brown peepee. We both looked over at the time and it was getting late.

“Time for you to head home. Before you go, I have one more present for you.” He handed me a VHS tape. “This has beginner makeup tips. Watch it over the weekend so you can learn how to apply a tasteful amount of makeup. You will have extra time on Monday in your bedroom to get properly ready for me. Instructor Mike likes seeing pretty princesses in his class. He likes groping and molesting them even more. Are you excited to be my sissy faggot again on Monday?”

“So very excited, Daddy! I don’t know how I’ll get through a whole weekend without you.”

“Unfortunately I have plans all weekend as I didn’t expect such a gift to fall into my lap. However, if you can make yourself available in the future, your bedroom is waiting.”

“I could definitely make plans for next weekend, Daddy. My parents are going away on Thursday morning and won’t be back till Monday while I’m at school, so I am available from Thursday after school until Monday morning. I just need to go to school and do some homework.”

“All of those days should work. I’ll let you know for sure next week. And Daddy would be happy to help his little girl with her homework.”

He gave me one long kiss goodbye and sent me on my way. I was going to hate this weekend because I wouldn’t be able to think about anything else.

***This girl really is the perfect specimen. We have a lesson plan to get through but graduation will occur next weekend and she’ll be all mine.***

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