Jenna’s Fourth Day

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All of my writing is fiction and the stories and characters are all products of my imagination. They were created for my fun and, hopefully, your enjoyment. Some of the events in the stories are not particularly condoned nor encouraged by the author but are there to create and enhance the story of the imaginary characters and their lives. Comments are always encouraged and carefully reviewed. All characters within the story that need to be are 18 years of age or older. Hope you enjoy!

Intro: This is a continuation of the Jenna series. For their first anniversary, Robert has booked a week at an island resort with “no children allowed.” Actually, has mistakenly booked at an “Adults Only” resort and the activities there are definitely adult. Rather than waste all the money they’ve invested, they decide to stay and “see what it’s like.” They quickly find out and decide to stay. Reading the first of the series, “Jenna’s Surprise,” would help understand things a little better but isn’t totally necessary. I’m always interested in getting comments as it helps determine what people enjoy — and don’t like as well.


“Robert. What are you doing with Astrid?”

Before Robert could reply, Astrid spoke. “It’s not what he’s doing with Astrid, it’s what he did with Astrid for the past two hours.” She laughed and punched Robert in the ribs. He grimaced and winked at Jenna.

“But you two were supposed to be with a different two tonight. You were with Astrid last night.”

“I followed the rules,” Astrid said, trying to keep a smug look on her face. I picked a blanket, lifted it, and there was Robert.”

“I tried to tell her to pick — “

Astrid interrupted. “He tried to reject me. Hurt my feelings,” she said, a pouting look on her face.

“I didn’t reject you I — “

Astrid interrupted again. “I told him no way and crawled under the blanket with him. I told him if I hadn’t convinced him last night that I was really good, he’d have to give me another chance.

“And then she started — “

“If I needed to convince him, I didn’t want to waste any time. So, well …you want to tell her, Robert?”

“No sense in me trying, you’ll just interrupt again.”

Jenna was having trouble holding it together as she listened to these two trying to explain what had happened.

“So, let me guess,” she said, looking from one to the other. “You stayed under the blanket for the whole time?”

“Of course we didn’t — “

“There were things I wanted to do that we couldn’t do under that blanket,” Astrid said, interrupting again and giggling at Robert whose face was reddening a little.

“Oh, wow. Are you two going to tell me what they were?”

“Why don’t we just show you?” Astrid suggested, eyebrows raised as Robert shook his head, his face reddening even more.

“I better get another glass of wine before you guys start that,” Jenna teased, adding to Robert’s obvious discomfort. Just four days ago she would never have imagined that she could tease like this, with Robert and someone, not quite a stranger but . . .

“What should we show her first, Robert? There are so many, this could take quite a while.”

“Astrid, holy shit, you’re killing me.”

Robert was beginning to breathe a little hard and Jenna was beginning to wonder and was picturing in her mind what might have happened with Astrid. Astrid was a tall, blond, and beautiful Swede, and it wasn’t difficult to imagine many different things happening.

Robert and Astrid had been together two nights ago when, just by chance, she had been with Lars. She’d had her turn tonight with the Sybian and its investment banker owner, that had turned out differently than he’d planned. Jenna had surprised him by making it go the way she wanted it to go, with unexpected results.

Astrid turned to Jenna. “I had a wonderful time tonight, as I expected when I saw Robert under the blanket. And I hope your time was equally enjoyable.”

Jenna thought for a moment. “It was, well, very, very different, that’s for sure.”

“Ohhh,” Astrid said, a coy smile sent Jenna’s way. “You didn’t say it was bad, and, very different also sounds very nice to me. You’ll have to tell me about it.”

Jenna’s breath caught in her throat. Astrid had been good at causing a red face on Robert and had now done the same thing to her. Could she tell someone, besides Robert, about what had happened? She wasn’t sure at all about that and she could tell that Astrid wasn’t through.

“We have a little time as I haven’t seen any sign of Lars yet. Sometimes he likes to go very slowly.” She rolled her eyes, then looked at Jenna, waiting.

Trying to deflect Astrid’s last comment, Jenna said, “Oh, I wonder where Lars could be?”

Astrid laughed. “Well, we know he’s not with you tonight.” That was for sure. Jenna remembered the night on the patio and decided he did like to go a little slow sometimes.

Between what Astrid had said, and her thoughts, Jenna’s face was reddening. Despite being constantly embarrassed by Astrid, Jenna was beginning to like her.

“But,” Escort bayan Astrid continued, “you were just starting to tell me about your evening.”

“I don’t think I’d said anything about that yet.”

“Then, by all means, you better get started.”

“Robert, don’t you want to get involved in the conversation?” Jenna was verbally dancing as she debated how much to tell Astrid. She was sure Robert would like to hear what she had to say as well.

Confirming her thoughts, he said, “Naw. I just want to hear about your evening.” He smiled at Astrid.

“Traitor,” Jenna mumbled.

“You might as well just go ahead and tell. No sign of Lars yet.”

Jenna took a deep breath, looking from Robert to Astrid and back.

“I guess you know what a Sybian is,” Jenna began.

Robert’s brow furrowed and Astrid’s eyes widened.

“Someone here has a Sybian?” Astrid questioned, looking astounded.

“Yep, an older guy.”

“Tomorrow you have to introduce me to him.” Astrid giggled.

Jenna looked at Robert. “I suppose you know how they work.”

“Humph, well, I don’t … I’ve seen them … I’m not sure how they work.” He straightened in his chair. “I think I’m going to find out though.”

“Me too,” Astrid added.

“How did I get into this?” Jenna lamented with a nervous laugh.

“Keep going. I’m already fascinated,” Astrid teased.

“The guy, he was a little different. An investment banker with a trophy wife, who’s here with him of course. All he wanted … this is really hard, you two … was to watch me … ” another deep breath, “on the Sybian.” As she was telling them about what had happened, she could feel her body reacting to the memories.

“Beginning to sound a little kinky,” Astrid said just above a whisper.

“Maybe I should take a break and let you two tell me what you did.'”

“You’ll hear about it later anyway won’t she, Robert? And don’t leave out the really good parts.” Astrid smiled knowingly at Robert.

Jenna’s head snapped around as she squinted at Robert.

Robert didn’t know quite how to respond to that. “I won’t,” he replied weakly, not quite able to keep up with Astrid.

“Okay, you’ve had your break. I want to hear more about the Sybian and your weird old man.”

“Older,” Jenna corrected. I’ll tell you more … about … Shit, I guess I’m committed now aren’t I?”

“Yeah. We can continue at breakfast if we have to. Right, Robert?”

“I don’t think I’ll have to wait till then,” he said, glancing at Jenna. He was anticipating not only hearing, but a little physical involvement as well.

Jenna sucked it up. “The Sybian was amazing. The little … well, not so little, thing, like a penis, twists and I’m not sure what else. It felt good, anyway. Of course, the vibration part was the best. He’d turn it faster and slower and … I’ll let you imagine the rest.” She was certainly imagining it, actually trying to remember it. She could tell her body was remembering it as well. Her nipples were hardening under her blouse.

Astrid shivered. “Doesn’t take a lot of imagination. But there was something about the guy too, right?”

“Oh, yeah. Him.” Jenna wasn’t at all sure how to go about telling this part. It might make her sound a little femme fatal-ish. She decided to just tell.

“Well, he was content to just watch and turn the dial up and down and torment me no end, but I wanted him to be a part of everything too. You know what I mean?”

“Oh yeah,” the two said in unison.

Jenna was into it now, tingling a little, but ready to continue.

“So, I went after him and he tried to stop me. I wasn’t going to quit, even when he said he couldn’t.”

“Couldn’t? You mean he …”

“Couldn’t get it up,” Jenna said quickly, not able to look at Robert.

“And you … got it up?

“Yeah, that and the rest too.”

Astrid whooped, a little too loud, and the few others in the courtyard looked their way.

“No wonder Lars enjoyed you so much.”

That was it. Jenna could feel her face burning. Five days ago she was an innocent not-quite-newlywed, and now Astrid was teasing her about how much her husband enjoyed having sex with her. How far had she come? And how much further was she willing to go? There was still tomorrow and the next day — adventures unknown at the moment. She had already done things she had only heard about — some that she had not heard about, like the Sybian. But, she had enjoyed them all and was finding herself anxious to experience more … more that she didn’t even know existed now.

She was saved from further embarrassment by the approach of Lars.

“Hi, honey. We’ve missed you.” Lars got a very nice kiss. “Interesting taste,” Astrid added.

Lars laughed and sat down. “And there is the bewitching, Jenna, as well.” Jenna felt a chill run down her spine at the sound of Lars’ Swedish accent. Astrid had almost totally lost hers.

Jenna knew she looked like she’d been in the sun all day. She still wasn’t quite used to the sexual chatter and innuendo. Maybe she’d Bayan escort get that way eventually.

“Have you people been here long?”

“Long enough to embarrass me … time after time,” Jenna said.

“Robert and I enjoyed it, though,” Astrid said.

“My wine glass is empty, so I guess we should head in,” Jenna suggested, smiling at Robert who immediately stood up.

“Breakfast in the morning?” Astrid asked, hopefully.

Jenna glanced at Robert. “Sure. Nine o’clock?”

“Wow. If it’s nine o’clock, we better get some sleep,” Lars said, a coy look on his face.

Jenna looked at Robert. “We can try,” she said, knowing that wouldn’t be happening for a while.

The two couples bid each other good night and headed off in slightly different directions. Jenna took hold of Robert’s hand and squeezed.

“So,” she giggled. “You and Astrid again. I’m gonna bet you didn’t try too hard to have her pick another blanket.”

He shrugged. “I tried, but she was relentless.” A long sigh escaped his lips.

“You been hiding something from me?”

“Jenna, believe me. I haven’t hidden a thing from you.”

“I’m gonna check pretty carefully when we get to our rooms.” She was looking him up and down as they walked, laughing the whole time.

When they reached their room, clothes were quickly off and, amid quiet teasing about what had happened with each earlier, they had their own very satisfying time together.

They had been here three days and Jenna had learned more than she could ever have imagined, and experienced things beyond what any of her friends had she was sure. She was amazed, given everything, that what she enjoyed most was her time with Robert, after all the other things had taken place.

Morning seemed to come way too quickly for both couples but they met right at nine and ordered big breakfasts, knowing the food would be delicious and that lunch might be an inconvenience. There was more teasing about last night and Astrid had a few more quiet questions about the Sybian.

Jenna was sure that soccer star Lars might be under pressure to purchase one.

“And by the way,” Jenna confided to Astrid, “he said they’re kind of expensive. Maybe around fifteen hundred dollars. I did a quick check on the Internet.”

“I suppose you’ll want one now,” Robert said, then added quickly, “to replace me.”

“Nothing could replace you,” Astrid said quickly. She sent Robert a sexy smile. “Take it from me.”

Lars stood up and stepped around Astrid, pulling his chair with him. He pushed it between Robert and Astrid and sat down.

“I better get between you two before you embarrass us all,” he said. “Right, Jenna?”

“Amen,” Jenna sighed.

“Amen?” Lars questioned.

“Her way of saying, ‘right,'” Astrid explained.

“Do you guys like the beach?” Robert asked.

“You ask if two Swedes from the cold north like the warm ocean?” Lars said.

“We cannot get enough of it,” Astrid added.

“Then let’s go,” Jenna encouraged. “I’ve got a new bikini that a lady at the market made for me.”

“You wear a bikini?” Astrid looked incredulous.

“Haha,” was the simple reply. She remembered Lars leading her through the hallway of the resort, naked, just the night before last.

An hour later, the four of them were headed to the beach, the women in their bikinis and the men in regular swimming trunks. Once there, they stripped and Jenna headed toward the water with Astrid. It was only then that she fully appreciated Astrid’s, well, beauty. As they walked, probably half the eyes at the beach were on them, or, more appropriately, on Astrid. At least Jenna thought so. Tall, blond, statuesque, if not voluptuous, she was a magnet for stares.

They swam, joked, and laughed and Jenna was enjoying having so much visual attention, even if she felt she was only peripheral to it. It was just a mite hard for her to picture Robert with Astrid but, she had no doubts whatever about his love for her so, surprising herself, she was comfortable with what was happening.

When all four of them were relaxing on their blanket, Astrid said, “If you guys take a vacation next year, you need to come to Sweden and visit us. Come in the winter and we can ski.”

“Thar sounds fantastic,” Jenna replied, “and the same to you two. Come see us in Ohio. Lots of things to do there too.”

“That would be fun too. But,” Astrid feigned a glare at Lars, “Mr. International here is always busy with his football. Maybe I’ll just come by myself.” She laughed.

Jenna was sure Robert would like that. Plus, she couldn’t help but wonder if what was happening here would carry over to vacations, or would it be confined to the island and this week. She refused to even think of what changes this week could make in their lives back in Ohio.

Astrid leaned over and picked up the top of Jenna’s bikini. “I love this material. Where did you get it?”

“At the market just up the road. The lady there made it for me in an afternoon.”

“Really?” She looked at Lars. “Maybe I should Escort go see about getting one. I love this material. Is it batik?” she asked, looking back to Jenna.

“That’s it. Not sure how batik gets to this island but it does.”

“We’ve talked about going to the market.” A questioning look toward Lars.

“I’ll go if he doesn’t want to,” Jenna offered. “I’m sure Robert isn’t interested in going again.”

Robert was nodding his agreement.

It was quickly decided that the ladies would go to the market and the men would stay behind and ogle naked women. And, just maybe, amble over to the bar and sample a few items.

They grabbed some lunch at the stand on the beach and the ladies headed for the dusty road that led to the market. They had fun sharing about Sweden and Ohio and planning future trips to each place. Once among the stalls, Jenna led Astrid to the bikini lady.

“Hello,” she said. “You back again, and with friend?” She smiled at Astrid. “Pretty blond lady needs new bikini, right?”

“I hear you can make them in an afternoon,” Astrid said, looking around at all the material spread across the tables.

“I do, easy,” was Ayanna’s reply.

Jenna showed Astrid the back of her suit, where Ayanna had sewed her name. Astrid was eying a shiny red material.

“You like?” She handed the material to Astrid.

“How much for one just like hers,” Astrid asked.

A semi-toothless smile. “Jenna gave thirty dollars,” she said, proud she had spotted the name she had added to the suit.

“Okay,” Astrid said, handing the material back to Ayanna. “Do you need measurements?”

Jenna laughed, knowing what the answer would be.

“I see you,” she answered. “You come back later. Will be ready.”

As they walked away Astrid said, “I see you? Is that how she made yours too?”

“Exactly, and I couldn’t ask for a better fit.” Astrid was looking at her and nodding her approval.

The ladies browsed the stalls, Astrid picking up trinkets to take home. Then they headed back to the resort.

They found the men asleep under an umbrella. Astrid tickled Lars’ feet and he awoke with a start. Jenna planted a passionate kiss on Robert, and he woke up waving his arms.

Lars was the first to recover. “So what did my beautiful wife buy at the market?”

Astrid held up a little bag. “Gifts for our friends. Plus a new bikini.”

“Let me see.”

“I have to go back and get it later this afternoon.”

“Bright red,” Jenna threw in.

“Honestly, I prefer naked,” Robert suggested.

“Okay,” Jenna said as she stripped.

“How about you?” Astrid was looking at Lars.

“Take it off.”

All four decided an ocean swim might provide a cooling interlude. After thirty minutes they were back at the blanket, drying off and debating about what to do next.

“I wonder about this evening,” Astrid said, her nose turned up just a little.

“How so,” Freya asked.

“I don’t know. I just wonder about what might happen.”

“Not sure I’m following where you’re headed with this.”

“I’m just afraid the law of averages is going to catch up to me. The first night’s ‘activity’ was fine, and being with Robert the last two was outstanding.”

Robert’s cheeks reddened just a little.

“And that’s partly why,” Astrid said, gesturing toward him. “You’ve been lucky too, Jenna, except last night was a little weird. I just figure I’m, or we’re ready for someone a little weird.”

“Robert did have a strange one his first night, so the weird ones are here.”

“That’s what I mean. I hate to ruin a good week.” She smiled at Robert. “What happened?”

“Well, first of all, she didn’t like the taste of, well, that part you taste, so she used, um, peanut butter to improve the taste.

“No kidding?”

“Then, after very methodical sex, she had a sheet of questions she asked me. She’d been coming here for years and had that information for every guy she’d been with. It was weird. I even got my own number in her book.”

“Sounds like it,” Astrid agreed.

“We talked to a lot of people our first day here,” Lars volunteered, “and what was it you said, Astrid?”

“There were a couple I didn’t want to end up with.” She was shaking her head.

“Really? That’s kind of scary.” Jenna hadn’t thought much about that possibility.

“I know some people leave the courtyard after dinner and the number left has been different each night.”

“So, Astrid, are you suggesting we skip the special evening activities?” Jenna asked.

“Sort of, in a way,” she replied, looking at Jenna, but smiling coyly.

“Astrid, what are you up to?” Lars knew his wife well.

“Why don’t we just have our own activity?”

“The four of us?” Lars asked, an incredulous sound to his voice.

“Why not?” She looked from one to the other. “We all get along fine and have enjoyed each other.”

Jenna wasn’t quite ready to hear so personal a reference, but she knew what Astrid said was right. She and Lars had certainly enjoyed being with each other. Something had made her willing to be outside on the patio with him, in full view of anyone who wanted to look. That was about as far from where she had been five days before as she could imagine. Astrid and Robert — nothing needed to be said about that.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32