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I have one fantasy left to complete. Her name is Jessica. To men, she is breathtaking. To me, heck, I can’t even pass her without thinking about the scent her panties release or what’s under the sexy matching outfit. Sometimes when she has boys over, I can’t help but sneak glances. I can look at her more when she has her mind on someone else. Let me tell you just how sexy she is. She has 38C breasts that always seem erect through small cotton shirts. Her belly has just the right curves and her low-cut jeans with her cropped t-shirts do a perfect job of showing her body off. Her legs are long yet muscular and they proportionally match her torso perfectly. She’s perfect because I made her. She is my daughter, who is nineteen, and I will do whatever it takes to make this fantasy become as real as possible.

Jessica is up in her room reading while I am in my bedroom alone holding her used panties that I found in the hamper. I sit on my bed imagining these panties brushing against her pussy. I unzip myself and take my semi-hard cock out. I hold the panties so the material wraps around my cock and I begin to stroke slowly. I love doing this partly because I feel closer to her. The thought of her scent mixed with mine drives me insane. I close my eyes and begin to concentrate on the feeling I have in my cock. To get completely hard, I rub my balls with one hand and with the other I bring the panties in front of my nose so I can sniff them. My cock enlarges and I bring the panties back to my cock so I can stroke it. I move my hand up and down and soon I’m whispering to myself.

“Oh-h, yes… baby, that’s it. Daddy likes that. Oh-h-h you make me so hard.”

I stroke myself harder and harder, then faster and faster. I pump my cock extremely hard while lifting my ass slightly off the bed off and on. I feel my balls rising and my cock thickening. I know I’m close to cumming so I slow down immensely only to keep the feeling last as long as possible. My mouth is open and my eyes roll back while my stomach keeps contracting profusely. My toes start to curl and suddenly I’m overwhelmed by extreme pleasure.

“Oh my-y-y-y god, Jessica! You’re so fucking beautiful. Oh, god. Yeah-h, I’m ther-r-r-e-e-e. Oh, god, baby. Yes!”

I came so hard to the point I could barely breathe. Lots of my cum landed on her panties and a bit on my stomach… I was curious so I wiped some of it off and licked it off my fingers. I tasted mostly sweet, but there was a hint of bitterness. I read somewhere that if you eat lots of fruit, your cum tastes sweeter so I know that when I get my daughter blowing me, she will love my cum. I get off the bed and walk towards my bathroom to find a towel so I can wipe my stomach dry. I go back to my room, open a drawer and find some briefs. I put them on and walk upstairs to say goodnight to Jessica.

“Goodnight sweetheart. Give dad a kiss.” I say after walking in.

“Hey daddy, okay!”

I knew she’d glance automatically at my briefs and it made me smile to myself. I hugged her closely and kissed her check.

“I love you, you’re my girl.”

“Yep, I love you too dad.” I see her looking towards her night stand to read the time on her digital clock. “Wow dad, I think I’m going to bed too. I didn’t realize it was this late.”

“Hop into bed darling,” I say as I smack a firm butt playfully. She looks back pretends to be in shock. “Dad! Don’t do that! I am too old now for you to be smacking me around.”

I laugh to myself. “Oops… I’m sorry dear.” I laugh again.

The next day I go to work while my daughter goes to the mall with her best friend, Jennifer. I come home stressed and all I want to do is lie down with those panties I jacked off to this morning. I almost walk in except I see my daughter in my room looking at the panties I left behind. Luckily they were kept on other clothes so hopefully she thinks I’m doing the laundry for her. I usually do anyway just so I can get a hold of her panties without Side Escort feeling guilty. I back away from the door and walk to the kitchen. I grab a Corona Extra just to make me relax.

“You won’t need the phone anytime soon will you?”

I whip around and say, “My god baby, don’t scare me like that!” I say as I put my glass down. “And, no I won’t need the phone. Why? Who are you calling?”

“My girlfriend, Jennifer.” She says while blushing.

“Why? You had a whole day with her.”

“I know, but this is urgent. Something popped up and I need to discuss it with her, you know, to get a second opinion.”

“Can I help you with it?”

“Uh, dad, It’s a girl thing, sorry.” She flatly lies.

“Yeah, okay… well…. Sure, use the phone. I won’t be calling anyone tonight.” I waited until she ran upstairs to walk to my small office. I heard her faintly talking so I figured she reached Jennifer with success. I carefully picked up the phone and while Jennifer was speaking, I hit “mute.”

Jessica: Jen, I got to tell you something and you need to promise not to tell any of your friends and promise me you won’t laugh.

Jennifer: I promise. What is it?

Jessica: Well, I found my underwear in my dad’s room. The part I’m wondering about is what is this white stuff? It’s still sticky too.

Jennifer: Oh, come on girl. What do you think?

Jessica: So, it’s … cum?

Jennifer: (laughs), yes. I assume so. (Pause)

Jennifer: You know something, sex with an older guy is better. I don’t know why I’m telling you that but he’s better because he’s experienced. It’s way better and so much sexier.

Jessica: (Long pause because she realizes the only older man she knows is her own father) I wish I had one that was into me.

Jennifer: Well, usually they’re the ones you overlook but they’re right in front of you and I bet you they want you.

Jessica: Every guy does. It sucks because none of them would care enough to love me, just love fucking me.

Jennifer: You need to find yourself a real man.

Jessica told Jennifer to wait a minute and I hear her taking off clothes. She tells Jennifer she has to change for an event tonight, but I had a feeling she is naked. I listen more and they talk about boys at school and start to question each other about what it’s like for a guy to ejaculate. It’s an extreme turn on. They go into further detail and gossip about what sperm feels like inside and out. I listen closely and hear a soft moan escape Jessica’s lips. I imagine she is flicking her clit with her finger and occasionally grasping her tits. I put down the phone and walk quietly up to her room. Her door is slightly ajar. I was amazed. This was so much better than listening to those two talk. She’s holding her own panties and I watch her use the material to touch herself. Then she lets her hand roam up her body towards her tits, then she licks her middle finger and roams back down to play with her pussy. She writhes softly on the bed. She stops masturbating, tells Jennifer she has to go and she’ll call her back in a few minutes and walks up to sit at her computer. She opens Microsoft Internet and searches for something. I see naked people on the computer. I can hear the faint noises that the porn stars are making, but what I hear more of is my daughter. Jessica had her legs spread wide open resting on the computer table. She laid her head back and played furiously with her clit. She kept arching her back and her moans got louder. Then, I was in for a surprise. “M-m-m, daddy. Touch me please.” She pauses, moans softly and as if she were fucking someone, she starts bucking her hips. “That’s it daddy, you got it. Oh, god, yes, that feels so good. Oh god, daddy, I’m going to cum.” I unzipped my pants and took out my engorged cock. I stroked as hard as she was flicking at her clit. I leaned on my side onto the wall and felt myself on the verge of exploding. She started panting and moaning Side Escort bayan in quick short breaths while her body was reaching it’s climax. I was overwhelmed with desire and spoke as quietly as I could to myself.

“God, Jessica. That pussy is so tight. Damn, you feel amazing. I can’t keep this up much longer. I’m going to cum baby. Oh, fuck me. Oh, god… yes.”

I came and so did Jessica. She turned her radio on to cover her moans. She was so loud and it helped so I could moan too. I came all over the rug and my stomach. I watched her body violently shake from the orgasm and her eyes closed. I knew she was in heaven. She was beautiful. I wanted her so badly.

The next day, Jessica was very bare. She wore small shorts and a sports bra. I looked straight at her breasts and saw them heaving every time she breathed. They were perfect. Her stomach was so sexy and so smooth looking. I was in the kitchen and the only thing that separated us was a counter. She had made me stop everything that I was doing.

“Daddy, you’re staring at me.”

“I can’t help it when that’s all you wear around the house.” I blushed and stared more at her. I physically could not take my eyes off her anymore.

“Dad! Stop that!”

I move around the counter as she backs up closer to a wall as if scared to get too close to my body. I pause and look deeply into her eyes. “Stop what Jessica? Stop looking at what you are purposely displaying?” He was now two inches from her face. She was leaned up against a wall and he used his arms to trap her.

“Just, don’t make it obvious dad.” She looked confused.

“Give me fifteen minutes or so, alone in the kitchen” I asked as I let my arms fall, giving her an escape goat. She ran upstairs and as soon as I was sitting on the counter with my back against the wall, I immediately took out my cock and started stroking it. I blushed profusely when I saw movement from the corner of my eye. I could tell she was sitting on the stairs watching me. It turned me on and I loved it. I played with my balls and then jacked off my cock hard. I felt my balls rising and I said loud enough for my young daughter to hear that I was going to cum. My cum flew across the room as my head fell back. My eyes had rolled to the back of my head and my mouth dropped open. As soon as I was done, I wanted Jessica to be caught watching me. I looked over at her and she blushed with eyes wide open.

“Get down here right now Jessica.” I was calm, yet bold.

“I’m sorry daddy. I didn’t mean to watch, I couldn’t help but notice. What was I supposed to do?”

“Honey, you’re not supposed to be watching your daddy do that.” I pretend to act upset with it.

“I’m sorry. I really am.” Jessica looked on the verge of tears.

“Damn right you are. You are never to look at me jacking off unless I say so.”

I grabbed her arms and kissed her mouth extremely hard. I was kissing her with so my passion. I couldn’t believe how fast my heart was beating. I felt so much heat between us. The force of my kiss had surprised her, but what surprised me was that she returned the kiss. Soon, our kiss became light and passionate. I picked her up in my arms and took us to the couch. Her hard nipples pressed against my chest and her legs wrapped around my waist. I held her ass firmly and groped it as long as I could. I stopped kissing her and said, “Remove your bra, Jessica baby.” She did so immediately and her tits popped out of it.

“God you’re so beautiful.” I unconscientiously whispered. I grabbed one tit and massaged it while diving for the other one. I sucked on it like I was the baby. My tongue licked around her nipple and my mouth tried to take in as much as it could. Her hands were playing in my hair and soft moans escaped her mouth. I did the same to the other tit.

“Mm, daddy… this feels so good.” I stopped to kiss her mouth and forced her to open her mouth and accept my tongue. I wanted Escort Side to explore every part of her body. While kissing her, I slid her shorts and thong down as she willingly lifted her ass up so I could pull them all the way off. I broke our kiss and put her legs over my shoulders. I was kneeling on the ground as she was slouching on the couch. Her pussy was now clearly visible to me. I kissed down one inner thigh and licked down the other side. I placed my mouth on her pussy and started kissing it. I stuck my tongue out and licked her soft pink folds. I licked her wet pussy entirely up and down it’s length. I flicked my tongue in and out of her tight hole and went back to her clit. She jerked for a second and I knew I hit her sensitive spot. I wanted to make her soaking wet. I wanted to make her scream. I wanted to make her orgasm in disbelief that her daddy can suck her fresh pussy better than any boy. I kept flicking at her clit and sliding my tongue in and out of her hole. Then I decided I wanted to put a finger in her hole. I slid it in with ease and started to fuck her hole with my finger. She moaned loudly at this and grabbed my hair. She forced me to go down on her and lick her clit while finger fucking her hole. Her body started to harden more and her pussy convulsed onto my face. She pulled at my hair and started to breathe harder. She was close. Her pussy was now leaking with cum and I knew there was more to come. She tasted so sweet and there was so much of it. I wanted to make her come on my cock instead of my mouth so I stopped and said, “Honey, daddy’s got to fuck you right now. I can’t take it anymore.”

“Daddy, just fuck me. Anything daddy. I just need this. Fuck me daddy. Fuck my pussy.” Jessica said while her eyes were closed. I got up and tore off my shirt and bottoms. I held my cock right at her pussy and told her I loved her.

“Do it daddy. Put that hard cock in my pussy. Fuckin do it daddy.”

Her words were turning me on by the second. I slid into her pussy and she screamed out. She was a virgin- fuck. I held her close and waited for her okay to continue. A few seconds later she nodded her head. I pushed in all the way slowly and soon after started to pump my cock in and out of her pussy. Her pussy squeezed on my cock and milked on it as if it didn’t want to let me go. I felt every vein brushing against her pussy walls. “Faster daddy, fuck me faster.” I slammed my cock into her pussy and every time I went in, my balls met her ass cheeks with a hard thump. I thrusted with all of my might. I leaned in to kiss her and her tongue was literally down my throat. She was pinching my nipples and rubbing my chest while I was fucking her brains out.

“Baby, I’m going to cum.” I felt my cock enlarge and my balls rise. I felt the cum flow through my cock and soon enough I was cumming inside her body.

“Oh fuck baby. Oh god daddy’s cumming. Oh god Jessica. Yes. Oh yeah. Oh fuck, fuck.” I kept fucking her because she was so close to cumming too. Her fingers were playing with her clit while she was desperately trying to reach orgasm.

“You like that baby. Daddy’s cock is finally in your pussy. You wanted it all along didn’t you baby? Daddy’s cock feels so good in you. You make me cum so hard.” I whispered in her ear. Her moans got louder and she screamed to me she was cumming. I felt her juices flow out of her pussy and onto my cock. She was leaking. Her body jerked violently and I could see that she was feeling wave after wave of intense pleasure. My cum finally mixed with hers and I fell on top of her as soon as we both settled down.

“Daddy, that was amazing.”

“Yes it was baby, yes it was.” I smiled at her sweetly.

“Better than your cock and my panties?”

I blushed and laughed at the same time. “Yeah, kind of.” I smiled jokingly with her. “I’m still going to use it when you’re away. It turns me on more than anything.”

“Good daddy. Let’s say for now, if you need to cum, at least cum somewhere on me, or in me. Deal?”

“Oh, that’s a great deal baby.”

I laid on the couch for an hour with her just talking about everything as if we were lovers. I was so happy my final fantasy became real and that we had gotten fifty times closer.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32