Kate’s Dilemma – Epilogue

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Kate, Jackie, and Jim settled in together. And several months went by with no abatement of love. The three found it to be a happy arrangement. Kate found both love and sexual satisfaction, in having the freedom to love both a woman and man. For Jackie, it was the same; plus, a sense of belonging, a sense of family. And for Jim, to live with and love such women as these two, who, in turn, loved him, and who also seemed insatiable for his manhood–was bliss.

One day, Kate arrived home late from work to find Jackie straddling Jim on the sofa, his rod deep inside her pussy. It was both, so casual and so erotic, to see her lovers this way. She went to them and gave each a passionate kiss. “Enjoying yourselves?” she laughed.

“Join us, Kate,” Jackie said, as she ground on his cock. Kate watched a few seconds then kicked off her heels. Soon, she was naked, and kneeling next to Jackie, kissing her as Jim sucked on her luscious tit. Kate could feel Jackie’s passion and slipped a finger on her clit. She gasped, as Kate rubbed her clit while she licked her neck as the other hand caressed her back. The orgasm came with a shudder of Jackie’s body. Kate never tired of seeing Jackie cum, and seeing them both joined in lovemaking.

When the orgasm passed, Jackie looked at Kate with such emotion. It was moments like this, that bonded to two women. Jackie pressed two fingers into Kate’s moistening womanhood. “He’s still hard, Kate. Your turn.” With that, she dismounted Jim, allowing Kate to take her place. Jackie held his glistening cock, as Kate lowered herself onto it. Jim happily enjoyed Kate’s turn, as she rode him. He sucked on a nipple, as Jackie kissed her passionately. He grabbed Kate’s hips, helping her set a pace that brought both to a wild passion.

Jim groaned first, as making all this love had finally gotten to him. He thrust his hips up, as he released his sperm into her welcoming center. Kate wrapped her arms around him; she loved the feeling of him cumming inside her and soon shuddered in ecstasy herself. They came and came, as Jackie watched this coupling of her lovers.

As Kate recovered her senses, she looked at Jim, “What’s for dinner?”


A few weeks later, while Jim was out and Kate was watching TV, Jackie sat next to her and put her head on Kate’s shoulder and hugged her.

“Kate,” she started, “we are family. But one thing is missing. Have you ever thought of having children?”

Kate didn’t stir. “Yes, I’d thought a lot about it. Of having Jim’s baby someday, but not soon. Then you arrived. You felt like a little sister and filled the gap.”

“But, you still want a baby?” Jackie continued.

“Someday. Why?”

“Kate, I was thinking. I want to have Jim’s baby. But, not if it upsets things.”

“Jackie, no! I’d be happy for you, if it’s what you want. But think about it–it’s a big step.”

“I have thought about it, a lot. I want his baby. But only if it doesn’t upset what we have.”

“Have you asked Jim?”

“No, I wanted to hear your feelings.”

Kate held her close. “Well, I feel it’s beautiful, like you.”

“Kate!” She kissed her. “You are like a big sister. All encouragement. It’s such a change to have you in my life.”

Kate hugged her again. “Yes, the more I think about it, the more I approve. But this must be unanimous, obviously. When do you want to bring it up with Jim?”

Jackie bit her lip. “How do you think he’d react?”

“I don’t know, but I think I should be there when you ask. So he knows I approve.”

“When should we bring it up?”

“Today! If gaziantep masaj salonları he agrees, you have to get off the Pill right away. It can take months.”

Jim came home. His lovers greeting him with kisses, lots of them. “What have you been up to?”

“Jim, I want to ask you something. Can we sit?” Jackie asked.

Kate said nothing and followed. They sat on either side of him.

“Jim,” she said, looking him in the eyes, and after a deep breath added, “I want to have your baby.” She couldn’t read his face. “Damn! I wanted to be more delicate about this.” Jackie continued.

“Yes, blunt,” he chuckled, then paused and turned serious. “What brought this up?”

“Isn’t it obvious? I love you… both!” She reached for Kate’s hand for support.

“And you?” he asked, turning to Kate.

“I’m for it. She would be a great mom and you will be a great dad… I’m not sure if they have a word for what I’d be.”

“Can I think about this?”

“Yes,” they chimed in.

He pulled them both to him and just held them a while. “I’m going for a walk. Be back soon.” And headed out the door.

“I know what the answer will be, Jackie,” Kate said, with a grin.

Jim slipped in and found his lovers in the kitchen. Kate saw him and said nothing. He came up behind Jackie, and wrapped his arms around her. “So, you want to have a baby,” he whispered.

“Your baby,” she reminded him.

“A lifetime commitment. Are you sure?”

“I want to spend a lifetime with both of you. Do you want to spend a lifetime with me?”

He gave her a kiss on the cheek and looked at Kate. “I do. So, I guess we’re having a baby.”

Jackie squealed with delight, and turned to hug him. Kate followed, and kisses and hugs ensued.

“What’s next?” he asked.

“Jackie goes off birth control. Then you get the fun part.” The women giggled. “It may take a few months.”

That night, the three had passionate sex. Jackie got the most attention. She rode Jim’s shaft, facing away.

“Lay back,” Kate ordered. Jackie fell back on Jim’s chest and Kate got between his legs and started licking Jackie’s clit.

“Fuck! Kate!” Jackie exclaimed, while Jim thrust his hips as Jackie started squirming. Her breathing changed; she was close. Her lovers brought her to climax, followed by Jim grunting, driving his cock deep and cumming.

Kate worked her tongue on both her lovers, as they climaxed together.

“Kate!” Jackie said breathlessly, “You have to try that.”

Jackie slipped down and started sucking his cock. “Kate, give him a tit to suck on. That always gets him hard.

She did and he made love to her tits. And he was hard soon. Kate straddled his manhood, as Jackie guided it into her wet slit. She leaned back and got the same treatment she gave Jackie minutes earlier.

“Oh fuck!” she screamed, as Jackie worked her clit; Kate humping his cock as she came.

Jim was still hard, and Kate rolled off. Jackie lay down and he got on top. “Practice for next month when we start trying to make a baby.” And he climbed on top of her and drove his cock home. He pounded her until his thrusts slowed, and he came.

“Yes, give it to me!” Jackie called.


Jackie did go off the Pill, and the women calculated the best day to start. They forced Jim to abstain for a week. They wanted maximum sperm count.

“Ready to try tonight?” Jackie asked.

Jim kissed her, grabbing a tit.

“That’s a yes, Jackie,” Kate laughed.

In the bedroom. Jackie stripped gaziantep masaj salonları escortları and lay on the bed. Jim, his libido raging, stripped also.

“Stay there a minute,” Kate commanded. “I’ll see if she’s ready.”

She spread Jackie’s legs, and, watching her, began tonguing Jackie’s eager pussy. Jackie responded; she was getting wet. Kate like the idea of being the ‘preparer’ doing her part in making a baby. Jim watched. His hormones raging at his point.

When Jackie began to writhe, Kate knew it was time.

“Come, Jim, show her your love and make a baby.”

A bit eager, Jim climbed onto Jackie and kissed her. Kate lay beside them and watched. Like a magnet, his manhood found the entrance and plunged in.

“Oh, Jackie!” he cried, as he thrust again.

Jackie gave a shriek and grabbed his butt wishing him deeper. Jim began pounding in animalistic passion. All three were enthralled. Maybe on this first time, or another soon, THIS fucking will make a baby.

Jim’s pent-up sex drive needed release. His sperm flooded Jackie’s womb with a deep groan. He thrust again with another groan.

Jackie came. The primitive desire to reproduce drove them both to wild passion. His hips drove again, hoping to get deeper still, with Jackie begging him for more.

Kate watched transfixed, seeing her lovers delirious in this most intimate of sex.

The lovers were spent, both gasping for air. Jim kissed Jackie, his cock hard and still inside her.

“You have to pace yourself, at least for the next week or so. Come on, off.”

“But we don’t, Kate, and you must be hot after watching that.”

“Yeah, that was hot to see.”

Jim had rolled off her. Jackie got up and turned, then spread Kate’s legs and dove in. She wanted Kate to cum, too. And cum she did, to her lover, her best friend’s attentions.

Jim, knowing he was out of the game for the night, could only watch as, with cum oozing out her just-fucked pussy, Jackie knelt and ate Kate out as Kate moaned to a climax.

Jackie snuggled next to her; Jim pulled up to Jackie.

“I like this watching a baby get made,” Kate declared, as she turned out the light.

The next night was the same, except Jackie insisted on eating Kate out as Jim fucked her from behind. Kate looked at Jim’s face, as he ground and thrust his manhood into their mutual lover. The look on his face, and knowing he was impregnating Jackie as Jackie ate her out, was incredibly erotic. And when he came, pumping his potent sperm into Jackie, the women came, as well.

And the following night, Kate sat on his face as Jackie rode his cock. The feeling of Jackie’s hand on her tits, as he tongued her clit soon brought her to a climax. And knowing she was cumming, forced Jim to unleash his load into Jackie. And for Jackie, feeling Kate’s lovely body spasm in orgasm, as his seed filled her fertile womb triggered her to cum next, with the women collapsing next to him when it was over.

As so it continued for a week, or so. Jim, unleashing a pent-up load into Jackie, and he or Jackie bringing Kate to an orgasm.


But Jackie didn’t conceive that month. They’d try again at the next likely time.

The ritual started, Jim’s hormones had him primed. Kate began licking Jackie’s pussy.

“Mmm… Kate. This is it. I can feel it, like I’m ready for Jim’s seed.”

“Hear that, Jim? She’s ready for your seed.”

“Let’s try from behind this time. I can still get as deep.”

“Wanna masaj salonları gaziantep close up view, Kate?” Jackie asked. With little ado, she had Kate on her back and straddled her head. “Take me, Jim. And give Kate a show.”

Seeing his lovers in a sixty-nine, he moved in, trembling. Kate watched as his manhood pressed in, to the hilt, and he began thrusting. Kate found it incredible. Was she about to see a baby conceived? Things were happening fast. Jim’s passion had him wild for release.

“Cum in her!”

“Agh! Agh!” he screamed, as his cock throbbed.

Kate could see it, his cock, his balls throbbing, as it unloaded his semen inside Jackie. More and more sperm pumped, another chance for a baby. And Jackie came, too. As he pulled out, an overflow of Jim’s copious cum oozed out into Kate’s waiting mouth. It felt so erotic, she was slurping up the surplus cum from making a baby. Then, she felt Jackie tongue go to work on her pussy, bringing her orgasm count up to theirs. They collapsed on the bed. And after trips to the bathroom, they fell asleep together.

The next day was the same. All liked that position and tried it again, with more sperm for Kate to lap up. Then the next night, Jackie rode him.

Another night, Jim took her missionary style as Kate lay beside them, her hand on his butt, feeling his muscular thrusts. With one orgasm each, Kate and Jim lay on either side of Jackie and placed a hand on her hopefully pregnant belly. Jackie felt very cared for in that moment, knowing her lovers were equally hoping for a baby.

She declared this would be the month. So, it continued until near the end of Jackie’s cycle.


A few days later, Kate heard a squeal from the bathroom and went to investigate.

Jackie burst out, “Kate! Look! Look, look, look!” she exclaimed, holding the test out.

“Oh, Jackie!” And they hugged and squealed. Kate looked at her, “You are going to be one pampered mommy.” Followed by more squeals and hugs.

In the living room, Jim was absorbed in a game on TV. He barely heard the commotion. Then an arm wrapped around him. Jackie kissed his head. “Guess who’s going to be a daddy.”

His eyes popped, as it sank in. He got up and wrapped her in his arms, kissing her. He saw Kate standing back, giving the moment to her lovers. He reached his hand out for her.

“Kate! Come!” Jackie added.

The three hugged a long time.


And Jackie WAS pampered. Her sex drive was as charged as ever. And her lovers obliged. It seemed her every need was attended to. She was feeling pretty spoiled, it made her feel loved, and a bit guilty. But it’s really for the baby, she told herself.

Then the day came. Kate and Jim attended the birth. A fine baby girl.

A few hours later, now four of them, headed home.

“A name, Jackie?”

“Joy! It’s what I’m feeling now.”


Baby and mom were attended to. Kate watched, as Jackie bonded with the baby and her own maternal instincts began to well up.

She sat next to Jackie, “You look so happy. I’m starting to think about motherhood, too.”

“Yes, Kate! Joy needs a sibling. A brother!”

“I won’t be stealing your feather?”

“No, Kate! I love you. You and Jim having a baby will be wonderful.”

They propositioned Jim again. And another yes. This time, Jackie officiated the lovemaking.

The first night, they fucked missionary style, his hard cock was now at her entrance.

“Yes, Jim, yes.” She told him, remembering their first night together.

Like that night, she placed it at her entrance and he drove it in with one stroke.

“Oh, Kate!”

The words he said that first night… that magic night… it all came back to her. Her love for him became even stronger in this moment, a moment of conception.

“Kate. I won’t last.”

“Just cum, Jim. Do it. Let it go! Cum inside me!” She echoed from that first night…

And the family became five.



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