Keeping the Job Ch. 01

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At the end of the staff meeting on Tuesday morning my boss, the CEO Miss Jared, took me to one side and told me that she had chosen me to accompany her to a seminar for management.

“It’s only a day, but I think it’ll be better if we spend the night at my house, go to the seminar, and you’ll be far too tired to drive all the way home and the place that it’s held in is close to my house, so I was thinking we could go back to my house afterwards, what do you think, Emma?”

“Sure Val, that sounds cool,” I replied, smiling even though I dreaded the boring and stuffy seminar.

“Great, Let me go reschedule your meetings,” she beamed at me, “we leave Tomorrow afternoon and I’ll drop you off at your house Friday morning.” *This had better be good*, I thought to myself.

The week flashed by and it was soon Wednesday afternoon, the two of us heading out to a neighborhood I never even knew existed, in Val’s car. We awkwardly chatted about all sorts of things on the long drive and soon, spending the day with her didn’t sound so bad. Val is a year older than me at 26, quite attractive, with long black hair and a full hourglass figure. Although she can be quite severe and businesslike when she needs to be, I would consider her to be a very approachable boss.

By the time we got to her house it was late and I was beat from being in the car that long, Val showed me to her spare room. It was cute. The bed was already made with a flowery bedspread and generic flower pictures on the wall, it even smelled like lavender. *Hmm smells like her* I thought.

“Well if you’re not too busy staring, make yourself at home and I’m right across the hall if you need me. Val chuckled when she saw my embarrassment rise from my cheeks when she pointed out my staring.

When I was all set, I went to knock on Val’s door to ask where she keeps her towels for the morning. When I didn’t hear an answer, I pushed the door open and peeked in. I saw Val on the other side of the bed hunched over and fighting with something. It looked as if she was trying push something under the bed.


Val looked up with the ‘deer in front of the headlights’ face. Like she just got caught with her hand in the cookie jar. After a while she must’ve concluded that I hadn’t seen anything and asked me if I wanted a drink.

“I need a drink!” Val said as she went to her mini fridge in the corner, “care to join me?” she produced a bottle of wine and poured it into two glasses, and we toasted each other as we sipped it.

We chatted a little bit more getting more comfortable, sitting on her bed, sharing anecdotes. I don’t know if it was the wine but Val seemed really comfortable around me. Considering I watched as she stood up and slipped out of her blouse and skirt, revealing some very sexy looking lingerie.

“Mmm, that’s better!” Val sighed happily as she stood there in front of me, showing her body off to me, “come on Emma, won’t you join me?”

She smiled at me as she stood there, looking very sexy in her pink underwear; a lace cup bra that lifted her breasts up and together and in no way hid her perfect pink-ish nipples, and the smallest excuse for a thong I’d ever seen, which left me in no doubt that my boss’s pussy was hairless.

I wasn’t sure what was going on here, but I decided to go along with it. I was very much bisexual and have had many experiences. I suppose I could cross out ‘fuck boss’ from my bucket list. Under Val’s gaze I slipped out of my blouse and skirt, revealing the pale cream lace bra I was wearing and matching panties. I looked up at my boss and I could see the hungry look in her eye *Christ, I can’t wait to devour her.*

“Take them off Emma,” she ordered me, “your panties, take them off.”

“Excuse me?” I asked her, staring at her coyly as she stepped closer to me, “You want me to do what?”

“I want you to take your panties off and show me your pussy” she said forcefully, ” I’ve had my eye on you for a while” she purred as she casually undid her bra and let her tits spill free, “I guarantee that you will still have a career… IF you do everything I tell you to.”

“Oh really?” I asked her, watching in a mixture of , surprise and excitement as my boss proceeded to ease her thong down and off, standing before me with her legs spread in a dominant pose and showing me that she was indeed clean-shaven down there.

“I’ve always imagined you as my little sexual plaything,” Val told me as she reached out and stroked my face gently, “and now my dream has come true. Do everything that I ask of you and you and your career, will blossom.”

“And if I don’t do what you want?” I asked her, staring into her eyes as her hand slowly made its way down to my bra-covered breasts to caress them.

“I’ll make every day for you so bad that you will want quit your job,” she smiled sweetly at me, “but that’s not going to happen is it? You’re a smart woman; you’ll do whatever is necessary won’t you? After all you love your job and want to keep it don’t you?”

She gently pulled one of my bra cups down and rubbed her fingers bursa eskort across my nipple, making me shudder and moan with pleasure — my nipples are super-sensitive and I love having them played with. I looked down to see my nipple stiffening to her touch then looked back up into her searing blue eyes.

“Seems I don’t have any choice do I?” I asked her as I carefully hooked my fingers into the waistband of my panties, easing them down a little bit.

“Mmhmm keep going,” Val murmured, pulling her hand back from my breast as she watched me intensely.

Acting like I didn’t want to do it, I slowly eased my panties down, sliding them down my smooth legs and stepping out of them, straightening up and surprised to feel Val snatching them out my hand and watched as she lifted it to her nose, inhaling deeply.

“Mmm, yes, a fine scent,” she sighed happily, “the smell of your pussy is quite… Intoxicating!”

She stepped up to me and while one hand gently caressed one of my small breasts the other dropped to my groin, running down my hairless mound to rub lightly across my slit. I moaned with delight at that touch and she smirked at me, moving ever closer to my face. I closed my eyes in anticipation and felt her light breath on mine,I could smell a little of the wine as it crept up my nose. I gasped from her twisting my nipple which made it easy for her tongue to enter my mouth.

I responded to her kiss *how could I not she was fucking gorgeous* and our tongues slid wetly together as her fingers slid into my wet folds and teased my opening, while her other hand twisted and tugged on my sensitive nipples, making me groan and sending shivers of pleasure through my body. My pussy was really getting wet now, especially as Val was exploring it with her fingers.

“I think you’re ready for me to fuck you now,” Val growled when our mouths finally parted, her finger right up inside me. It felt so fucking good.

“Oh sweet Jesus!” I groaned as Val smiled lewdly at me, her finger wiggling deep inside my pussy.

“You’re going to submit to me aren’t you Emma?” she said in a sultry voice, you’re going to be a good little slut aren’t you?”

“Fuck yeah, anything you want,” I whimpered as my boss twisted my nipples again, making me wriggle about.

“Great, I knew you’d be sensible,” she grinned, “now, kneel next to the bed.”

I knew this was the first test for me and I was determined not to disappoint my boss, so I made my way over to the side of the bed and dropped to my knees, looking over expectantly at Val.

“Good girl!” she beamed at me as she walked over to me, “eat my pussy,”

She stood over me and spread her legs, reaching down and pulling my hair so my face is slamming into her groin, pressing my mouth against her exposed slit. Her pussy smell was strong and pungent — it had been a long drive — but it just turned me on even more as I started to lick her sticky folds; her pussy was ripe and in need of my attention, and I was gonna give it just that.

“Yes, that’s it Emma,” she purred as she gazed down at me, stroking my hair as I licked, lapped and sucked on her tangy pussy lips, “you like that don’t you, my sticky pussy rubbing against your wet, slick tongue?”

In all truthfulness I did; Val’s pussy was sticky with her juices, which I liked the taste of, and I liked how her puffy labia felt in my mouth. I gazed up at her as I slid my lips up to her clit, giving her the puppy-dog eyes as I sucked on the hard little bud, making her gasp and smile at me.

“Oh sweetie, that feels so good!” she sighed happily as her hand gripped my hair and pulled me harder into her sex, “Ohh, you’re gonna make mommy cum. All over that pretty face of yours.”

Her her hand was so firm in my hair, I couldn’t help but take what was coming to me. Building closer and closer to her climax, she started to grind it against me, rubbing her wet folds against my chin, mouth and nose. She was literally fucking herself against my face and making a proper mess as she did — which I started to enjoy. Her slick pussy lips spread wide open and smeared her tangy love juice all over my face, coating me with her creamy love juice.

“Oh yeah, that feels soooo good!” Val groaned happily as she thrust herself back and forth, “your face feels so good, I’m going to cum all over it!”

I was a mess and I loved it, being used in this fashion, helpless to be nothing more than an object for Val to use. My pussy was twitchy and wet but I don’t want to touch it yet. I want the honour to go to her. All I did was lay there and have my face used as her cunt tool. I pursed my lips so that Val labia spread over them and she was using my nose to rub her swollen clit against, holding my head firmly and humping it like a dog against his teddy bear.

“Ungh, Emma, yess, I’m going to cum!” she groaned loudly, her hips thrusting faster and her movements more urgent, “all over your Pretty. Little. Face!”

I was struggling to breathe properly, but there was nothing I could do except lie there and be used. Val was bursa merkez escort grunting and moaning as she moved faster and faster, pulling my face tighter into her drooling open sex, rubbing it across my slippery chin and mouth, thrusting her clit against my nose and filling my nostrils with her cum.

“Fuck!” my boss cried out as she started to cum, her body shaking and her spread-open gash drooling and dribbling all over my slick face, “Yesss!”

Her hands were tangled in my hair and her hips jerked spastically as Val climaxed, copious amounts of love cream pulsing from her cunt and covering my face, dribbling down my cheeks and neck. I could feel her contractions as her pussy discharged more and more juice over my face, until eventually she was spent, her hips slowing down and her hands releasing their grip of my head.

“Oh Emma, baby, you’re a gem,” Val sighed as she eased herself back and bent down, kissing me and licking up some of her juices, “that was amazing; you deserve a reward!”

For a few moments Val busied herself cleaning my face up a bit, kissing and licking me as she scooped up her cum and fed it to me, smiling as she stuck her slimy fingers in my mouth and watched me suck them clean. Then she climbed off me and went under her bed, revealing a box of treasures.

I patiently waited, sitting on bed with my legs crossed, awaiting my next test.

“What are doing?” I asked nervously as she came back up with two handkerchiefs

“Giving you your reward,” she smiled at me “I’m going to make you cum again and again.”

With clear practise Val tied the handkerchiefs around my wrists to the bed posts leaving me exposed and her with easy access to everything. I was utterly helpless, ready to be my boss’s plaything again.

“Emma that is such a beautiful sight!” Val gushed as she stepped back and admired her handiwork.

“Now then, let’s have a taste of that delectable body,” Val said, joining me on the bed, kneeling before me and running her hands down my thighs, leaning in and inhaling deeply, enjoying the smell of my wet pussy. Then she stuck her tongue out and started licking me, finally letting me have that potential release that I so craved, lapping wetly all over my groin — inner thighs, my tight little asshole, everywhere.

I was losing control, quivering and moaning as Val focused on my pussy, pulling it wide open and munching on the slick interior, licking and lapping and sucking on my flesh. She was driving me crazy with that mouth of hers and her tongue and the look of bliss on her face turned me on even more as I wriggled and writhed against her face.

She explored every inch of my juicy cunny, every little nook and crevice. She teased my clit for far too fucking long and made it stand to attention, sucking and nibbling on it, drawing such loud cries of pleasure from me and such huge amounts of cunt cream.

Val drew my first orgasm from me, straining against the restraints, gasping and crying out as my body convulsed. I bucked and pushed against her mouth as my boss licked on my clit, and sucked my pussy lips.

“Mmm, delicious!” my boss sighed happily as she sat up, wiping her lips clean as she watched me twitching in the aftershocks of my climax. Before pulling a few more things from her box.

“I guess you have a right to know, considering what I’m going to do to you next,” she started.

“Know what?’

She paused and smiled up at me.” That being your ass is mine tonight. I want to open it up and stick things inside, things like this.” She picked up and showed me a string of big anal beads, and a strapon cock that was about 8in long and 3in thick. *Welp, there goes my asshole.*

She immediately started slowly pumping her index inside my asshole, trying to get a feel of how much I should be able to take. My asshole was soon involuntarily sucking more of her finger in, trying desperately to be filled.

“Mm someone’s eager,” Val said as she straightened up and looked at her little collection of toys, “yes, they’ll do nicely.”

I watched, helplessly of course, as my boss picked the strap-on and a bottle of lube, and I watched her carefully and thoroughly coat the whole length. I was wondering how my poor little ass was going to cope with it — I soon found out.

Next, she greased my ass with the lube, two slick fingers opening me up “I think you’re going to enjoy this Emma.” She started working the straps around her waist fastening it tightly until the fake phallus was bobbing properly like a real one.

I tried not to tense as she pressed the tip up against my ass hole, and I groaned as I felt my body resist, but Val was relentless as she let her body rest more and more against me and my anus stretched. I had my eyes squeezed shut not quite believing what was happening.

“Open your eyes, baby” Val said. I compulsively did as I was told and was quickly shown that her whole dick was inside of her asshole. I let out a little whimper, not sure of how to feel at this new revelation.

Unfortunately, bursa sınırsız escort though, I didn’t really have enough time to process what has happened, for the next sensation I felt was the most wonderful and earth shattering feeling. My eyes rolled back as Val started to move out of me slowly, making sure I felt every last drop pleasure.

It had made my sphincter sting and I gave a sigh of relief when the pressure released, but I saw Val evil grin.

The second pump came a little quicker than the first, but that delicious feeling came back again to greet me along with a little burn – hey a little burn can’t hurt, right?. Soon she was just ramming my asshole with precise and certain thrusts. I didn’t know what to do. All I could do was groan and grab and scream at every thrust she took. I’m not even sure if I reached my limit yet, but is soon found myself saying,

“Please, no more,” I whined as Val filled me up once again “I feel so full!”

“Naw, baby,” she smiled at me as she pulled out halfway. “eventually you’ll like this sooo much you’ll want to take my fist! Don’t worry, I won’t try that tonight, but one day you will feel my hand in your ass.”

I let out a deep and heartfelt groan as I thought about that, the notion that Val wanted to push her fist up inside my bottom. Oh my gosh, how would she even go about doing that? Would my tender asshole open up that far to take her whole hand? Thinking about that had distracted me to a certain degree from what Val was actually doing to my bottom, and I heard her purr with contentment as her dick was being sucked in by my ass.

“How does it feel in there?”

“Feels odd, like I need to shit, but I just can’t,” I muttered, feeling uncomfortable.

“don’t worry, It’ll all be worth it.”

It dawned on me that she wanted me to cum from ass play alone. I didn’t understand how nor why she wanted to do this to me all I know is that my mind and body were on two totally different platforms. My mind was telling me no but my body was telling me fuck yes. I groaned as she pulled fully out of me slowly, clearly enjoying the view of my anus being dilated by it and the pain/pleasure I was experiencing.

“Mmm, you’re starting to enjoy this aren’t you, Emma?” My boss smiled up at me as she eased in teasing my ass with the tip, holding it there until my asshole sucked it back in, “you’re not fighting it, and your pussy is dripping wet!”

I didn’t say anything, not wanting to give her the satisfaction, but she was right — what she was doing to my ass was generating conflicting feelings of pain and pleasure. It stung to have my anus stretched wide open like that, but at the same time I liked the feeling of everything moving through me, through my back passage and through my sphincter. Even the feeling of being stretched open was starting to feel good, even if it did hurt a bit, and not being able to touch myself, to rub my throbbing clit, was only making those feelings more intense.

“Yeah, my little slut’s loving this aren’t you?” she leered at me, “go on and try pushing my dick out.”

With her gently pulling away, I slowly but surely shat the dildo out, feeling my ass resist before slowly opening up, and I gasped as I felt the tip pop out of me. Twice more she made me do this, twice more my ass was dilated as I ‘shat’ the dick out a final time. Suddenly my butt felt empty and my hole felt loose.

“That looked so fucking sexy, Emma” Val purred as she ran her fingers all around and over my ass hole, “you’re doing very well, I have another reward for you!”

She grabbed the string of balls and without warning, stuffed the first ball in my pussy. Val sighed happily as she got ready to push the second ball in. “I think you’ll cum all over this!”

“Oh God!” I cried out as Val slowly pushed the ball inside me, stretching my pussy wide open as I received the full thickness of the toy, “no, yes…fuck!”

“Yeah, feels so good doesn’t it?” she grinned at me as I felt the edge of the third ball up against me.

Once it was inside me she devilishly said “Oh shoot, I’ve lost count of the number of balls I stuck up ya.” She cried innocently.

“Well, you have one more ball still sticking out of me, so that should give you a clue.” I gritted. “I…ohhhhh, yesss!” I hissed as I felt the most amazing sensations in my pussy as Val started to pull on the string and plop the third ball back out of me, “Fuck!”

“Naw, I think I have to double check.” My boss sighed happily as she started to pull all the balls from my ass more quickly now, “I’m sure you’re going to cum just from this — I hope so, because I’m not touching anything but.”

“No, please, I need you…ohhh god!” I groaned as Val pushed the first ball back in hard and deep in my passage, waves of sweet sensation pulsing through my body, “please Val, my clit…I need you to touch…”

“Naw Baby, I want you to suffer that sweet agony,” she smiled evilly at me, “but I like the begging, though.

I didn’t want to give her the satisfaction, and so for the next couple of minutes all she got out of me were moans and groans of pleasure as the four balls filled my depths and stretched my pussy. It felt so good to have my pussy played like that, and as I laid there in my bonds I could see the balls sliding in and out of me, and I could also see my clit sticking straight up and drooling with my juices.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32