Lindsay in the Shower Ch. 03

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Robbie, an older athlete had offered me room in his beach house during a short break in the sports academy’s program and he had made me feel obliged to get naked with him on the beach. Now we were having a paddle around in the sea, still naked in silence for a few moments.

Later as we were returning to our towels, Robbie mentioned, ‘Hudson Kemp from the Gymnastics Program could call at some stage to collect some coaching DVDs he loaned me. He’s a good guy and has some great ideas on ‘Goal Setting’ Lindsay. He will be able to help you once you decide what stream you want to follow after your assessments are complete. He stays here from time to time.’

‘No problem Robbie. When are you expecting him to visit?’

‘Sometime in the next few days. He bought his wife with him last time so we might have a bit of a small crowd here. Dinner will be in about an hour.’

‘I might go for a jog and get back to my book.’

‘Good idea. Have fun Linds. See you soon.’

I decided to jog along this private beach for the second time that day and this time I would go naked leaving my bathers with the towel on the sand. I was beginning to enjoy the freedom of not wearing clothes.

I ran for about 15 minutes thoroughly enjoying the breeze all over my body, and then stopped to return. I began to recall the event on the beach with Robbie. These disturbing thoughts seemed to cause another completely spontaneous, very pleasant sensation in my cock bouncing freely with the effect of my jogging, and before long I could feel the beginning of another erection building. After jogging again for another 5 minutes, I had become fully erect again and the weight of my cock was causing it to bounce pleasingly and slap against my stomach.

As I slowed to a walk, the effect was to wag its full swollen length left and right with each step. Some people had settled on the sand and I would have to take a wide berth around them in order not to be noticed in such an aroused state.

I thought about walking past leaving my swollen cock standing upright. Feeling doubtful for some time, I hesitated. I wondered what effect being seen would have on me. I became more excited as I considered it. I became very excited at the idea and found my penis to be hardening alarmingly.

Once again, I found I was unable to think rationally with an erect Penis. I resolutely chose to walk past as though nothing was unusual. Two middle aged women were taking advantage of the isolation and were topless. While they were talking, one noticed me and pointed at me while the other one shifted to get into a better position to see me. They both seemed friendly and waved to me smiling as I passed and both seemed more focused on my penis. I felt my face burning. I was very embarrassed.

I guess being naked would attract some attention. Somehow I found a way to smile as I continued to walk past them, with my hard cock still waving noticeably. They were probably in their late thirties, so I doubted if they would have any interest in someone my age. Later, I wondered if they thought they were responsible for my phallic state.

Still some distance from the house I saw Hudson and his wife alighting from their van. By the time I arrived they were carrying some luggage into the house. My erection had subsided, so I put my bathers back on and wrapped my towel around my neck and returned to the house.

I hadn’t had any contact with Hudson Kemp at the academy. Robbie introduced gorukle escort me to him and his wife, Colya. I showed them to their guest room passing mine on the way.

Hudson and Colya were an unlikely looking couple. At 5 feet 10 inches, she was an inch taller than him with short black hair and a generously proportioned body. Hudson was fit looking and his short curly red hair would make him easy to find in a crown despite his short stature.

Over dinner, we talked about past graduates at the Academy who had become well known and the awards they won, or almost won and so on. Colya was a friendly person and she and Hudson were obviously close, and there appeared to be warmth toward Robbie as well. I felt like an onlooker at an established relationship of close friends.

Next morning we all gave voice to our plans for the day.

Hudson would be reviewing some DVDs and taking notes for use during the following semester

Colya would be shopping and meeting a friend for tea and scones in town

Robbie would be tidying the garden, swimming and relaxing, and waiting for the cool of the evening to continue to finish his outdoor clean-up.

I would be reading and swimming and jogging to keep up my fitness and maintain my skin fold readings. Colya invited me to accompany her and Hudson to a movie after the midday meal. That night we all retired early. Probably as a result of the habit of making most use of the early hours, arising early.

Soon after I went to bed, I could heard Colya ask Hudson, ‘Would you like me to go down on you Darling?’

There was no immediate answer, but some time later I heard him give a long strained groan. I thought he probably ejaculated in one of her willing wet entries.

I was envious of him having such an accommodating partner. I needed to distract myself from my preoccupation with Hudson’s good fortune, so I read for a short time before dropping off to sleep.

In the morning, I awoke early and went for a 30 minute jog before breakfast. I removed my bathers and had a naked jog included a 10 minute swim parallel to the shoreline, then rested and continued running back carrying my bathers wrapped around my hand.

As I returned to the house, I noticed Hudson’s van was missing and figured Colya must have headed off to her shopping. Hudson was in his room editing sporting DVD’s and Robbie was out in the garden, naked again, half way up a step ladder, pruning the second of a row of 4 trees.

As I finished a light breakfast, I noticed Hudson walk out to the back yard and spoke to Robbie for a moment. He came back in, emerged from the house again, now also naked, and carrying two towels. He threw one to Robbie and they headed out through the front gate for the beach.

Both of these older men probably had different interests to me. At 19, I guess anybody in their late 20s or older seemed old to me. But they were still fit looking as expected of sports academy staff would be expected to be.

A short time later, I crossed the road to the beach carrying my book and a towel and dropped them on the sand with my bathers and joined them in the water for a short paddle before emerging again and settling on my back to collect a few minutes of solar radiation.

Before long the breeze cooling me in the hot sun induced the beginning of an erection, just as Hudson approached.

I felt embarrassed and Hudson tried to put me at ease, saying, ‘Don’t worry, altıparmak eskort bayan Lindsay. Robbie told me you get spontaneous hard-ons. It doesn’t bother either of us.

‘Thanks Hudson.’

I found myself staring at his cock surrounded by an aura of red pubic hair, his cock about 3 inches of shrivelled flesh sitting above his tight small egg shaped balls.

He picked up his towel, shook the sand out and laid it out beside mine. After a few minutes, I began to feel drowsy and put the book down and closed my eyes. The sun irritated my closed eyes and I sat and reached for my bathers to cover my face to help me relax in the growing heat of the day. I thought I saw Robbie emerge from the water as I began to doze and soon I was fast asleep.

In my slumber I could feel the breeze blowing my pubic hair, and a very light caress on my balls. The breeze felt warm and I quickly felt the delicious transformation of my cock filling with blood as the breeze seemed to have a mind of its own concentrating entirely on my cock.

I couldn’t remain asleep with this stimulation, and as I awoke, I gradually became aware of my surroundings and remembered the presence of Robbie and. Hudson. I decided to remain at rest under the cover of my bathers and felt my pulsing cock fully on display in their presence.

Robbie whispered to Hudson in order not to wake me, ‘Take a look at Lindsay’s huge cock, Mate. Have you ever seen anything like it?’

‘No, Definitely not,’ Hudson replied in a hushed tone. ‘I can’t remember seeing anyone’s hard-on since I was a kid, and it was nothing like that.’

That was a surprise to me. They both seemed to be comfortable, naked in one another’s presence. Did this mean they never really had any physical contact? That seemed unlike what I knew about Robbie.

Robbie had sucked me off in the shower back at the academy, and in order to make it easier for me to reciprocate, had even smeared his own cock with a flavoured desert to make it taste acceptable to me to suck him off. (That day we were seconds from being seen doing it in the locker room at the academy.)

With a honey desert on Robbie’s cock I thought it tasted OK, but until he caught me again yesterday, I thought it was to be a once only event.

‘If I suck him off it will definitely wake him.’

He mumbled something else, and I thought I heard Hudson say ‘Really! Are you sure?’

‘Why not? He looks ready.’

I could feel my cock begin to strain against its naturally erect position and removed my bathers and opened my eyes and was shocked to be confronted with a close up vision of Hudson’s slightly bent hardened cock about 15 centimetres from my face. He had moved into a position straddling my face with his knees on either side of my head.

Further down, I could feel my cock inside Robbie’s wet mouth.

‘What’s happening?’

Of course there was no immediate answer. Robbie had instructed Hudson to remain unmoving and silent. With the silence, I was reduced to trying to choose a course of action and was completely overwhelmed by the presence of two senior members of the Academy of which I was still a naïve a junior. I dare not get angry with Robbie as I was his guest. I did not know what was acceptable behaviour in front of Hudson who I hardly knew.

But there was far more complicated pressure than any of this, I was aroused and any rational decision was improbable, nilüfer eskort bayan while I was immobilised by my aroused state of mind.

With Robbie sucking me off, Hudson’s erect penis hovering over my face seemed to demand some sort of action. I noticed the light sandy coloured pubic hair at the base of Hudson’s cock.

My first thought, incoherent as it was, challenged me to bend the head of his cock down into my mouth (which would answer the question of the difference in taste of men’s cocks).

I was completely torn between whether I would be initiating this with Hudson or did he start by placing himself in this position. The dilemma vanished at the thought of sucking him off and I was getting close to ejaculating myself.

I grasped his penis at the base and bent it down to within reach of my mouth and his knees slid further apart placing the end of his five inch hardened cock hovering above my mouth. Pre-cum flowed from his cock and dripped into my mouth and it seemed to be tasteless. I knew he was aroused so if I was in his position all I could do was keep going until I ejaculated which was how I felt with Robbie sucking me off yet again.

As soon as I put it in my mouth, I felt his semen surge urgently up the length of his cock under my hand with the inevitable hardening of his swelling cock in my mouth. He began to elicit a high pitched whinnying sound as his hips began a rutting motion and his semen squirted into my mouth. He ejaculated very quickly leaving my mouth full of his cum. This time I swallowed it straight down. I knew from when I sucked off Robbie that it wasn’t hard at all.

Hudson stood up and took his place beside Robbie on his hands and knees. placing one elite naked athlete on either side of me.

Robbie on my left then sucked and licked my cock for a few seconds, then be bent it to my right and Hudson placed his mouth over it gripping it lightly between his teeth licking the head like an ice cream. After a few seconds Robbie returned my feverish cock to his own mouth, then back to Hudson and back again. Their different techniques were too much for me. It was far too late to stop and the third time it was in Robbie’s mouth I let out half a dozen loud shrieks and far beyond the point of having any control, I erupted and ejaculated my semen into his teasing irresistible mouth. He held it in his hand while the aftershocks subsided, then he lightly licked the few drops of semen off my cock, and looked at it for a few seconds.

Then they both stood up on the sand and looked at my still pulsing cock in silence until it lost its hardness and rested still at its full dimension on my stomach.

Robbie broke the silence when he said, ‘Who’s ready for coffee?’

They left me alone and walked back across the road to the house and I sat up and watched them for a few moments.

What had just happened?

. Hudson saw me with an erection in a semi-public place

. Robbie had taken advantage of me when he thought I was asleep

. He and Hudson saw me as one of a few ‘blokes having some fun on the beach’

. I had sucked Hudson off and swallowed his cum

. Robbie and Hudson had both sucked me off at the same time.

And now,

. Robbie hadn’t had any release since yesterday and

Hudson and he were together alone in the house.

Robbie seems to take every opportunity to play around with men’s genitals including his own, and the most telling thing of all, he invited me to lick my pre-cum off his mouth. If that’s not kissing, nothing is.

Just then, I looked up and saw the van park outside the house and Colya take several bags of shopping into the house.

I began to wonder what were the possibilities were with a woman involved in all this.

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