Mature Couples First Foursome Pt. 01

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Finally the weekend arrived for our foursome with David and Cindy. Needless to say my husband Walter and I were excited about what we hoped would be a “hot” evening, although we were also somewhat apprehensive. Much more so Walter since I’ve already been fucked in the ass by David and sucked his cock twice. You can’t get more intimate with someone than that. Still, I was nervous about having sex with David in front of his wife.

Before I continue with my story I like to share a few thoughts. If you’re thinking of having a foursome make sure it’s what you BOTH want to do. Not just because your spouse does. If you’re not keen about it then it’s probably not a good idea that you participate in one. It could be traumatic seeing another man’s cock in your wife’s mouth or your husband’s cock in another woman’s mouth. Both need to be gung-ho for it, although nothing says if you are it’s going to be the most wonderful sexual experience you’ll ever have. It still could be a disaster.

Secondly, when deciding on having a foursome, especially your first, which was the case here for us. Choosing the right couple can be and is difficult. Very difficult. They must be discreet of course, but more importantly they must be a couple you both feel good about in any situation. You can’t just be sexually attracted to them. Hence the reason we decided on a couple that we knew well and were already friends. Total strangers or a couple we hardly knew was out of the question.

Another important criteria is that the couple must be two people you’re BOTH sexually comfortable with, and vice versa. Everyone needs to feel comfortable about their sexual partner(s) beyond if they have big tits or an awesome cock. Last but not least, for us it was very important the other couple was married, has been for a while, and up there in age with hubbie and I.

One last note, since it is a foursome you’re probably going to be asked or expected to participate in some sexual activity you normally would prefer not to, or ever gave much thought about. Point is, you need to keep an open mind about things. Besides, it’s always exciting to try something new.

Now on with my story…

We decided to have the foursome at David and Cindy’s house since they have a king size bed and we only have a queen. We started off with a few drinks and some light conversation at first. But it was easy to see we were all a bit nervous so I asked everyone if they had anything they wanted to share or say before we got down to business since it was our first foursome together. Actually, it was all our foursome period.

I figured it was best to get it out in the open before hand instead of being hit with any surprises once we were all naked and groping each other. Everyone stayed quiet or shook their heads no so if was safe to assume everything was fine with everyone and there would be no surprises. Which was good.

Then hubbie spoke up and asked…”Is now the time to mention I want to be sure I get the honor of fucking Cindy in the ass?”

Everyone laughed, and then Cindy said with a big smile…”Have no fear Walter, it was on my list of things to do.”

With that said it was time to head to the bedroom and get naked. Once we were I couldn’t help but notice Cindy was more attractive nude than I expected. She’s younger than David. Early 60’s and looked nice for her age. Big tits, much bigger than mine. Probably 40C or D. Not firm like a 30 year old, but not excessively saggy either as you might expect for a woman in her 60’s. In spite of her fair complexion, Cindy had very dark areola and nipples, of which the later were naturally perky.

But what surprised me was her pubic area was clean shaven. She later explained she did it specifically for the night’s activities. Last but not least, as far as Walter was concerned, Cindy had a nice bum, a little big maybe, but still firm for her age.

I almost forgot, while I couldn’t see it at the time she had an asshole that any woman in their 60’s would die for. I remember when Walter first saw it a bit later his eyes nearly popped out of his head. It’s that nice. An asshole he says that begged to be licked and kissed.

I should also mention Cindy has very pretty feet. Pretty as mine if not prettier, and at the time had a beautiful pedicure with a pink polish that made her cute toes stand out even more.

Seeing Cindy naked most definitely peaked the secret desire I always had to go down on another woman. I couldn’t think of a better person to do it with for the first time if the opportunity arose. I hoped she was feeling the same way about me since she was seeing me nude for the first time and I wasn’t nearly as attractive as her naked.

While I hadn’t mention it before in my previous two stories, David is an attractive man and in good shape for a 65 year old. Decent build, no paunch, about as tall as hubbie at 6′ 2ish with a nice butt. What made him unique was his short fat cock, which reminded me of a fire hydrant. gaziantep escort bayan ilanları Plus he has big balls that from personal experience can produce big cumloads.

Once we were all naked we kind of stood around and stared at each wondering what to do next. I decided to get things started by grabbing David, who I then began to kiss passionately. David is a great kisser by the way. Then we both started groping each other. Me his now rigid cock and big balls. Him my tits, pussy and ass.

Then I whispered in his ear…”I want to suck your cock until you fill my mouth with a hot cumload, but first I want you to eat my pussy.”

Then I broke away from him, got on the bed, put a pillow under my ass and asked David to lick my pussy and clit until I orgasmed. David didn’t need to be asked twice and dove immediately head first between my legs. No sooner than he did he gently parted my pussy lips and went straight for my love bud.

In the meantime Walter and Cindy were still standing while passionately kissing and fondling each other. Walter was paying particular attention to Cindy’s big tits. Not that I could blame him since mine are small in comparison. After they kissed and groped for a while I heard Cindy say she wanted to suck Walter’s cock for a bit and then for him to fuck her in the ass. Apparently all week long she’d did nothing but think about how his long slender cock would feel in her ass and she wasn’t about to wait any longer than necessary to find out.

David was good at eating pussy. Very good. Better than hubbie, although I would never tell Walter that. He sucked and licked my clit perfectly. Just the right tongue pressure and flicking motion as well as gentle sucks of my clit in between. He also would take short breaks from licking my clit to tongue my asshole. He was so good it didn’t take long before I was on the verge of cumming. Sensing this David dipped a finger in my now sopping wet cunt and inserted it in my asshole. Once fully inserted he then proceeded to finger fuck it while continuing to lick my clit.

That was all I needed to bring on my first orgasm of the evening. It was like a roller coaster ride the way it began and ended. Huge orgasm with every muscle in my body quivering when I let loose. I squeezed my legs so tight around David’s head I thought I might have hurt him. And then the unexpected happened for yours truly. I discharged a huge gush of pussy juice. I mean a copious amount for me, and all over poor David’s face.

What an awesome orgasm. Had to be the best ever from having my pussy eaten. I nearly passed out it was that good. I had all I could do to speak clearly enough to tell David how good it was.

David then got out from between my legs and moved up to kiss me, wet face and all, and then whispered in my ear that he never enjoyed eating another woman’s pussy as much as mine. Especially since I had such a huge and wet orgasm. Very rewarding for him that I did. And he wanted me to know that along with the sweet smell of my cunt, my pussy juice tasted simply divine.

When we checked to see what Walter and Cindy were doing we found Walter sitting on a cushioned chair in the corner of the bedroom with Cindy kneeling in between his legs. Cindy was going up and down on his cock with her mouth like a well oiled machine. Her up & down head strokes consistently took all but about two inches of hubbie’s 8 inch dick on each downward head motion, all while sucking like crazy.

Little did we know until later that she regularly was taking all 8 inches in her mouth. Something I found amazing and would hopefully see later.

Apparently she had been going at hubbie’s cock for a while because just as we started to watch Cindy stopped and told Walter it was time to do her in the ass.

Cindy got on all fours on the bed instead of leaning down on her elbows like yours truly when getting ass-fucked. With her on all fours kind of upright you couldn’t help but see her marvelous tits hanging down. They looked huge hanging the way they were and begging to be fondled.

The temptation as well as the desire to fondle them was too much for me. So I did. And when I did, Cindy looked at me, smiled, then said…”That feels good Lacey and I can’t tell you how much you fondling my tits excites me.”

At first I didn’t know if or how to respond, but did…”You’re a lovely lady Cindy, with beautiful breasts that any man OR woman would be thrilled to fondle. I’m glad you’re not turned off by it since I simply couldn’t resist.”

“No Lacey. Quite the opposite, I’m truly elated that you did in more ways than you can imagine.”

Just then hubbie got on the bed. When he did I reluctantly stopped fondling Cindy’s tits, but not before he noticed. Walter got behind Cindy, then parted her butt cheeks to gain a clear view and access to her asshole. That’s when his eyes nearly popped out of his head. gaziantep eskort bayan At first I thought it was because he didn’t like what he saw. But it was just the opposite. Then he leaned over and began to lick and tongue her asshole.

Literally attack it with his tongue was a better way to describe it.

Both David and I stood there to watch. This would be a first for David. Watching another man ass-fuck his wife. Would have been a first for me too except I watched Walter do my good friend Lois in the ass recently. I didn’t quite know how David was feeling at the time, but once again I was thrilled for Walter, and also very aroused by watching him enjoying Cindy’s asshole like he was.

Not often a woman gets to see another woman getting her asshole and ass pleased in person. It can be an amazing visual turn-on since when getting ass-fucked yourself you can’t see a thing relative to the cock in your ass, or your asshole being licked. Unless someone takes photos or a video.

Walter was going to town licking Cindy’s asshole and by the slurping noises he was making there was no doubt he was enjoying it immensely. And so was Cindy from the way she was breathing and the muted moaning noises she was making. After about ten minutes with his face buried between her butt cheeks he came up for air. When he did he replaced his tongue with his cock.

Once his cock was in position he gently began pressing his cockhead against Cindy’s pretty asshole to work it in. Because his cockhead is large as it is he did it slowly so it wouldn’t be painful for Cindy. Eventually his cockhead popped in and when it did, Cindy let out a soft moan of pleasure.

I know the feeling well when that moment comes that hubbie’s big cockhead pops into your ass. At first it might be a tad painful, but in a very pleasurable sort of way. Hard to describe it, but trust me in that it feels good.

Now comes the good part for Cindy. The slow but steady fucking action Walter was going to give her asshole with his long slender cock. If there’s one thing Walter’s good at, it’s ass-fucking.

In the mean time David was standing next to me stroking his cock while watching Walter do his wife in the ass. From the look in his eyes he was enjoying the show. While I would have liked to continue watching I opted instead to drop to my knees to mouth fuck David’s cock. I did promise him I would suck his cock after he ate my pussy and what better way to enjoy watching your wife being ass-fucked than while having your cock sucked.

I was so hungry for a cock in my mouth I decided to forego teasing his cockhead with my tongue and sucking it like I usually do when I first begin to suck cock. Instead I wanted his whole cock in my mouth and fast. After positioning myself in front of David I grabbed him by the butt cheeks and took his fat cock straight into my mouth as deep as it would go. So deep my nose was buried in his pubic hair. His cock is a perfect mouthful for me. When fully inserted the tip of his cockhead just barely enters my throat. But not enough to gag me thankfully.

Then I began a steady back & forth mouth fucking motion taking the full length of his cock on each forward thrust of my head while keeping my lips tightly locked around it and sucking furiously.

While I truly enjoy sucking and mouth fucking Walter’s 8 inch cock rarely can I ever take it all in my mouth. Only occasionally, and only for a second or two can I ever deep throat it. Linda Lovelace I’m not.

But with David’s short fat cock it was different. A whole new experience for me being able to engulf an entire cock in my mouth. Easily and repeatedly. Like I’ve said before…big isn’t always better.

From the noises Cindy was making it seemed she was getting the ass-fucking she hoped for. Walter was pretty noisy too so no doubt he was enjoying it as much as she was.

Then Cindy blurted out…”God, your cock feels good Walter. Whatever you do, don’t stop now because I’m going to cum.”

With that said, I’m sure Walter wouldn’t think of stopping, or even worse, cumming. Cindy would probably kill him if he did and she hadn’t orgasmed.

Along with Cindy’s pending orgasm it became obvious from David’s cock getting a bit more rigid in my mouth and throbbing ever so slightly that he was about to cum also. Then it dawned on me that he hadn’t yet ejaculated so no doubt his first cumload of the night was going to be a big one.

With that in mind I was determined to take his whole load in my mouth and swallow every drop. No way was I going to allow any of his cum to ooze out of my mouth like it did the last time I sucked his cock. No matter how big a load it was.

Then David began to moan, which meant he was about to cum. I immediately pulled him towards me by his butt cheeks until his cock was buried in my mouth as deep as it would go. Just when I did the first load of cum shot straight down my gaziantep bayan escort throat. It was followed by a second and third before I backed off a bit to take the rest of his cumload in my mouth.

As is the norm for him, it was a huge cumload. Filled my mouth entirely, but I managed to take every bit of his thick creamy white semen and not lose a drop. When he was done unloading I slowly released his cock and after savoring the taste of his cum I swallowed the entire mouthful. Then I took his slowly shrinking cock back into my mouth to suck out any remaining drops of cum.

“WOW”…said David. “I knew you could do it. Third time was a charm Lacey, for both of us. That was the best damn blow job I’ve had in a long time. You truly are a super cock sucker.”

I got to my feet and when I did David passionately kissed me. He stuck his tongue in my mouth so he could taste any residual cum of his that might be left in my mouth. Just when he finished exploring my mouth with his tongue we heard Walter begin to moan loudly and knew he was about to cum.

Then Cindy all but screamed…”I’m going to cum Walter!! Do me in the ass like you’ve never fucked anyone else in the ass before!!”

Then she did. And it was a big orgasm. First she began shaking and then you could literally see orgasmic spasms rippling through her body. Then to top it off she sprayed pussy juice all over Walter’s balls and legs. One volcanic eruption of her love juice after another. Never seen or heard of anyone release so much pussy juice from being ass-fucked. Including yours truly.

As hard as he tried, Walter couldn’t hold back his own orgasm any longer. He rammed his cock as far as it would go in Cindy’s ass and then all but exploded. You could see his body jerk ever so slightly with each stream of cum he shot deep into Cindy’s rectum. Walter is not a cum master like David, as far as the amount of cum he produces, but at times he can generate a pretty big cumload. No doubt this was one of them by the way he acted.

When both Walter and Cindy were done with their respective orgasms Walter withdrew his still hard cock from Cindy’s asshole. It was followed by a steady stream of cum that flowed down onto Cindy’s pussy and dripped down on the bed. As I thought it might be, it was a big cumload as evident by the size of the puddle it formed on the sheet.

Cindy then collapsed on the bed and her clean shaven pussy landed right on the cum puddle. She just lied there for a while breathing heavily while she regained her composure. Once she did Walter rolled her over and they both embraced and kissed.

“Oh Lord, that was so good Walter. Best ass-fucking I ever had. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

Obviously Cindy couldn’t thank him enough.

Finally when Cindy fully recovered from her ass-fucking we all used the bathroom and cleaned up a bit. After which Walter and David got a beer for themselves and a glass of wine for us girls. Then we gathered on the bed together to take a breather and to recap the night’s activities up to that point.

Cindy spoke first…”David and I rarely ever have anal sex because of his fat cock and my tight asshole so no matter what happens from this point on. Walter’s ass-fucking willl be the highlight of the night for me.”

“It was way better than I ever expected, and hoped it would be. Longest cock ever to do me in the ass and I loved every damn inch of it. Truly incredible having such a long cock buried so deep in your ass. It was so deep when Walter unloaded I thought I could taste his cum.”

Then she added…”In case anyone is wondering, that was the first time I ever orgasmed from being ass-fucked. Made my toes curl it was so good.”

So David wouldn’t feel slighted I thanked him for the incredible job he did eating my pussy.

“Never had such a mind-blowing orgasm as I did from someone going down on me. You’re a lucky woman Cindy, and any time David gets the urge to eat pussy and you’re not in the mood, call me.”

Then David chimed in about the super job I did sucking his cock. “You’re truly blessed Walter to have someone like Lacey that sucks cock as nicely as she does. If I was you a day wouldn’t go by that she didn’t suck my cock, she’s that good.”

Walter then added his two cents…”I know you two missed it, but Cindy’s a fabulous cock sucker also. While Lacey has a hard time taking my whole cock in her mouth Cindy took it so deep and so easily I had all I could do not to cum. Quite the experience for me Cindy. Thank you. I don’t know where you learned to deep throat like that, and I hope at least once to get the chance for you to suck my cock until I unload deep in your throat.”

Cindy responded…”You can plan on it Walter. Be my pleasure.”

Walter finally said…”You’ve got one delicious asshole Cindy, and that was one ass-fucking I won’t soon forget. Kind of reminds of the first time I fucked Lacey in the ass it was that good. You two girls are unique when it comes to anal. You both make having vaginal intercourse an after thought. Kudos to both you lovely ladies.”

After everyone got through complimenting each other I took the liberty to sum things up…”Seems it’s unanimous that everyone couldn’t be more pleased about things and thrilled considering it’s our first foursome together. If anything, we all probably wished we had done this sooner.”

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