Midnite’s Magic Ch. 03

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This is the third chapter in the “Midnite’s magic”series. I am trying to write a chapter for as many Literotica categories as possible. Chapter 1 “Meeting Midnite” inter racial: chapter 2 “Midnite’s Surprise” mind control.

Chapter III Midnite’s Show

As the fog of sleep left my brain; my senses slowly returned. First came the sense of smell. What a delicious smell it was, that I beheld! It smelt like a sexually aroused woman. Next was the taste of stale pussy juice and cock cream. I could now feel a woman’s shaved vulva sliding over my lips and nose. When I opened my eyes; I could see Midnite’s magnificent body poised atop my head. The last sense to come alive was hearing; when the low moans of lust from Midnite’s lips came to me.

Midnite’s head was thrown back; her eyes were closed; her back was arched as she ground her drooling slit over my nose and mouth. Suddenly I brought my hands from the bed and grabbed her firm butt cheeks. Having a firm grip; I gave a hard squeeze.

“Shit!” Midnite squealed. “You surprised me. I’m glad you’re awake. You can work your magic on my coco bread; with your mouth and tongue.” Midnite cooed.

Without hesitation I went to work on her wet slit. I could taste the stale mixture of sperm and pussy juice. As I licked up this mixture it began to work on me; reminding me of Midnite’s magic potion and what she had said about its power last evening. I could feel a heat moving through my belly; to my groin. My manhood began to come alive. Within a minute my cock was fully erect and throbbing with anticipation. With the hands gripping Midnite’s beautiful buns; I forced her pussy into my face.

“O yes! Eat me up! I love when you use your tongue on me.” Midnite moaned. “Keep it up! I’m almost there! I feel like I’m going to squirt all over you.” She panted.

I did not no that a woman could get so hot so quick. Was this another consequence of drinking her mothers obeah potion? By now Midnite’s entire body was quivering in ecstasy. Sweat was running down her belly and along the inside of her thighs. The flood gates were about to let go. Just as I had that thought; her body was wracked by spasms and honey began to squirt from her love cleft. Quickly my tongue scooped up as much of her love nectar as possible. It shot into my mouth and flowed down my cheeks. There was more then I could gulp down.

For what seamed like minutes Midnite cried out and quivered in the throes of multiple orgasms. Each time her vagina pulsated; out squirted more pussy juice. As the spasms in her pussy subsided; the force and quantity of her sticky syrup diminished. Finally her body ceased to shudder. Gently Midnite slid off my face; collapsing beside me on the bed.

“Yes man! That’s the way to start the day.” Midnite said with a hearty laugh.

I still had a raging hard on. I had to do something for release. Seeing the sun streaming through the windows of the room gave me an idea. Something I had always wanted to do, but never had the nerve to. Midnite’s magic potion was making me more adventuresome. I also had the confidence and cockiness that one got when he had a big tool to flaunt.

“Lets go outside; Midnite.” I excitedly suggested.

“Why? I’ll have to get dressed. I don’t want anyone to se me naked.” Midnite replied in horror.

“Who cares if we are naked? I don’t care. No one that sees us will care. As a matter of fact they will like what they see. You are beautiful. Any guy that sees you will thank his good luck for being able to see someone as beautiful as you.” I excitedly replied.

“What if another woman sees me? They will think I’m a slut. What if they see you and your big bamboo? They will try to get it for them self.” Midnite bemoaned.

“If any other women see you they will be jealous of your great body or they will want to make love to you. As for them wanting my wood; there is lots to go around and I am always yours. No one will steal me away from you.” I cockily replied.

Sitting up; I swung myself into the wheelchair. Reaching for Midnite; I pulled her to the edge of the bed. Getting from the bed; Midnite settled herself on my lap.

“Hop on my knees and I’ll give you a ride out to the veranda. It is early. No one will be around.” I soothed. Giving Midnite a hug; I tried to reassure her.

Wheeling to the door; I grabbed a couple pairs of dark sun glasses from the dresser. I put on one pair; giving Midnite the other ones. Reaching for the door; Midnite pulled it open and we were on the veranda. The sun was just rising; bringing the promise of a hot day to come. After both of us had scanned the surroundings from behind our dark glasses; we were almost sure that there was no one watching us.

Sliding from my knees; Midnite stood in front of me. I quickly pulled the arm rests of my wheelchair up; making it easy for Midnite to stand astride my lap. Placing her hands on my shoulders; Midnite lowered her dilated cleft until the opening came in contact with the head Escort bayan of my rigid, throbbing shaft. My hands molded themselves into the small of her back; just above the swell of her sleek black buns. Slowly her knees bent allowing her moist hole to envelope my straining manhood. A mutual sigh of pleasure escaped our lips; as the base of my cock ground against Midnite’s vagina.

Unconsciously our lips came together. Giving each others lips tender nips with our teeth; our tongues sought entrance to the others mouth. Gaining entrance; our tongues began to explore the others mouth; taking turns probing and searching the others sensual spots. Both our tongues were now engaged in a frantic dual.

Pulling my lips from hers; I asked, “How do you enjoy being outside?”

“I feel a little nervous, but it feels exciting. I feel kind of sexy being out here were someone might see me. The sun feels good on my bare back and bum.” Midnite replied with a little hesitation; as if she was not quite sure what to make of the new sensations playing through her mind and body.

“Just relax. Rotate your hips up and down around my shaft; While you enjoy the sun and breeze on your naked body. I’m going to rub some sun tanning oil into your skin to make you slippery. Remember; relax, close your eyes and pretend you are being watched and can’t see them. Do you get tingly?” I inquired provocatively.

“O yes! I get goose bumps of fear and excitement thinking about someone seeing me.” She whispered.

I was now massaging the oil into the ample globes of her butt. I made sure to thoroughly grease the crack of her ample ass. I just loved running my oily hands over her body. I had now worked my way up her back; around her shoulders; with her breasts the next goal in sight.

Moving my fingers over her large firm melons; I could see her nipples become like hard pink marbles. My fingers were now kneading and squeezing her magnificent melons. Bringing my face to the cleavage formed by her breasts; I slid my nose and mouth into it; licking and getting oil all over my face. I could feel my cock give a jerk; as Midnite let out a little yelp of pleasure.

“Yes! Work my tits baby! Suck them. They feel great with the sun and all the slippery oil on them.” Midnite panted.

Sticking a nipple into my mouth; I started moving my hands down her firm, flat belly. Working my tongue around her long, hard rose bud; my fingers made circles around her belly button. Taking the nipple and as much breast into my mouth as possible; I applied suction; pulling her breast, slowly from my mouth. This elicited a squeal of delight and a unique little gyration of her pelvis on my shaft.

My fingers had now reached the nub of her love bud. As I gently sucked on her other nipple; I circled Midnite’s go button with the tips of my thumbs. This drove her wild. She was ready for another mind jarring orgasm. Her hips were franticly rotating; as she flexed her legs; driving my pole in and out of her grasping love sheath. Her gyrating body was making it difficult to continue stimulating her clit with my thumbs.

Suddenly girl goo started to ooze out around my cock; like champagne from a bottle under pressure. If I pulled out now; I would be flooded by a river of love cream. I could feel the pressure of her pussy walls squeezing my cock; trying to expel her love juice. Her pulsating glove felt like velvet ripples milking my shaft. Her head was thrown back and she was growling deep in her throat.

As Midnite’s body convulsed in orgasm; her fingers bit into my shoulders. Using her powerful legs and hands; she was driving her love tunnel up and down my pole in utter abandon. The rock hard nipples of her magnificent breasts were raking my chest. Midnite was completely consumed by the heat of her tremendous climax.

Again Midnite was experiencing an orgasm of phenomenal proportions. My own erection seemed to be lasting longer then before and the pleasure was more intense. I was sure that part of this incredibly strong climax was caused by the potion we had drank yesterday.

When Midnite’s orgasm subsided; I drew her limp body close to me; allowing her head to rest on my shoulder. Looking over her shoulder; I surveyed our surroundings. We were not alone. We had gathered an audience.

Over my left shoulder; I caught a glimpse of two pairs of eyes staring between the slats of the louvered windows. There was also some indistinct motion about crotch level. I new that room was occupied by a couple from Germany. To our left; a black man, with his cock firmly grasped in both hands; tried to conceal himself in the jungle like foliage. Behind us and to the right; a couple stood on their veranda; making no attempt to hide the fact that they were naked and watching us. I could make out the woman’s hands groping between her legs and the man slowly pulling his penis.

Seeing the audience we had collected gave me a thrill of excitement. Knowing we were the Bayan escort center of these strangers attention; causing them to masturbate; gave me a sense of power. I wanted these strangers to become so turned on by our erotic show that they would have to climax. I now knew the feelings that must run through an erotic dancer’s head; as she bumped and ground on stage in front of a bunch of lusting men.

Bringing my mouth to Midnite’s ear; I whispered, “The great outdoors didn’t seam to inhibit your pleasure. Was it my cock or knowing that someone might be watching; that made you come so hard?”

“I don’t know. Your cock felt great, but I think showing off with you; helped get me so high. The potion helped lower my inhibitions; so now Knowing that I’m not to show off my body naked; while someone might be seeing me makes me tingle. Then I think I’d like to be seen. I think of the power I have to get other people excited; by Letting them see me naked. If my show is hot enough; I can make them climax. I want to see them orgasm; knowing that I’m the cause. Just thinking about that makes me hot now. It gives me a feeling of power.” Midnite whispered into my ear. “I don’t know what is coming over me. I’m not becoming to bad, am I.” she asked.

“No. You’re just learning that you can get pleasure by exciting others with your beautiful body. It gives you a sense of power knowing you have control over another person’s passion.” I explained. “I have a little surprise for you. Right now I can see three people getting a great deal of pleasure watching your beautiful body; as you enjoy making love with me. I also think there are people watching us from behind their windows.” I informed her; with a small laugh.

“O no! Where are they? Did they see everything? Are they getting off on our show? Can I see them?” she excitedly questioned; not giving me a chance to reply. “If I turn around can I watch them watching me? Just thinking of watching and being watched is making my pussy get wet again.”

“Turn around and look.” I suggested. “ You have the audience in the palm of your hand. Give them the best show you can; then enjoy the response.” I enthusiastically prompted.

Straightening her legs; Midnite lifted herself from my lap; allowing my hard shaft to slide from her clutching love canal. Immediately my lap and the wheelchair seat were soaked by the flood of pussy juice escaping her tunnel. Backing away from me; she slowly turned; allowing her gaze to pass from the faces behind the louvered windows, to the black man in the bushes; coming to rest on the couple on the veranda next to us. Midnite could see all the watchers, but they could only see her body; not her eyes. Having her eyes hidden gave her more confidence. She could see into their eyes; determining what they thought, but no one could see into her thoughts.

Seeing Midnite’s oil slick back before me: I put my hands on her hips; drawing her towards me. When she was over my knees; I guided her down onto my lap. This trapped my slippery, throbbing shaft between my belly and her back. Our hot, slippery bodies, and the movements of Midnite’s back; were causing my cock to weep its juices.

Midnite then moved one hand to each big, slippery breast. Slowly she began to massage the magnificent mounds. Peeking over her shoulder; I could see her fingers start to pull and tweak the nipples; causing them to point out like pink baby fingers. The rose buds and aureoles were glistening with a pink sheen. Moving both hands to one breast; she hefted it; bringing the erect nipple to her moist lips. Flicking out her tongue; Midnite slid it along the long stiff bud. When she had made the little cock wet with her spit; she sucked it into her mouth. Rolling the bud around her mouth; I could see her cheeks sink in as she applied suction to the nipple. When the first breast had received enough attention; Midnite started kneading the second boob; sucking, and biting the nipple.

While Midnite teased the audience with her sensual breast massage; I slid my hands from her hips to her smooth hairless pussy. The sun oil and her secretions had made her crotch slippery and shiny. Placing my fingers on her labia lips; I began to caress. As her cleft dilated more; I slipped three fingers of each hand in the valley; gently pulling the lips wider. The audience now had a clear view inside Midnite’s pink vagina. Slowly I commenced stroking my fingers up and down the inside of her wide open pussy; causing it to quiver and weep with lust.

Moving my fingers up her slit I found her go button. Circling it with my thumb and fore finger; I began to rub. This caused more of her honey to drool onto my legs. Then I gave the bud a little squeeze. I could hear a low throaty moan coming from deep in Midnite’s throat. She was really enjoying the attention my fingers were giving her vagina. My fingers were awash with her love nectar.

Throwing her head back; Midnite groaned, “I want to feel you inside me. Right Escort now! I’m so hot; I could explode! I need your big, hard cock!”

Standing up; with her legs widely spread to each side of the wheelchair; Midnite grabbed my bobbing shaft in both hands; steadying it. Bringing my rigid shaft to her drooling slit; She slid the pole along her valley until it was glistening with her love cream. When I was thoroughly soaked; she brought the bulbous knob to the entrance to her love canal. Ever so slowly she bent her knees; causing my rigid white pole to disappear inside her brown body. She was making sure everyone had a good view of her shaved brown pussy being impaled by my column of ivory. Doing it slowly drew out the suspense; heightening everyone’s arousal. Instinctively Midnite knew how to arouse a crowd. Was the potion bringing out Midnite’s deepest sexual passions?

When she had finally engulfed my entire shaft; Midnite sat unmoving, on my lap. Again her head turned taking in her spell bound audience. Her gaze finally rested on the woman on the next veranda. Midnite’s gaze was greeted by a kiss; blown from the lips of our neighbour. Midnite replied to this salute by returning the kiss. These two women were now joined by their mutual lust. They were getting off knowing that each of them was feeding on the others arousal. The woman then moved the fingers she had sent the kiss with to her partially shaved crotch; inserting them. Not to be outdone; Midnite also moved her fingers to her stuffed slit. I could feel Midnite’s fingers graze her lips and my throbbing manhood. The next thing I knew; she was gently stroking the exposed shaft of my impaled cock with one hand. Her other hand was busy at the top of her slit. Her fingers were teaseing the aroused clit.

Looking at our neighbour; I could see her staring directly at Midnite’s pussy. There was lusty desire in those eyes. The way she was moving her hand around, inside her vagina; she was really enjoying the show. I thought the sight of my white cock framed by Midnite’s pink labia and brown crotch must be a hot turn on for her.

I also noticed the man sitting to one side of the veranda. He was keeping out of the sight line joining the women, but his gaze never left them. He had spread some oil on his hand; working it into his stiff cock. As he slowly slid his fist up and down the shaft; he moved his eyes from one woman to the other. He was constantly moistening his lips with his tongue. There was a glazed look in his eyes; like a deer caught in the headlights of a car. This man was really getting off watching the two women. He showed no desire to join the woman on the veranda with him. He was a true voyeur.

Midnite’s clit strumming was making her vibrate with passion. Her panting breath was causing her big boobs to bounce on her chest. Grabbing one in each hand; I flicked the nips; holding them out; offering them to our neighbour for her to suckle at. This gesture did not go unnoticed by our partner in passion. She flicked her tongue over her red lips; making a sucking sound with her pouting mouth. The three of us were now joined in a hot sexual tableau. We were the show and the audience; all in one.

To try and divert some of my attention from Midnite’s stroking fingers; I scanned the other members of our audience. Looking into the bushes; I was just in time to see the black man throw back his head; letting out a grunt; as he commenced to spew out his creamy jism. Quickly I brought Midnite’s attention to the sight.

“Look Baby! See the power your beautiful body has to make people horny and bring them pleasure.” I excitedly exclaimed.

“Wow! Did I cause that?” Midnite asked in awe.

“You sure did, but your real fan is the woman next door. She is getting totally horney sharing this experience with you.” I replied.

Turning her head back to the woman; I could feel Midnite’s body start to vibrate with anticipation. I gave her breasts a squeeze, to heighten Midnite’s arousal. It had the desired result.

Midnite began flexing her legs; sliding her gash up and down my manhood. I could feel her fingers flicking the bud at the apex of her slit; causing her to let out small squeals of pleasure. Arching her back; she brought my cock to a new angle; causing greater stimulation to her clit. Midnite was becoming totally engulfed in her pleasure.

My own pleasure was rapidly rising to a fever pitch. Hoping to stave off my climax for a few minutes longer; I again scanned for the on lookers. The black man in the bushes had zipped up his pants; furtively looking around. He might have been thinking of his job; not wanting the guests complaining that he was a peeping Tom. No one was going to do that. The more watchers; the greater the pleasure for us. The poor man did not realize the erotic game that was being played out before his eyes.

Midnite was now pumping up and down on my cock; like a piston in an engine. We were almost at the point of no return. I was growling deep in my throat; clutching hard at Midnite’s bouncing boobs. I could feel my balls tighten; anticipating the release of sperm. The juice was now racing up my quivering shaft. All I could think of was shooting my hot liquid into Midnite’s furnace like pussy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32