Mrs. Rawson, The Vicar’s Wife Ch. 01

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My walk home from school took me through the churchyard where I often stopped to smoke a cigarette before I reached my home where smoking was forbidden. Like most teenagers I did indulge in that unhealthy habit amongst others. I would stop by the vestry entrance to our parish church which was on the south side of that ancient building. The vestry was an extension or porch protruding from the main body of the church and therefore allowing a hiding place where I would not be seen smoking.

I was a typical eighteen year old boy in the nineteen sixties and had a real passion for mature ladies. My thoughts were never far away from sex and I loved the thought of being seduced by one of my mother’s friends or a neighbour and even my friends’ mothers and my school teachers.

On this warm summer’s day I stood quietly in the sun hidden down the side of the vestry and was just ready to walk on when I heard voices from inside the vestry. I heard rattling and creaking from the large wooden door which opened and the voices were now quite clear. My heart pounded and my mouth went dry in fear of being caught there smoking. The voices were both familiar to me. There was a lady who was Mrs. Rawson, the wife of the vicar and the other was a male who was Mr. Wilson the organist and choir master.

“Good bye for now and will we meet here again next Tuesday?” were the soft words from Mrs. Rawson.

“Yes, I would love to see you again Susan, I have very much enjoyed our time together.” replied Mr Wilson.

There was a pause and a strange sound, it was a kiss, yes a long lingering kiss and another. My word, what had I stumbled upon? I got down low behind a grave stone to avoid being seen as Mr Wilson turned the corner, and whispered, “See you here at three o’clock on Tuesday then.”

I stayed where I was until he was out of sight and then continued on my way home, but with only one subject on my mind. What had been going on there and my thoughts wandered to him and her in a compromising situation somewhere in the church. Where would they go to be private? Did the vicar have a secret room somewhere within the church?

I was quite familiar with our parish church as I had been in the choir and also an altar boy before I found other interests. I knew the vicar, his wife and the Mr. Wilson well through my younger years’ activities.

The next day I went to the church again and quietly entered by the main north door. I had to investigate my findings of the previous day as I had thought of nothing else all night and today. I had imagined them caressing and making love together. I had no idea what Mrs Rawson would look like unclothed but I had imagined her and it had turned me on. She was over fifty years old, quite short and plump. She dressed plainly with long black, often pleated skirts, with flat shoes and white blouses. I had never really noticed her figure but she was what one would expect for a woman of her age and standing, a little over weight. The unknown intrigued me.

I had prepared an excuse for being in the church if I had been caught there, and it was that I was doing some research for a project at school. I had, in fact done that work in my earlier years and could now be expanding my knowledge of the twelfth century place of worship. Such places were not locked in those days. The building was all quiet as I cautiously walked to the front of the naive and looked for a secret room off the chancel. I found no secret places and so went to the back to the tower, and there was a room which was a partitioned area at the base of the tower. It was a small room which was where the stairs ascended to the belfry ringing chamber. There was a long rope hanging from a hole in the ceiling which was attached to a single bell used to call parishioners to church. There were a few chairs, some hassocks or kneelers gaziantep escort ilanları as well as an electric convector heater and some coat hooks on which hung some religious garments.

“This must be the place,” I thought. “There was even a bolt on the inside of the door”.

I tried the door to the stairs and found it to be open, so I ventured up the stairs to the bell ringers’ loft and peeped through the hole in the floor where the single bell rope descended and was delighted to be able to observe a large proportion of the room below. My thoughts were racing and my heart was pounding, I had to secrete myself here before three o’clock next Tuesday afternoon.

I left the church and went on my way thinking only of Mrs. Rawson and Mr. Wilson together in that small room at the back of the church. I masturbated furiously all through the following days and nights imagining them fondling and fucking and her partially and fully undressed. I had visions of her mature underwear with stockings and her large breasts and stomach and her broad bottom.

The Tuesday arrived and my penis was sore. I went off to school as usual but left lessons early to get into the church in good time. It was around 2.30 pm when I arrived and quietly entered with my excuse ready, should anyone be there to challenge me. The place was empty and so I went to my hiding place up the stairs to the chamber above the small room, carefully closing doors behind me. I settled lying on the wooden floor peering through the hole.

Just before three I heard noises and the door to the room below opened, it was Mrs. Rawson dressed in her usual white buttoned blouse and her long full pleated skirt. I studied her figure and noted her large low hanging breasts which she camouflaged with the loose fitting blouse which was tucked into her skirt. Her lower legs looked quite normal with dark stockings or tights but her thighs and bottom were more substantial. She bent over to rearrange some hassocks and the full width of her bottom was revealed. The church clock struck three.

The door to the room opened and Mr. Wilson appeared. He immediately hugged her and kissed her firmly on her lips. She responded pressing her ample body against him. She whispered, “Bolt the door Henry.”

He obeyed and soon returned to the embrace. The kissing was passionate; they both soon became flushed as he felt her bottom with both hands gently squeezing those large orbs and then he started to caress her neck and shoulders, soon his lips went to her ear and her neck. Her eyes closed and she sighed with pleasure. He stroked her shoulders outside her blouse and pushed the silky material to one side revealing her fleshy shoulders. He then loosened two buttons and revealed even more of her upper body. He kissed and licked her there. Her neck and chest were quite flushed now.

He stood back and admired her saying “you are beautiful, Susan, I am so lucky to be with you and wish your husband would leave you to me.”

She replied, “I love our meetings and the way you treat me so gently and kindly, but you know we can never be together. We must just make the most of our time and be extremely careful not to get caught out. A scandal would cause so much heartache for all of us.”

He embraced her again and loosened some more buttons on her top and pushed the garment back over her shoulders revealing her soft pink skin and the rising mounds of her breasts. I could see her bra straps and the material at the top of the cups. Her bra was white but quite worn and very large. He kissed her upper breasts and licked in between then into her cleavage. The blouse was pushed further back until it fell around her waist. I could now see her bra clad beasts in full, her deep cleavage and her erect gaziantep escort kadın nipples making an impression on the thick material of her frumpy ladies bra. “What a fabulous sight.” I thought. My cock was stiff now and I had to be very careful when adjusting it not to make a sound.

She sat on a chair and he knelt on a hassock between her legs and caressed her breasts squeezing her nipples through the material and then slipped the straps off her shoulders and slowly slid the cups off her breasts revealing more and more of those ample soft white and dare I say it, but sagging buns.

He reached behind her and undid the clasps of that bra. The huge bra fell into her lap and left her now naked from her waist. She stood and motioned for him to follow. She stood with those massive boobs hanging to the waist band on her skirt. Her redundant bra had now fallen to the ground. She leaned forward to reach his trouser fly buttons allowing her tits to just swing forward and from side to side; her long nipples pointing to the ground. I was captivated by the sight. She undid his fly and extracted his erect penis. She got on her knees on the hassock and took his long thin manhood into her mouth. She licked, sucked and caressed the whole length and fondled his testicles with one hand while using the other to rub his cock.

This went on for some minutes; I would have come a dozen times if it was me in Mr. Wilson’s place but he remained in control just stroking her hair which was in a pony tail. He now removed his gleaming cock from her mouth and uttered, “Sit on the chair Susan; it’s time I returned the compliment.”

She got up from her knees and her tits swung again; she held them this time as she sat on the chair. He knelt on the hassock and started to caress her ankles and her lower legs gradually working upwards under her skirt. I could hear the sound of him stroking the nylon materiel of her hose. He lifted her skirt above her knees and continued to caress. Her knees were large and as he revealed more of her thighs it became evident that she was wearing stockings, covering her heavy thighs. Her upper thighs were pure white as were her long suspender straps. Her skirt was now up to the bottom of her white knickers. He continued to stroke the soft white skin of her upper thighs and finally allowed his thumb to stroke the gusset of her pants. She threw her head back and pushed her lower body forward on the chair. She opened her legs wide allowing him to see fully her upper thighs, her knickers and suspenders. Those knickers were French style, white and quite large. He stroked her pussy through her knickers for a few moments and then pulled them to one side revealing a very hairy bush. She pushed forward further and he started to lick her inner thighs and her hairy bush.

His cock was still standing outright and she reached down for it and gently massaged the end. She must have got some pre-cum on her fingers which she licked off. Her then buried his head between her legs and licked away for ages, she loved it and I am sure she orgasmed, but very quietly. After several minutes of licking and sucking he stood up and said to Mrs. Rawson, “I need to be inside you, my cock is throbbing and it will slip in easily as you are so wet.”

She stood up and her skirt fell to its normal position, but her tits swung beautifully as she moved. She turned around and put her hands on the back of the chair and thrust her bottom out towards him. “Please be gentle,” she whispered, “You know I am not used to this. My husband hasn’t entered me for years.”

“I promise I will treat you with care Susan.” Mr. Wilson replied.

He undid his trousers and let them and his underpants drop around his ankles. He then lifted her skirt and placed it over her back gaziantep escort kızlar revealing her huge panty clad bottom and he pulled her pants to one side and eased himself close to her bottom. She parted her legs further. He took his stiff cock and pushed it gently between her legs. He gripped her large hips and slid inside her. She groaned and I could hear the squelch and slurping sounds as he went in. Once inside he carefully pushed in and pulled out so that he got deep inside her. He reached beneath her and felt her large hanging tits as he pumped in and out slowly and rhythmically. She sighed and groaned and pushed back onto him. He released her tits and gripped her ample hips as his rhythm increased and then he groaned as he orgasmed releasing his semen into her vagina. He continued his slow and gentle pumping and reached between her legs again but his time to fondle her clit, I assume.

Moments later she grunted a long continuous moan and pushed back hard. She had definitely come this time. After a minute or so he withdrew and I could see his wet sticky withering cock flop between his legs. She stood upright and retrieved a white garment from the hooks behind the door with which she wiped herself and his cock. Those gorgeous tits swung beautifully as she performed her cleaning up duties.

They both dressed and kissed again before heading for the exit. She took the white garment with her as they left the room and I waited for a few minutes to make certain one of them did not return. I descended the stairs cautiously and walked through the church to the north side door, which I closed behind me and made my way through the churchyard towards my home.

“Is that you John?” came a call from behind me. It was Mrs. Rawson.

I stopped and waited as she approached me. “What are you doing here? Have you been in the church?”

I felt my face glowing with embarrassment, and answered, “No Mrs Rawson.”

“I am sure that I saw you leaving by the main door. What were you doing in there?”

“I am continuing my project on the history of the church for my school exams.” I replied. Now it was her turn to look embarrassed.

“Why did you say that you hadn’t been in the church John?”

“I thought that you may disapprove of me visiting the church without asking you or the vicar.” was my nervous response.

“Where have you been, because I was replacing the flowers and I didn’t see you there?” she asked with some authority.

I hesitated before I replied and she looked at me with piercing eyes. “I visited the tower and took some photographs of the view from the top.”

She looked very nervous now and just stared at me. “Did you see anyone else whilst you were in the church, John?”

I replied again in the negative.

“Can I trust you to tell the truth? I think I need to speak to your father about this.”

“But what have I done wrong?” I blurted out. “Maybe you should.” My father was well known to the vicar and his wife and was quite a domineering type. He was fearsome and caused me much grief during my teenage years.

“I am not sure, you look very sheepish.” was her reply.

She turned and walked slowly back towards the church entrance and I continued my journey to my home.

The following hours were consumed with the thought of Mrs. Rawson, her large breasts, her stocking covered legs, and her large panty clad bottom, with Mr Wilson fucking her from behind. I wanted a piece of that action and schemed to find a way into her knickers. I planned to confront her with what I had seen and promise to keep it a secret if she would allow me to do what Mr. Wilson had done. I masturbated with that fantasy in my mind.

The next day I made it my business to walk slowly past the vicarage on my way to and from school and I also walked through the church yard, but did not see Mrs. Rawson. When I got home that evening my mother said that she had been speaking to Mrs. Rawson, who she had met whilst shopping, and she had suggested that she and her husband might be able to help me with my school project on the parish church and that if I telephoned her this evening we could make arrangements for me to visit the vicarage for that purpose.

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