Mum’s Friends Ch. 01

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Paul had been on holiday for the last two weeks in Tunisia with his girlfriend, Kay. It had been a very relaxing fortnight. They had swum, sunbathed and had lots of sex. Kay was an excellent kisser; Paul loved to kiss and cuddle with her. Paul had dropped Kay at her house then driven home to his home. Paul was twenty-six and still lived with his divorced mother. Debbie, Paul’s mum, was a gynaecologist who had her own practice. Paul’s father was also a doctor, but he was in General Practice. His parents had divorced five years ago.

Paul had a law degree and could practice law, but his love of Antiques was the path he had chosen in life. When his aunt had died, Paul had inherited a lot from her. He had bought a property that he had converted into an Antique Center. Paul had over two hundred dealers renting space in his Center. He also had a large area for his own Antiques. Paul had stayed at home with his mother when she went through the painful divorce. He also loved his mother’s cooking.

Paul arrived home at ten past eight in the morning. Debbie was making her breakfast. She gave Paul a hug and a kiss. Debbie said, “I have missed you. How was your holiday? It’s very lonely being here yourself.”

Paul replied, “I had a very restful time. I got the benefit of the holiday. Kay’s very self-centered, she only thinks of herself but she kisses very well, so I will put up with her. Mum, I have been up all night. I won’t go on one of those middle of the night package holidays again. I am meeting some of the guys at the Rugby Club tonight. George is picking me up at seven. I will get a taxi home. I don’t think that I will be that late.”

Debbie answered, “As long as you enjoyed yourself. My laptop is not working. Could you have a look at it? I have a lot of emails that need to be replied to. I don’t want to use the computers in the surgery.”

Paul opened his suitcase and brought out his laptop which he started then said, “Please use mine. I will look at yours when I wake up. Do I need your password to access your computer?”

Debbie replied, “Thanks, that is kind of you. My first appointment is at ten, so I will do my emails now. My password is debbiexxx. That’s all in lowercase.”

Paul then went up to his room. He was asleep in five minutes. Paul woke up at quarter past three in the afternoon. He went downstairs to make himself a coffee. His laptop was on the kitchen table. As he sipped his coffee, he opened his laptop. He then checked today’s browsing history. He was speechless when he saw his mother had visited two roleplay sites and one dating site. His mother was looking for younger men to have sex with. She liked to talk dirty and to be fucked hard and rough.

Paul spent the next hour checking all Debbie’s messages. Paul was sure she had not met any of the three guys she was writing with. She always wore a masquerade mask in all her pictures. Debbie had an amazing body. Paul saw that she was skyping with two of the men. Paul then set up an account. He used the username ‘needs mothered’. When Paul saw Debbie with her shaved pussy and her magnificent breasts, he got hard. He took a picture of his big hard cock and testicles.

Paul then sent a message to ‘Hot Mature 69’. The message read: “Hi, like your profile pictures. I am a twenty-six-year-old, completely unattached. I am six foot four inches tall. I am self-employed. I love to be mothered. I have attached a picture of my Prince. I hope that this appeals to you.

I am not a time waster. I am looking for a mature lady to have fun with in our free time. I stress “Lady” as I am looking for when we are socialising. I am looking for a slut in bed.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Bill aka needs mothered xxx

Paul then looked at Debbie’s laptop. The battery was finished and wouldn’t charge. Paul then showered and shaved. Kay had shaved his cock and testicles last night. He was very smooth. Paul drove to the computer shop and got a new battery. He changed the battery then started Debbie’s laptop. He used her password then checked her browsing history and photo files. There were lots of naughty pictures there. Debbie always wore a masquerade mask. She had an incredible body and knew how to take her naughty selfies.

Paul then phoned George to say that he was going to the Rugby Club now for a steak. He then said, “I have had hardly any sleep. I won’t stay long tonight.”

Paul then transferred all Debbie’s pictures and videos to his Dropbox. The videos were good especially the one where she is fisting herself. Paul then left a note for Debbie. It read: “Hi mum, I checked your laptop. The battery is finished. I got you a new battery and have installed it for you. I am a little tired, so I don’t think that I will be that late tonight. I am going to the Rugby Club restaurant for a steak before I go into the bar. I am getting old as I don’t want gaziantep bayan escortları to drink beer tonight. I am going to have a bottle of Chablis to myself. Don’t stay up for me in case I have too much wine. Hope you had a good day.

Your Paul xxx.”

Paul arrived at the restaurant at six fifteen. He ordered his steak and bottle of Chablis. He then checked his smartphone. He had a reply from Hot Mature 69; it read: “Hi Bill, Thanks for your message. I appreciate your honesty. I love your prince. You have incredible testicles. I love big testicles. I hope you like them massaged as I suck your magnificent cock.”

“I’m forty-seven, two weeks today. Maybe we could meet for a birthday meal then see what happens later. I got divorced five years ago. I have a son the same age as you.”

“I am a lady when I am socialising. I am a slut in bed. I am only interested in pleasure. No pain. No S&M. No bondage. Only pleasure. I love to be fucked hard and rough. I love lots of foreplay. I love oral giving and receiving.”

“Tell me more about yourself. I am having a quiet night at home so will be able to reply quickly. I had a good feeling when I read your message.

Hope to hear from you.

Debbie aka Hot Mature 69 xxx.”

Paul replied, “Thanks Debbie, I have had a good feeling when I read your response. I’m like you. Only pleasure. I love to suck the clit of my partner as I finger fuck her. When she cums, I can feel and taste her. I hate hair in my teeth. Is your pussy smooth or do you have a bush? My tongue works better on smooth. As you can see from my picture, I’m shaved around my cock and testicles. Do you meet many men from this site? I’m very new here. In fact, this is my first day.

Thinking about you. Bill xxx.”

Five minutes later Debbie replied, “Thanks Bill, nobody has ever sucked my clit and finger fucked me at the same time. I have never met anyone from this site. I am on another roleplaying site and a dating site. I haven’t had a cock inside me for nine years. I have had online sex with two guys. We skype, and I masturbate for them. They masturbate for me. That arouses me. My tits are very sensitive. I can cum when they are sucked and played with. I am shaved too as you can see from the attached pictures. I hope you like the one with my biggest dildo inside me. What are you doing tonight? Would you like to Skype later? I would love to mother you. Can you send other pictures?

Thinking about you. Debbie xxx.”

Paul replied, “Debbie, I am an Accountant. I am still in the office with two colleagues trying to finish an audit. I will send you some pictures when I get home. I love how you take all of that dildo. I wish I were sharing a bottle of wine with you. I only drink wine now. I have never smoked. Do you smoke? Do you enjoy a glass of wine?

Lots of kisses wherever you want them.

Bill xxx.”

Paul’s phone beeped. It was Debbie. The WhatsApp message read “Thanks Paul; I was so happy to come home and find the laptop working. A hundred kisses for you. You are not getting old you are just growing up. I hate the smell of beer. If I’m in bed, then come into my bedroom as I want to give you a thank you kiss for repairing the laptop.

Thinking about you.

Mum, xxx.”

Debbie replied to the message. It read “Bill; I hate smokers. My ex-was a heavy smoker and beer drinker. I love a glass of wine. My son has an excellent wine cellar. He studies wine. He is always at wine tastings. I wish he would invite me to go with him. I have never smoked in my life. Three years ago I was drinking far too much. I never drink when I am alone. I would love to share a bottle or two with you.

Where would you like to feel my tongue on your body? Lots of kisses Debbie xxx.”

Paul replied to the WhatsApp message. “Mum, I look forward to my thank you kiss. I will be home in twenty minutes. I have some Chablis in the fridge. Would you like to share a bottle with me?

Paul xxx.”

Paul replied to Debbie’s message. “Debbie, I would love you to squeeze the slit at the tip of my cock then lick there.

Where would you like my tongue?

I want you…Bill xxx

Debbie replied on WhatsApp, “Paul, I would love that. If I am in the shower, when you get home then bring my glass to the bathroom. Kisses mum xxx.”

Debbie replied to the message. “I love my tits and cunt tongued. Maybe we can write tomorrow as my son is coming home. I have enjoyed writing with you. Kisses Debbie xxx.”

Paul replied to the WhatsApp, “Mum, I have had two bottles tonight. I’m looking forward to my thank you kiss. Is that so terrible?

Paul xxx.”

A minute later Paul’s phone beeped. Debbie had Whatsapp him. The message read, “Paul, we are both adults. We both have needs and urges. I want to give you a kiss you will never forget. gaziantep eskort bayan If we both enjoy it, then we can continue. I think tonight we will take a big step in each other’s lives. Thinking about you. Debbie xxx

Please call me Debbie when you get home. xxx.”

Paul arrived home. There was Rod Stewart on the stereo in the lounge. The curtains were closed, and the lighting was cosy. Paul opened the fridge and got a bottle of Chablis. He opened it, put it in an ice bucket. Took two wine glasses and went upstairs into the bathroom. The door was open. Debbie was wearing a black silk dressing gown. She had it belted tightly close to her. She wasn’t wearing a bra. Her hard nipples were pressing against the silk. Paul sat on a stool and poured two glasses. Paul said, “Debbie, you look stunning. Is that OK for me to say that?”

Debbie took the two glasses off Paul. She put them on the shelf. Then took Paul off the stool and kissed Paul. Debbie’s tongue slid deep into Paul’s mouth. They were both kissing passionately. Debbie and Paul’s hands were exploring each other’s bodies. Debbie undid the belt of her dressing gown. It slipped open. Her tits looked beautiful. Paul went down on her magnificent breasts. He was sucking them gently. He then slid his hand between Debbie’s legs. She spread her legs for him. She was very wet. Paul had three fingers inside her, and her clit felt enormous. Paul was still sucking her tits as he fingered her.

Debbie had unzipped Paul’s fly and taken his cock out. Debbie said, “For fuck’s sake that’s the biggest cock I have ever seen. Is all that for mummy? Mummy is going to enjoy this.”

Debbie then took the wine and glasses into the Master Bedroom. She had Paul naked. They then started to 69. Debbie’s clit was enormous. Paul began to suck it. Paul was now fisting Debbie as he sucked her clit. Debbie was very wet. She was moaning with pleasure. Debbie had all of Paul’s cock in her mouth. She then squeezed the slit on the tip of Paul’s cock open and started tonguing it vigorously.

Paul was now sucking Debbie’s clit and fisting her pussy hard. With his other hand, he was using her cum as a lube and now had four fingers inside her ass. Debbie was gripping his fist with her pussy muscles. She was pushing against Paul’s fingers inside her ass. Paul was in complete control. He turned Debbie around then slid his cock into her pussy. Debbie could take it all. Paul went in and out of her five times then came out of her throbbing pussy and slid his cock into her ass. Paul was rubbing her clit as he fully slid his cock inside her ass. She took it all. Debbie said, “This is fucking beautiful. Harder Paul, but don’t cum inside my ass. I want you inside my cunt when you cum.”

Paul ass fucked her hard for fifteen minutes. He was rubbing her clit as he rode her. Debbie’s pussy was wet. She had cum a lot. Paul then came out of her ass and hammered into her pussy. He was fucking her hard. She loved it. Paul kept hammering away with an excellent rhythm for the next twenty minutes. He then exploded inside her. Debbie was gripping Paul’s cock to hold it inside her. Debbie said, “That was the best fuck of my life. I loved it when you sucked my clit and fisted me. You are the first man ever to ass fuck me and I loved it. I am so happy that we have done this. How do you feel?”

Paul replied, “That was the best fuck of my life. I enjoyed it. I think we are very compatible in bed. I think the more time we spend together, the better it will get. I am sure we will have a lot of fun together.”

Debbie then kissed Paul very gently but with a lot of passion. Debbie said, “I would love that Paul. It is a big step we are both taking. But, it feels so right. When did you first want to fuck me?”

Paul replied, “Years ago. After Aunt Joan died. You were so upset at her funeral. I didn’t want to fuck you then. I wanted to hug and kiss you. To let you know that I was with you. Why didn’t dad go to her funeral?”

Debbie said, “Because he’s an absolute ass hole. I have some things I need to tell you now Paul. Please don’t interrupt me until I am finished. Everything I have done in the last twenty-six years has been for you.”

Paul replied, “I’m a good listener, I won’t say a word until you give me another special kiss.”

Debbie said, “Your Aunt Joan was not your Aunt, she was your grandmother. Her daughter was my best friend. We grew up together. We went to University together. She was one of the most intelligent, kind, generous and beautiful people I’ve ever met in my life. She was an excellent doctor. She had a one-night stand, and she became pregnant. She had a beautiful son. Aunt Joan looked after him when she was working. Six months later my friend was killed in a car crash. It then became impossible as Joan’s husband had severe dementia. It was no place to bring gaziantep bayan eskort up a beautiful child. I adopted you and have done everything I could to give you a stable life.”

Debbie was crying now. Paul put his arms around her and gave her a gentle kiss. Paul said, “Thank you. Your friend would be so proud of you. I couldn’t have had a better mother.”

Paul then kissed Debbie. She melted into his arms. Soon Paul was back inside her. For the next thirty minutes, they both shared the most beautiful and intense love making either of them had ever experienced. They both came at the same time. Debbie said, “Aunt Joan was a superwoman. I had a small practice in town. She left me her house which I converted into the Hotel and Spa and my consulting rooms. It’s only for women. No men are allowed inside. She left me a lot of money as well. I took a gamble, but it has paid off. I have fifty luxury bedrooms. You need to book three months in advance to get a room.”

“I would like to spend time with you. You have a fantastic business too. We both have excellent staff. We should go on holiday together. I thought that we should go on a wine tasting trip to France. Would you like to do that?”

Paul replied, “I would love that. Why don’t we go around the time of your birthday? We could celebrate your birthday in Champagne. That would be good. Then go to Burgundy and Chablis. We would both learn more about wine. Debbie, I want to tell you that you are a better kisser than Kay.”

They kissed again then Debbie said, “You are right about Kay, she only thinks of herself. Her mother, Jo, is a far nicer person. She worked for me as my Practice manageress for several years. She is superb. She remarried, and her new husband is doing nothing for her in bed. Twice a month she’s to give him a blow job. He is a parrot waiting to fall off his perch. Jo puts up with it as she will inherit a lot when he dies. I see Jo once a month.”

Paul replied, “You’re right, she is much kinder and nicer person than Kay. You are much better in bed than Kay. I don’t think I will be seeing much of Kay now. I believe she was seeing other guys while she was seeing me.”

Debbie smiled and said, “Thanks for the compliment. I will get much better. I must tell you this. I have quite a few girlfriends that I have sex with. I am very careful because of the number of Sexually Transmitted Diseases that are going around. Paul, I see it every day at my surgery. One reason the Woman’s Hotel and Spa are so popular is that every guest is tested for STD’s when they arrive. If they are clean, they get a green plastic wrist bracelet. If they can be treated, they get a red bracelet. Red bracelets can only chat. They are not allowed to have sex while they are wearing a red bracelet.”

“The system works. It makes me a lot of money. I have a shop in the hotel that sells dildos, vibrators and every sex aid you can imagine. That store turnover is over six thousand a week, and I have a ninety percent profit on it. There’s a lot of money in sex.”

Paul replied, “All these years I’ve thought you looked after pregnant women and women with women’s problems. You are right if you see an opportunity to make money from it. What type of woman comes to you?”

Debbie answered, “Everyday I see pussy. Pussies, love sex. Young, old and in between all love sex and the majority love hard and rough sex. Every type of women crosses my door. I have twenty nuns that are at the Spa regularly. A lot of the nuns have had STD’s. I have lots of wealthy widows. Lots of married women not getting any sex at home. At the Spa, we provide services for every need. We have three ladies, and all they do is shave or wax pussies. You would be very popular with my patients.”

Paul replied, “When will you be home tomorrow night as I would like to take you out for dinner. Debbie, you are working hard all day then to come back and cook for me. They’re twelve excellent restaurants within a few minutes walk from here. We should go out every night. I will adjust my schedule to allow us to do this. When we are out, I don’t want you to wear any panties. Can I buy you some lingerie?”

Debbie said, “I would love that. I have lots of naughty lingerie. I love risqué lingerie. I will make sure everything is open crotch for you so you can feel me anytime you want. I will be home at five tomorrow, but we will go out later as I will need you inside me at five.”

Debbie then went down on Paul’s flaccid cock as Paul fingered Debbie’s wet pussy. Ten minutes later Paul was on top of her. Soon he had an excellent forceful rhythm going. He kept grinding away for the next twenty-five minutes then he came. They lay in bed cuddling and chatting. Paul asked, “Do you sell a lot of wine at the Spa?”

Debbie replied, “Yes, we sell a lot of Champagne and also a lot of house white and red. Why do you ask?”

Paul said, “I’m thinking of setting up a wine company and have a shop in the Center. I am also thinking of putting a Bistro in the Center. A lot of people come through my door every day.”

Debbie replied, “That’s a good idea. When we are in France, we will look for wines that we can buy.”

They kissed again. Five minutes later they were both asleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32