My New Boss Pt. 04

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My life was on auto-pilot. I fulfilled all of my work expectations, and lived for the ninety minute session with the lovely Suky, on the weekends. It was the highlight of my week. Suky would jerk me off, using her silk panties and her words, to three stupendous orgasms. In between, as I recovered and got hard again, I would eat her pussy until she came all over my face. As we spent more time together, we learned each other’s hot buttons, and I could make Suky come so much, that she often wanted to fall asleep after our session.

Unfortunately, for Suky, her next client every Saturday morning at 11.30am, was that fat bastard, John. He butt-fucked her each time he saw her and she detested it. Especially as he only tipped her twenty dollars after each session. She did complain once to Joy, but the Mamasan was not interested in excuses.

“Suck it up Sucky,” Joy said dispassionately. “Turn John around. Make him come so hard that all he thinks about is you. Get inside his head. Earn a larger tip by your actions.”

I felt sorry for Suky. She really hated John, and her body language would change during the last few minutes of our session, as she stopped enjoying my touch, and started to dread John’s. She had told me enough about the sordid details of their sessions, that I really felt sorry for her.

“Can’t you do anything about him?” she asked me one day, almost in tears. “Talk to Joy, pay John to chooses another girl. Rosebud enjoys anal.”

“I will try and think of something,” I lied. “You shouldn’t have to deal with that disgusting pig.”

“Do you think he is disgusting because of the way he looks, or because of the liberties he takes with me?” Suky asked.

“You are joking right?” I responded incredulously. “He is one of the most disgusting human beings I have ever encountered. Aside from his obesity, he has hair all over his flabby contours, his legs and feet are grossly swollen, he has an uncontrollable flatulence problem and he rarely showers. I find him absolutely, intolerably gross.”

“Well, to be fair,” Suky began, seemingly in his defense, “he does shower more, now that the house speciality involves eating semen from the enclosure walls.”

“Yuck,” I said, making no attempt to hide my disdain for the fat fuck. “One reason you should never shower with him.”

“Also,” my girlfriend continued, “whilst I have no doubt that John’s greed contributes to his flatulence, I also think much of his gas discharge is situational.”

“Situational?” I scoffed. “How so?”

“I only ever get to see John as a customer, so my view of him is one of deference and respect. He knows that he can do whatever he pleases in my presence, and him farting near me, or on me, is just a way for him to exercise control.”

“I would throw up if I had to service that fat bastard,” I insisted. “Absolutely fucking disgusting human being.”

Suky didn’t push me for my thoughts on John any more, having seemingly got the information that she needed from me.

I never did do anything about that fat-fuck John, and Suky stopped asking me to intervene on her behalf. Every few sessions, I would enter the room and see her naked on the massage table, waiting expectantly for me to pleasure her. On these occasions, I would spend an hour and fifteen minutes pampering her, then we would allocate the last fifteen minutes to my pleasure.

Suky would be so relaxed after I massaged her, having come multiple times on my face. She would toss me her panties, adjust the pillow under her head so that she had a better view, and watch as I jerked off onto the hand towel laid across her pubic area. The sessions that were all about Suky, were still enjoyable for me, but I felt a bit foolish tipping her two hundred dollars, just to watch me beat off once.

Suky, in her defense, was a paid sex-worker. She was going to entertain a dozen men today, so if she could coast through her first session, who would really blame her for taking advantage of uşak escort my generosity?

“Do you enjoy the sessions where you pamper me?” she asked me one morning, at the end of such a session.

“Very much,” I replied. “I wouldn’t want it to be every week, but I enjoy you being in charge of my orgasms. I like the unpredictability of not knowing how many times I will get off each week.”

Suky flashed me a broad smile and said, “Me, too. I like waking up on Saturday morning and deciding how much fun to allow you during your weekly session. I flipped a coin this morning, and was stoked when I realized today was going to be all about me. I love being in control of your release. In fact, one of these days I am going to leave you high and dry,” she said with a giggle.

I didn’t like the sound of that. However, I didn’t push back, so I guess Suky took that as a sign of consent. The following week my session was really amazing. I got my three handjobs and the last time I came, Suky jerked me off onto her stomach, which was the first time she had allowed me to ejaculate on her.

“You see baby, how much fun you can have if you let me dictate the session,” she teased. “Now clean me up,” she admonished me, “John can’t know you came on me. He thinks our sessions are non-sexual.”

I nodded appreciatively, and grabbed some wet wipes to ensure that Suky had no traces of my semen on her. Inside, I was hoping that my sexual activity with this beautiful young woman would increase each week. The following week, however, was all about Suky. I entered the room and she was naked on the massage table. She told me to strip and I massaged her naked for almost ninety minutes. I brushed my erect cock across her body several times as I lent over her, but there was never even a hint of her taking care of my needs.

Suky enjoyed my gentle loving attention for nearly ninety minutes, basking in the glow of her numerous orgasms, as I worked devotedly to pleasure her. She truly was a multi-orgasmic woman, and once the floodgates were opened, she required less and less stimulation to achieve her next release. I emerged from between her legs with her intoxicating scent permeating my nostrils, and her vaginal secretions all over my face.

Suky grabbed a fistful of my hair and pulled me up towards her. I thought she was going to kiss me, but she wiped my face dry using her panties, and then spoke in a dismissive tone.

“Eat my ass, Tim,” she said, as she turned over onto her stomach and relaxed on the table.

I was shocked at the liberties she was taking with me, but realized I needed to take some responsibility for the way she was treating me. I had been so passive since I first laid eyes on this exquisite creature, that she viewed me with considerable contempt, although she had masked it, until now.

I teased and worshipped her tight little ass for several minutes. Suky laid there enjoying my submission to her, occasionally directing me, in order to maximize her pleasure.

Finally, as my soft eager tongue entered her asshole, she slipped her hand under her stomach and began to stimulate her clitoris. This combination took her quickly to the edge of release, and she told me to wiggle my tongue inside of her. I had never engaged in such a submissive act, and Suky masturbated herself to several very vocal climaxes.

After she came, she lay there quietly, breathing heavily, but otherwise motionless. As she relaxed, the vice-like grip of her sphincter loosened, and I removed my tongue.

“It’s 11.20am Suky,” I said quietly, alerting her to the fact that she had ten minutes left to pleasure me.

“Oh baby, I am so relaxed, I can barely move,” she said gently. “Can you grab the KY lube from the side table?”

My eyes lit up as I processed what she was saying. She was inviting me to jerk off onto her tight little ass. I had been sporting an erection since I first came into the room, nearly an hour and a half earlier. I was ready to get off. I grabbed the lubricating gel and stood expectantly by the massage table, awaiting my instructions.

Suky spread her legs apart, and told me to kneel on the massage table behind her. I could feel my breathing quicken, as I fantasized about fucking Suky from behind. Once I was on my knees, between her legs, she spoke.

“If you won’t do anything to stop my weekly defilement at John’s hands, you are going to participate in it,” she said coldly. “Lube my asshole, so I am ready for his enjoyment.”

Even though it was a kick in the balls to prepare my girlfriend’s anal passage for John’s use, my cock responded favorably to this humiliation. My prolonged analingus session had relaxed Suky’s sphincter, and her rosebud had opened up nicely for John’s upcoming session.

As I coated the entrance to Suky’s butt with a liberal dose of lubricant, my cock danced between my legs and a few drops of pre-cum splattered onto Suky’s upper thighs.

“Did you just leak on me?” she asked incredulously. “Are you dripping pre-cum, as you prepare your girlfriend for her anal invasion from another man?” she teased.

I didn’t respond to her taunts, but kept lubing up her rosebud. The truth was, Suky had kept me on edge for ninety minutes without release. Of course I was leaking pre-cum, I had been for at least the last hour. It was only dripping on her because I was kneeling above her.

After her asshole was sufficiently lubricated, she asked me for a pillow. I grabbed one from the side table, and she lifted her hips up from the massage table, to indicate her desired placement of it. Once the pillow was under her pelvis, her ass was elevated, apparently ready for John to fuck.

Suky couldn’t have appeared any more ready. Her rosebud was open, courtesy of my tongue’s prolonged invasion of her. Her multiple orgasms had also relaxed her considerably, having a similar effect as muscle relaxers, which were often recommended prior to anal sex. Lastly, the copious amount of anal lubricant that I had applied to her anal passage, was visible, an open invitation to John to give my girlfriend a good ass-fucking.

Suky, sensing my jealousy, wiggled her ass seductively.

“This is how John likes me to wait for him,” Suky said. “See you next week, Tim.”

I wasn’t sure if Suky was kidding or if she was really dismissing me. If so, she had fulfilled her promise of leaving me high and dry. I couldn’t imagine her leaving a paying client with blue balls, but she had her head facing down on the massage table, and had stopped talking, so I assumed we were done for the day. I dressed hurriedly, which was easier said than done with an erection. I left two crisp one hundred dollar bills on the side table, and went to leave the room.

“Tim,” Suky said as I grabbed the door handle. “You were a good boy today. I feel fantastic, totally satisfied. Can you pass me my pink panties? They are under my skirt on the chair.”

She didn’t say anything else and left little room for discussion, so I walked over to the chair, rooted through the pile of clothes on it, and found her pink panties. She must have worn them to work as they smelled like her.

I handed the silky garment to her, and she lifted her pelvis from the pillow and wiped the panties all over her wet pussy. When her hand emerged from between her legs, the panties were soaked, and smelled of her vaginal secretions.

“Take my pink panties home with you,” she said commandingly. “Let’s FaceTime tonight and I will watch you jerk off for me. Bye Tim.”

Now that I was dismissed, I left the room with the panties in my hand. I stuck them in the pocket of my shorts and hurried down the hallway, trying to conceal my erection. I passed fat John in the lobby, as he paid for his upcoming anal session with my girlfriend. He was chatting to Rim, being his usual obnoxious self.

“Maybe one of these days, I will have you eat my ass while I butt-fuck Sucky,” he said condescendingly, as Rim looked at him smiling as if to signal her enthusiasm about John’s great idea.

“I would love that John,” she lied, knowingly full well that this fat prick was a lousy tipper.

I smiled at Rim as I left the building and she told me to have a great day. I went straight to work, with a bad case of blue balls, and Suky on my mind. I kept her wet panties in my desk drawer all day at work, looking at them every so often, as I anticipated our FaceTime call. When I got home I had a couple of drinks and relaxed, waiting for Suky to text me.

Around 9pm, she texted me that she was ready for our jerk-off session. We hooked up on FaceTime and even though I was a little self-conscious, I followed her instructions and got naked. I positioned myself on a towel in front of my iPad, with Suky’s panties in one hand and the KY jelly in the other.

“Can you see me Suky?” I asked shyly.

“Yes, we can see you perfectly,” she responded. “Now, lube your cock up and start jerking off.”

“Excuse me?” I asked in bewilderment. “We? Who else is there?”

“Baby, I am still at work,” Suky said with a giggle. “I don’t have much privacy here. Rim and Joy are here with me. I have you up on the big screen.”

I instinctively went to cover myself up but Joy intervened.

“Tim, when I gave you a massage we had a long conversation about your hot buttons. I clearly recall exhibitionism being on your list of preferred activities. Don’t be shy. The three of us have already seen you naked, and now we want to watch you beat off. Let’s go. Showtime!”

Joy’s take-charge approach was what I needed to spur me into motion, and as she encouraged me and directed me, I started to jerk off. The thought of the three of them relaxing in the employee break room, and watching me masturbate on a large tv monitor was humiliating, but it was going to make me cum.

Joy took control of my impromptu jerk-off session. She ran me through a host of different poses and positions and finally, she coaxed me into wearing Suky’s panties. Once I was wearing the pink silky g-string underwear, Joy’s encouragement turned to taunts, and Rim and Suky joined in.

“Wasn’t Tim here this morning for a massage, Suky?” I heard Joy ask.

“Yes, Auntie,” he was, “he ended up giving me a massage and a nice rimjob. Then he lubed my ass up for John to fuck. He would rather jerk off wearing my panties than have sex like a real man.”

I heard Rim’s heavily accented English next, “What a fucking pussy Tim is.”

As I masturbated for their amusement, the girls all agreed that I was a total fucking pussy.

“He is a cuckold,” Joy added, “probably gets off eating other men’s semen. You should make him suck John off next week.”

“I was thinking the same thing,” Suky said. “I think it is time for John and Tim to get acquainted. Tim told me he thinks John is handsome,” she lied.

“Fat John will own that pussy boyfriend of yours,” Rim added derisively.

“Its a date!” my girlfriend said excitedly. “Show Tim who is the boss, Auntie, make him eat his own cum,” Suky squealed.

I don’t know why I obeyed their directives. I could have easily ended the FaceTime session, either overtly, or by blaming it on a bad connection. However, because I loved Suky, and wanted to do anything she asked of me, I laid on my back, as Joy directed me. I put my legs up on the sofa and rotated them towards my head, so that the tip of my cock was pointing directly at my face.

Then as the massage parlor girls rained insults down on me, I jerked myself off, until I spurted all over my face and hair.

I came really hard, as it had been two weeks since my last orgasm. As soon as I ejaculated, Suky ended the session.

“Night Tim, see you next Saturday at 10am. Bring my panties with you, laundered of course. Do you remember how?”

“Hand-wash, cold water,” I responded reflexively, cursing myself as soon as the words left my lips.

I heard Rim laugh, and then my iPad went dark as Suky terminated our session.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32