My Sweet Marianna

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My name is Fiyero Andreyev. I was born and raised to the age of seventeen years, in St. Petersburg, Russia. I relocated to the promising soils of the American States with my then-fiancee, Natassia Kaczmarek in the search of a fortuitous career. After struggling through a couple of harsh years with little money and minimal food, I was blessed enough to procure employment from an eccentric and well-renowned artist from France named Cyrille Amoussou. The brilliant Amoussou paid me rather handsomely for various jobs; ranging from gardening to assistant to bodyguard.

During my first three years of paid service to Monsieur Amoussou, my faithful wife Natassia gave birth to my three wonderful daughters. The eldest was born in the month of February on the American’s holiday of St. Valentine’s Day and we named her Marianna. The middle child was begat on Christmas Eve of that same year, a fact which irritated Natassia most dramatically, and was named Milana. Lastly, the youngest was born on the American Independence Day and was named Marketa.

I am a hard-working, God-fearing man whom has fallen victim to his temptations and sins more than merely a few times. This is the story of the very first time that I had sex with my daughter, Marianna.

I had recently celebrated my forty-fifth birthday alone, a lonely anniversary I had grown accustomed to the last few years. Marketa and Milana were both enrolled in universities far away in Massachusetts. Neither of them were too easy on the eyes, but both were quite intelligent and had bright futures ahead of them. They would send me text messages for my birthday and I would quietly accept the thoughts.

Marianna, however, was far luckier in the physical appearance department than her younger sisters. Despite my now grey mane, having once been a murky, thick brown and Natassia’s seemingly raven-haired since birth, Marianna bore glorious, lustrous flowing blonde locks.

Marketa and Milana participated passionately in gymnastics for most of their youth, and had flat, muscular bodies to show for their dedication. Marianna was a cheerleader who indulged in yoga, morning running, and light exercise; her body had grown voluptuous, and enviable. Her curves were borderline ridiculous at times, she had far more of a rear end than her sisters, and her chest blossomed into womanhood at age sixteen and I remember vividly the first time I had to purchase a 34D bra for my eldest daughter.

Before my sweet Natassia had passed away on the eve of Marianna’s tenth birthday, she called her the sole Russian rose unmolested by the stony genetics and harsh attitude of the Motherland. Marianna took this heart and as her stunning looks came to be, she pursued a career in acting and modeling. Last I heard, my beautiful Marianna lived in Los Angeles, California and now at her perky age of 24, had steady work as a glamor model.

Anyway, a few days after my birthday, I was exercising in my humble quarters thinking of this day to be nothing more than the normal routine. I was about to commence the heavy lifting portion of my schedule when an unexpected ring emitted from my doorbell. Slightly irritated, I wiped the sweat off from my brow and approached the living room.

I opened the door, and was momentarily breathless at the sight of my very own daughter, Marianna, before me. She smiled and her melodic voice almost sang to my ears when she greeted me with a “Happy late birthday, father!” She giggled, and planted a sweet peck of a kiss on my left cheek before requesting permission to enter. I, of course, granted her permission and she strolled gracefully, in her vibrant red high heels, across my dreary grey carpet.

My eyes were fixated hypnotically on her jaw-dropping form as she walked into my home. I couldn’t believe what I was witnessing, my own daughter had become a living, breathing angel… or perhaps succubus. Even though she was wearing heels, her were skin-tight black jeans that gloved around her ample backside in such a way I bet several of the punks running around outside had seen her and suddenly forgotten whatever was previously occupying them. Following every step she took, her vivacious ass bounced just a little and drew the attention of any hot-blooded male.

I snapped myself free of the gorgeous woman’s sexual charms, reminding myself that I was leering at my very own daughter. Casting my attention outside before I shut the door, I noticed her vehicle Porno and felt relief that at least my Marianna was doing well financially. Sitting in my driveway, oddly juxtaposed to my flatbed, forest green ford pickup, was a tauntingly luscious, midnight black Ferrari F430 challenger stradale.

I walked into the kitchen, where my lovely Marianna was leaning against the wall. I am confident that it wasn’t intentional, but her body was just so inescapably sexy, she couldn’t help how seductive she looked in her posture. When she reacted to the loud, abrupt chirping of the jays outside the window, I took in a full view of her chest. I felt dirty, but I couldn’t resist.

She was wearing a cotton sleeveless, strapless top which matched the vibrant red of her heels, and was tightly wrapped around the bursting circumference of her hefty breasts. They seemed barely contained within the shirt, eager to any moment just escape the unpleasant confines they were bind. Her bosom seemed to have grown a notch since I had last seen her a few years past, but they didn’t appear firm enough to be implants. I couldn’t believe that into her womanhood, she had continued to develop and leave not only her younger, tomboyish sisters far behind in the dust, but she was even above and beyond her own, late mother.

We had a nice chat that evening. Marianna and I discussed life, her liberal political views, her ever expanding modeling and fashion career and briefly dipped into her love life. She had a few pictures on her cellular phone of past boyfriends. There was a definite pattern in the men she dated. They were all just slightly taller than her in heels, rugged looks, broad shoulders and a strong jawline with a toned upper body that possessed somewhat of the “V-physique” bodybuilders have. I didn’t dare say a word, but each of them were similar in appearance to myself.

Marianna explained she had came to town specifically to spend time with me, and to atone for missing several birthdays of mine. I can’t say that didn’t make me a jovial old man, but I was curious of her night plans. She began to inform me that she would drive out to the nearest hotel and get a room for the night, which I quickly shot down. I offered up my guest room, and she immediately agreed.

Later, I continued through my usual daily routine. As the sun fell down below the horizon and the darkness crept over the sky, I took my nightly shower. I enjoyed the hot water lightly falling over my body, and tried to scrub away the unclean images I was having of my daughter. I had not partaken in physical relations in quite some time. Natassia had been gone for nearly one and one-half decades, and I had slept with only one other woman in that period; a beautiful, barely legal blonde college student whom I met in the grocery a year after Natassia’s passing. That young, American harlot was too brash, too naive and too rude for a long-term relationship. She was, however, a great fuck and I plowed her tight, petite body nearly three dozen times in our month-long fling.

I turned off the shower faucet, trying to get my mind off my daughter. I flung open the curtain, and prepared to step out from the stall and retrieve my navy-blue towel from over the top of the door. I wasn’t completely aware of my surroundings, having gotten a blast of water in my eyes just before finishing. As I stepped from the stall, I was taken aback by a surprised, feminine gasp.

Marianna stood in the bathing quarters, and was brushing her teeth, assured that she would finish before I completed my shower. I regained my vision, and realized that her eyes were locked in stare at my fully erect member. My visiting daughter was slowly taking in the sight of my admittedly large manhood. Somewhat embarrassed, I reached past her for my towel, wrapped it around my waist, and escaped into my bedroom.

I shut the door behind me as I flopped myself in disgust onto my bed. After several curses and swears and indigenous Russian sayings I’m not too confident most of my neighbors would understand, I sat up and released a heavy sigh. I was sexually attracted to my smoking hot daughter, and the taboo stigma that engulfed the ordeal was frustrating me. My erection refused to go away; my hard cock stubbornly stood at attention, throbbing.

“Daddy,” her angelic voice stabbed through the silence swiftly. I looked up in surprise, not hearing her open the door, and Altyazılı Porno draped my wet towel ineffectively over my lap. She unabashedly approached, and before I could react her hand had snatched the towel and cast it aside, banished. “I have never seen one that big,” she stated, making me blush.

She knelt inward towards my penis, her eyes investigating it. I felt slightly uncomfortable, and tried to turn away. Her hands forcefully pressed down on my thighs, telling me without saying it that she didn’t want me to budge. Her heart-stopping, incandescently blue eyes scoured over it, and she still wore a mask over her face of disbelief.

“It’s so long,” she began. After a moment of more investigation she continued “And so thick.” She raised her arm towards it, and placed the elbow based into my thigh, adjacent the object of her complete and undivided attention. It took me a moment, but I realized she was comparing the size of her forearm to the mass of my rod.

“Oh my God,” she gasped, and I cringed at the mention of the Lord’s name, given the existing conditions. “Daddy,” the way she said that word was so tauntingly alluring, “You’re as long as my arm from the elbow to my wrist, and a good deal thicker!” I looked into her eyes, ensnared in lust and amazement.

She wrapped her hands around the base of pulsating cock, gripped, and began stroking up and down the shaft without further hesitation. Her smooth, soft hands glided pleasurably, vacillating my manhood. Marianna lifted her head, staring my directly in the eyes while she gave me the most wonderful handjob I had ever experienced.

“I want you, Daddy,” her voice teased me. “I want to feel you deep inside me,” the whorish words coming from the sweet lips of my daughter, and the subject of her statement was I!

Moaning, I was perplexedly torn. The pleasure she was giving me was incomparable, and I had already admitted that I wanted this from her. Alas, the torment of the stigma was weighing on my mind heavily.

“Marianna,” I forced out. “I don’t know if this is something we should continue upon. This road we’re…” I stopped speaking as she released my penis. Immediately I regretted my actions, I missed her hands around me.

“But daddy,” she retorted, dejectedly.

I looked up to her, and she stepped away into the glow of the moonlight which dropped in through the windows. She stared me in the eyes, unwavering, as her hands slid slowly down her curvacious body and her fingers came to the brim of her jeans. She unbuttoned them, and then drew down the zipper while her tongue crept out and licked from one corner of her lips to the other. She bent down, bringing her tight black denim apparel around her ankles, and somehow pulled them past her feet without removing her heels.

Marianna rolled her head around, her lovely blonde hair tossing in the air, and she spun about so that her salacious backside was facing me. Her delicate hands danced around her body, and she slipped her thumbs underneath the thin strings of her shiny, silvery-looking thong. She lifted up, and snapped the strings against her body, simultaneously moaning lasciviously. She reached nonchalantly over before herself, touching the tips of her crimson red finger nails to the bottoms of her high-heeled feet and rearing up her round, lovely ass.

“Don’t you find me sexy?” she asked, finally finishing the statement she had begun before embarking her ostentatious display of hedonistic artistry.

“Yes,” I replied, unable to lie.

“Isn’t your enormous erection dying to penetrate my moist, warm, welcoming pussy?”

“Indefinitely so,” I answered.

“Then,” she began as she crouched down to the ground, falling to her hands and knees and seductively crawling towards me, “Don’t you want to follow this path?”

Her head rested at the base of my cock, her luscious lips inches from my shaven balls, waiting for my response.

“Suck me dry, Marianna.”

She took me into her mouth, her lips spreading open around the head of my thick trunk-like cock, then slowly slipping over and downward. Marianna forced her head down my crank, her wet tongue lapping around my member as she bobbed up and down. I moaned heavily, the pleasure quickly becoming overwhelming. My sexual drought had lasted so long that the slightest brush of her finger across the flesh of my sack threatened to unleash my backed-up semen down Brazzers her throat at any second.

I closed my eyes tightly, preparing for the moment. I could feel it ominously nearing; my left foot slightly twitching in anticipation. My bountiful flesh rocket was gearing up to burst a cornucopia of white, creamy paste.

Suddenly, my hard, throbbing manhood was freed from the wonderful confines of her throat, and her left hand had tightened it’s grip around the base of her desire. I opened my eyes to the sight of her snide smirk.

“Daddy dearest,” she quipped, “You can’t cum yet. I’ve barely started playing with this giant funstick, please don’t take away my favorite toy.”

She stood up, and shoved me down upon my bed. Crawling over my firm body, she inched up my vessel with kisses and light nibbles. Her lips continued trekking upward my body, my chest, my throat, until we were eye-to-eye. I enjoyed feeling the considerable weight of her massive breasts lying atop my chest, and feeling the intense heat that was emanating from her hairless, sopping wet womanhood. After a brief pause, she pressed her lips to mine.

As our mouths opened to welcome each other unconditionally, I wrapped my fingers into the locks of her blonde hair and pulled her deeper into the kiss. We both moaned slightly, periodically, as our tongues writhed and slapped over one another, participating in a dance that was both violent and sensual. Saliva swapping back and forth, we were fully allowing ourselves to sink into the truth, to welcome and embrace each other as lovers.

Marianna pulled away, and a delighted smile rested upon her wondrous face. She deliberately strolled the tips of her fingers across my chest and bit her bottom lip in want.

“Daddy?” she asked in a pleasant tone.

“Yes, my love,” I replied.

“Fuck me like a dirty whore,” she giggled lustfully as I sprang up to her command.

I wrapped my thick, powerful arms around her sexy body and I tossed her around so that she was sprawled out beneath me. My hands went around her legs and underneath her knees so I could prop her up and open. I aimed my view down towards my daughter’s lovely pussy, and removed one hand from her knee to the top of my shaft. I guided the head of my hot, beating cock near the entrance to Marianna’s vagina. As the head of my thick rod rested at the gates of her burning, needing pussy I smiled in sinful joy.

Casually, I prodded the lips of her pussy, not wanting to violently overwhelm the vaginal canal of my lovely partner with the girth of my manhood. I felt her love hole ceaselessly rising in temperature, and moistening constantly; within a few minutes I was able to breach her hull. As father irrevocably penetrated daughter, she released a high-pitched screech that was equal parts paralyzing euphoria and devastating agony. My hips whipped back and forth, my cock driving forcefully deep into her, sliding and slapping against her, every single thrust met with shrill scream of ecstasy and anguish. Her arms wrapped around my wide, stalwart back and her nails dug into my skin as her eyes rolled into the back of her head.

I do not know how to adequately describe the pleasure I was experiencing. Her wet, astounding pussy was so tight that I’m surprised I didn’t feel her literally rip from the intense and violent pounding I gave her. I fucked her deep into the night, losing track of time and allowing my hips to automatically thrust, my mind lost in the enjoyment of my beautiful, sweet Marianna’s love-lust.

Eventually, my mammoth manhood ejaculated far up into the bowels of my daughter’s vaginal passage, and I nearly collapsed on top of her lithe, naked form. I rolled over to my back, and just breathed in the air as my mind sat in serene calm and solitude.

My incomparable Marianna sat up, and lovingly slid her palm against my thigh. I gazed at her soaking wet hair lying heavy down her back, sweat glistening over every immaculate inch of her angelic body. She was perfection.

“Daddy,” she began as she so normally did, “That was ineffable.”

“I agree, darling.”

“Happy Birthday,” she giggled meekly. “However,” she added after a pause, perking my interest, “for My birthday, I think you should use your exceptional endowment to take my butt-cherry.”

I promised her I would, and enjoyed sleeping next to the naked body of my sweet, lovely daughter that night. When she left the next morning, we shared a passionate kiss on the doorstep that probably crushed the dreams of every punk hoodlum running about in the neighbors’ yards. As she turned, I slapped her gently on her large, lustful ass and couldn’t wait for Valentine’s Day to draw near.

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