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“Kim, I’m heading over to Tim and Jenny’s for the poker party are you sure you don’t want to come?” I say, hoping beyond hope she doesn’t say yes.

“No, I have a lot to do just don’t be too late. I’ll be sleeping by 10 so if you’re later than that be quiet coming in, ok?

“Sure honey, see you later.”

I leave the house going over to the neighbor’s through the woods as usual and find a note on the tree. It says, ‘Take off your clothes now, put on the leather cuffs, collar, leash, and come down to our house through the back door. Jenny will meet you there.’ As I start to take off my clothes, I see a plastic bag on the ground. I pick it up finding a large clear butt plug, some lube, and a strap that has a large ring in it. Note inside: You know what to do with these, the one with the ring in it, the rings go into your mouth to hold it open for dicks, pee, cum and whatever else our guests want to put there. I proceed to lube up the big plug, as it is bigger than I’ve ever had before it takes a lot pushing but after a bit of pain it is finally embedded in my ass. I start working it in and out of my ass to be sure it’s more comfortable putting more lube on each time finally pulling it all the way out and quickly shoving it back in. I’ve never had anything this large in my ass before. Feels odd to try to walk.

I finish up and read the rest of the note, ‘The reason for the very large plug is that a friend of ours is that large and we want to be sure you’re ready if he needs an ass to use.’ I think, ‘Good thing I have cleaned out really good!’

I proceed down the hill as it’s still light, anyone in the road can see me if they look up and there are people coming up their driveway as I walk down the drive. Someone comes up behind me and smacks my ass really hard eliciting a yelp from me. She grabs my leash and puts it over her shoulder pulling me along to the back door. She says, “My name is Sissy, I am Jenny’s sister. She sent me out here to get you to be sure no one got to you first. She also said I get first crack at you in the back yard. So, on your knees!” I immediately drop to my knees and she yanks on the leash to show who’s boss. “Lay down! I need to pee and they said you like to swallow right?” I nod as I can’t really say anything with the ring holding my mouth open.

Sissy squats over my mouth with her pretty pussy close enough for my tongue to lick her lips which is what I do as I hear a nice moan come from her. She starts peeing as I swallow as fast as I can to ensure I don’t spill a drop. Mouthful after mouthful of sweet piss fills up my mouth as I continue to swallow. Finally, she is done and says, “Now get to cleaning that up! I want to be nice and clean for my sister’s husband to fill me with cum that you can eat later. Bet that surprises you! Jenny and I share everything even boys and girls.” I go to work licking as she grinds her pussy into my face, she kneels down to get a better angle. Grinding her into me until I hear a loud growl and she starts orgasming, squirting right into my mouth which I swallow gratefully. Then she angles up so I can lick her asshole which is dirty with dried cum I assume must’ve come from Tim.

She says, “There you go, you found Tim’s cum didn’t you. Hmm, seems like you enjoy cum even if it is dried and came out of an asshole! Good little piss slave. Here’s a little more.” As she once again slides up to give me another mouthful. “Think we need to take that ring off though as it doesn’t let you eat pussy or ass very well and I suspect you will be doing a lot of that.”

She pulls me up by the leash to a kneeling position, looks into my mouth to be sure nothing is left and I swallowed everything. Then she spits into my mouth and says, “You will be a good slave, tonight right?” I nod. “No talking back if I take the ring off?” I shake my head. “Good, now let’s take you into the house and set the ground rules.” Sissy takes off the ring from my mouth letting me move my jaw again as she slaps me and says, “No talking to anyone tonight no matter what. BTW, did you notice what was inside that butt plug we gave you to wear?” She leads me up by the leash and reaches into her pocket and brings out some kind of remote control. Pushing a button, I yelp as I feel what is like an electric shock on my asshole where the plug now resides, and she says, “That’s the punishment part of the plug here’s the pleasure part.” She pushes the lever up and I feel vibrations against my prostate where the tip of the plug resides. She leaves it on while she pulls me into the house with my dick rising quickly because of the vibrations.

We get into the house and I’m already swooning with pleasure from the vibrations as Jenny walks up to me grabbing my rock-hard cock saying, “I may have to use this nice tool a bit later even though you are a good piss slut you have a nice thick cock.” She leads us into the master suite holding my cock while Sissy has the leash. “So, since you’re here I assume you are ready, willing, and able to perform escort ataşehir all duties we desire. As we have said before there is no need for a safe word since you have said you are willing to do whatever anyone asks except scat, which would be gross anyway. We are going to tell all our guests that you are in here for their use. You can see that there is a seat in the shower for women to be comfortable while using your services but they don’t have to use it. Also, under it is a wedge so your face will be up high enough to ensure access if they want that too. You will swallow every drop and if you miss, I’ll be having you lick it off the floor. Next to the sink with a little note will be the remote for the butt plug so anyone can punish you or pleasure you it’s up to them. For the first hour or so there probably won’t be many coming in to use you but you never know. We have 14 guests coming over all married, all except one are M/F and the last is a surprise.”

Jenny looks at my deflating cock as Sissy turned off the vibrator and says, “Aw, such a pity. Oh Well, to continue, I do hope you are ready and we should be complete by around 1:00AM. Any questions?” I shake my head. “Initially, you will be bound with your hands in front of you and there are some toys there on the bed that folks can pick up and use as they deem. They will be told that they are not to hit your balls but the dick is fair game. At 10:00 we are going to chain you to the bed with your ass up for the guys to get a good fuck before going home if they want. You are to let the women do whatever they want to you and you will do as they instruct at all times. Oh yeah, I almost forgot, there is also a tip jar here for you if you do a good job. If they put chips in we will cash them out at the end of the night. Just so you know the buy-in for tonight’s game is a thousand dollars.”

Sissy comes over, chains my cuffs together, puts a nipple clamp on each nipple, connects the chain to each clamp and to my hands with just enough play for me to rest my hands in my lap.

Jenny says, “Alright, get into position under that seat because I need to pee really bad.” I move over to the spot, lay down with my face in the hole as she unceremoniously plops into the seat where my nose is now buried in her asshole. I open my mouth just in time for her to let loose a torrent which I swallow and swallow for what seems like an eternity since I can’t breathe. Finally, she is done and I can breathe through my mouth as I’m gasping, I also start licking her pussy clean when, like her sister after a few minutes, orgasms and squirts straight into my mouth as I swallow. Like her sister before she slides up giving my nose a break when I find some fresh cum seeping out of her asshole which I summarily lick up and dig deeper for more as she squeals with delight.

“So, you do like to eat a freshly fucked ass. There will be plenty more cum for you to eat throughout the night as after the money game is over in a couple of hours, we move onto strip poker.” As she gets up with freshly cleaned privates, she smooths out her dress and pushes the punish button on the plug making me jump. She and Sissy turn around and leave the bathroom hitting the light as they go giggling off into the other room. I sit up awaiting my first customer.

Twenty minutes or so after they left, I hear someone coming but can’t see much with just a nightlight illuminating the bathroom. The light is flicked on and there stands a big guy, maybe 6’6″ and 320lbs, he walks over to the sink before he sees me and reads the note. Puzzled, he turns around to see me kneeling on the floor waiting. He walks over, kind of a little drunk already, unzips his fly, rummages around a bit, heaves out a cock that is almost as thick as a toilet paper roll, lets it plop onto my face, as I move my head to get the head pointing into my mouth, he shoves the head completely into my mouth and let’s go. I swallow and swallow till he’s finished what feels like a gallon of piss. He stays there and starts pushing deeper into my mouth until he hits the back where he just stops while his cock keeps hardening in my throat. It starts to feel like I have a baseball bat in my mouth as it stretches as wide as possible, he starts to fuck my mouth. He doesn’t even care that my teeth are scraping along his cock as it’s so big. I close my eyes letting him grab my hair getting more and more of that monster cock down my throat. He shoves as hard as he can while I swallow and he holds my head while he spurts load after load into my throat. He finally let’s go of my head as I pull back to catch my breath, I put the head back into my mouth to pull out any cum that is left in there and clean his cock. I lick up all the slobber I had left on his cock as he finishes by wiping off on my face and hair.

He looks down at me and says, “Wow, I could use a toilet like that at home. No one has ever taken that much of my cock before. I think with a little training you could take the rest of it. Turn kadıköy escort around and let me see your ass!”

I turn around and stick my ass up in the air and my head on the floor. He pulls out the plug half way, squeezes some of the lube onto it and shoves it in and out a few times saying, “Looks like this ass could use a big cock in it too. Maybe after I recharge, I’ll come piss and fuck that ass.”

All I could think was how would I ever be able to take that monster in my ass. Maybe he would forget about it. As he turns around saying, “Kind of cool also that I don’t have to wash my hands since they never got dirty.” He stops at the sink, pushes the punish button, hears my gasp, “Whoops, wrong button.” As he turns on the vibrator, puts $50 in the tip jar while I shiver at the pleasure of the plug vibrating in my ass.

Jenny comes into the room with a strap and a 6.5″ dildo on it. She comes up to me and pries open my mouth shoving the dildo in strapping it around my head. It’s just long enough to go past my gag reflex but not long enough to stop my breathing. She says, “This side says, unhook to use. Just thought I’d tryout a new toy we got.” She slaps my face smiles and kisses my forehead.

She leaves turning out the light. I sit there, butt plug in my ass dildo in my mouth, balls cinched with a strap, and clips on my nipples as I let my hands fall a little too far pulling hard on the tight clamps causing me to squeak as a couple walks into the bathroom. While they’re kissing and grabbing at clothes, they turn on the light and are startled initially with me on the floor. They look at each other while they close the door, he tosses her up on the counter top while he pulls down his pants to let out a nice hard dick. He quickly shoves the full length into her pussy all at once eliciting a gasp as he starts savagely fucking her while she claws at his back until they cum simultaneously him unloading deep into her. He pulls out slowly saying, “I do really have to pee.” He looks at me, reads the note on the strap, pulls it over my head pulling out the dildo replacing it with his dick. “Look, I can get my dick cleaned and piss without any muss or fuss.”

He unloads a torrent of piss while I swallow with his softening dick in my mouth. He finishes so I lick off everything and lick the girl juices from his balls cleaning him up nicely when the woman grabs the collar pulling me away saying, “I need to pee and get cleaned too.” As I lay back under the chair, she plops down letting me lick the cum from her messy pussy. She lets out a little pee adjusting herself while I clamp on and drink every drop. I finish cleaning her up but she doesn’t move. She reaches down and grabs my rock-hard cock as her guy is leaving the room, no one ever turned off the vibrator.

She shimmies down my body sliding straight onto my cock when another woman comes in, drops her panties, plopping down onto the seat where my mouth awaits, then starts to pee slowly easily allowing me to drink hers too. In the meantime, the girl on my cock is riding enjoying herself when the one peeing says, “Grace, is that a nice cock?”

“Yes, it is and my hubby just fucked me on the counter over there too. Our bathroom guy here is really good at swallowing and has a nice dick to ride. Oh, here it comes again!” Grace orgasms again while riding my cock as I let loose a huge load of cum into her.

The woman peeing finishes up and I clean up her pussy while she enjoys the licking, she gets up shortly saying, “I need to get back to my hand, think I’ll just leave the panties here.”

Grace pulls herself up and plops back down on the chair to let me clean her up again saying, “That was nice now be sure to eat all that cum out of me I don’t want to stain the chair since I think most of us women will end the night without panties under our skirts. Keep up the good work!” She gets up and puts something into the tip jar while I get up and have to pee myself with all that I had drank already. With the light off, I sit and pee when once again the light goes on and another smaller guy comes in. He says, “Oh, sorry I thought this was where we’re supposed to go pee.” I nod and point to my mouth.

He walks over unzipping pulling out a long skinny dick saying, “I’m not gay but I guess it’s ok to pee there.” He chuckles and I open my mouth while I’m peeing, taking the head of his cock into my mouth, he unloads his prodigious amount of piss into me. I finish peeing, while he is finishing, I slide forward a bit causing his cock to slide into the back of my mouth. His cock starts hardening while I hold my spot until it is completely hard, I pull back till just the head is in my mouth and shove the whole cock back into my throat a few times. I pull back again looking up at him he is staring up at the ceiling now shoving his dick in and out of my throat when suddenly, he shoves as hard as he can, grabs my head, holds it there until he finishes his last spurt. He slowly pulls out and I lick the head maltepe escort bayan to get it clean.

He shakes his head saying, “Wow, that’s the first time anyone has ever sucked my dick. My wife hates it thinking it’s dirty. She’s even using the other toilet which is why I had to come in here.” He sees the strap on the floor, picks it up turning it over, reading the back, he puts the dildo in my mouth, slides the strap over my head, and turns to the sink reading the note there. He turns off the vibrator but wants to see what the button does. He pushes it and I squeak. So, he watches me and pushes it a few more times until I’m actually moaning from the shocks. Amazingly, they are starting to feel good.

I get off the toilet back to the spot I’m supposed to be in and kneel. He looks back at me smiles, pushes the button two more times as I moan. With the light on he sees the instruments on the bed walking over to pick up a crop. He comes back, motions for me to turn around. I turn around and raise my ass into the air again as he executes a hard smack of the crop across my ass. I grunt as is hurts a lot. He proceeds to smack me 5 more times very hard. I have tears in my eyes from the pain. He slides the crop up the inside of my legs tapping my cock and strapped balls. Then a savage smack right on the plug in my ass causing the plug to go a little deeper. He pulls on the plug which has dried out a bit so it hurts to come out at first. He reaches over me to the bottle of lube and squirts a bunch on the plug as it’s at its widest point still in my ass as he twists it back and forth letting it pop back into my ass.

He says, “Do you like that in there?”

I lift my head and nod. When he says, “Wow, I’ve never seen anything like that. It’s kind of fun to play with.” Then he repeats the same move but brings it all the way out putting more lube on it shoving it back in slowly.

“What are you doing?” says a woman from the doorway.

“Oh, nothing darling this is the toy they told us about when we got here. Sit up and turn around slave. Show my wife where you’re supposed to be. See dear, his job is to drink pee and whatever else comes out of a pussy or dick.”

“Well, I’ve been waiting for the other bathroom this whole time. I guess someone is in there getting sick or something. I’ll just use the toilet here you two get out while I go.” I shake my head and nod to the note on the wall behind the toilet. She reads aloud, “Toilet is for the piss slave only if you use this bathroom you must use the chair. Well, ok honey, you go ahead and leave I don’t want you to watch me.”

He puts something in the tip jar and leaves the room. His wife pulls down her ample panties, she’s about a size 18 so a good-sized woman, stepping one leg out so she can straddle my body. As she sits onto the seat my open mouth is filled with pussy as she tries to go, “Wow, never done anything like this before I’m finding it hard to start.”

I slip my tongue around and find her hard nub of a clit and start rubbing it with my tongue. I hear moaning as she squirms around and a little pee starts. I swallow when I get a full mouthful but she is going very slow. After she’s done peeing, I start on her pussy with gusto getting her very wet and breathing very heavy as I munch on her very hard clit. She leans back which causes her bottom to slide forward sending my tongue right along to her asshole which I also devour hearing, “Oh my GOD YESSS! Right there!!” I dig my tongue deep into her ass as she lets loose a long orgasm shivering until she sat back up a bit and again unleashed a stream of piss into my mouth for me to swallow. I clean her up as she looks down and sees my cock once again at attention since the plug is still vibrating away on my prostate.

She gets up slowly, leaning over my cock as she grabs the lube and lathers up my cock. She turns around lowering her onto my cock while I think, ‘Ah another nice pussy.’ She then guides my cock into her asshole, slowly impaling herself onto my cock. I look up at her face and see some pain but more pleasure as she starts to rock forward and back getting used to its girth. Then she starts riding my cock while I stretch my chains to be able to play with her clit causing immense pain in my nipples. I start cumming again this time in this woman’s ass then she lets out a deep growl as she plunges down on my cock and hands, orgasming for what seemed like minutes.

She says, “Oh my God, I’ve always wanted to try that but didn’t want hubby to get the idea I might like it till I decided if I liked it. That was great. Will you clean up the evidence so he doesn’t know?”

I try to nod but the chair is a bit in the way so she plops back down to let me clean the cum from her asshole which I do dutifully. Once clean she gets up, pulls her panties the rest of the way off and stuffs them in my mouth. She goes to leave and sees the remote by the tip jar and turns off the vibrator but also pushes the punish button twice getting a moan out of me.

This continues throughout the night until 9:30 when Jenny and Sissy come into the bathroom to relieve themselves. After they finish peeing, they let me pee then lead me into the bedroom while turning on the vibrator causing my cock to rise to the occasion again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32