Noah V Kane Ch. 04: Morning Glory

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The following morning, Antonio felt the warmth of the bed engulfing their tangled bodies, blurring the lines of where his body ended and Jasmine’s began. Rising from the depths of sleep and falling from the heights of dreams, Antonio stirred to consciousness. The blankets shielded both of them from the cool morning and it was heavy and comforting. Gentle rain splashed the window after its descent from the heavens, making for a lazy morning.

As Antonio realized where he was, both in time and place, relief and relaxation flowed over his soul. It was Saturday morning, and he thought to himself, ‘it’s not necessary to tear myself from this stunning woman’.

He cuddled Jasmine into his strong arms and was reminded of all the times she joked about him being an octopus. Her cold feet were nuzzled under Antonio’s calves and heat permeated from the rest of her soft and supple body. The warm skin of her thighs flowed against his hand like the wake of a ship as it sailed north along her stunning legs. The round curves of her ass cheeks were pressed firmly to Antonio and as he took stock, he became aware of the unbearable pressure of her ass against his morning glory.

He caressed and squeezed Jasmine’s ass, his hands wandering to explore her soft abdomen, the hands she’d fantasized about just days before. Once again, Jasmine became aroused by his touch on her body. While not taut and firm, it was smooth and familiar. Under a comforting layer of softness, her muscles were perfectly apparent, while not overly abundant. She smiled gently, knowing that he approved.

Antonio started playing down between her legs, working his way into her steamy, slippery wetness. Jasmine stirred, but only to turn and kiss him before slipping back to the slumber of the morning.

His bursa escort lust escalated and he rubbed himself against the smooth skin of her backside. The crevices between her cheeks provided just enough surroundings to tease his manhood. He began stroking his fingers in and out and across her clitoris. He longed to plunge something, other than his slick fingers, into her most intimate essence.

Jasmine felt his manhood oozing now, coating her ass as he began rigorously scratching the itch that was driving him insane. He ran his fingers along her arms, but still she did not stir. In the morning haze, she was warm and comfortable, between asleep and awake. The warmth of Antonio behind her, his chest pressed against her back and the increasingly interruptive tempo of his ministrations tore Jasmine, between action and inaction, but brought a smile to her face.

Antonio attempted to taunt her to wakefulness. He tickled the inside of her elbow with kisses and nibbles, while Jasmine felt the goose bumps and caught herself smiling from his teasing. The feel of his morning glory against her ass unleashed his tiger side. He was going mad with the need to take her. The inviting feeling of her breasts pinched between his fingers was doing nothing to relieve his animalistic yearning, only feeding primal desires to take her as his own.

Kissing her neck, Antonio ran his fingers through Jasmine’s hair in seductive foreplay. Tangling his fingers in her locks, the soft, fruity smell of her sexy long hair made him feel intoxicated with desire. Pulling the strands of hair from her ear, Antonio kissed and nibbled on the nape of her neck before taking her right ear in his mouth. Turning, without a word, she reached up and pulled his lips to hers. As their lips danced, bursa escort bayan their tongues joined in, traveling like a tide, ebbing and flowing.

Jasmine’s beautiful behind, the source of so much pleasure and torture, was now firmly pressed to the bed. His full 9 inches of morning glory drew across her thigh like a searing hot knife, as if his manhood was reaching for her. Jasmine, now fully awake, kissed him more than she breathed. He had been teased long enough and the longing in her had arisen.

Moving her long fingers, she traced a path of light scratches along Antonio’s back, weaving and spinning her feminine nails like figure skaters. She felt his back muscles flex as he rose up and prepared to take what was his. As he licked his lips, her legs spread wide in invitation and complete submissiveness to him this morning. Her anklet rang like a dinner bell to the beast within.

He growled and plunged into her. She was so warm, so tight, and so right. Her essence was to him as the bed was as well. All one . . . together. Jasmine could feel him twitching and throbbing inside her as his passion flowed through his manhood into her body.

Jasmine’s feet, frozen in the exposed morning air, clamped against the warmth of his ass as she pulled him in to fill her and satisfy her desires. The anklet chimed its approval in harmony with Antonio’s rhythmic thrusts. That combined with his primal grunts made her lust for more. Antonio felt like he was taking the only woman in the world, but Jasmine knew the two of them would always have their way with each other.

Intoxicated with the moment, Antonio sensed that he, in this moment had no eyes, no ears, and no tongue. He only felt himself, heading deeper and deeper within her body, within her escort bursa very soul. Each expedition of her was rewarding as his manhood showered kisses on her cervix. She pulled his hair and her nails traced passionately across his back. Her heels dug into his ass again and she could feel it tighten with each masculine thrust. As pleasure spread from his groin throughout his body, the anticipation, the knowing, and the swelling grew more intense.

Jasmine felt the familiar signs of Antonio losing his self in her. His breath became shallow and quickened. Not only were the springs and wood of the bed groaning and moaning, her voice and the anklet added to the chorus of sexual cacophony, begging and commanding him to fill her womb with his manly seed, and for Antonio to give it to her harder and faster.

She felt her anticipation rise to a peak just as Antonio felt the pending eruption within her. All six feet of Antonio was lost in the sensation of nine inches. She too, was pushed over the edge and his need to give his seed to her. She loved him and wanted it now as her inner monster that he created this morning was unleashed. The orgasmic endorphins flowed through them, drifting on the rivers in his blood stream. As he throbbed and twitched, she felt Antonio explode within her. Jasmine felt his seed spray from his head and coat her insides. He collapsed over her, smothering her spent body with the weight of his own. She caressed his back and stroked his hair like she would a kitten, but fitting for a tiger. He was a good boy after all.

She found his cheeks, scratchy and unshaven, resting on the gentle skin between her breasts. Lifting his head, his groggy gaze met hers and she pulled his lips to his once again. Pulling back, he took in her beautiful eyes. So vibrant, mysterious . . . and loving.

“Good morning, Sir.”

“Good morning, Gorgeous.”

Antonio, as if drunk on primal lust passes out into a deep sleep. Jasmine is wide awake now. She smiles as she feels his mark dripping on her thigh.

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