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Big Ass

These stories are meant for people who are Adults. If you are not at least 18 years old, or are offended by erotic or sexual material, please do not read.

I post the entire story each time so that people do not ask me to send them the earlier parts each time. The story is a work in progress that sometimes changes in addition to being added to. If you like the story please let me know. Thanks, Lynne

I was sitting at the Moon with some friends during the Olympics, drinking a little too much because my love life sucked at the time and I knew Bobbi and Paula were giving me a ride back to Provo. I had a few months left to go at school and was sick and tired of hiding my sexuality from everyone but a few close friends and the women I knew at the Moon. My first LTR ended with a girlfriend who left me because I wouldn’t march in the local pride parade, my only other ongoing relationship was a little on the kinky side involving two older women who lived in another state and I was tired of masturbating in the shower at home, trying to keep quiet so my roommates wouldn’t hear.

So there I was, a little more than tipsy, talking with a few friends when Suzy came in. I had met Suzy a couple of times and she and I had made out once while dancing, but nothing more ever came of it. Like me, she was in the closet to most people but for different reasons. She had this real cute little boy, William, who she worried she would lose if he ex ever found out she was a lesbian. Her ex was a real asshole who constantly kept her in court and rarely paid his child support unless threatened with jail or loss of visitation. Even when he did pay, it was with a check from his mother, who was the only reason, besides wanting to make Suzy’s life hell, that he even bothered to see the boy at all. Suzy saw me and came over and sat down with us. She seemed hurried and not interested in small talk and to be looking for someone in particular.

“Anyone seen Tanya?” she asked after a few minutes. Tanya was a very beautiful and very kinky girl who often came to the Moon and never seemed to leave alone. I found her mysteriously erotic although all her body piercing and tattoos turned me off. Everyone knew she was bi, which was unusual for most of the patrons, and knew she worked as a stripper and most thought a little more than just that. Her favorite pickup at the Moon was the housewife who was hiding in the closet. She was known to be into just about any sex act and the stories about her were legendary.

Bobbi answered Suzy matter of factly, “With the Olympics in town, nobody has seen her. We all figure she is using this time to make a lot of money.” The sarcasm in her voice was evident. While Suzy wasn’t nearly as blatant about it, it was common knowledge she also worked as a stripper, doing only private parties and no one really thought she did anything else but dance. She had sometimes asked some of the bigger butch women at the Moon to work as her chaperone and they all agreed all she ever did was strip and do some grinding on they guys laps. She once told me that it was the only way she could make ends meet with her bills, especially legal bills. She also kept it very quiet knowing if it came out she would have her ex fighting for custody of the kid he never really wanted anyway. Tanya on the other hand apparently never used a chaperone and most people thought she went a lot further if the price was right.

Suzy looked really down on this news. She ordered a drink and looked at her watch. It was about 9:30 and while still early we all knew that she usually couldn’t stay out to late because her mom would be babysitting William. Since her mom did that 4-5 nights a week while Suzy was working her bartending or waitress jobs Suzy rarely stayed out late just for fun. She also never brought anyone home from the club that we knew of.

Suzy kept glancing over at me. I could tell she wanted to talk to me but was trying to make some kind of decision. Finally, when the two couples that were sitting with us got up to dance Suzy finally said something.

“Remember when you told me about the Halloween Party in Santa Fe?” She seemed really nervous and glanced once again at her watch.

“I can’t believe I told you about that, but then again, enough of these,” I held up the margarita I was drinking, “tend to make me a Chatty Cathy.”

“Well, ever think about dancing for money?” Suzy glanced around quickly to make sure no one had heard her.

I looked at her a little dumbstruck. But something in her eyes told me she was not kidding. There was a look of desperation in them.

“No, and I really don’t think I would ever do it. I mean what I did at the party was different. I can’t say that I didn’t enjoy it and find it exciting, but stripping for money is just not my thing.” I took a gulp of my drink.

“Even for a lot of money?” Suzy’s eyes were almost pleading with me.

“I am not interested,” I guess my voice was not that convincing because as soon as I finished porno 64 Suzy chimed in.

“Not even for $500 for one hour of dancing? $500 plus probably another hundred or more in tips.” She looked around once more to see if anyone else was listening. “I have a gig for $1000 but it is for two girls. Bunch of Japanese businessmen. Just dancing for one hour. And all I promised them was topless, nothing more.”

She took my hand and looked into my eyes. “I really need the money. William’s dad has taken me to court again to try and get the support lowered or get full custody, which he is only doing because of his mother, and my lawyer won’t go unless I at least pay my outstanding balance with him. I have $3,000 right now, but need another grand by next week. This will really help but I need another dancer and Tanya had said she would earlier this week but now I can’t find her.”

She squeezed my hand and kept looking into my eyes.

“Sorry, Santa Fe was a party and I probably never would have even told you about it if I hadn’t had to much to drink,” my voice trailed off as I could see tears starting to well up in Suzy’s eyes.

“Please,” she squeezed harder.

I had met William once, when I ran into the two of them at the mall. He was a real cute little kid and from what Suzy had told me about her ex and his family the idea of him getting custody sent chills up my spine. I thought for a minute. A bunch of Japanese businessmen? $500 is cash, probably more. The idea of seeing Suzy dance even crept in as I thought of the one night we had made out in the back of the club. I had been really attracted to her and the thought of dancing nearly naked with her had my too active and slightly tipsy imagination working overtime.

I looked away. Suzy started to let my hands go as I could feel her giving up. I turned around and tried to smile. “Okay, but only because of that cute little boy of yours. Just topless and I am not doing anything more.”

Suzy’s face suddenly lit up as she pulled my hands to her lips and kissed them. “Thank you, thank you.” She glanced at her watch. “I have everything we need in my car, as long as you don’t mind wearing some of my stuff. We look like we are exactly the same size. They are staying at the Hilton on SW Temple and we are supposed to be there at 10:00. That gives us 20 minutes. We can dress when we get there. Thanks so much. You saved me.”

My head was still spinning since I really couldn’t believe I had agreed to this. I had danced at Sara and Nichole’s Halloween party last year but that was different. It wasn’t planned and it was at a party, not for money. I quickly downed my almost full margarita in three quick gulps. I knew it would be hitting my head soon and I figured I was going to need it.

We hopped in Suzy’s old car for the short ride over to the Hilton. I was now a little beyond tipsy and having trouble focusing as we walked through the lobby to the elevators. Suzy had what looked like a workout bag with her and seemed to know her way around. The only time I had been in here before was when Nichole stayed here and I spent a weekend with her. But then I never did see much more than her room. We took the elevator to the top floor. When the elevator stopped I almost fell over and had to lean against the wall to steady myself. Suzy grabbed my hand and squeezed. She smiled at me and then gave me a quick kiss on the cheek just before the doors opened.

“Thanks again, I owe you,” she said as she pulled me out of the elevator.

The doors in this hallway were a lot farther apart than those on the floor Nichole had stayed on. We walked down to the third door on the left and Suzy knocked. A middle aged Japanese man answered the door with a big smile, obviously expecting us. He looked us both over and I suddenly felt like I was being inspected. We were 5 minutes early.

When we stepped inside the door I could see why the doors were farther apart. This was a huge suite, not just a room. It looked like it had at least two bedrooms and a huge living room. Both bedroom doors were closed but apparently someone was in the one to our right since some really cheesy music and the sound of voices could be heard from behind the doors. I giggled to myself when I thought of how much fun Nichole and I could have had if we had this place to play in.

Suzy spoke quickly. “No, these were not the clothes we would be dancing in.. Yes there would be both of us. Yes we had brought our own music. Where was the bedroom so we could get changed?”

Next thing I knew we were in a huge bedroom and Suzy was taking costumes out of her bag. She had several I could choose from. She planned to start in a men’s suit she had brought with a top, garter belt, g-string and hose underneath. She suggested, since her outfit sort of looked like a gangster’s clothes with the fedora and baggy suit, that maybe her policewoman outfit would work for me. It had a pair of hot pants, short blouse that would tie in the front porno izle with a badge, gun belt equipped with holster, hard plastic nightstick and handcuffs, 4″ pumps for my feet and an officers cap and mirror sunglasses. The pumps looked very intimidating in my current state, but the rest sort of looked fun. Underneath I would wear a top and g-string. I never intended the g-string to be seen since I never planned on taking the hot pants off. We both dressed in a hurry and I was not disappointed as Suzy stripped down in front of me. Her body was as beautiful as I had imagined. Her breasts were full, bigger than mine but beautifully shaped. Her pussy was shaved bare except for a small strip of hair. I caught myself staring.

“Come on, get dressed,” Suzy had caught me staring and smiled at me as she stood there naked. She slowly put on her g-string and top. “Like?” She twirled around once to show off and then quickly finished putting on her baggy men’s shirt and suit. I quickly undressed and put on the policewoman’s outfit.

When I was fully dressed I looked at myself in the mirror. The mirrored sunglasses glasses would stay on I decided, since they hid my eyes and made me a little more anonymous. The blouse would come off, and if I had to, the top also, but if I could get away with it I would keep it on. On the way over Suzy said she had planned on getting completely nude and that she would try and draw as much attention to herself as possible, not only to make me more comfortable, but because it would also let her get the majority of the tips. She also said she might do some lap dances, but nothing more than a bump and grind. I planned to stay as dressed as possible.

“Wow,” Suzy walked up to me, looking me up and down. “You look great in that outfit, even better than I do. Your long legs,” she walked up to me and ran a hand up the outside of my thigh, “really look fantastic.” Suzy leaned forward and her lips met mine as her hand continued up the side of my body, brushing the side of my breast and finally ending caressing my cheek. “Thanks again,” she said somewhat breathlessly as the kiss ended. She smiled at me and took my hand. Suzy picked up her cd player and opened the door to the main room. My knees were really weak now, and I wasn’t sure if it was the nerves, the margaritas or the kiss.

The guy who had met us at the door had been joined by 6 others and they all smiled when we entered the room. The door to the other bedroom, which was at least as big as the living room, was open and apparently the other guys had been playing cards on a table that had been set up in there, and currently several thousand dollars in cash was sitting in piles on that table. They also had watching porn on a big screen TV that was visible through the doors. A girl on the screen was currently taking on three guys at once. The sound had been turned down but still the image was disturbing considering the situation.

I stood there as Suzy walked up to the guy who had answered the door. They spoke quietly and he handed her ten $100 bills. She motioned towards the other room and he went in and turned off the porn, but not before the girl on the screen had gotten a face full of cum from the guy she was blowing.

Suzy put the money in a little compartment on her cd player and turned it on. She walked over to me and said quietly, “Okay, the guy there, he is the only one who speaks English, and he doesn’t do it that well, I told him that we just dance and the more they tip, the better the show will get. He understands this and also understands that no one can touch us unless we allow him to, and even then no touching our tits, ass or pussy. Now just relax and have fun. Don’t do anything you don’t feel comfortable with and just try and be sexy. I will help as much as I can.”

The music had already started and the four of the guys had taken seats around the room while three remained standing. All of them had drinks in their hands and at least 3 looked pretty drunk. One of the guys who was obviously well past the legal limit was swaying as he stood there and seemed to be rubbing himself with the hand he had in his pocket.

We both started dancing around the room. I felt awkward and clumsy in comparison to Suzy, who strutted and slinked about with ease. She made sure she stopped in front of each guy, teasing them with her eyes and licking her lips while not touching her clothes or herself. I tried to follow her lead but stayed farther away from the guys and my eyes were hidden by the mirrored sunglasses so I couldn’t exactly make the eye contact Suzy was, nor did I want to. As the song ended Suzy came over to me.

“Follow my lead on this,” Suzy softly whispered to me. “It is time for you to stop and search me, and I mean search me good. Play with my tits through the shirt; feel up my pussy through the pants. Pretend you are looking for something and start to take my clothes off. Remember, you’re the cop and I’m the robber.”

The next song sex izle started and sure enough Suzy pretended to steal something, one of the guy’s cigarette lighter. She dropped it down her pants into her g-string. The guys all were hollering in Japanese and pointing and I played my roll, yelling at her to stop. She did and I walked up to her. Normally I was only an inch or two taller than she was, but in these heels I towered over her. I held out my hand asking for the lighter back but she played innocent. She even said I could search her if I wanted to. She turned around and put her hands on the back of one of the chairs and leaned on them, spreading her legs wide.

I walked up behind her and pretended to pat her down like I had seen in the movies. The guys were all pointing to their crotches, trying to tell me no doubt that she had hidden ‘the goods’ down there. I pretended to be confused and then reached around Suzy and started to rub her breasts. As I did she started to wiggle her bottom towards me. I must say I was enjoying squeezing and kneading Suzy’s breasts even if I did have an audience.

Suzy started to moan and wiggle even more. I moved one hand down her body and started to rub her ass and hips. Even though we hadn’t shed a single piece of clothing yet I could tell the guys were enjoying the show.

Suzy whispered to me, “Pretend you can’t find anything and then stroke your palm. Tell them that if they want you to search farther it will mean they have to pony up some cash.”

I did as Suzy asked, pantomiming the whole thing. The guy who met us at the door said something in Japanese and I was amazed when each of the guys took out a wad of tens and twenties from their pockets. I went from guy to guy and each gave me a bill. I now had over $100 in tips and we still hadn’t taken off any clothing. I put the money in my top and went back over to my ‘suspect.’ I was really feeling the booze now though and I almost tripped as I tried to walk in these heels and caught one heel in the plush carpeting.

“You are doing great,” Suzy said as she helped me stop my fall. “Just relax and do what I tell you. Keep searching me, but this time not just through my clothes.”

I started to search her even more aggressively. I worked her tits over again and this time as she wiggled her bottom I pressed my mound against it. I found myself getting more and more aroused. The more I squeezed her breasts the more she ground into me. The more she ground into me the more cheering I could hear.

“Rip my shirt open… don’t worry about the tie, it is a clip on,” Suzy whispered back to me. “The buttons are sewed on very loosely and should pop right off.”

I reached around front and ripped her shirt open. Buttons flew around the room. The guys really started making noise now. I yanked the shirt and suit jacket down over her arms, which basically pinned them behind her at the elbows. I didn’t realize how excited this little bit of bondage would get me. I reached around and started to play with her breasts once again, now with only the very thin material of her top covering them.

“Tip time,” Suzy whispered. Again I pretended I couldn’t find anything and walked around the room. Again I came back with over $100. The third song was just starting to play. I tried to do something sexy and twirl after collecting my last tip but that just made my head was spin a little more as I got back to Suzy.

“Take my top completely off. Play with my tits again and I will pretend to try and run, but pull your nightstick out and stop me,” Suzy whispered as I started to pat her down again.

I did as she said. I pulled her top off, she had somehow managed to untie to strings while I was picking up tips, or had never really tied them to begin with. I threw it on the floor and started to squeeze her bare breasts and roll her nipples between my fingers, her directing me the whole time, her arms still pinned behind her. Suddenly Suzy pulled away from me and dropped her coat and blouse and tried to run to the other side of the room. I pulled out my nightstick and yelled, “STOP!!!!”

She froze, standing there in front of all the guys and put her arms up in the air. She spread her legs and stood there, waiting for me to ‘search’ her again.

This time the guys had a great view as my hands ran over her body. I paid a lot of attention to her nipples, brushing, pinching and rolling them. I was getting turned on by the domination of Suzy and felt myself growing wetter and my nipples getting harder.

I heard Suzy whisper, “Use the nightstick, spank me with it and then use it between my legs.”

I did what she said. The playfully spanked her and then stepped up behind her and slid the nightstick between her legs, running it back and forth against her mound. She started to moan and squirm, acting poorly but still the guys were eating it up. She started to rub and grab her own breasts and then reached down to stroke the nightstick as it slid back and forth.

“Time for the strip search, but first tips,” Suzy whispered. I made the rounds again, this time getting nothing but twenties. I had stopped figuring out how much money we were getting and enjoying my little domination of Suzy.

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