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I was at home one evening, sitting in my room, just hanging around my favorite chat room, when I saw a screen name pop on that interested me. I looked at the profile, and saw that it was a man, probably young, but what he wrote there had me intrigued. He wrote about why he liked older women, and how turned on he was by them. He said that the thing he desired most was to have a sexual experience with someone who had the wisdom and maturity to enjoy herself.

I decided to send him a message, and before I knew it we were talking intimately, our chat getting heated, sexual and by the end of it, I was very hot, and was inviting him to meet me at a hotel I would be staying at for a conference. He immediately agreed to meet me, and I told him I would e-mail the particulars. I did so, and got a confirmation of our intended meeting.

On the day we were to meet, I finished my business and retired to my room, heading straight for the luxurious bathroom. There was a toilet enclosed in tile with a glass door, a stall shower next to it, with a matching glass door, and a large Jacuzzi tub against the wall.

The entire bathroom was mirrored, and it gleamed. I stepped into the stall shower and hit the water button on the wall. Water jetted out from three directions, and I was surrounded by steam as I lathered with fragrant shower gel and began massaging my body. My soapy hands were gliding over my curves, my slippery fingers going into every crevice. I circled my clit with two of those fingers, and felt the tiny bit of skin slide over my stiff little bud.

My other hand moved to my breasts, pinching the nipples and rubbing the soap into them, and I began to shudder, standing with my legs wide under the spray of hot water, and felt my little clit jerk as I came hard against my hand.

I stood, holding the wall for support, then was able to move enough to rinse off and step out onto the cool tiles. I put a robe on and dried my hair, then went to get dressed.

As much as the shower had relaxed me, I still had a feeling of nervous excitement, as I dressed for my guest. Looking around the room, I realized that I hadn’t even taken in my surroundings. It was a typical room, with a nice fluffy king-sized bed, a small sofa and thick armchair and a solid wood coffee table.

I paced the length of the room, feeling excited, thinking that I was insane for inviting someone more than 15 years my junior to visit me in my hotel room, when I heard the soft knock on the door. Taking in my reflection in the full-length mirror, I smoothed my red velvet dress, made sure my stocking tops were not visible, and made my way toward the door in my 4″ stiletto heels.

I could have been knocked over with a feather as I gazed at the shy young man standing there. He was looking indirectly at me, as if to look at me straight on would blind him. I smiled warmly and took his hand, leading him inside. I had soft music playing, and it was nice and warm in the room and by the time we got to the sofa, we were both looking more relaxed.

I offered him a glass of wine, and we drank to new friends. Before I could gather my thoughts, a soft pair of lips was suddenly pressed to mine and I could feel strong arms moving past my sides and around my back. I kissed back, strongly, but not too aggressively, and the young man’s hands kept roaming, moving over my spine, and touching the swell where my round ass cheeks started.

I was gently touching his chest over his shirt as I kissed his lips, my tongue moving around the seeking tongue of my lover. Things got hotter, as we continued to kiss, passionately now, touching each other all over and sliding sucking kisses over each other’s throats and ears. I was pinching the little hard nipples I found on that smooth chest, and I started taking his shirt off.

I felt the zipper of my dress going down slowly and warm hands moving inside it. It fell off my shoulders and his warm smooth hands started caressing my chest and over my breasts. My nipples started getting hard as they were stroked and pinched. We were breathing hard now, and I moaned as his head went down to suck at my tits. He took one into his mouth and sucked on it hard, coaxing it into stiffness with his mouth and tongue, and squeezing and stroking the other one escort gaziantep bayan haberleri with one hand while the other hand started roaming further down my body.

I was seeping wetness already and the crotch of my thong was soaked and plastered to my pussy. When his hand reached it, he let his breath out, and started moving from one tit to the other, biting hard, then soothing, by licking with broad strokes of his tongue. I started stroking his thighs, feeling his body under the pants he wore. I brushed against his hard cock, and marveled at what he had in there for me. It felt so hard, a telltale wet stain spreading rapidly, and ready, I just had to have that beast naked and in my hands.

I started tugging at his pants, opening them quickly, as his fingers searched me, pushing inside my slit and rubbing me. I got his pants down and his head came up to reach my mouth and we kissed deeply as I grasped his hardness and started stroking it, in rhythm to his probing fingers, and his tongue sliding over mine.

I felt his cock pulse in my hand, start throbbing and I bent down to lick the clear fluid coming out in big drops on the head. I spread it all over with my soft fingertips, stroking all over the head, making it swell. My tongue slapped at it, feeling the smooth skin and tasting his pre-cum still running out of his cock. He moaned deeply and pushed my head down gently, moving one hand to my breasts to squeeze them. He buried his other hand in my long hair, and started pushing into my mouth, letting his dick slide over my tongue, as I sucked around it, and stroked my tongue under it. I let him go as far as he could, and licked around the base of his cock, while I stroked his thighs and balls.

I took over, sucking him hard and with long strokes from the tip of his swollen, fat head to the very base of him, letting him fuck my mouth as hard and deep as he wanted while I stroked him. He was moaning and rolling his head back, pinching my tit mercilessly as he pushed into my throat with a deep thrust of his hips against me, and fed me a huge load of his cum. I backed off a bit to swallow and he pumped my mouth full of it. He spurted so much cum into my mouth that it started squirting out, running down my chin and onto my breasts as he pushed into my still sucking mouth.

I moved up and down on the two fingers he had pushed inside my pussy, and groaned on his dick as I exploded on the hand caressing and fucking me. He pulled my mouth off his cock and up to his mouth. We kissed, and lay back on the sofa together, catching our breath.

As we rested, we sipped our wine, and talked a little. Looking into each other’s eyes, we both knew that we wanted to start over again. I stood up and led my young man to the large bed, and slid my thong off, kneeling on the edge of the bed and bending over, exposing my pussy for his pleasure. I rubbed my moist lips and uncovered my clit for him, running my tongue around my mouth, wetting it sensually.

He bent down and started licking between my legs, running his tongue between the slit that was glistening with moisture. When his tongue hit my clit, I started to moan and rub my wet snatch against his face, making his tongue move all over me. He stabbed the pointed tip inside me, making me shudder and try to fuck it. I lunged back against his mouth and he drove his tongue deep inside. As he tongue-fucked me, he slid a wet finger into my ass, moving it in and out slowly and deeply, driving me to an intense orgasm.

My handsome lover got up quickly and flipped me onto my stomach. He rammed his raging hard on into me. He slammed and pumped my pussy, sliding in and out with uncontrollable lust. Like a man possessed, he took me, holding onto my hips and reaching in front to fondle my tits or caress my clit.

I felt him stiffen and try to get into me deeper, although I had taken every inch inside me already, and he burst, groaning as he poured his hot cum into my wet cunt. He kept on fucking me, moaning and violently pushing in, and I felt his cum saturating my insides.

He started getting softer, and slid out of me with a loud, sucking sound. My young man collapsed on top of me on the bed with his thick sticky cock pressed escort gaziantep hikayeleri in between my ass cheeks. His arms encircled me, and he kissed the back of my neck and caressed my breasts and stroked my hair, telling me how good that was for him. We spooned and started to fall asleep, the afterglow of lust all around us.

After a short nap, we were both feeling a lot more energized. We started kissing, and decided to take a bath together. As I started the Jacuzzi and adjusted the temperature, my lover got towels for us, and came up behind me, kissing my neck and rubbing my shoulders. I noticed that he was starting to rise again, feeling his thickening dick rubbing against my ass. We slipped into the tub and turned the bubbles on.

Sitting in the steaming water at opposite ends of the tub, I started caressing his body with my feet, rubbing his chest and thighs, probing under his cock with my toes. My lover’s cock was rock-hard in an instant and I started jerking it off between the arches of my feet. He took hold of my soft feet and started rapidly moving between them, making my toes caress him all over his cock and balls, that cock throbbing violently and him moaning loudly.

He roughly grabbed me by my arms and pulled me on top of him, hands moving all over my pussy and ass. He squirted some liquid soap onto his fingers and raised me out of the water, rubbing the soap into my asshole. I squirmed and squealed with laughter, as his fingers invaded me.

When he let me back down, it was to sit on his thick cock, feeling it enter the tight ring of my asshole, and the soap allowing it slide easily up inside my hole. I felt opened up wider than ever before, as he started making me pump that fat cock in my ass, making me jerk my body up and down on it, slamming onto it, making it go so deep in my ass. I held onto his shoulders and rubbed my tits against his face, he sucked on my hard nipples as he fucked my ass with long, deep strokes, bucking high and hard, holding my ass cheeks apart and reaching in between my legs to play with my pussy. I was going crazy, grinding my ass into his body, feeling so full of young, hot dick.

I think we came together, as I started cumming he yelled and strained, I could feel that his cock was so swollen, the head fat and smooth, stretching my ass hole wide open, and unleashed ropes of cum inside it, watering my insides with his hot spurts. We stayed like that, with me pressed onto his lap, his cock in the prison that was my tight asshole, and felt his lust drain away for the moment.

I let his dick slide out of me, and lay back in the churning water. We rested for a bit then got out of the tub and into the stall shower, with its frosted glass door. He adjusted the spray from the several shower heads and we got into the warm water. We got in and started washing each other, smoothing shower gel onto each other, making a nice thick lather on both our bodies. I started to talk in a low, lust-filled voice, telling him how I had masturbated in this stall before he arrived, how good my fingers felt gliding over my fat little clit, how I couldn’t wait for him to get there to fuck me.

I rubbed him all over with my breasts, making the lather get all over them, and letting him feel my hard nipples poking out and stroking him like tiny fingers. He moved to face me, and started kneading my breasts gently, making soapy points on them, he then let one then the other be hit by the water spray and be rinsed clean, and took it into his mouth and started sucking on it. He sucked until I was moaning and fingering my soapy pussy, and he was stroking his rock-hard staff slowly but very hard.

The look in his eyes told me what to do, and I turned to face the wall, spread my legs as wide as I could, and looked over my shoulder, inviting him to stick his cock in me. Instead, he knelt down and ran his tongue between my ass cheeks, going in deep and circling my squeaky-clean asshole with his warm tongue. He kept on going, moving over my pussy until he came to my clit, he started sucking on it, and licking it all over, making me squirm and press back onto his face.

His arms were around my thighs, reaching to my pussy, and while he licked and sucked escort gaziantep bayan ilanları my swollen little bud, he fingered my pussy, fucking me with those two fingers so good that I started moaning and almost crying for him to fuck me.

My young lover stood up, but not without stroking his fat hard cock up my leg, and pulled my ass cheeks apart, kneading roughly, and positioned his cock head at my pussy’s wet hole. He stayed there for what seemed like an eternity, then instead of sliding into me, he started moving along my slit, starting to bang the head of his dick against my very aroused clit. I felt him swelling and tensing, and slid forward so his dick was again at my entrance.

Instead of letting him push past it to graze me again, I moved up and onto him so his lunge forward made him go deep into me, with all his force behind that stroke. I started fucking his cock, banging against the base as I rode up and down, hands pressed to the wall, propelling me onto his dick, as he helped my slamming upwards to meet my strokes.

I felt him so deeply inside me, his cock filling me, I couldn’t help but start cumming on him, letting him feel me pulse and ripple inside, all wet and steamy. He rode it out, feeling me grip him and just filling my hot pussy. When I started to slow down, breathing hard, my young man pulled his throbbing cock from me, and started stroking again along my wet slit. He was holding me against the wall, legs closed around his dick, and pumping back and forth, hitting my clit again and again.

The feeling of his cock thickening, and getting smoother and stiff, was making me feel the ecstasy of another orgasm. I felt that lovely fat dick expand between my swollen pussy lips, then relax for a beat. I then felt his hot thick cum drenching my clit and lips, all hot and wet all over my pussy. I think I started cumming as soon as I felt the first hot jet pulse over me, and I was shuddering around his cock while laid his face against my back and stroked my tits, soothing his cock between my wet thighs. We let the spray of water from all around us wash us clean and got out and dried off with the big fluffy towels there. He dried my hair with a towel and I rubbed lotion into his smooth skin. We went to the bed, and passed out for what felt like an eternity.

When we awoke, I had my mouth filled with strong, young cock. It was pushing into my mouth as I rested my head on my lover’s stomach. Fat and warm, it relentlessly moved upward, gliding in between my lips and over my wet tongue.

I tasted the delicious drops forming on the head, and sucked harder, moving my head slowly. My young man groaned softly, and shoved his thick cock upward in one long stroke, and pumped my mouth full of his cum. I swallowed slowly, to taste it all, and lovingly cleaned his cock with my tongue.

I moved up to kiss him and we started passionately sucking on each others tongues, biting and pulling on each other’s lips. I felt his body moving against mine, his hands running all over my body. His lips were on my neck, sucking and licking me, as he started humping his hips against me. I felt his cock standing straight up, and when I looked at him, he smiled a wide smile at me.

I started to laugh as he rolled me onto my back and slid between my legs, catching my ankles as he moved closer, holding my legs wide and high in the air. His dick head rubbed my pussy, making me moan and shudder. I waited and waited for him to enter me, but he teased and stroked me. I begged him to fuck me, telling him how much I wanted that hard cock in my pussy, plunging deep inside, and he just smiled and kept rubbing.

Finally I started gyrating my hips around his cock, making the head all shiny and slick with my pussy juices. He couldn’t take much more of this, and slid the head into me slowly. Looking deeply into my eyes, he then started to kiss me, running his tongue all around in my mouth as he slowly slid his hard on into my pussy, which was burning to feel him inside me again. I started cumming almost instantly, crying out with a lusty, hoarse voice, as he started moving faster, deeper, then banging me with wild abandon, pressed against me, fucking my mouth with his tongue, and groaned into my mouth as he shot his final huge load of hot cum into my pussy, extinguishing the fire that had been burning inside me.

As he got up and went to shower, I just lay there thinking of how glad I was that I took the chance to meet my sweet young man. Exhausted, I helped him get dressed, and showed him out, kissing him deeply and telling him what a wondrous lover he was.

I will never forget this young sweet man, and the hours of pleasure we shared.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32