Pelvic Massage

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“Sit, I insist,” said Leah. “How long have you been on your feet today, Captain?” Leah was seated at the small two-person table. Her dusky blue skin seemed lighter than usual in the harsh fluorescent lights of the small backroom; she had her waist-length dark green hair drawn up in a high braid on her head, trailing down her back in a tight coil. She wore her plain nurse’s uniform under a fuzzy pink cardigan. Leah was a slight, thin amphibious woman with eerily reflective pink eyes, regarding Arin with a keen, analytical gaze as she plopped down on the opposite side of the backroom table.

Arin was tall; a little more than a head taller than Leah, pale, and slightly stocky with shoulder-length crimson hair, striking violet eyes and a large pair of mottled brown sparrow-like wings. She was still in her day clothes, a long white sweater dress, at nearly midnight, and there were pronounced dark circles under her eyes.

“How are you feeling, Captain?” Leah asked, leaning over the table.

“A little tired, honestly,” sighed Arin. “But I need the distraction. I need to go back to work.”

“Your limit was supposed to be four hours a day, if I’m not mistaken,” said Leah, her face dangerously neutral. Arin quailed a little under her stare, shuffling her wings nervously.

Leah extended a hand across the table. Arin pulled one hand up reluctantly, and stretched it out to meet Leah’s.

Arin was sitting so close that Leah, who was a physical empath, could already feel an echo of Arin’s body: from that close distance, she could clearly feel that Arin was exhausted, one of her wings was aching like she’d pulled it, and that her bladder was desperately full. When their hands touched, the echo of Arin’s sensations became much clearer. There was a hollow feeling in her stomach that Leah had become accustomed to, her wing didn’t hurt as badly as Leah had first thought, and she was extremely tense. It made Leah flinch sympathetically before she let go of Arin’s hand.

“What you need is a good night’s sleep and something to help you relax.”

“Dagger root essence?” asked Arin hopefully. “I’ve been good, drinking a lot of water.”

“I’ve noticed,” said Leah. “And maybe later, but now I’m giving you a sleep aid and you’re taking two days off from work to make up for today.”


Leah sighed. “I’ll walk you back to your quarters, make sure you don’t go back to your office again.”

Once they were out in the hall, Leah could feel how badly Arin needed to pee. Every step was distinctly uncomfortable, but Arin didn’t outwardly show it at all.

“There’s a bathroom around this corner if you need to go,” suggested Leah.

“No, no, I can hold it,” yawned Arin. She stretched her wings one by one, slowly and carefully behind her as they walked.

“You andynes are so weird about that. Why don’t you just pee when you need to?” asked Leah, exasperated.

Arin shrugged. “This isn’t bad at all. I could probably hold it for another six, maybe twelve hours, at least.”

Leah sighed, “If you say so.”

The rest of the walk was uneventful. The airship was very quiet at that hour, and Arin couldn’t seem to stop yawning. When they stopped at her door, Arin led them both in. Leah immediately made her way to the kitchen.

“You may want to use the bathroom,” Leah called behind her. “You’ll need to take a whole glass of water with the sleep aids.”

Arin sat down on her couch. For once, the low coffee table she usually spread her paperwork out on was bare, until Leah emerged from the kitchen with a glass of water and set it in front of her.

“Here,” she said, pulling a pill bottle from her pocket. She took out two and dropped them into Arin’s palm. Arin put them in her mouth and downed the whole glass of water without hesitation.

“Now,” said Leah, taking a step back. “That’ll take about two hours to start kicking in, with your vascular system. If you need anything-“

“What I need is a muscle relaxer,” snorted Arin.

“You know I can’t do that,” Leah sighed. “If I had any guarantee you’d keep eating I would…but I don’t,” she said pointedly. Arin looked away, blushing a little. “Do you do anything çanakkale escort normally to relieve tension? Like a hobby? Or exercise? Masturbation?”

Arin looked up. “Did you just say-“

“Masturbation. Everyone does it, Captain,” said Leah matter-of-factly. “It’s nothing to be ashamed of.”

Arin floundered, but recovered with an airy giggle, “I forgot how comfortable you amphibious doctors are with sexual stuff.”

“We call that principle ‘the whole person,'” said Leah. “If you’re going to be working so closely with your patients, you have to be comfortable with everything about them; you can’t just run away every time they have a bodily function. That can include sex, but that doesn’t mean-“

“Oh, don’t worry, I know,” Arin laughed nervously. “Accepting that people masturbate is different from participating in it.”

“And it isn’t compulsory for the doctor, nor the patient,” added Leah, nodding. “Consent is of the utmost importance.” She felt Arin’s bladder spasm next to her, and Arin pressed her legs together: the first sign that she was becoming uncomfortable. Leah stepped forward and sat down. “Would you like me to call your brother to keep you company until the sleeping pills take effect? I heard that he arrived on the ship last week.”

Arin took a deep breath. “No…I think he’s had quite enough of me today.”

“I can stay, at least until you fall asleep,” said Leah. “So, what do you do to ease tension? Might I recommend sudoku?”

Arin sighed. “Is there any way I can sell you on the muscle relaxers? I promise to choke something down on…on a timer or something.”

“I’d prefer as few drugs as possible.” Leah paused. “There’s always physical massage, but-” Arin drew back a bit. “I know you’re not the most touchy-feely person.”

To Leah, Arin’s muscle tension was like a heavy aura. It was making her tense up sympathetically, and it was only getting worse as she spent more time around Arin.

“If we try it and it doesn’t help, I’ll go back to the infirmary and get some muscle relaxers – if you promise to eat something while I’m gone,” said Leah.

Arin hesitated before sitting up and answering, “Sounds fair. Please be gentle, I know how strong amphibious people are-“

Leah situated herself behind Arin on the couch, between her wings. “Lean back, please…You hired me because I’m a physical empath,” Leah said calmly. “I can feel whether or not I’m causing any pain. At the moment it’s in your best interest that I don’t cause any, so you don’t need to worry.”

Arin shivered as Leah’s hands explored her head and neck. Her quick, deft fingers worked the tension out of her neck with surprising speed. Arin was just starting to relax when Leah instructed her to lean forward, and worked out her shoulders, back, and wings. It took Leah over ten minutes to finish, and when she stopped Arin seemed disappointed.

Leah laughed, standing up, “That’s it for your upper half, now lie on your stomach. We’ll skip the pelvic component for now and move on to your lumbar region, glutes and legs.”

Arin complied, and Leah began massaging Arin’s lower back, working her way down-

“Maybe this isn’t a good idea,” Arin said suddenly. Leah’s hand brushed the bottom of Arin’s right buttock and a shiver shot up through Arin’s body, leaving the region between her legs warm and tingling. It was so strong that it made Leah jump. Arin hid her face in her hands, blushing.

“Don’t be ashamed of it, it’s just a natural response,” said Leah, moving to the back of Arin’s thighs. She found that they were nearly as sensitive, and took her hands off of Arin. “If you’re averse to the pelvic component of the massage, we’re already skipping it. It’s more than okay, don’t worry. If you need to masturbate later, I can go and fetch you some stimulation aids from the infirmary,” she offered.

Arin snorted. “Stimulation…aids?”

“Vibrators, mostly, and tools for-” Leah paused. Arin had opened her mouth and taken a breath like she was about to speak, but paused instead. “Captain? Do you need something?”

Leah could barely hear Arin’s mumbled reply, but she could tell what the answer was from a çeşme escort heavy throb in Arin’s nether regions, twisting her stomach in a way that wasn’t unpleasant.

“What was that?”

Arin took a slow, steady breath. “Can we…do the uh…pelvic c-component?” She’d said the last two words quickly, in a restrained whisper.

“If you’re sure you’re comfortable with it, of course we can,” said Leah. “Would you like to be on your front, side or back?”

Arin shifted to her back. She was still fully-clothed, and pulled up her dress. Underneath, there was an obvious wet spot in her plain white underwear. Leah rolled up her sleeves and settled next to Arin on the couch. Arin’s bladder was visibly bulging, and as Leah peeled back the soaked panties, she could see Arin’s large clitoris, throbbing hard in her nest of crimson pubic hair.

Leah started by cradling Arin’s buttocks with her hands, loosening her gluteal muscles. Arin gasped and covered her face in embarrassment while Leah worked around the sides of Arin’s thighs.

“Leah, wait a second…I can’t-” Arin twisted, spreading her legs a little wider. A stream of clear piss shot out of her, soaking into the couch before she got it back under control. Leah paused.

“We should move this to the bathroom-“

“I have pee pads under the table,” Arin panted. “Just slide one in front of the couch.” Leah found the pad, about a meter square and covered in plain gray fabric, under the table and pulled it out onto the floor in front of Arin. Leah had only seen andyne doctors use these pee pads in infirmaries and sick bays, but preferred not to use them in her own.

“Want to let some out now, just in case?” asked Leah, easing Arin’s dress out from under her butt so that she wouldn’t soak it any further.

Arin’s face reddened, and her clitoris throbbed again. “Well, I-…” She gulped. “I’m pee-shy, I can’t go on purpose with you watching.”

“Don’t worry about it, Captain. I’m a doctor, not a professional celibate,” said Leah coolly. “If nothing else, it’ll be a chance to get a good look at your urinary system in action.” She reached down and resumed touching Arin, gently running her fingers along the soaked outer lips of her vulva.

“Your mucous membranes are very healthy,” Leah commented approvingly. She explored and manipulated the swollen folds of Arin’s pussy for several seconds, pausing to let Arin pull her legs up over her head.

“Leah,” gulped Arin. “Leah, watch out-“

“I know, I know,” said Leah patiently. She paused as Arin rocked her pelvis forward and loosed another spray of piss, most of it arching over the pad and splashing all over the table. Arin rocked her pelvis back, and Leah started massaging her again.

“How you andynes can hold back your bladders like this is really beyond me-“

Arin gasped, “But you’re a doctor? You don’t know?”

“Oh, I know the physiological mechanisms,” said Leah, inserting two fingers into Arin. Arin seemed like she was about to speak again, but whimpered as Leah worked on her. “I can just feel it so strongly – it feels like you’re constantly about to wet yourself. Sometimes I can feel some patients’ physicality more strongly than others, but your need to pee is always really intense when I see you.” Arin seemed to want to say something, but leaned back on the couch, moaning aloud. “Come to think of it, you’re really making me need to pee,” said Leah.

Arin moaned, her wings bumping the wall behind her. She came very close to losing control of her bladder again, and for a split second, so did Leah. While Leah was glad to have a patient that she was so well-attuned to, she really didn’t want to wet herself. Leah stopped moving her hands and looked at Arin.

“Captain, we might still have to move this to-” Arin’s bladder spasmed again. Leah could feel that Arin wouldn’t be able to hold it this time, and had to clamp down herself to keep from peeing.

Arin let out a huge burst of piss, shooting straight up into the air and soaking both her and Leah. After a few seconds Leah pushed Arin forward a little, aiming the desperate jet downward into the pee pad. Once that was done, Leah stood up, hiking diyarbakır escort up her skirt, and squatted slightly over the corner of the pad. She remembered that she was wearing underwear too late, and the hissing spray she released soaked right through them.

“Darn it,” Leah half-moaned. She was able to pull her panties aside before she was finished, and continued for longer than she’d expected while Arin watched, still pissing like a waterfall into the pad.

“Looks like you had to go,” panted Arin.

Leah replaced her damp underwear and dropped her skirt. She watched Arin pee for a few more seconds, until the stream slowed abruptly to a drip. Once she was sure she was out of the splash zone, Leah sat back down and slipped two fingers back into Arin’s pussy.

“Do you think we should-” Arin paused, gasping.

“Take this to the shower?” snorted Leah. “I think you’ve already provided the shower. We’ll have some cleaning up to do, unfortunately.”

“Most of it is on the table or on the pad,” grunted Arin.

“And on us,” said Leah. “Let’s just try to keep it in the pad, if there can possibly be any more in there.” She glanced at Arin’s belly. It wasn’t distended anymore, but Leah could still feel that Arin needed to pee.

Leah began methodically stimulating Arin’s clitoris with two fingers. It had swollen even more, and Arin couldn’t hold back a low moan.

“Don’t be shy, Captain.” Leah was surprised to find herself panting. “I much prefer the patients that moan to those that kick.”

“H-how many people have you-” Arin paused, letting out a small yelp. “Umm…”

“Hmm,” said Leah almost nonchalantly. “Including you? Ten. Six males and four females.”

Arin opened her mouth to say something, but gasped instead: her body was beginning to tense up. Arin’s wings thumped on the wall behind the couch as she arched her back.

“Leah, I’m getting close-” Arin gasped.

“I know, I know, just try to relax,” said Leah. “We’re almost there.”

Arin twisted under Leah’s skilled hands, and came a few seconds later with a strangled squeal, letting loose yet another impressive squirt that whizzed loudly in a wide arch all the way over the table and onto the floor on the other side. Leah hastily used her fingers to aim Arin’s flow into the pad in front of them, and flicked at Arin’s clitoris until her body stopped twitching.

“Phew,” sighed Leah, running one hand over Arin’s lower belly while Arin finished her piss. The last of it dripped down her soaked pussy and into the couch cushion beneath her. “Looks like you’re finally on empty. How are you feeling?”

Arin lay there for a long moment, panting, before she answered, “Much better. A little sleepy.”

“Less tense?” asked Leah, standing up.

Arin nodded.

“Groovy,” sighed Leah, surveying the room. Only one cushion on the couch had really been soaked, and most of the piss had landed on the table or the pad. It was less clean-up than Leah had expected. “Now, you promised me you’d eat.”

When there was no response, Leah looked down: Arin had dozed off and was already beginning to snore quietly. “Looks like you needed that,” Leah yawned. She cleaned what she could from the table and picked up the pad, taking it to Arin’s small laundry room off the hall. Once that was finished, Leah washed up as best she could and picked out some clothes for Arin to wear.

“Rise and shine, Captain,” Leah sang. Arin lay with her legs and wings still splayed out on the couch and her pussy exposed. She jolted awake, and Leah handed her the clothes, a mismatched set of fuzzy pajamas. “You did promise me you’d eat,” she reminded Arin again.

Arin stretched out. “I…did.” She dropped her feet to the floor before sitting up and reaching down to rub herself between her legs with her free hand. “Food sounds really good right now, actually.”

Leah nodded approvingly. “Get changed and cleaned up. I’ll run back to the infirmary to change my clothes and bring back some food from my fridge. And no muscle relaxers.”

“Deal,” yawned Arin. “If I don’t fall asleep first.” Leah gave her a look, so she added, “Or even if I do, I’ll wake up and eat.”

“Too right you will, Captain,” said Leah while Arin stood up awkwardly from the couch. Leah watched Arin plod into the bathroom before leaving for the infirmary. She was desperately horny, and enjoyed the throbbing inside her warm, soaked panties on the walk back.

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