Raeline and Ray

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The third time they walked past to ogle our almost naked bodies I invited them to join us. We soon learnt they were in their mid-thirties, ten-years younger than us. They had our full attention as they each removed the shirts they were wearing before Raeline removed her bikini top. Her nipples became erect as her man Ray, rubbed oil over her good tits, larger than mine, while we made small talk. I am always attracted to a woman with better tits than mine – and I am very attracted to Raeline.

I am Sarah, of French descent, in my mid-forties, bilingual, fluent in both French and English and as I recently discovered with a little prompting from my man Roger, bi-sexual, though I didn’t need a great deal of prompting. My body is still good, both sexes love my legs and ass and the way I trim my pubic hair – less is more. Good hips, flat stomach, modest tits with long hard nipples when aroused.

I have a high sex drive, very high, I am to please and be pleased sexually, I love being licked and teased by both sexes, I lost all my inhibitions between my second and third husbands and I love having sex with an audience. And I really do enjoy some commentary during sex, an extra dimension.

I have a tacit agreement with my current man (he is nine-inches and thick) that I can pleasure and be pleasured sexually by another man around once a month. We set some basic rules a while back, no intercourse, outer sex only – safe sex, my man can watch and masturbate. If the second man wants to blow my man I love to watch. Occasionally we have another woman instead of a man to pleasure us both, same rules apply.

“Sarah’s ass and thighs are her best features,” my man Roger told them as he oiled my back, the insides of my thighs, then my ass cheeks.

Their body language is making it very obvious they have strong sexual interest in us as we flirt with them and they flirt back with big smiles.

“You may have guessed we are gender fluid,” Roger told them as he adjusted his skimpy black, bathing costume to quickly expose his large, thick, semi-erect cock for our new friends. His smile was making it very obvious to Ray he would like him to suck his cock as he rubbed a fingertip over it, the size of it obvious under his bathing costume as Ray watched on, his face flushed.

“One escort gaziantep manken bayan of his favourite turns on is having his nipples licked and sucked,” I told them as I did just that. “He especially loves a man licking and sucking them before that man gives him a blow job while I watch. Even better if that man’s lady is giving me sexual attention. I love being licked and teased by both sexes,” I told them truthfully as we had their full attention.

My man and I have a criteria when ***********ing new partners. Would you be comfortable receiving or giving oral sex with that person for twenty-minutes? Raeline and Ray would be most agreeable sex partners we agreed tacitly, without a word being said. At that moment I was fantasizing about watching a man we had just met giving my man a blow job.

In the meantime we learnt that are staying in a short-term rental in a condo close to ours as the sexual tension built.

“Your condo or ours?,” Raeline asked an hour after we met them as she tongue kissed me and I returned her kisses. “My man wants to give your man a blow job while you and I watch. He is very good. Are you both fine with that?”

“Are we fine with that Roger?,” I asked my man with a big smile as Ray licked his nipples with a hand over his bathing suit as he felt his cock.

“I think he is Sarah, look at his body language. When the men are done I want to have you. Is there anything special I can do for you? Any special sexual pleasure? Would you like the men to watch?”

“I wold love you to lick and tease me to orgasm while the men watch.”

I have always had a fascination with the challenge of gender fluid people. Perhaps sharing them, a male or female, with my man. Ray is just such a challenge. He is a very pretty man with a slim, toned, six-pack body and I do like the not too subtle signals his painted fingernails and diamond earring are sending.

The first time I watched a man receiving a blow job from another man was around twenty-years ago. Even though I had no connection to either of the men, it was a huge turn on for me. From that day on I have wanted to watch and participate while another man provided a blow job to the man I was in a relationship with.

Today escort gaziantep masaj yapan bayan will not be the first time I have watched another man giving my man a blow job, though it will still be incredibly exciting for me while Raeline and I watch. An added frisson while anticipating a tongue fuck from Raeline afterwards while the men watch.

Roger and I always take great trouble to dress to impress for new sexual partners. We both want to flaunt our most appealing sexual features for our guests and turn them on as well as ourselves. Other than my heels, we are both naked under matching very short black silk dressing gowns with no belts. When we walk our sex is exposed.

“This is almost as exciting for me as it is for you baby. You know I love the reaction from new partners when they look at our naked bodies.

At two when they arrived we were all freshly showered. Raeline and Ray were dressed in matching caftans which they quickly discarded, leaving both of them naked. As I noticed earlier, I like Ray’s slim, toned, six-pack body and his pretty, though average, shaved, almost erect cock.

Raeline has a wonderful, feminine body, her tits are better than mine, I am pleased to note as I lick and suck her nipples and ogle her beautifully trimmed triangle of pubic hair. A woman with better tits than mine is always a turn on for me, though I do love flaunting my big ass for another woman’s man.

“Roger has been looking forward to your visit, he is almost fully erect for you Ray. Worship my ass while he watches, that usually makes him rock hard,” I told Raeline and Ray as they removed our gowns.

“Tell Roger and Sarah what you are going to do to him,” Raeline whispered.

“A blow job to remember. I could tell he had a huge cock the first time we saw both of you.”

“Oh fuck, so good,” Roger moaned as Ray ran his very wet tongue over his immediately erect nipples, before he sucked them in turn. I have never known a man who enjoys having his nipples licked and sucked as much as my man Roger.

Then his wet tongue along the underside of the full length of his thick, nine-inch erection. Then lick the sides of his erection. I watched fascinated as he did things to his balls gaziantep masöz escort bayan I had never thought of. Then licking and sucking just the tip of his erection . “Oh fuck yes, so good,” Roger moaned as Ray slid a large piece of his erection between his tightly pursed lips.

Kissing your partner has a completely different vibe while he is soaking up the sexual pleasure of another man giving him a blow job. Roger had one hand on my naked ass and the other on Ray’s head as he slid half of his erection between his pursed lips while we were passionately tongue kissing.

“Your pleasure is my pleasure baby, your cock is like an iron bar,” I whispered to my man as I watched Ray feasting on his erection.

Twenty-minutes later Ray was showing my man and I just how good he is at giving an older man a blow job. A huge turn on for me watching and comparing his technique. He was edging him by sliding just a fingertip along the bulging vein in his cock as he licked and sucked each of his erect nipples in turn while raking his fingernails over his balls.

“Swallow,?” he asked Roger as he took his raging, wet, erection back between his pursed lips.

“Yes,” Roger moaned in reply as Ray sucked and licked just the tip of his erection as he raked his nails over his ass cheeks before he sucked four inches of his throbbing cock.

“Yes, yes, yes, so fucking good,” Roger moaned as I looked at the bulging veins on his cock. “So fucking good, so fucking good,” Roger repeated as his knees trembled, his hands behind his head, soaking up the pleasure, as he hit the back of Ray’s throat.

“Would you like to give my man a hand job while I tongue fuck you,” Raeline asked as we organised ourselves. I was in my favourite position for receiving sexual pleasure, sitting in our sex chair, facing a wall mirror, legs spread as she knelt and licked my thighs.

“Would you Sarah,” she asked again, knowing my answer, as she commenced licking my very wet cunt lips, as Ray stood alongside me and placed my hand on his erection.

After a couple of minutes my man returned refreshed from the bathroom. He was standing alongside me, opposite Ray, enjoying watching Raeline tongue fucking me as I gave Ray a hand job.

“Can we have swaps tomorrow?,” Raeline asked as she had me close to my third orgasm. “I have never given a blow a job to a man as big as your man, nine inches and thick. And my man can tongue fuck you at the same time while you watch.”

And we did just that on the next day. They were both wonderful bi-sex lovers. Nothing quite matches watching your lover being sexually pleasured by another couple. Perhaps a new story soon?

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