Rolling the Dice Pt. 01

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You look so vulnerable. Your lips are parted slightly with gentle air brushing past them with every inhale and exhale you make. When I shift my gaze towards your eyes, they’re closed but jittering rapidly like you’re having an intense dream. Maybe you’re re-living what happened just a few hours ago. That means you enjoyed it, right? I hope so…

No. I know you did. If you didn’t, you wouldn’t have brought me here into your hotel and let me stay overnight when you had every opportunity to kick me out. My room is a couple of floors above yours; I could have walked back to my place at this point since I woke up before you did. I don’t want to though, not yet at least. I’ll stay just a little bit longer.

I joined my friends on the dance floor to appear like one of the gang, or else I would surely be roasted for sitting the night out. It was one of our final celebratory events before graduation and each of us had a place we wanted to visit. For Hillary, she wanted to check out Hawk Casino where they had the largest clubs and restaurants in the nation.

It is fun in theory, but being there made me realize that large crowds weren’t really my scene. I’ve grown into such a softie over the years. In high school, my tolerance level for rowdy places was extremely high. It was the perfect environment to drown out the frustrations of living at home to parents that weren’t too fond over my interests.

Hillary was there for my rebellious phase and the consequences of it, including my many failed, toxic relationships. She was the type of friend who I could cry to at 3 in the morning over a girlfriend breaking up with me and not once would she comment, “I told you so.” Hillary had a right to put me in my place but never did, and for that I am forever grateful. The only problem we have is that while I gradually moved away from the fast-paced life, Hillary still had some fire in her and wanted to add more fuel each year. Hence, Hawk Casino.

“I need to head to the bathroom, wanna come with?!” Hillary yelled over the booming electronic music. I nodded my head, as a way to get a break from the chaos. The two of us entered a surprisingly sensual looking bathroom, decorated with dark red tiles, black marble flooring, and small candles near the sinks that made the room smell of s’mores over a burning fire. If someone wanted to lock themselves away in one of the stalls, then I wouldn’t blame them, this place was worthy of a good fuck.

“Do I look okay?” Hillary asks.

“Of course you do,” I reply with a puzzled expression, “You don’t think so?”

My friend glared at the mirror as she readjusted her ponytail, “I feel hot and sweaty and gross! Don’t I look like a sweating mess?”

I look into a separate mirror and scoff, “If anyone’s a mess, then it’s me. With all that makeup you have on and that perfume, you can hide anything.”

“Thanks Ana,” Hillary groaned, “I can disguise my hideous sweating body with foundation, what a compliment!”

“Is this about Greg?” I assumed. I could tell Hillary was being a little too snappy for my liking. When she gets like this, then it has to be from extreme stress. What else was there to be stressing out about than the fact that we attended the club with her boyfriend?

“I feel like he’s not really into me right now. When we were dancing, all he could do was shift from side to side with no real energy…,” Hillary turned on the faucet to dab cold water along her arms, chest and face, “Do you think he’s bored of me?”

Knowing Greg, he wasn’t bored of Hillary at all. He’s a lot like me in a sense that clubs aren’t really aren’t our thing and on top of that, having other men mardin escort ogle your girl probably didn’t make him feel comfortable either. He’s a quiet guy but protective; I was surprised he came through with joining us to the casino. Anything for his love, I suppose.

Even if he was tired of Hillary, that would make him a fool. She’s a gorgeous person. Long blonde hair, small but perky breasts popping out of her black tube top, flat stomach, and most importantly, that ass. She sure knows how to pick the right skinny jeans to caress that firm ass…

Hillary and I returned to the dance floor with Greg welcoming us with open arms. Well, Greg opened his arms for Hillary and they hugged before Hillary placed a firm kiss on his lips and the two swayed not at all to the hyper beat the DJ was playing. They were in their own world and I was just circling it.

The thing about those two is that they’re the picture-perfect couple on the outside. Hillary’s a Barbie and Greg is her Ken, and what’s frustrating is that they’re just as perfect on the inside too. They’re both very kind people, with normal flaws, but nothing to be considered harmful. Can’t say the same for myself.

As they were enveloped in one another, I tried to dance with other people but they were too distracted with their own friends. Most of them had their backs towards me, so I needed to think fast. I couldn’t go and sit out the rest of the night. I needed to be outgoing again, don’t lose all of my spark at 22-years old. So, with no other options, I created an invisible partner. I named her Cheyenne.

She was just my type: 5’5 Asian with long black hair and a strapless pink dress making her look super feminine. She didn’t care if men stared at her body, she took it as a challenge. How many men can she make jealous by dancing with this tomboy chick? I’m no match for Cheyenne in my black shorts and black short sleeve with a blue jean jacket tied around my waist. There was nothing remarkable about me at all unless you bothered to look under my shirt which would reveal a surprisingly huge set of tits. My kryptonite…

Black is the color I adore for its ability to make my chest appear flatter than it actually is, or else, despite how butch I try to make myself, the guys will always try to get a handful of my natural Ds. Good thing I decided to sport a pixie cut as my signature hairstyle along with several piercings decorating my ears. I think that’s evidence enough for men to take the hint.

Cheyenne gave me confidence to show off my dance moves, swing my hips a little faster and pump my fist in the air. I could imagine her cheering me on and giving me a kiss on the cheek, and then I would hold her chin to kiss her on the lips, and then-

“Hey, Ana!”

Greg’s voice spooked me so badly, the vision of Cheyenne blew away. I looked towards Greg to see him and Hillary smirking.

“I see you’re having a good time,” Hillary beamed, “I told you this wouldn’t be so bad.”

I suppose my dancing was convincing enough to prove to my friends that I wasn’t a stick in the mud, so part of me was happy, but another felt a little ashamed that I needed to be immersed in a fantasy in order to enjoy myself.

I couldn’t tell you how much longer we danced together, but once I started getting really exhausted I checked for any sign of Hillary or Greg’s exhaustion as well. The two were far from it. Greg had gotten out of his shell more and was starting to cheer along with the crowd when a classic 90s song would play, meanwhile Hillary was imitating a snake: slithering her body as much as possible to give Greg the best views of her curves.

This marmaris escort time, Hillary really was sweating like crazy, but the mixture of blue, green, and yellow lights shining on the dance floor made her sweat glisten on her body, making her look like she just got out of a pool with all of her clothes sticking to her skin. If Hillary was into girls and single, I would’ve been ready to go down on her in front of everyone to clean up the sweat rolling down her stomach.

In a sea of people as large as this, I didn’t even want to bother searching for a partner to dance with anymore. The whole process would be too tiring and I already had enough partying for the night. I was ready to tap out.

I placed a hand on Hillary’s shoulder and said, “I think I’m gonna head back to our room!”

Hillary nodded and replied, “No problem! Text me when you get there!”

I was so anxious to leave the club, I didn’t even ask when her and Greg were expecting to leave, but I was desperate. My legs were sore and my head was spinning from the loud vibrations of constant music. I squeezed past the gyrating crowd to make a run for the exit, but before I could…

“Christ, it’s hot in here!” I thought. My pale skin was turning pink and beads of sweat were literally dripping off the edge of my nose and chin. There’s no way I’m going back to my room like this. I found an empty couch near the exit and removed my jacket around my waist. I could still see my friends dancing in the center of the club and once again they were in their own little world. Using the sleeves of my jacket, I hastily wiped up my sweat, leaving a huge dark stain. I looked at the stain and sighed heavily, which was funny to a certain someone nearby.

“I feel your pain…” a voice announced.

Instinctively, I turned my head to see where it was coming from and my whole body froze. How could I not spot a 6-foot-tall, tan skinned woman sitting at the end of the couch? She was wearing a neon yellow bra and ripped white jeans, and her curly, black hair was so long I was amazed at how it could remain so bouncy with the heat.

I chuckled awkwardly and said, “Y-yeah, real hot in here…”

“First time?” she tilted her head.

“Uh-yeah…I’m here for a friend,” I looked down, “We’re staying for the weekend.”

“Same here!” she raised her glass of cranberry vodka, “but my friend is off playing the slots, I just wanted to have one last drink before I head off. Want some? You look like you need it.”

What’s with the sudden friendliness? She didn’t even know my name and she’s offering to buy me a drink? This felt very suspicious…

“Uh-no thanks! I don’t drink…” I lied.

“Then maybe some food? They serve chips, but at a price…can you believe it? Five dollars for freaking Doritos!”

At the topic of food, my stomach growled. It was pretty late and I was super hungry.

“Thanks, but chips aren’t gonna satisfy me. Imma need steak for that.”

The woman took her last few sips of her drink and placed it on the table.

“That’s all right, but I doubt restaurants are still going to be open at this time. I hear they close at 12am, so we just missed it. We could try to find some fast food though. Maybe Krispy Kreme is still running?”

“We?” I didn’t mean to say it aloud, but I could feel this woman butting into my alone time and I wasn’t having it. “What about your friend? Shouldn’t you go meet up with her?”

“Ehh, she’s picky. I don’t like eating out with her.”

“That’s not the point!” I wanted to yell, but I held my tongue because while I was a bit peeved, there was a part of me that wondered nevşehir escort why this woman was so insistent on following me.

I scooted closer to this strange woman, who still had a smile on her face. Getting a better view of her face, her dark brown eyes looked slightly glazed over and unfocused. She appeared to already be buzzed but still coherent. That must explain the overt friendliness.

“She doesn’t sound like the best person to hang out with then…” I said.

“Oh, she’s fine…” the woman replied, “It’s just the food thing, you know, nothing with too much fat and sugar. But anyway, she’s practically addicted to those slots. We just had to come here before we graduated, so I figured why not? Let’s enjoy ourselves one last time before we part ways!”

“Oh wow…that’s why I’m here with my friends! We’re about to graduate too. What school are you from?”

“St. Johnson University. ‘Bout an hour from here…ever heard of it?”

“Of course, I have! It’s near Liversworth College!”

“Liversworth? HAH! Home of the Livers?”

“Heyyy, your mascot is a freaking pigeon. You’re not so original!”

“What do you got against pigeons?! They’re gentle creatures!”

I was just about ready to dash out this club until this stranger spoke to me. Now, we were arguing like petty teenagers. About four minutes passed as we were defending our schools before we realized that-

“Oh right! You needa steak!” the woman pointed at me with a big grin.

“All the restaurants are closed, remember?”

“Yeah yeah, but we’ll find a steak somewhere…maybe at Krispy Kreme.”

I giggled, “I have a feeling you really want to go to Krispy Kreme…”

“Can we?!” the woman stood up, taking my hands into hers so that I would stand up too, “They have a limited-edition Sherbet donut and if we hurry they still might have it!” This person definitely has to be drunk in some capacity…why else would she act this cute?

“You sure you don’t want to tell your friend? She might have a change of heart…”

The woman’s smile dropped suddenly and let go of my hands.

“I’m being too much, aren’t I?”


A wave of insecurity overcame the tall woman as she looked away from me and shifted in place, saying, “My bad, I probably look pretty dumb right now. If I were you, I wouldn’t run off with a stranger. A tipsy one at that…but…” her smile creeped up again, “Can I be honest?”

Nodding, I said, “Yes”

“I saw you out there, with your friends. I was sitting here for maybe five minutes before you came, and I was just thinking of how good you looked. You looked…nice. I was relieved you sat here or else I don’t think I would’ve had the guts to approach you. Didn’t want to be a weirdo, you know?”

A few seconds of silence between us passes before the woman realized I wasn’t going to reply.

“I-I mean, if you’re not into that, I get it, but still…just thought I’d take a chance…”

Another few seconds of silence, before I finally say something.

“Can I be honest too?” I start, “You’re not my type. Like, at all.”

The woman cackled.

“Damn! That hurt more than I thought!” she cried.

I laughed along with her, it was meant to be funny and also truthful. She really wasn’t the type of person I go for. I prefer shorter people with feminine qualities. I like that in every woman but myself, yet this person looks like she could pummel me just from height alone.

“No-no, I mean yeah, you’re not…I mean-fuck-I hope I didn’t hurt your feelings…”

“You’re onto a great start…making me feel real special here-”

“Look! Do you want Krispy Kreme or not?” I said.

The question makes the woman more stoic and she responds almost too professionally, like this is a question on a final exam.

“Yes. I would like some donuts.”

“Then let’s get outta of here. I’ll explain myself better on the way.”

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