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Ding dong!

I was just wrapping up my daily 1 hour yoga routine when I heard my door bell. I quickly grabbed the hand towel I always kept sitting on my dumbbell stand and wiped the sweat from my face. I wasn’t expecting the delivery company to be ready with my washer and dryer until 5:00 and it was only 4:00. I was trying to give myself enough time to hop in the shower after my workout, but it looked like that wasn’t happening anytime soon, so to be quite honest, I was kind of pissed. Ding dong! There it was again. I know I was taking my time, but oh well, it was their fault! I rolled my eyes, walked to the door, and snatched it open, ready to tear into the first delivery guy my eyes landed on.

“What-“. Damn! How embarrassing is this. It wasn’t the delivery company and here I was a hot sweaty mess, face beet red, and hair flying every which-way. It was my neighbor and she was looking at me like I was crazy. I had seen her coming and going a few times, but we never got the opportunity of crossing paths; that is, until today. Great first impression Nicki!

Me, being 5’4, I would say that she stood about 5’4″ or 5’5″, because we were eye to eye to each other. Unsure, she slowly stuck out her hand and introduced herself, “Hey, I’m Felicia, your neighbor. I was coming over to welcome you to the neighborhood, but you look a little busy. Should I come back another day?”

She wants to run. I was so embarrassed! I started rambling on, quickly trying to explain the situation, “No, no not at all. I’m really sorry if I startled you. It’s just that I told the company to be here at 5, and I was in the middle of my work out and I heard the door, and I thought it was them. I was just a little irritated because I planned to work out, get in the shower before they got here and relax a bit. I am so sorry; please don’t think I’m crazy.” I gave her a sad smile, and she returned a sympathetic one to me.

“No, it’s quite alright. I will admit you kind of surprised me, but I understand. Hey, why don’t I come by a little later on in the evening so I can give you time to settle in and wind down a bit.”

Thank you so much! By the way, I’m Nik. Well, Nicole, but you can call me Nicki or Nik or whatever. And again Felicia, I’m so sorry.”

She laughed, “No problem! Hey, how about you just take my number down, and just call me when you’re ready for company. It’ll be easier and I don’t want to get cussed out coming over here or anything anyway!”

We both chuckled. I grabbed my phone from the coffee table and put her info in.

“Okay, I got it. See you later!”

45 minutes later, I was out of the shower, dressed, hair descent, and standing behind one of the two men installing the dryer unit. He stood up, and turned the dryer on to test it out. After he seemed satisfied, the other man wrote a few things on his clip board and asked me to sign it, “Okay, ma’am, looks like you’re all set here!”

Tearing the paper off, he handed it to me.

“Thanks a lot! Now this warranty covers the first 4 years, right?”

“Yes ma’am. And if you have any more questions,” he handed me a business card, “just call that number there, and ask to speak with the appliance department and they’ll be happy to help you out!”

“Okay cool. Well, let me walk you guys to the door. I really appreciate your time!”

“No problem ma’am and you enjoy the rest of your evening!”

“Will do.”

I shut the door behind the two men, and plopped down on the comfortable cushiony couch. I was exhausted. The past week, I’ve spent all my time on unpacking, moving in small boxes, letting people in and out the house to fix this and install that, and everything in between. I’m glad I don’t have kids, because I don’t know what energy I would have left over to move all this in. I was glad it was over!

Right when I was about to close my eyes and drift off, I remembered Felicia. Groaning, I drag myself up off the couch to call her.

“Hey Felicia! Their finished up here. I was just wondering if you still wanted to stop by.”

“Yeah, no problem! I’ll be over in about 30 minutes!” Good! That gave me enough time to relax a while, although, I would’ve preferred a nap.

I walked toward the kitchen and looked back at her, “I know it’s only 6, but you want a glass of wine? I need one after the day I’ve had today!”

“Why not? What do you have, white or red?”

I smiled, “Girl, both! I always have every selection, because I hate being out right when I need it. That’s when you realize you should’ve checked your fridge before the store closed, and trust me, I’ve had too many of those Uzun porno nights. I’ve learned my lesson long ago!”

“I know that’s right! Well, how about you choose.”


I pour both of us a glass of white wine and walk back into the living room.

“Who’s this?” Felicia was pointing at someone I should have forgotten about a long time ago.

“Oh, girl that’s nobody, just an old friend. Her name’s Shelly; we used to work together.” I walk back into the kitchen for no reason. Just wanted to avoid the conversation altogether. That was a trip down memory lane I wasn’t ready to visit, especially with someone I had just met. She’d run if I told her about my past.

“Oh really? Where did you guys work?”

I pretend I don’t hear her, and quickly change the subject by yelling from the kitchen, “Hey Felicia, you ever work out?”

She doesn’t seem to notice my instant change, and answers, “Sometimes. You know what, I’m not even gonna lie, girl, I rarely work out. I’m super lazy and hate it!” She starts laughing and watches me come back in the living room with an apple. I know, how lame, right?

“Well,” smiling mischievously I bite into the fruit, and begin, “I hate working out too. That’s why I do yoga. It’s super relaxing, it works you out, and you get extra flexible. I know that’s something your man would really like! I know mine did!”

Felicia laughs, “I’ve never tried it before. Do you do classes, or you just do your own thing?”

“Well, I started out doing classes, and then I realized all the stuff they were doing at the gym, I could do for free at home! Girl, I’ m cheap!”

“I heard that! I’m cheap too. What’s crazy though is that I got an inheritance, and I haven’t spent a dime of it! Everyone thinks I’m crazy, but I don’t see the need to. I was doing fine before I got it, so I don’t think I should change the way I do things now. I mean, I have over a million dollars, and I’ve lost friends because I haven’t spent it.”

I was honestly kind of shocked. Who wouldn’t spend free money? But after thinking about it, I see where she’s coming from. “Yeah. I probably, would’ve spent it, but it makes sense. You have a good head on your shoulders, because most people I know would have run through that by now. You never had a man try to ease it out of you?”

“Well, yeah. When you mentioned my man liking the flexible thing, I didn’t say anything, but that one is long gone. Xavier…” she rolls her eyes and continues, “His trifling ass was only in it for the money. I can’t stand people like that, and try to keep them as far away as possible. The thing is though, you never know who’s out to get what you have, until it’s too late. You trust them, let them in, and their either gone with your stuff, or gone because they couldn’t get your stuff.”

We found out more personal details about each other. She was only a year and 2 months older than me, which made us 25 and 26. Neither of us had kids, we graduated from college a year apart, and while she worked for an advertisement company, I had just landed a nice finance job at a prestigious and well known company in the area, which was the reason for my move down here to L.A. We had a lot in common, including our body shapes and dress sizes. We even joked about how we could be like sisters and share clothes. She talked about growing up in L.A, her family, past boyfriends and stuff like that. I talked about my life in Seattle and family life growing up as well, while purposely leaving some parts out. We had a great time, drinking and talking a little while longer before she was ready to head home.

“Hey, when are you doing that yoga thing again?”

“Oh, that’s everyday girl. Gotta keep it tight!”

“Well, it’s working. Sign me up. What time?”

“You can come over about 3. That’s usually when I start.”

“Okay, see you at three then.”

As I was getting my mail, I saw Felicia walking up my driveway. Now, I never been into women, let alone, even thought of one in a sexual way, but I must admit Felicia was bad! She looked the complete opposite of what she was wearing yesterday, which was a maxi skirt and a loose fitted tank with her hair in a Nefertiti wrap. She was Bohemian chiq, which was cute and all, but today? Damn! Her skin was a beautiful golden caramel sun kissed brown and her curly ash brown hair was pulled into a high ponytail. She reminded me of Stacey Dash, but with a video model’s body. Her flat stomach displayed a cute navel ring which was uniquely pierced on the bottom of her navel rather than the top like most girls do. She had Öğrenci porno on hot orange running shorts that showed an ass that wasn’t there yesterday and a pastel pink sports bra that made her 40 DD titties pop out. It was 83 degrees outside, but her nipples were poking out like it was 38 degrees. I knew I had to stop staring at her nipples before she got close enough to catch me looking, but it was hard, no pun intended.

My throat got dry, “Hey Felicia!” She leaned in for a hug, squishing those soft titties into my own 36 D’s.

“Hey Nik! Oh my gawd, I’m so excited to get started! Yoga girls always look right and I can’t wait to see what my body looks like after I’ve done it for a while!”

Neither can I… “Girl, you know you look good already!”

She slapped my arm and giggled and began waving her hand in the air “Yeah, yeah, yeah, whatever!”

We walked up the driveway toward the house.

“After you.” With my mail in my left hand, I motioned my right hand up the stairs to my front door, which I shouldn’t have done. Her ass looked so fucking good from behind! Her shorts were crawling up that luscious round ass, and every step she took, it would jiggle, and trust me, not in a bad way! Damn, right at that moment I was wishing I had more steps she could climb. What the fuck is wrong with me? Nik, get it together!

We walked into the exercise room, which consisted of work out equipment, a built in stereo with surround sound, hardwood floors and wall to wall mirrors. I had it installed especially for my dancing and workouts in order to see my progress and to know what I was doing right and wrong. I had two yoga pads laid out with a set of 10 pound dumbbells for me and some 5 pounders for her since she was a beginner. I also pulled out the ball, which was one of my favorite parts of the workout.

“So, you ready?”

She threw up her hands, “I guess so!”

I put on some calming music and we got into our stretches.

“Fuck, I’m already sweating!”

I laugh, “Damn, you really don’t work out, do you?”

“No, and this shit is hard! Do we still have to do the entire workout? I’m already getting tired!”

“Girl, if you don’t suck it up! Now get on your knees; we’re about to do a cat stretch. It feels really good.”

We worked out for an entire hour, and it was so hard for me to concentrate. This chick’s body looked so delicious. I wanted to lay her over that exercise ball and work her out from the back! If only I had a dick, man the things I would do to that! I was seriously tripping now. My mind was taking me places I never thought I would go, and the funny thing, is I wasn’t uncomfortable with the thoughts either! It was probably something that would pass though, so I wasn’t tripping.

“Man that was intense! I used muscles that I thought I lost a long time ago, and others that I had no clue existed!”

“I’m telling you, once you get the hang of it, it’ll be as easy as walking around the corner.”

Felicia surprised me when she said, “Do you mind if I shower here? I feel so uncomfortable covered in all this sweat and I definitely don’t want to go outside in this hot ass weather. It’ll feel gross! I promise I’ll give you your clothes back if you can give me something to wear!”

I smirk, “You’re lucky, because I always keep stocks of deodorant and stuff. I told you I like to be prepared.”

“Thanks Nik! So, which shower do I use?”

“It doesn’t matter. The towels and rags are at the end of the hallway upstairs in the linen closet. I have extra loofa scrubbers in there too. They’re in a basket on the ground. And I have lotions, deodorant, and body wash and sprays in every bathroom in the cabinets under the sinks. Help yourself!”

As she got her things together and went into one of the guest bathrooms on the main floor, I use my own bathroom in my master suite. I love my room. It’s huge; with a California king size bed that sat in the middle of the main wall. My entire room is decorated and colour coordinated in a modern dark espresso brown colour which compliments the pastel teal and crème theme I have going on. Over my bed is a canopy that holds the softest sheer crème coloured fabric. It makes me feel so sexy lying in that bed. It’s just a shame I had to lay there every night alone. On my bed is the most comfortable comforter that matched the colour scheme in my room. It’s an Egyptian cotton 1020 thread count and I love it! I have about 10 pillows on top of my bed and 800 thread count sheets underneath. My skin is soft, but I swear those sheets can make the softest skin feel like a brillo pad. It feels like lying on butter, minus the smell and the ickiness.

On the other side of my room is a grand walk in closet with custom made shelves that would make any woman cry. And next to my closet is my spa like bathroom, with a separate shower and jetted spa tub. His and her sinks surrounded by dark Quartz countertops. My shit is laid and I love it!

I got all my girly things set up on the counter and turn on the shower, waiting for the water to get hot and hop in. I grab my loofa scrub and drench it in my Olay and begin massaging my body. As I closed my eyes, my mind started to drift off to Felicia and that beautiful body of hers again. I shoot my eyes open and try to shake it out of my head, but a few moments later, my eyes are closed again, and this time, I massaged my slippery soapy tits. Instantly my nipples hardened and a moan escaped from my slightly parted lips. This time, I didn’t care though. With one hand I squeezed the soap from the loofa so it covered my body and with the other, I massaged myself in places that I shouldn’t while thinking about another woman. I dropped the loofa without even realizing it and leaned up against the wall. I began flicking my hardened erect nipples and rubbing my wet soapy clit. I hadn’t touched myself in so long; I almost forgot what it felt like. The sensation of touching myself and the hot water pounding down on me sent me into a frenzy. “Ughn!” First I teased my pussy hole with just the tip of my middle finger, and instantly my juices came flowing down my thighs. I hissed, “Ooh, yeah!” I teased my pussy hole some more and flicked my left nipple and then my right, until I couldn’t take it anymore. “Fuuuck!” I separated my fat swollen pussy lips with my index finger and my ring finger and then rammed my middle finger in my creamy wet pussy. I began pounding myself like my finger was a dick. “Ooh fuuuck!” As if it were possible, my nipples harden even more and goose bumps begin covering my right arm which was exposed to the cooler air and being neglected by the hot water. I finger my pussy harder and faster and tweak at my nipples. I thought about what those fat tits would look like bouncing around in my face with those nipples sticking straight out, begging to be licked and sucked. “I’m bouta cum!” Before I knew it, my pussy began to contract and I was gushing all over my fingers.

I couldn’t believe what I had just done! It made me feel so impish and I loved every second of it. I finished washing my body, and got out of the shower and dried off. I looked around my bathroom, and then my room and realized I forgot my favorite lotion, which was downstairs on the living room table. I had used it this morning while I was rushing to get ready for work and left it there. Fuck. I grabbed my short silk robe hanging on the bathroom door and wrapped it around myself and headed downstairs. When I reached the living room, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing! Felicia was dripping wet with a towel that was doing a terrible job at covering her caramel body. Her body looks like silk! She was on her hands and knees straining to reach for something under the couch. I guess she didn’t see the bath sheet towels in the closet and opted to grab one of the smaller ones, because the bottom half of her juicy ass and her thick fat pussy was on display for me. I swear those pouty pussy lips screamed my name twice. My mouth began to water as my throat got dry for the second time today. The silk from my robe began rubbing against my nipples, making them erect. I just wanted to reach over smack her ass nice and hard and rub my finger up and down her slit. Damn, you look so good Felicia. Let me taste you just one time! She was teasing me so bad, bent over like that with her lickable cunt on display, and every time she reached further under the couch her ass would do this tantalizing jiggle which exposed her fat lips even more.

I cleared my throat, “U-hrm, do you need help?”

Without even jumping or even moving to make an attempt to cover up or adjust herself, she turned her head back at me. She caught me staring at her pussy, and I don’t know if my eyes were playing tricks on me or not, but I could’ve sworn she gave a flirtatious, knowing smirk. She stuck her head back down on the floor in an attempt to see what she was searching for.

“I was about to put some lotion on, and when I was trying to pull off my ring, it flew underneath the couch.”

I was surprised I heard everything she said, because that pussy was still talking to me, and mine was getting swollen and throbbing harder by the second.

“Do y- ugh, you need help with that?” I stumbled over my words like a fool.

She slowly and dramatically got up, arching her ass harder than necessary and said, “Yeah, I definitely need help with that. Thanks girl.”

…to be continued…

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