Sexual Awakening of Bernie

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Going on nineteen Bernie McQueen’s great hope was she’d lose her virginity before she died, not expecting she’d die soon but in case she did it was best she lost her cherry before too long. When that happened it was likely she’d be a better person.

However, it was not looking promising. It had been just over eight months since a guy had taken real interest in her. That date had ended in disaster. They were groping in his mother’s car, he pushed a finger into her and she peed over him and the car seats. He went insane and word got out and she landed in the ‘don’t touch’ heap.

Bernie would be a blossoming beauty in a couple of years hence, but right now she was like many of her sex at her age, long limbed, inelegant in movement, delayed breast development, teeth not yet into shape, stringy hair and puppy fat still hanging off the ass. Not a good look really but let’s not start on the guys of her age group.

Brenda her mom had offered to try to arrange family get-togethers with couples with only one son. But oh god, Bernie anticipated the outcome of that. Her mom was sexy beyond belief for a woman of her age. That explained why her father always appeared tired. The so-called potential boyfriend for Bernie would only have eyes for her mom and at the first opportunity to pounce and try to convince her mom she would gain longevity by having full-on sex with a young guy like him.

No, she couldn’t allow her mom to line up a guy because if the worst happened it wouldn’t be fair to her father and her mother would be forever more branded an adulteress.

Shortly after that Bernie received a huge shock. The pizza guy, a college freshman she didn’t know, delivered pizza and refused to hand over the box over to Bernie and said he needed to give it to Brenda personally. Oh no. Bernie sensed what the guy wanted to give her mother. She snatched the pizza from him, gave him the money and told the guy to fuck off. When he ambled off calling her a meddling bitch Bernie opened the pizza box nervously and her heart almost stopped. The center of the pizza was left as a hole, two inches across. Until that moment she’d thought jokes about the pizza delivery guy handing across a tented pizza had been just that — a joke. She gave her mom the benefit of the doubt. Perhaps the guy was just expecting to get lucky.

When he mom arrived from upstairs Bernie said, “I took money from your billfold for the pizza guy.”

“Oh thanks darling,” said her mom without missing a beat. “How does it look?”

“Okay but it has a big hole in the middle.”

“Oh those young guys, all they think of is sex,” her mom said mysteriously and didn’t elaborate. That confused Bernie who didn’t know what to say so said nothing and waited to be invited to have a piece of pizza without a guy wearing it.

Bernie was karataş escort bayan a freshman at an all-female college. She’d wanted to go to a mixed college and be banged from sunset till dawn but agreed with her parents it made sense for her to go to Belmont because it was within reasonable walking distance from home.

The male instructors were too busy being loyal to their wives or girlfriends or chasing voluptuous senior students to be interested in the likes of her and few of her girlfriends had brothers, none of whom were available. It was so frustrating.

Summer break arrived and her parents decided to tour Europe. They gave her the choice: accompany them or stay home and be given a quality pre-own car. Bernie found the idea of following her parents around Europe and not being allowed out by herself unappealing so opted for the car and accepted living with her maternal grandparents while her parents were away. It had the makings of the lousiest summer ever… but then came reprieved.

The phone went. It was her mom’s youngest sister Louie.

“Oh hi Aunt Louie.”

“You are at college now darling and am I’m with one foot in your generation and one in your mother’s so to speak, so it’s Louie or Louisa to you from now on.”

“Mom will have a fit.”

“See what I mean, old people are so conservative. Put her on and I’ll fix it.”

Bernie’s own phone went and it was one of her best friends so she went off for fifteen minutes to talk about nothing. When she returned she found her mom waiting, smiling.

“You’re in luck Bernie. Your aunt and uncle want to stay here for a week so you’ve been invited to stay here with them. That means grandma will have you only for the first five days.

“Oh god, I’m so lucky,” Bernie trilled. Her mom grinned and told her to watch her mouth.

* * *

Bernie arrived at her home and Louie raced out to greet her.

“Oh my, nice wheels,” Louie said as they kissed.

“Yeah, dad bought it for me in compensation for not going to Europe with them.”

“Hotel rooms in Europe and especially pensions often have very thin walls darling and your parents wouldn’t wish you to hear the bedsprings rattling every night.”

“Every night? My parents would only do it once a month, wouldn’t they?”

The closest Bernie could describe her aunt’s laugh when thinking about it later was a snigger. God, her parent’s must do it much more frequently.

“Darling… your boobs, they’ve grown beautifully,” Louie said, reaching out and pressing through the soft bra. “You don’t mind me doing this?”

“N-n-no,” Bernie said, a color surge crossing her face.

“They are firming but this is how they’ll be… feel mine.”

Bernie, with tiny electric impulses nudging karkamış escort bayan several parts of her body, reached out, tongue tip protruding, and touched her aunt’s big ones.

“Oh harder darling, you’ll need to dig your fingers through. This bra is so stiff. Oh my Bernie, your hand grinding into my flesh feels so lovely.”

Bernie pulled her hand away as if it was burnt.

Louie laughed but made no comment, much to Bernie’s relief. Her heart was pounding. Her aunt was coming on to her, she was sure about that. God where was Uncle Rex?”

“Well continue our exploration when Rex is at golf darling. He’s in the bedroom unpacking.”

Next morning Bernie changed into a sexy nightdress and went out and made coffee, knowing why she’d changed and why she was wondering if Uncle Rex would play golf that day. She entered the bedroom to find Louie sitting up filing her nails and Uncle Rex was reading a comic.

“Oh darling, coffee. Rex take a look at your niece will you? Bernie is becoming a young woman.”


Bernie waited in embarrassment for Rex to say something else but he didn’t. Both were wearing T-shirts as sleeping shirts. Her aunt’s breasts were hanging down and moving very er liquidly when she moved. Bernie felt her pulse-rate rise.

“Where’s your coffee darling?”

“In the kitchen.”

“Fetch it and jump in beside me.”

Bernie almost died when Louie deliberately thrust her entire leg against her but Rex didn’t appear to notice. She suspected Louie didn’t have any panties on and wondered if she shaved or wore a trimmed bush like she did.

Finishing his coffee Rex said he was off to shower.

As soon as he left Louie held Bernie’s hand for a few seconds and then slowly moved it down and up and over her pussy. She shaved.

“Pat my little cutie darling.”


Louie giggled and said pat pussy. “And then I’ll pat yours.”

Encouraged by Louie, they had fingers in one another when they heard the shower turn off.

“Off you go darling,” Louie said, kissing her niece fully on the mouth. “Did you enjoy your time with me?”

Bernie nodded and said, “You have an amazing body and Louie I really like touching your pussy.”

There, she’d said it and received a dazzling smile from her aunt who told her to go, and smacked her ass as Bernie left the bed. They were both giggling.

Bernie masturbated in her bathroom, not quite believing what was happening to her. Louie obviously wanted sex with her and she was anxious for such an adventure to commence. She’d been fairly intimate with girlfriends, but little more than nervous giggling restricted to deep-mouth kissing and fingering. She wondered if her aunt had a strap-on.

Rex came out next morning kilis escort bayan to beside the pool where the two women had been since breakfast. He was dressed for golf.

“I’m booked in with a three at 11.45 so ought to be home around 5:00 if we stay for drinks.”

“That’s fine — kiss us darling.”

Rex and Bernie kissed passively on the mouth, watched by his smiling wife.

When he drove off Louie looked enquiringly at Bernie.

“Let’s remove our swimsuits and cool off in the pool.”

Louie watched Bernie remove her bikini and then murmured, “So young, so fresh.”

They frolicked in the pool, with plenty of petting and then went inside when Louie announced she was hungry. She probably meant for pussy but they did pause to wash down a sandwich with a glass of wine.

For two hours they went at it. Bernie couldn’t believe how much pussy juice she generated under Louie’s stimulations. Louie guided her and said she was very good. And then: “I want you to come into bed with Rex and me tonight.”


“You told me you wished to lose your virginity.”

“Yes I know, but he’s my uncle.”

“We have been doing not much short of what he’ll do and yet I’m your aunt. Give me time alone when he comes home and I’ll prepare him. He will wear a condom.”

“Will there be much blood if he decides to deflower me?”

“Who knows?”

“So just a sharp pain and little else?”

“That’s my expectation.”

It was well managed and that’s what happened. Bernie couldn’t remember experiencing much pain and there was little mess to clean away. She was surprised she didn’t mourn losing her virginity, as a few of her girlfriends had confessed they had. She was surprised she hadn’t suddenly felt she was a woman, not that she’d had any idea what that felt like.

Gran and Pop arrived next day to stay for two nights and the five of them had a great time together.

Dark eyes burning brightly after Gran and Pop left for home, the brunette said to the blonde, “Rex and I invite you to our bed tonight but don’t feel obligated to do that. If you just wish to continue playing around with me that’s fine.”

“Will Rex fuck me properly?”

“Yes, and me as well. You will become excited beyond belief.”


It was an anti-climax really. They played around and Rex whipped Bernie up incredibly when he licked her asshole. Then he pushed into her vagina. She cried but urged him to continue. She wanted to get it over with. He finally pushed all the way in and then complained about blood oozing from her. He went off to shower and Louie took her into Bernie’s shower and cleaned her up and spoke to her gently, making Bernie feel all was well.

Two nights later Bernie joined them in bed again and took part in an orgy. There could be no other word for it. She was absolutely exhausted… fucked legless as Louie called it. Her anus felt so sore but Louie said that would pass.

“Welcome to womanhood darling. Rex says you’ll be a great fucker as you become older and develop technique and staying power.”

“Oh thank you Louie. You were so lovely telling me that.”


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