She Asked For It!

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I was on the love seat finishing my coffee when my wife announced that her mother was on her way and that the two of them were going shopping for the day. I was disappointed because I was hoping for a nice day alone with her. It was our first full day alone since the kids went to their father’s for the summer.

I loved the kids but they did have a way of making intimate times with my wife difficult to have. When I say the kids I mean my stepdaughter, Carrie who had just turned 18 and stepson, Mark who was approaching his 21st birthday. I would miss them but it would be nice to have some fun with the wife without worrying about being quiet or having one of them knock on the door.

“Well I guess I will take care of the lawn then.” I said as she peeked out the window for her mother’s car.

“Good” she replied with a tone that told me that was what I should be doing anyway.

“Bye babe” is all I heard as the door closed behind her.

Two hours later the lawn was done and as the sun rose to high noon it became clear that I was done for the day. It was just too damn hot to continue. I stripped down to my underwear in the laundry room and headed up to take a nice hot shower.

Just before I got into the shower I decided to get a cold beer. Being home alone I made a dash for the kitchen completely naked. As I turned into the kitchen I was stunned to see Carrie standing in front of the opened refrigerator looking at me.

“KIETH!” she screamed and ran past me for the steps embarrassed by my nudity.

I quickly ran behind her into my room and put on my robe. I did not exactly know what to do so I did what I always do when I am embarrassed I made a joke out of it.

Knocking on her door I said “Carrie sorry you had to see my naked ass. I don’t even like to see it!” I chuckled.

She smiled and giggled and I apologized in earnest. We talked for a few seconds and I headed in to take that shower. In the shower I was thinking about Carrie and how beautiful and sexy she had become over the last two years. At 5’6″ and 110 pounds she was long and lean. Her tight little ass was perfectly heart shaped and her tits were perfect for her body. I guessed they would be a B-cup but perky and on her frame ample. Her shoulder length brown hair framed her beautiful face and her full pouty lips always gaziantep manken escort bayan felt nice on my cheek.

I never thought about Carrie sexually but I am a man and I absolutely enjoyed watching her first thing in the morning or just before bed.Because she would always be dressed in something skimpy if it was warm or tight and form fitting when the thermometer dipped.

I was just toweling off and debating on shaving when there was a knock on the bathroom door.

“Who is it” I said with a chuckle.

“Keith are you decent?” she asked

“Yes” I replied as I tied the belt on my robe.

The door cracked and she peeped around it appearing a bit nervous to just walk in. After what had happened thirty minutes ago I can’t say that I blamed her.

“What is it Carrie?” I asked thinking she wanted to get at some of her mother’s beauty supplies which were always a source of tension between the two of them. Carrie always “borrowed” but never returned items and Dee would get angry about it at times.

Carrie slipped into the bathroom without opening the door any wider. “can I see you without the robe again?” she muttered.

“I don’t think so! Are you out of your mind?” I said rather sternly.

Unaffected by my terse response Carrie said “I never saw one that big before. I just wanted to see it again…Please!”

I am well endowed at a bit over eight inches long and six inches round. Carries request made my cock jump a bit and start to fill. As MY mind was racing I reached down and gave it a tug absent mindedly.

“Carrie get out of here now!” I yelled. But Carrie just smiled and stared at my hand on my cock.

“Come on Keith I already saw it what’s the big deal?” she said. Never taking her eyes off of my hand now gripping my hardening cock.

I don’t know what made me say what I said next because I don’t think it is what I meant to say but…”show me yours and I will show you mine.” I said smiling at her.

Without a word or any hesitation she put her hands in the waistband of her blue spandex workout shorts and peeled them down her long shapely lags and my cock got harder than it had been in years! As Carrie straightened I was pleased to see her pussy was clean shaven and like her gaziantep masaj yapan escort bayan mother she had lips that hung.

Now it was Carries turn to touch her crotch and as she ran her finger between her damp outer lips I looked into her eyes and dropped my robe. Her eyes widened at the sight of my now raging hard on. In one swift motion I picked her up and tossed her onto the bed behind her and dove face first into that sweet wet pussy.

My tongue went from the top to the bottom of her increasingly wet lips as I reached the bottom of her pussy my fingers separated her labia and my tongue rimmed her tight little asshole. She giggled and pressed her ass against my tongue as my fingers slowly entered her pussy. She moaned deeply as I stood gripping my angry cock she begged me to let her suck it but I wanted that pussy badly.

“Keith it’s too big” she complained as I began rubbing the now slick with pre-cum head up and down her slit.

“It won’t be for long baby!” I said as I sank half of it into her snatch.

“Owe Keith… this isn’t what I wanted! Please don’t fuck me!” she cried out.

“It’s a bit too late for that isn’t it little girl?” Carrie hated when I called her that.

“I’ll show you a little girl you fucking pig!” I hated when she called me that!

I reared back and pumped hard she did the same both of us angry, hot and horny for each other all at the same time. As our pelvises met we both moaned. Her pussy while not virgin territory was certainly not used much because it was the tightest pussy I have ever had.

“OH MY GOD! you are so big!” Carrie screamed.

She is like an animal bucking up against me my cock buried balls deep in her. Carrie keeps me there and works her pussy in circles with my cock buried in her hole, I am barely moving and I have to say this is the best sex I have ever had.

“OHHHHH I am coming…COMING! STAY FUCKING STILL!!” Carrie is possessed and I am watching as she forces herself harder against me. It is almost painful for me she is driving against me so hard. She tears her shirt right down to her belly button and pulls her bra up revealing the prettiest little tits with amazing long thick nipples. She is pulling on them and ramming her pussy onto gaziantep masöz escort bayan my cock I am holding her by the waist and suddenly she straightens like a board. Her ass is a full foot off the bed and every muscle in her body seizes.

“FUCK ME!” she screams at the top of her lungs. Her screams are so loud I am beginning to worry about the neighbors hearing! Then Just as suddenly she goes limp and her body seemingly pours back onto the bed. My cock still as hard as it was pulls out with a popping noise. Her body is shaking and she is moaning something I cannot make out.

Her spasms begin to subside and I am looking at this beautiful body glistening with sweat her long brown hair is a tangled mess. I am stroking my cock and I feel my balls tensing. My release is seconds away “Carrie I am going to shoot my load. Where would you like it?”

Carrie jumps up and positions herself in front of me doggie style and looks over her shoulder “You can put it wherever you want Daddy.” she says with a smile. Carrie has never called me daddy and I am taken aback. It is even more nasty now and I realize her calling me daddy just made this more fun!

I pull her back toward me and impale her tight pussy it takes no more than three pumps before I am shooting the biggest most intense load I can ever remember. Now I am the one with the spasms! I don’t know if I made any sounds but my knees buckle as my softening cock slips from her slick cum coated pussy I am on my knees and my view is blocked by her cunt dripping and her tight beautiful rosebud. I weakly straighten up and run my tongue up and down her cum coated lips pull her up and slide my cum into her mouth.

“MMMM” she purred “I am going to like visiting during the summer” Carrie says as she continues to scoop the cum from her pussy and rub it on my lips before kissing and sucking back off.

“Carrie we need to be careful. If your mother finds out we are both dead!”

“Don’t worry about her.” Carrie says nonchalantly.

“I am serious Carrie!”

“So am I daddy. I won’t tell and she won’t ever find out she is so out of touch.” Carrie says.

“She is distracted a lot by work these days but she isn’t stupid Carrie”

“OK…OK I will be carful daddy!”

“You cannot call me daddy in front of your mother either” I scold.

“No daddy that is your name only when we are naked!” She says laughing.

Suddenly we hear the garage door open Carrie quickly gathers her things and sprints for her room as she enters the hall she stops shaking her naked little ass at me she says “I will see you later DADDY!”

I chuckle and shake my head. I head back to the shower and clean the sex away.

I have many more things to tell you stay tuned!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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