Shelly: Daddy’s Punishment Ch. 02

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Shelly was sobbing, her heart and spirit broken by her daddy’s belt. She couldn’t believe she’d betrayed him this way – she knew how he felt about her but she betrayed his trust and his love – and now he was hurting her the way she’d hurt him. Her entire body was on fire, stinging red welts covering her from her large tits down to her thighs just above her knees – front and back.

“I said get on your hands and knees cunt. I’m going to teach you to be a filthy little whore!! I’m going to make you come clean and make you pray to never have your pussy touched again!” Her daddy was shouting – his face an angry dark red, the veins in his neck and forehead standing out in his rage. Still sobbing, deep hiccupping sobs, she finally managed to roll over and get on her hands and knees. Her nipples scraped the pretty blankets for a moment and her breath whistled past her clenched teeth.

“Please daddy,” she whispered, barely enough to be heard, “I’m so sorry daddy – I swear I wont do it ever again, please daddy, don’t hurt me anymore. I’ll be your good girl, I swear..” But her please were quickly quieted by the biting slap of his belt digging into the flesh of her ass again.

“You will *never* be my good little girl again. You’re just a filthy whore now, and you’ll be treated like one!” With that he grabbed her by her sides and hauled her towards the edge of the bed so that her bottom was facing him and her head was facing towards her pillows. He wrenched her knees far apart, just enough so that she could maintain her balance, then proceeded to use nylon rope to tie each knee to the post at the foot of her bed.

The he placed her little footstool under her tummy with a small pillow on top, so that she couldn’t slump to the mattress. Finally he used lengths of nylon rope to tie each wrist to the posts at the head of the bed. He looked down at her for a moment before narrowing his eyes and turning on his heel to go to his bedroom. He returned a moment later with a cock shaped dildo, perhaps 7″ long.

“Open your cock sucking mouth whore!” Shelly quickly obeyed, but didn’t have a clue what he intended to do with that big latex cock. She’d never seen one of those in real life!

He harshly shoved the rubber cock into her mouth, forcing her jaws wide open, forcing it back until she gagged on it.

“Swallow it cunt, suck on it like a cock and swallow it. You’re going to take this thing just like the fucking whore you are so get used to it.” With that he shoved harder one last time until it slipped into the tight confines of her throat several inches.

Not quite far enough to prevent her from breathing through her nose, but far enough that she had to keep swallowing her own saliva like buckets of cum while it was in there to keep from gagging. Even then some drooled out of her mouth onto the blankets, making her look like a slut trying to swallow a whale load of hot cum.

Finally her daddy smiled. “This is what you are, and what you’re going to be from now on. I thought I had raised you to be a lady, but instead you’re just a fucking filthy street whore needing a cock shoved in every hole to keep you happy. Are you happy now Shelly?” His voice was menacing, and Shelly trembled with a new fear – still trying desperately to breathe around the latex cock. As he spoke, he used one of his silk ties to tie around her mouth, keeping the cock gaziantep minyon escort bayan embedded just where he wanted it.

He disappeared once again into his room then came back carrying a small digital camcorder. Shelly’s eyes were as wide as saucers as she watched him set it up on her dresser – the perfect angle to see her puffed out cheeks, welted young body, wide spread pussy and asshole still gaping for the little egg. Fresh tears coursed down her face at the humiliation of it all.

He pressed the button on the camera and Shelly knew he was recording everything. She groaned, whimpered, wailed, and every sound was caught on the little camera.

“See little whore? Now I’m going to initiate you as the whore you are. You live here, you belong to me – got that cunt? You do as I tell you to always. You are my property, just like everything else around here that I own. From now on your right to make decisions is revoked. You don’t piss without my consent. You got that cunt??” Shelly only nodded, unable to answer in any other way, and waves of humiliation washed over her.

He disappeared for another moment, and Shelly heard water running. She knew he planned to give her an enema, but could just bet this one wasn’t going to be as loving and gentle as all the others he’d given her for tummy troubles. And she was right.

As soon as her daddy returned, he stuck his large index finger up into her puckered asshole and groped around. Shelly groaned around the cock in her throat. Then a second finger joined the first and he was pulling and stretching her little pink rosebud harshly, digging deeper into her. Shelly thought for a moment she was going to black out, but then just as suddenly his fingers pulled away. Then she felt the long douche nozzle he often used for enemas pressing deep into her. He fed the tube until it was buried up in her ass.

Shelly couldn’t stop her groaning, wiggling her bottom back without conscious thought.

“You stupid fucking cunt, you get off on having that enema nozzle shoved up in your ass? I can’t believe what a filthy whore you are. I bet you dream about the nastiest things whenever you’re frigging your little pussy. And don’t think I haven’t noticed that you keep your cunt shaved. Waiting for some little boy to stick his tiny baby cock up in there for you?”

Shelly nearly died from the sheer humiliation of his words. In truth she was still a virgin and had planned to remain that way until her wedding night. She couldn’t believe her very own daddy was talking to her this way. It was beyond her abilities to comprehend. She moaned pitifully around the intruding robber cock, her jaw aching from being so stretched, her throat still locked around it. “Now I’m going to clean you out bitch. You’re going to take every drop of this enema and you’re going to hold it or I’m going to get that belt out again. If you make the least little mess here you’ll be tasting my belt again you got that cunt?”

Shelly nodded, scared to death and praying she would be able to hold the hated enema. If he’d used soap, she would have real troubles, as it always caused her to cramp horribly. She starting wailing again at the thought, tears pouring off her face and drool seeping out her mouth around the cock to fall from under the silk tie down her chin. nizip escort bayan

Her daddy held the enema bag up and hooked its little loop over the rod holding her bed canopy up. Then he released the flow valve and let the hot soapy water gush into her bowels. He didn’t put it on slow release the way he did when she was sick, he let it shove its way deep inside of her.

She moaned, feeling the pressure building in her lower belly, feeling the soap start to work already, cramps building in her belly. She tried to make her belly take it, pushing herself down on the little footstool and letting up to massage her belly. It helped a little – but not much. The humping of her belly did produce another result – her clit bumped the little stool too, and even with the recent activities, it was begging for attention.

“Bitch, I promise if you leak on this bed you’re going to get my belt again. I hope the cramps make you remember just who the hell you belong to, but you’d better control your damn urges, you got me?”

Shelly nodded, moaning, wailing, chewing on the cock in her mouth, determined to hold the soapy water, trying desperately to please her angry daddy.

“Your fucking cunt is soaking the blankets more than you could if you did leak. You are so fucking filthy. You’re getting off on having this enema up your ass aren’t you? Aren’t you whore??” He was in such a rage – spittle flying from his mouth, his face so dark and twisted. Shelly couldn’t believe this was happening, and kept praying to black out, but she was very much awake and this was no nightmare.

Finally the flow seemed to have finished, but Shelly couldn’t really tell. Her guts were screaming with the cramps and agony of the soapy water swishing through her. Her belly protruded a little bit, making her look slightly pregnant, even though she only had barely three quarts in her.

Her daddy pulled out the nozzle from her bottom and tossed the bag into the bathroom door nearby. Shelly thought she was going to die from the humiliation, the little red light on the camera continued blinking away.

“You’re dripping cunt. We need to stop that…” With that he abruptly shoved all 9″ of his thick cock into her ass, slamming into her. Shelly saw stars, and lost consciousness at last.

But a moment later she came to, only to feel him stroking out of her aching torn asshole, his fingers pinching her bruised clit, twisting it unmercifully to waken her.

“What a stupid cunt you are. You didn’t think I’d let you sleep through this did you bitch??” With that he slammed into her again, fucking her hole the way any experience whore would recognized as a man’s hate for any woman. But Shelly wasn’t truly a whore, and she’d never had anything bigger than her little vibrating egg up her ass. Shelly thought she was going to throw up and die.

“See what you’ve done you filthy cunt? Made your own daddy hard for you, now I have to punish you for that too. You’re going to feel my cum up in the filthy ass of yours.”

Shelly was screaming around the cock, feeling torn and battered, completely humiliated, her whole being crying out – and yet her clit was bumping into that stool and her pussy was pouring juices down her thighs and onto the blanket.

Her belly was roiling with the soapy enema and the jostling she was nurdağı escort bayan receiving from behind. Her clit stood out like a tiny little missile, seeking the stimulation of the pillow beneath her, and the heat from between her legs seem to coil out like a snake within her, writhing sinfully in her womb.

Even as her daddy grunted and panted from behind her, ramming into her virgin little asshole, releasing his rage and anger with her, Shelly was on the edge of a mind blowing orgasm. Her nails dug into the blanket beneath her, she was gulping and swallowing her own saliva, loving the cock now in her throat and begging it to cum for her. Her eyes were rolled back in her head, her young body begging for release even as it begged for the punishment to end. The two – punishment and pleasure – built inside of her, a growing inferno of need.

Shelly’s mind had ceased to function – she barely heard her sweet daddy’s voice chanting such vile things to her now, urging his own release to spill and flow up into her rectum. He called her everything – filthy fucking whore, cum slut, nasty, dirty names meant to humiliate and demean her. But they were coming from her sweet daddy, and she loved him more than anything, and she was oh so sorry that she’d hurt him, betrayed him.

In her mind she deserved everything he did to her, and finally her mind and body accepted it – accepted this. And on the brink of that, her mind finally shattered, her body erupted, and she was cumming for her daddy. Her ass bucked back up against his cock, she screamed out around the cock still buried in her throat, her body tensed and froze midair.

“You fucking cunt, fucking whore…” her father roared into her even as he rammed his cock as deep as possible into her hole and shot his own thick loads of hot sweet cum into her ass. He stood there, buried into her, his thick cock twitching, continuing its fountain of cream up into his sweet baby girl’s belly. He reached down and grabbed her by the hair, forcing her head back to look at him.

“You stupid bitch, you had everything – and now you have this – and this is all you will ever have from me…”

With that another flow came from his body – a hot burning stinging flow of piss deep into her rectum – mixing with the soap and hot water and cum. He stayed buried deep in her even as the burning cramps caused her to scream and wail again, her stomach knotting and roiling sickly, growing ever more distended by the huge load of piss he spurted up into her young body.

On and on he went – pissing more than Shelly could have ever dreamed a man could piss – filling her completely. She swore she could taste the piss in her mouth. Still he held her head so that she was forced to look at him as he filled her for what seemed like an eternity.

Finally he reached down and untied her hand ropes, then untied her ankles. He remained locked in her ass, his thick stiff cock sealing her hole to prevent her from leaking. He reached down and grabbed her by the hair and pulled her back against him before lifting her by the shoulders to him and carrying her, his cock still deep inside her, to the bathroom.

The cock still buried in her mouth prevented speech of any kind, but she was so grateful when he finally released her and placed her on the toilet, facing the back of it, she would have died with gratitude.

She emptied her ravaged bowels then, her head resting on the back of the toilet. Great gushes of piss, water, soap, and who knows what else came gushing out of her. It felt incredible – she came again and again, crying, tears of pleasure and humiliation soaking her face.

When she was finally recovered enough to turn around, she saw him there, camera in hand, recording everything.

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