Sibling Sex Education Ch. 01

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It was just too nice a day to be sitting in college. It was the first really nice day after a cold snowy winter and I wanted to get out and enjoy the warm sunshine. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any of my friends so I ended up deciding to go home. My parents would both be at work and I wouldn’t have to explain why I skipped out on the classes they had paid so much for. As I neared my house I noticed a strange car in the driveway.

I elected to try and find out who was at the house so I quietly crept up to the side and began peering into the windows. I could hear noises coming from the inside but nothing could have prepared me for what I saw when I looked through the dining room window. There was my mom, naked and laying spread eagle on the table, her open legs pointed right at me. I dropped down and tried to make sense of what I’d seen, but just as quickly I peered up again and stared.

First of all I should tell you that I am the older of two children, my sister, Samantha is also in college. My mom had me when she was only seventeen and delivered Sam a year later. Her and my Dad married and until now I assumed they were truly happy with one another. My mom is only thirty-seven and all the guys I knew drooled whenever they saw her. She was five foot six and slim with what I guess were at least B cup tits. Her ass was full but firm and she worked out all the time to stay in shape.

The problem was that the guy sucking at my mom’s tits while she was swallowing his rod wasn’t my Dad and the other woman working her fingers into my mom’s wet cunt wasn’t him either.

Watching this scene unfold was making my own cock hard and I had to stick a hand down my pants to relieve some of the pressure. Remembering my cell phone, I used it to take as many pictures of this fuck fest as the memory would hold. I know it may sound sick to you, but I was unable to take my eyes from my mom’s body. I even imagined I was the guy with his cock filling her throat and my lips were sucking on her nipples. I needed to get some real relief so I snuck away from the house and slipped into the garage. Staring now at the photos I’d taken, I pulled my own cock from my jeans and started to stroke myself. All I could think of was how hot my mom’s cunt was and in no time I was shooting stream after stream of hot cum on the garage floor. Amazingly I stayed hard and horny. I kept beating my meat till I spewed again the settled back against the wall and thought of all I’d seen and what I was going to do about it.

I heard the sound of a car starting and knew that the three of them were leaving. I peeked out of the garage window and watched as my mom and the other two backed out of the driveway and headed off. I guessed mom would have to go back to wherever she’d left her car. I headed into the house and went to the table. I thought I could still smell them but given my own activities I couldn’t be sure if it was their sperm or mine that I smelled.

I went to my room and up loaded the photos to my laptop, knowing I needed to get them off my phone. Then I lay in bed and thought about it all. Telling my Dad might mean divorce and that would make life hard for everyone. I enjoyed the life I led, having my tuition paid while a lot of my classmates had to work, and living at home was usually a good deal too. I couldn’t shake the idea of fucking my mom but at the same time the thought of it made me pause.

I wanted to tell my sister Sam, I knew she’d agree with me about not telling Dad but I wasn’t sure she wouldn’t confront mom. I must have fallen asleep because the next thing I remember is my mom calling us to dinner.

“Paul, Sam, dinner is on the table!”

I followed Sam down the stairs noticing, not for the first time, how she and my mom had the same great body. Sam wasn’t as toned as mom but in a few years she would be. As I trekked down the stairs I imagined Sam, instead of mom, as the women on the table this afternoon and my cock stirred. I did my best to think of something else knowing that both of them would see the bulge in my jeans. Stopping for a minute I once again adjusted my hardening cock, making the bulge less noticeable and filled my head with memories of my morning classes. It must have worked because when I entered the dining room the pressure in my crotch was significantly lessened.

“Paul, how were your classes today?”

Mom asked and while I had the urge to tell her about the “afternoon class” I’d audited in the back yard, I merely said.

“Same as always, long and boring.”

“Sam, how about you, anything interesting in your day? Since your Dad’s away on business someone needs to help me carry on a conversation. Paul doesn’t seem up to it.”

Sam told a few stories about her day and we ate then cleaned up the table and the kitchen. I can’t tell you how hard it was to sit at that table, knowing what had gone on earlier. When the dishes had been stowed in the dishwasher, I excused myself to go “study” and went to my room. I turned on my laptop and brought gaziantep olgun escort bayan up the photos again. I was so engrossed in staring at my mom’s naked body, seeing her suck a stranger’s cock that I never heard my sister come in. It wasn’t until I heard her gasp that I realized she was behind me also staring at our mother with two naked strangers.

“Paul, what is this? Did you photo shop mom’s face onto some on line porn?”

I wondered if she was hoping for that and debated agreeing with her but I knew she see through it all too soon so I just said

“No, I came home early from classes today and…”

I told her what I’d done and seen. Well I didn’t tell her about beating off in the garage or how I imagined fucking our mother but I did tell her everything else.

“Holy shit.”

I could see in her eyes that she was both puzzled and disappointed. Then she sat on my bed and just stared into space for the longest time. I decided to keep quiet and let her sort her thoughts. I did however, close the photo album and shut off the computer. Then I sat and stared at Sam while she probably went through all I did this afternoon. Wondering what to do, examining the potential outcomes and trying to just adjust to the knowledge that our mom was cheating on our Dad. Eventually she said.

“What do we do?”

“I’m only sure I don’t want to tell Dad. It would hurt him and us, especially if it caused them to break up, which I am pretty sure it would. Maybe we need to confront mom, but I don’t think I could.”

“Me either.”

We were both quiet for a while. Eventually Sam asked me.

“Paul, have you ever done it?”

“Done what?”

I knew what she was asking but I was a too ashamed to admit I hadn’t.

“Me either.”

She said and we both laughed. Once again we were quiet and then Sam said.

“Well I need to go study. I think your right about keeping this quiet, but could you e-mail me the photos? I think I want to look at them on my own later.”

I tried to not look shocked at her request and just nodded saying.

“Sure Sis, I’ll do it now. Just download them onto your hard drive and delete the e-mail. I’d hate for you to accidentally send it out to someone.”

“Thanks and your right I’ll transfer them to a zip drive so they aren’t even on my computer.”

I liked her idea and I did the same after sending them to her. I took the zip and hid it in my closet then tried to do the reading I was backed up on. It was pretty useless as I kept seeing my moms spread legs and her mouth full of cock. I turned out my light and made and effort to sleep.

I was dreaming that my cock was in my mother’s mouth and it felt so real. I could feel my cock ready to spew and for a dream it was wild. I felt myself release and then I heard someone coughing. I came awake in a flash and realized someone was in my bed with me. I pulled the covers off and looked down to see Sam poised over my cum covered cock. I could see drops of cum on her lips and some spattered on her cheek.

“Sam! What are you doing?”

She looked up and seeing her cum smeared face had my cock starting to spring back to life.

“I was staring at the photos of mom and she looked so happy when that man had his thing in her mouth. I couldn’t help it Paul. I had to sneak in and see for myself what it was that she was so pleased about.”

Still in shock to see my sister in my bed with my cum drying on her face I looked closer and saw that she wasn’t wearing much at all. In fact I had a pretty clear view of her tits. Her nipples were extended and poking through the flimsy material of her nightshirt.

“Well, Sam. Did you like it?”

When her face turned red the contrast with the drying cum excited me even more and I reached out to her pulling her up next to me.

“At first I didn’t but when your thing got hard it got warm too and I kind of began to enjoy the feel of it in my mouth. I guess I should have known about the ejaculation, I mean we’ve learned about all this in Sex Ed, but I wasn’t really thinking about that. You produced a lot of sperm Paul and I guess I kind of choked. But, yes I liked it. I loved the feel of it in my mouth and the taste of the sperm wasn’t so bad, a bit salty but not too much so.”

I made her lay down next to me and summoned my courage.

“Can I do it to you? I saw that women licking moms cunt and I’d like to try it sis.”

Sam’s eyes stared into mine and for a moment I was sure she’d say no but she just moved over to me and kissed my cheek then said.

“I think I would like to have you try that Paul. Let me get my nightshirt and panties off.”

“No, let me do that for you.”

Sam smiled and sat up holding her arms over her head so I could pull her top off. I just about came when her naked tits were exposed and I leaned over to kiss her nipple. It was hard but tender too and I heard her gasp as I sucked on it gaziantep oral yapan escort bayan a little.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt you sis.”

“Paul, no, it was wonderful, do it some more before you lick me.”

I settled in on her tits, sucking each of her hard nipples into my mouth. I sucked them and even bit down on them lightly and she grabbed my head and pulled me even closer to her. She was moaning more and more and I had to stop and say.

“Sis, keep the noise down. We don’t want mom to hear us.”

Sam did her best to stay quiet but I could still hear her and soon she was whispering to me.

“Please Paul, move down and touch me. I feel so good with your sucking on my nipples but I think I need you down there, please?”

I moved down lower on her body wanting to kiss her everywhere. As I slowly made my way to her crotch I pushed her panties down her legs, leaving her naked. I used my hands to spread her legs then moved in and lightly kissed her pussy. She was wet down there but I didn’t care. I wasn’t sure what to do so I just licked her and was surprised when her pussy lips parted and I just used my tongue to push into her. She groaned pretty loud, but I was beyond caring now and I pumped my tongue in and out of her wet hole. Soon she was raising and lowering her hips in time to my penetration and her breathing was coming faster, almost gasping. All of a sudden she wrapped her legs around my head and grabbed me by my hair and pulled me into her. I was pumping my tongue in and out of her as fast as I could and her hips were bucking into my face. Then she stiffened and let out a long low groan and I felt her pussy spasming around my tongue. All of a sudden there was I lot of fluid and I sucked as much of it as I could, enjoying the taste of my sister.

As her hips settled back down and her cunt stopped leaking her hot juices I clambered back up next to her. She put her arms around me and kissed me on my lips and I kissed her back. When her tongue pushed it’s way into my mouth I let it. I enjoyed it so much I pushed mine into her mouth and soon we were sucking on each other’s tongues. My hands were roaming up and down her back, taking a good deal of pleasure in squeezing her ass cheeks. Feeling her tits push into my chest and her nipples rubbing against mine I soon felt her hand snaking down between us and grabbing hold of my hard cock.

It was so hot to feel her hand stroking me and I guess if I hadn’t already beaten off so often that day I might have erupted in her hands.

“Let’s do it Paul! Stick your thing in me. Let’s make love.”

“Sam, it’s a cock and a pussy not things. Say it right Sam!’

“Paul put your cock in my pussy.”

“Ask me to fuck you Sam.”

“Paul, please put your fucking cock in my hot wet pussy and fuck me!”

She spread her legs wide and I positioned myself between them. I held my cock in my left hand and put it in her opening then used my hips to push into her. I only got so far and then stopped. I knew I need to go further but I couldn’t.

“You need to push hard Paul, I’m a virgin and you need to break my hymen. It’s ok, but once you’ve pushed in you’ll need to just be still for a moment and let me get used to you, OK?”

I nodded and pulled back a little then pushed hard into her. I thought at first that I was again going to be stopped but then it popped and I slid into her hot wet opening burying my cock up to my balls. I saw Sam clench her mouth shut and so I remembered to stay still, even though all I wanted to do was pump my throbbing cock in and out of her.

“Shit Paul that was wild, now please start as slow as you can.”

It took all of my will power to slowly move back out of her and then slowly fill her again. I did this three or four times when Sam clasped me tight to her and said into my ear.

“Now fuck me faster and harder Paul. Your thing, I mean your cock feels so good in me. I mean my pussy, I mean… oh just fuck me Paul.”

I didn’t need to be told twice and I moved in and out of her faster and faster. I could feel her pussy grabbing at my cock as I receded and open for me as I pushed in. She was so hot inside and all to soon I felt my cock ready to spew. I moved even faster, driving my cock as deep as I could into her steamy cunt and then I exploded firing hot streams of cum deep in her pussy. I felt Sam clench her cunt around my cock and I spasmed inside of her and her hands held me close, her mouth sucking my left ear as I drained my rod in her.

We stayed joined together as we fought to regain out breath. Her tight embrace never faltered nor did mine as our mingled juices oozed from her. I rolled to the side, never letting her go and we rested for a bit. I soon felt Sam rocking into me with her hips and my rod started to come back to life. This time we took it slow and when I was fully hard and she was completely wet we fucked. This time we lasted a lot longer gaziantep otele gelen escort bayan and I really loved the feel of her pussy as my cock filled her again and again. I stroked her back and wedged a hand between us to play with her still hard nipples as our combined passions grew and grew.

This time when we came it too lasted longer, I felt my cock spurting and spurting into her and her cunt flowed with our juices. Spent and fulfilled we kissed each other lightly on the lips and then Sam said.

“I hate to have to do this but I better get back to my room. We’ve been fortunate so far but lets not press our luck. If we do this right we can enjoy each other a lot. I love you brother.”

“Sam I love you and I want to keep doing this. I want to try everything with you Sam, everything!”

“Yes, everything Paul. I love you.”

“I love you too Sam.”

Over the next few nights, Sam and I got together for as long as we could. We tried a few different positions, we had oral sex at the same time and I tasted my cum from her lips and she sampled her own juices from mine. The night before our Dad was to return home Sam said.

“Paul, why don’t you go to one of those adult stores and buy some sort of book so we can see what else we can do. We can each read it and then when we have the time to get together again we can try something new.”

The next day after class I went to one of the adult bookstores near campus and bought a few books. When I got home I slipped one under Sam’s pillow with a note telling her I had another one. The next day mom told me that she and dad would be going on his next business trip together and that I was to look after Sam. She said I was to cut back on my time with my friends and make sure that the house was kept up and that Sam was protected. I told my mom that Sam was old enough and that I didn’t want to have to do that. I knew she’d expected me to complain.

“Paul, you’re older and I want you to look after Sam while we’re gone.”

“But Mom you know Sam won’t listen to me!”

“I’ll tell her to make sure she does, now no more arguments.”

I walk away hiding my smile. Sam and I now had a week on our own, no worries about getting caught. I went to my room and after studying a bit pulled out the book I’d bought at the adult store and learned more about what people considered sex. Some of it intrigued me, some of it turned me on and some of it seemed just plain weird. I put the book back and tried to get some sleep, tomorrow my parents would leave and my time with Sam would begin. As I began to sleep I wondered if Sam had read any of the book I’d gotten her and what she might like or not.

When I got back from classes the next day the house was empty of parents and I could hear Sam upstairs. I made a snack and just as I was about to go find her, Sam came into the kitchen in a very sexy outfit. She had a short skirt that barely covered her ass and a flimsy white blouse that did nothing to hide her firm tits. Her knee socks and flat shoes were the perfect compliment to her ponytails making her the image of a young schoolgirl. Catching myself from drooling at her I was about to say something when she said.

“Mom told me I had to obey you while they were gone! Is there anything you demand of me Paul?”

The look in her eye told me that she was not only playing along but was acting very submissive to me. I’d read about that and adopted the role she was putting me in.

“Yes come here and suck my cock.”

Sam hurried to me and knelt as she extracted my rock hard cock from my pants and with a quick glance up at me she enveloped my tool in her mouth. Her hot mouth worked its magic on me and I was soon squirming on the chair, holding her head by her ponytails and ramming my cock deep into her welcoming mouth. All too soon I felt my cum spurt into her throat and she swallowed and swallowed letting just a bit of my seed drip from the corners of her mouth. Letting my spent cock fall from her mouth she took her fingers and scooped the escaping sticky white cum with her fingers then shoved them in her mouth. Then she smiled at me as she sucked my cum from her fingers.

“Sam that was great. Tell me what would you like to do this week. Do you have anything special you’d like to try?”

Still on her knees she brought her hands to her blouse and palmed her tits as she said.

“Oh yes Sir. But you are in charge Sir. May I really tell you of my desires?”

“Sam, I love the submissiveness in you and I would love that to continue but tell me about what you’ve read. I demand that you share your thoughts.”

“Yes Sir. Well I guess you can see that I most want to be at your command. I think the book says you would call me your slut or slave and I would be honored if you would chose to do so.”

“Ok Slut. Before you continue I want you to remove your blouse and play with your nipples for me. As you do so tell me what you want from your Master!”

Sam removed her blouse and immediately began to pull, twist and pinch her hard elongated nipples.

“Sir, I was very intrigued by the idea of being fucked in a place where someone might see us and I would love to be made to wear skimpy clothing and no underwear. I would love to never know when you might reveal my naked cunt or tits to someone passing by. In short Sir I want to be your tool, your slut, your sexual toy.”

“Very good slut anything else?”

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