Sister’s Slave Pt. 01

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The clock rang 10 as we both finished our Dinners, and we sat there, next to each other for a few minutes, waiting for the beans and broccoli we had eaten to digest. My little brother of 22 has always been weaker than me due to the 4-year age gap between us, but I had always known that he wanted to humiliate me, just as I had done to him so many times in the past.

He saw this moment as an opportunity.

“Hey Sis,” He asked suddenly.

“What,” I replied, not even bothering to look up at him. He began slowly edging his way closer to me on the Sofa.

“Quick, Look, There’s a Spider on the ceiling,” He shouted.

In my tiredness, I actually believed him, and threw myself backwards on the Sofa while staring up at the roof. He quickly pinned me down with all his might, waved his ass in my face, and laughed quietly as a loud, stinky fart erupted from under his boxers.

“What the Fuck,” I tried to say, muffled under my Brother’s tiny ass.

He tried to smother me, attempting to make me inhale his gas, but I was easily able to regain my strength and overpower him, pinning him down in front of me. Immediately, he began pleading with me,

“Wait, Sis! It was just a joke! Please! Don’t force me to do this again!”

He already knew what was coming, as I had done this to him just a few days prior. Without speaking a word, I gently pulled my panties off, and waved them in his face.

“You know better than to cross me, Brother. I’m not letting you out until you submit to my ass!”

He sighed gaziantep yavuzeli escort bayan deeply, aware that nothing he could say would make a difference. I pushed my sweaty panties onto his nose and demanded that he smell them.

He took one sniff and gagged, before saying,

“Ew, Sis, What on earth have you been doing in these?”

I stared at him with a devilish smile on my face, and replied with,

“You know I went out to the gym yesterday. I haven’t had time to shower since then and my Ass has gotten pretty sweaty as a result. Especially with how hot it is today…”

He stopped himself from criticizing me and instead took a few more sniffs of my panties.

“Alright, you’ve had enough of a warm up,” I said, pulling the panties away from his nose.

“Time for the main course!”

He rolled his eyes and simply said,

“Just get it over with.”

I spun myself around and parked my nude asshole directly under his nostrils, rubbing it up against his nose to make sure he smelt it.

“You enjoying my scent,” I asked, briefly raising my ass so he could respond.

“It smells fucking wonderful,” He sarcastically retorted.

“Oh, good. You won’t mind staying here for a few more hours then,” I taunted, lowering my ass back down before he could protest.

His eyes had widened as a reaction to his mistake.

“Now take some big long sniffs; I want to hear you breathing.”

He reluctantly agreed, gaziantep yeni escort bayan shivering in disgust after each inhale. Without warning him, I let loose a putrid fart, which was made wet my the thick layer of sweat surrounding my anus. It squeaked loudly as it spluttered into his nose, echoing down his throat as it travelled to his lungs.

He tried desperately to push me away, but I just sat with more force to stop him.

“Ahahaha! Whoops! I guess those beans must’ve gone down quicker than I thought…”

I pushed my stomach gently and three more wet farts leaked out, followed immediately by a silent one that blew upwards and made his eyes water.

“Please, Stop,” He tried to cry out, muffled by the flesh between my ass and pussy.

“What’s that,” I asked playfully.

“I can’t hear over the sounds of my farts echoing in your belly!”

After saying this, a blasted an airy fart down his nose, which caused him vibrate even faster in his futile attempts to release himself.

“Aw, what’s the matter? Is my little Brother not enjoying his Sister’s gas,” I taunted, lifting my ass up so he could breath for a second.

“I farted on you once,” He forced himself to say.

“How is all this fair?”

“It isn’t,” I replied joyfully.

“I just enjoy torturing you!”

With that, I held his nose so he had to open his mouth, and sat back down so I that my asshole was inside his mouth.

“Now then, you better gaziantep zayıf escort bayan start tasting that sweet sweat before it all dries up!”

He squirmed beneath me, pleading with me through use of his moans.

“Start licking or I’ll fart down your throat and make you taste it!”

Upon hearing this, he forced himself to begin gently stroking my anus with his tongue, swallowing the sweat that stuck to it.

“There, see. That wasn’t so hard, was it?”

As he reluctantly continued licking, I felt more farts building up, and wasted no time in releasing them into his mouth. Before I even had chance to push, a loud, wet fart thundered down his throat, causing him to gag again. This time, he was the one to utter,

“What the Fuck?!?”

“Oh you stupid, naive fool! Did you really think I was gonna let you go without your second helping of broccoli?”

Another airy fart leaked out as I said this, lingering in the back of his throat as he started licking my ass again.

“That’s a good boy,” I teased.

“You’re very good at this… Maybe I’ll turn you into my ass slave!”

He pushed violently upwards at that moment, hoping to push me off so he could argue, but to no avail.

“Pathetic,” I said, releasing another wet expulsion. With my hands still firmly keeping his nose shut, he had no choice but to breath in all my gas. I began to feel his grip loosen as drew closer to unconsciousness.

“Feeling sleepy are we? Let me give you supper before bed!”

I pushed my stomach as hard as I could, resulting in a loud, 23-Second fart that flew down his windpipe. This was easily enough to knock him out, and his arms dropped shortly after, leaving me there, sitting atop my new throne.

“Aw, nighty night little bitch,” I whispered.

I lifted him in my arms, tied him to my bed, and locked the door tight while I left to eat my own supper. His slavery was just beginning…

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