Slumber Party in the Slums

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My best friend Laura decided she was going to throw a cookout at her place, nothing special or anything, just hamburgers and hotdogs with a birthday cake for her uncle Luke. He was dealing with a terminal illness and whatnot, so I figured it would be best if I showed. I wasn’t exactly close with Uncle Luke, but we had some common ground. He was the only older gay man I knew at the time, and he made it a point to talk to me one-on-one every now and then when I’d been younger because he knew I was gay from the first time we’d met.

He was just a nice old man, maybe a little flirty, but nothing creepy. I think he just saw in me something he saw in himself at some point, and he always made it a point to make me feel welcome when he was around during my visits.

When I showed up, my car was overheating because it was on its last legs, and I was still waiting for it to cool down to top off the radiator and reserve tank when Uncle Luke came up behind me, “I can help out if you’re just needing a reason to bend over” he said. I was leaned under the hood checking everything else out. “I bet you would if you could” I shot back as I turned and gave the old man a hug.

We chatted just a little, mostly about nothing in particular, and he helped me top off the radiator and do a few minor things with my car before we both walked over to the covered parking spots in the driveway. They had moved the cars out and put the old picnic table from the deck down in the driveway to be close to the grill. Laura’s dad was already grilling the meat for the cookout and didn’t even acknowledge either of us except with a grunt. He was a homophobe though, so that was probably a blessing.

“Well look who finally showed,” Laura’s mom Rachel almost shouted once she saw me, “it’s about dang time!”

Rachel gave me a hug, and I made minor introductions to the rest of the family and gave a few nods and handshakes to Laura’s other friends. We were not, by any means, friends with the same people. In fact, I was pretty sure most of her friends would beat both mine and Uncle Luke’s asses if given half the chance. Just a part of growing up in the rural south I guess.

I did take notice of two guests in particular though, Aaron and Carter were both in attendance. We’d never been friends by any means, and honestly Carter was probably on the enemies list if I had one, but Aaron had always been cordial. He continued that aspect by simply giving me a handshake and calling me by my last name. Everyone back in high school used to do that because my first name was so common in our class.

After some general small-talk and story sharing we all had some food, cut the cake, gave our cards and gifts to Uncle Luke and wished him well, and eventually Uncle Luke’s roommate (and possibly boyfriend, never could tell with him) told him it was time they get going so we all said our goodbyes.

Laura had planned the lunch for Uncle Luke, but had invited all of her friends including me to stay after and play some games and hang out. Her mom wasn’t a fan of this, so Rachel and her dad Bill eventually excused themselves to go visit with Rachel’s sister. It was likely just an excuse to leave, but we were all glad once Bill had left.

Bill was an asshole even if you weren’t a “queer” as he called us when he was actually being polite.

After playing some generic games with playing cards and random board games with missing pieces for a bit, Rachel phoned and let Laura know that her and Bill would be staying over at her mom’s house that night. Something about her needing to go to the doctor, but it not being urgent was going on, so they wouldn’t be back until the next afternoon. I guess Rachel figured since it was the weekend she could trust Laura, so she clearly didn’t know her own daughter.

“We should go and grab some beer!” Laura damn near yelled after she got off the phone and gave us the news. So her, Aaron, and Carter all hopped into Carter’s truck and went down to the gas station to get whatever was in stock out here in the boonies. In rural NC that typically means Bud Light, Natural Light, or some other much worse beer.

I was left alone with her remaining friends which consisted of some generic girls who’s names I’d intentionally never learned all these years, a couple dude-bros, and one odd guy named Larry. Larry smelled bad and was just generally creepy, but there were women present so he kept himself distracted with creeping them out as I just chilled out and played around on my phone for a bit.

Eventually Larry had driven the girls to the point where they were basically ready to leave, but I diffused the situation just long enough for Laura to get back by playing a little piano. I wasn’t great, but I could read music and the girls were just happy to sing while the two dude-bros cheered them on, and Larry stared at them creepily but at least he had stopped talking.

When Laura got back, Aaron and Carter convinced Larry to leave, but to their dismay the girls left pretty much right after he did and took the two dude-bros they’d altyazılı porno apparently brought with them.

I think once they knew he couldn’t follow them home, they were happy to bolt knowing they’d be ok for the drive back. Larry was just an odd dude I think, but he did come across quite creepy when it came to women.

So I was left with just Laura and two guys I figured would sooner beat my ass than shake my hand, but to my surprise they actually both lightened up a bit. I think coming in and finding me playing the piano with the girls singing must’ve given them a new perception of me because they did ask me to keep playing for a bit after they returned and handled the Larry situation.

We then spent the afternoon drinking and chatting, hell I was actually getting to know these guys a little for the first time, and eventually it got late and was time to go to bed.

I called dibs on the bed in the guest bedroom since I wasn’t about to sleep in the bed with Laura and I knew the parent’s room was totally off limits. Carter immediately called the couch, I assume to make sure he wasn’t having to sleep in the same room as me. But, to my surprise Aaron volunteered to also sleep in the guest room, though he said he’d take the daybed against the wall since I had already called the actual bed in the room.

This put me in the same room as Aaron, but he’d be in the tiny bed against the wall which was normally covered in gaudy throw pillows and I’d have the queen sized bed all to myself. I was okay with this arrangement.

After not too much longer, I took my leave and went to the bed I had claimed and left everyone else out in the living room to party as much as they’d like. I dozed off for just a bit, but came startled back awake when Aaron stumbled into the bedroom and kicked like three different pieces of furniture trying to fumble his way onto the daybed. He was clearly way more drunk than I’d gotten, but he also was so skinny that the alcohol probably just hit him way harder than it hit me.

I feigned sleep as best I could until he got settled, but it did take him a while. The room was dark, so I couldn’t really tell what he was doing to take so long, but it seemed to take him like 20 minutes to finally get settled on the bed before the room was quiet again.

I tried very hard to go back to sleep when Aaron whispered, “Hey man, are you awake?”

I stayed silent and tried to keep my breathing as even as I could because I wasn’t really in the mood to deal with his shit right now. He tried just two more times before he started tossing himself around on the daybed and making it squeak obscenely as he made himself comfortable.

Eventually his noise settled down and I finally started to drift back off to sleep. My mind was somewhat reeling, but in a good way. I could smell Aaron’s cologne from across the room. He smelled kind of like cedar or something woodsy. It was definitely a manly smell, and I tried to just focus in on the scent as I drifted off to sleep.

I was almost successful until I heard him jostling around on the daybed again and making noise with it. This time it wasn’t like before though, it was like he was just squirming on it or something. I was guessing it was uncomfortable or something when he suddenly stopped and asked again, “You awake dude?”

This woke me back up from the edge of being asleep, but I still said nothing.

Before I could get back into the throws of drifting off to sleep again he started moving once more. His movement making noise on the cheap daybed from the wire frame and filling the room with a slight squeaking and other metallic noises.

After just a few minutes of hearing it though, it dawned on me how rhythmic the noises were, and my suspicions were somewhat confirmed as I focused harder on the sounds. His breathing was deep and rhythmic, the sounds of the bed were somewhat in sync with his breath but faster, and then I heard the distinct sounds of skin on skin that every man knows. That dude was jacking off.

I shifted in bed trying to make it look like I was just moving in my sleep while also trying to get a peak using the dim lighting of the room now that my eyes had somewhat adjusted, but it wasn’t really much use. It was so dark the best I could make out was the general shape of the daybed against the wall of the room.

It didn’t help that he froze briefly as I shifted, and once I’d settled back into position, he waited for just a minute or two before whispering and again asking if I was awake. I still said nothing, somewhat hoping he’d start again and that somehow my eyes would adjust enough to get a glimpse of what was going on.

He did start back after several minutes, but I still couldn’t get a good view, so just to mess with him I pretended to toss a little once again after the noise had started back up. This time he didn’t stop though. He just slowed his pace and kept going, so I decided to be a little bold and tried to have my best sleepy voice when I asked, “Are you jacking off?”

He must have mobil porno frozen instantly because the noise of the daybed stopped instantly. “So, you ARE awake?” Aaron asked in a slightly startled voice. I shot back “It’s kind of hard to stay asleep when you’re making so much noise” just to be smartass. He chuckled slightly.

“I guess that’s fair,” Aaron said, “you trying to get a peak or something?” And I couldn’t hold myself back before I smarted off with “Why? You offering?”

He just laughed again and didn’t say anything else, and I don’t know if it was the little bit of alcohol in my system or if it was due to the erection I’d developed listening to the situation at hand, but I eventually said “The least you could do is offer to share” before I rolled back over in bed and figured I’d fall back asleep.

I had guessed that would be the end of it, and the somewhat long period of silence that followed seemed to be confirming that. But, Aaron surprised me when after several more minutes he barely whispered, “You looking for a taste or something?”

I was immediately speechless. I couldn’t think of a smart comeback, so I just adjusted myself in bed a bit more and pulled some of the covers more tightly around myself. I was assuming at this point that I should probably keep my mouth shut to avoid the inevitable ass-beating that would follow if I took things too far.

“If you did, I might be willing to help you out with that” Aaron whispered again before I heard him moving on the daybed again.

His movement was brief before the daybed squeaked hard one last time and then went totally silent. At this point all I could really hear was my own heartbeat pounding in my ears.

I had suspected Aaron had gotten up, but the fear in me was rising fast as I made out Aaron’s shape against the wall as he moved into the corner of my view beside the bed. The shock made me shift as I prepared to defend myself for what I was sure would soon be a fight, and I loosened the covers as I moved to sit up ever so slightly. I propped myself up against the decorative pillows above my head that I had pushed towards the headboard before I laid down.

“Hey! It’s ok bro” Aaron said. Although I wasn’t really put at ease much, his tone didn’t seem like one of anger as he continued, “If you want me to share, I’ll share,” in a very calm and even tone.

“I…” was all I managed to get out as I laid further against propped up pillows on the headboard. He kept stepping towards the bed slowly, his arms held out from his body, but more in a way that made it seem like he was feeling his way around the room rather than reaching out to pummel the crap out of me.

The closer he stepped towards the bed, the more his body came into the little bit of light coming in through the window. Soon it was clear that Aaron was not only standing at the edge of the bed, but he was doing so completely naked.

Aaron was a very pale dude, his skin white as ivory in the light coming in from the light outside the window by the driveway. His skin practically glowed against the dark background of the room as he got closer, and I was surprised by something I didn’t expect.

Aaron was hairy.

He wasn’t just a little hairy like I’d always kind of suspected. Being such a small and slender build, I would have never pictured this much body hair to even be possible. He was practically covered in a forest of hair which stretched from his shoulders, all the way down past his chest and belly, and appeared to even wrap around on his sides. It only got darker and thicker as it continued down too.

From shoulders down to his hands he was almost hairless, so it really caught me off-guard with just how much hair he had always had hidden under just a t-shirt. I started off with a “What…?” before he cut me off.

Aaron reached out for my right arm with his left hand, grabbing me by the bicep before he spoke again in a whispered tone, “It’s okay man, it’s just me.”

“Aaron…” I started to say before I trailed off when he began to shush me. I tried to start back speaking, hoping to apologize before this got too out of hand, but all I managed was “I… I didn’t mean anything by it.”

Aaron breathed out a little in a bit of a huff before he said, “It’s okay man, I’m not mad or nothing.” His grip on my bicep loosened as his hand began to massage my arm with his palm. “I really am ok with sharing,” he said, “if that’s what you really want.”

I managed to make noise in the affirmative, but it was somewhere between a ‘yeah’ and just an ‘mhmm’. I’m not entirely sure what noise I even made, but Aaron clearly took this as permission when his grip tightened again on my arm, his hand now nearer to my elbow.

“Just lay back down dude,” he said as he pulled my arm gently to guide me. I followed without resistance as I also struggled to adjust back down now that I had adrenaline rushing through my body. He pulled me close to the edge of the bed and pulled the pillow so that it supported my head before he reached out with his right hand sex izle too and grabbed my neck along the jawline.

His fingers were touching just behind my earlobe and his thumb wrapped gently across my jaw as he helped lay me down with my face angled towards the edge of the bed. “Just open your mouth a little” was all he said before he used his thumb to find my mouth and pulled it further open by pressing the pad of his thumb down on my lower front teeth.

“That’s it man, just open up and stick your tongue out a little.”

I did as he asked, and kind of licked my way between his thumb and my lower teeth. Aaron seemed to appreciate this as he used his thumb to massage my tongue which was now pressed against him. “That’s it, just like that” he said.

Aaron’s breathing seemed to get heavier as I looked up and found his gaze focused in my direction. I couldn’t actually see his eyes fully, but his face was definitely angled down towards mine before he spoke again, “I need you to watch your teeth and just lick like that on the tip, can you do that?”

With his thumb in my mouth I only managed to hum my approval of the situation, but he definitely understood when he said “Good boy, just be gentle, okay?” I again followed up by humming my approval.

He used his thumb as leverage to tilt my face more sideways, and as I adjusted his dick finally came into view.

Sticking out from the black mass of fur just below his stomach was a beautiful pale dick. It was easy to see in contrast despite the lighting of the room because his skin was so white in comparison to the hair that adorned his body. It was almost like it had a spotlight on it.

He was circumcised and the head of his dick seemed to glisten in the pale light and causing it to reflect on the wetness of the end of his dick. It was honestly a beautiful sight, and he smelled so clean like nothing but soap and the cologne that emanated from the rest of his body.

He removed his thumb and placed just the head of his dick against my tongue as he said “Lick it, and close your lips on it for me” and began to use his left hand to jack himself off with the tip inside my mouth. I obliged and began suckling at his dick like I was trying to suck his cum straight out of it already.

He didn’t insert his dick into my mouth, and instead just left the tip resting inside me as he jacked himself off and kept telling me that I was doing a good job and that I was a good boy. His right hand stayed firm on my jaw and neck, pulling at me slightly as he worked on his own dick with his left. The head of his dick only seemed to throb in my mouth with the slight movement of my mouth due to his pressure.

It seemed like only just a few minutes before his breathing grew a bit more rapid and he said “I’m about to cum for you” before he grunted a little and shook. His shaking drove his dick a little further into my mouth, but never he never inserted more than just an inch or two total. “You ready to swallow for me man?” he asked before he paused his efforts briefly, his dick throbbing in my mouth against my tongue.

I glanced up at him for the first time in several minutes and he was still looking down into my face as I almost grunted my approval of the situation. As soon as he had my consent though, he began to rapidly jack his dick in short motions with the tip still in my mouth. His hand barely seemed to be moving at all. It seemed like he was just shaking the shaft of his dick and wiggling the tip as it seemed to expand slightly.

When the first pulse of cum came out, it seemed to shoot straight to the back of my throat and his movements became even less pronounced, but more rapid. It was like he was just rubbing the tip along my tongue in a circular motion as the rest of his cum just poured out.

His orgasm was nothing like I’d expected. He simply fed me his load in a slow and constant pace.

It was like the cum just flowed out of him without shooting out in spurts after the first one or two initial shots. He worked at his dick without pumping it like I do my own, but rather just allowing his cum to pour into me in a steady stream.

He came for what seemed like a solid minute, and maybe slightly longer.

When he was finished, he didn’t pull out immediately either. Instead, he left the tip of his dick resting inside my mouth as he instructed me to lick it clean and swallow like a good boy.

Even after I’d done as he asked, he held my neck firm with his dick head resting on my tongue when he told me to “suck it as I pull out to clean me up” which I definitely did. I savored every bit of slickness that clung to his dick as he removed it, sucking it as clean and dry as I possibly could.

With cum still in my mouth, and his dick finally pulled out all the way, he held my neck for just another moment and massaged my jaw with his thumb. “That was great man,” he said before he removed his hand and let me go.

He gave me a slight caress with his fingertips when he began to retract his hand, and I enjoyed what little view I had of his tight body covered with hair before he gave me a brief “goodnight man” and moved back to the daybed. Once he was settled, he was snoring within minutes as I lay there and enjoyed the taste of his cum before I drifted off to sleep.

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