Son Wants Mom Ch. 09

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“Note to Readers this is another chapter of an ongoing story if you haven’t already read the first chapters I suggest you do before continuing with this and the following editions.”

Thank you GrrrreatImagination for editing my story

All characters in this story are over 18.

Tammy admired herself in the mirror; she was wearing Rick’s favorite outfit which was a black fishnet top, crotch less panties, and her four inch high heel shoes.

“I may as well give the boys the best MILF look that I can, since I have to do this,” Tammy thought as she pulled on her robe, tying it.

Ken’s friends did not arrive yet when Tammy descended the stairs, walking over to Ken, opening her robe and saying, “So do you think your friends will approve?”

Ken’s mouth flew open as he stared at his aunt’s tits; they were clearly visible through the spaghetti strap fishnet top she was wearing.

He loved how her nipples were almost ripping through the fishnet, his eyes lowered to her panties when he noticed there was an opening in the middle.

“Hell yes! Aunt Tammy you look so fucking hot!” Ken exclaimed.

“I thought you would approve, now we have to wait for your friends to arrive for any more fun,” Tammy said as she tied her robe closed.

She smiled when she noticed Ken’s cock pressing against his shorts thinking, “It sure is nice with the young ones, it certainly doesn’t take much to get them excited.”

A knock on the front door startled everyone, Brendan got up to answer the door, as he returned he was followed by three very average looking eighteen year old boys.

“You guys can sit on the sectional, Heather and I will sit in the recliner,” Brendan informed them.

The boys sat next to Ken, all starting at Tammy wondering what she had on under her robe, if anything.

Tammy then walked over toward the boys saying, “Ken has told me that you boys have never had pussy before, is that true?”

Tammy stopped and straddled the first boys’ laps sitting down onto him. Tammy checked him out, brown eyes that almost perfectly matched his hair, a little bit of a belly but no big deal she thought as she leaned into his ear whispering, “Have you ever fucked a girl before?”

“N-n-n-oooo,” Brian stuttered as Tammy ground her pussy onto his rock hard cock as she drove her tongue into his ear.

“What about you?” she asked as she climbed onto the tall, skinny, blonde hair, blue eyed, pimple face boy’s lap.

Tom nervously responded, “No I never have either.”

Tammy kissing his ear whispered,

“That will change tonight sweetie.” Climbing off his lap and moving to the last boy.

“How about you sexy, have you had pussy?” Tammy questioned the short, thin, black hair, brown eyes boy whose escort bayan şanlıurfa eyes you could barely see through his thick coke bottle lens glasses.

“I-I-I never have either,” John stumbled to say.

Standing up from John’s lap, she stood centered between the four boys, stating, “If you want to see what is under this robe, you all will have to get naked first.”

The four boys quickly jumped to their feet and clothes began flying all across the living room.

John was the first boy to remove his underwear and Tammy checked out his rather small 4 or 5 inch skinny cock. She then looked at Brian who was slightly longer and definitely thicker than John.

Her mouth flew open when she saw Tom’s cock, “Holy shit that has to be at least 10 inches long, I can’t wait for that to be in my pussy.”

She quickly glanced at Ken’s cock thinking, “Had that one already.”

Tammy danced around the room like a stripper as all four boys sat on the sectional with their boners pointing skyward. She stopped in front of John, seductively untying her robe, but holding the strap in her hands.

She danced over to Tom, releasing the straps allowing her robe to slightly open to him to catch a quick glimpse of her lingerie. She smiled at him thinking, “I can’t wait for that big cock to be stuffing my pussy.”

She moved over to Brian, whose mouth flew open when Tammy pulled her robe open. He could clearly see her hard nipples pressing against the fishnet fabric of her outfit.

She moved back toward the center, dropping her robe onto the floor.

All four boys were mesmerized by the black fishnet outfit Tammy wore, causing them to stroke their cocks in unison.

Tammy laid on the floor spreading her legs wide open, said, “John do you want to be the first to taste my pussy?”

John almost feel as he jumped to his feet, he quickly got on his hands and knees to find himself inches away from the first live pussy that he ever has seen.

“All you have to do baby is lick it all over and make me feel really good,” Tammy instructed.

Tentatively John stuck his tongue out barely touching her lip then moving the tip of his tongue upward.

“Mmmm that feels nice,” Tammy said as John’s tongue moved up to her clit. “Lick and suck right there,” she demanded as John obediently followed her instructions, faster and faster he licked her clit.

Tammy was squirming on the floor, groaning as she said, “Stick your nose all the way into my pussy.” He quickly did as told and Tammy rubbed her clit as his face fucked her.

“Yes, yes baby lick my pussy good,” she screamed as her first orgasm flooded his face with her juices.

“Stand up baby; it’s my turn escort gaziantep sarışın bayan to make you feel good.”

John jumped to his feet, with his leg spread shoulder length as Tammy got on her knees in front of him. She leaned forward, opening her mouth and easily took his entire length into her mouth.

She slowly slid her tongue under his entire length until she stopped with just the head of his cock in her mouth. She bobbed her head slowly on his cock, swallowing its length into her mouth.

John was thrusting his hips and moaning loudly when he exploded inside Tammy’s mouth. She swallowed every drop of his cum, causing him to shiver uncontrollably.

Removing her mouth from his cock, Tammy said, “Wow someone was excited, I didn’t even have your cock in my mouth for more than two minutes until you blew your load.”

“Brian, how would you like to play with my tits?” Tammy questioned.

Brian straddled Tammy’s stomach as his hands quickly were filled with the softness of her breasts. Her nipples harden with the touch causing him to squeeze harder.

Brian pinched her nipples hard causing Tammy to groan in pleasure. She could feel his cock throbbing against her stomach as she pulled the left strap off her shoulder.

She quickly followed by pulling her right strap down off her shoulder.

Brian taking the cue pulled her top down freeing her tits from the lingerie. He nearly came as he felt her bare tits in his hands. He roughly played with her tits as he dry humped the air, enjoying the soft feelings of her breasts.

“Stick your dick in between them,” Tammy instructed as Brian moved up placing his dick between them. “Slide it back and forth,” Tammy said as she squeezed both tits onto his cock.

Brain was in ecstasy as he really loved how Tammy’s tits felt on his cock.

Tammy suddenly felt a pair of hands on her knees which were spreading her legs apart. A thick cock head was clumsily moving around her pussy lips.

She spread her legs further allowing her pussy to open up even more. A huge cock head slowly started entering her pussy, which she thought it would rip her apart.

Brian was panting loudly as he continued to pump his cock between Tammy’s tits. She lifted her head to lick the head of his cock as it slide in between.

“Aaaah,” she screamed as she instantly came as Tom’s cock slide all the way inside her pussy. He slid easily in and out of her due to the fact she was soaking wet.

Brian uttered, “Here it comes,” as Tammy opened her mouth to catch his cum. Her lips were coated, as another shot crossed her cheek and another into her waiting mouth.

The remainder of his cum covered her chest escort şehitkamil as he pulled his cock backwards.

Tom’s monster cock was abusing her pussy by slamming in and out of her rapidly. He loved how her warm wet cunt felt on his cock as he rammed her.

“Let me ride that big cock of yours,” Tammy stated, while Tom thrusted into her again. Tom pulled his cock from her pussy and lay down on the floor with his 10″ cock resting against his stomach.

Tammy grabbed Tom’s cock, holding it in the air as she lowered her pussy down onto it. She came for the second time when she bottomed out his cock inside her.

She braced herself on her hands as she slid her pussy up and down onto this huge cock. She threw her head back screaming in pleasure. She looked to see Heather riding Brendan in the reverse cowgirl position.

Tammy was wildly riding Tom’s cock as she felt a pair of hands grabbing her ass stopping her action. A cold wet substance suddenly covered her puckered asshole.

“No don’t Aahhhh,” she screamed as Ken’s cock slid into her ass.

Ken slowly pumped his cock into his aunt’s ass.

Tom tried to match the pace with his own thrusts. Tammy screamed in pleasure as she never felt so full in her life. She could feel both of their cocks rubbing against each other through the wall of her pussy.

Tom forcefully raised his hips plunging his cock into Tammy’s cervix as he erupted inside of her. It felt like a gallon of cum filling her pussy which caused her to cum once again.

Ken saw the cum running out of Tammy’s pussy which pushed him over the edge making him fill her asshole with his cum.

Tammy collapsed on top of Tom, feeling the cum dripping out of her ass and pussy. She laid there listening to Heather and Brendan fucking.

“Yes, yes that’s it I want some cum too, look how sexy your Mom is with cum all over her tits, and leaking from her ass and pussy,” Heather yelled.

She slammed her hips up and down on her cousin’s cock as he grabbed her hips holding himself deep inside her granting her what she wanted, he filled her with his load.

Tammy opened her eyes to find John lifting her legs placing them on his shoulders. Tammy barely felt his cock as it entered her because Tom had stretched her out so much.

“I was still a virgin, I really needed to put my cock in your pussy,” John stated as he battered her pussy. John only lasted slightly longer than he did the first time as he added the second load of cum inside Tammy’s pussy.

Brian’s cock instantly replaced John’s cock as he fucked Tammy for nearly five minutes until he came inside of her.

Tammy sat up, with cum dripping from her pussy and said to Ken, “Ok mister, I lived up to my part of the bargain, now give me your cell phone.”

Ken handed it to her and she deleted all of the pictures from it as the boys got dressed. She handed Ken his cell phone as they walked past her towards the kitchen door.

All of the boys thanked her as they were about to leave, when Tammy looked at Tom saying, “If you’re not busy tomorrow, why don’t you stop in?”

To be continued……………

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