South Wind Ch. 3

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For the next ten days, Dave was caught up a “Catch-22” of his own making. He had thought Jenny’s idea of having his baby was but a joke until she pointedly told him that she was most serious. Dave didn’t mind going through the actions but, no matter how much his love for his daughter was growing, the thought of her having his baby gave him a cold chill.

Jenny, seeing Dave become slightly more distant, decided to seek out Robin’s help. By the time Jenny came away from what turned out to be a meeting of strategy planning, she had a big smile on her face. She shook her head as she started the old car, knowing full well that robin had been very correct on pointing out that, with people caught up in games like they were playing, played with no rules.

The ten days had been hard on Dave, but the next three soon became known to him as “The three days of Hell”. The first day found Tammy’s father found dead of a heart attack. Both Lynn and Tammy took it very hard. Even though he had been Lynn’s step-father, she was devastated. The second day brought a telephone call from Lynn’s other sister that she had cancer and needed surgery. The third day brought him to his knees when Lynn took him aside and said she had to go to Arizona to be with her sister.

Tammy’s father was buried on the morning of the forth. As soon as the funeral was over, Dave had to rush his wife to McGhee-Tyson airport in Knoxville. As they hugged their good bye, Dave had to fight to keep from openly trembling in front of the four women.

Robin insisted on driving back to Broken Wing as Jenny piled her father into the back seat of the dark green Caddie. By the time they had reach the point where I-40 and I-75 splits, I-40 running west and I-75 dipping to the south, they decided that it was time to stop and get something to eat.

Dave set in total silence in the restaurant they had picked in Oak Ridge. It was dark and cool inside the sleek building, and the church crowd had just left, leaving them pretty much alone.

“You okay, Dave?” Tammy asked, leaning over and putting her hand over his.

Dave shrugged, looking at each of the girls. “God, I’m suppose to be the strong one here,” he said, wiping a tear from his right eye. “I am so sorry. I just can’t go any further.”

“Sorry?” Tammy gasped. “You know that, if it wasn’t for you I’d never have made it these last days. Fuck! Look what you’ve done for all of us. Don’t ya think its time you shut up and let us take care of you?”

As the green car sped south on US-27, Dave gave in to his wore out condition and, with a deep sigh, laid his head on his daughter’s shoulder. The droning of the music from a southern rock station on the radio, and the sound of the tires running over the patches of the pavement soon had Dave fast asleep. As they came to Harriman, Robin gently guided the big car through the stop lights, praying to God that there would not be a loud freight train on the Norfolk and Southern railroad tracks that skirted along on the right side of the highway. For once luck was with them as they managed to get all the way south of Rockwood with Dave being woken up by one of the trains that seemed to roar up or down the tracks every fifteen minutes or so.

Dave refused to go to bed to sleep when the arrived at Broken Wing, but the three managed to insist he sleep on the couch until he got the phone call that Lynn had made it to Arizona. As she laid the blanket over him, Jenny could only smile down at the man who had so insisted he wasn’t sleepy.

“We need to talk,” Tammy said as they sat down at the dinning table. “I am going to keep the business, and I need all of you.”

“You’re going to run your father’s business?” Jenny questioned in amazement at the hard work it demanded.

“Yes! I have all the equipment and I know how to run it. Dad had a lot of work to do and I have every intention of doing it.”

“Well, how do we fit in?” Robin asked, getting up to get a cup of coffee from the large, red coffee maker.

“You know how to cut trees, and you know how to run Dad’s log trucks. Jenny, its a lot harder than it looks at first, but cutting trees down isn’t all that bad.”

“Me?” Jenny giggled.

“You were going to be going to college this fal. I think you need to do just that.”

“No. I am where I should be. I just don’t know much about this stuff you’re talking about.”

You’ll do fine. Look at it this way: I plan on paying good, and running up and down the sides of these mountains will be good for us all.”

“Hey, seks hikayeleri what about this,” Robin ventured excitedly. “Dad has been wanting to get out of that stupid factory. What do you think?”

“I like.” Tammy said, sliding up closer to the table.

“But, what about him?” Jenny questioned, motioning towards her slumbering father.

“Oh, I really think the three of us can find something for him to do.” Tammy offered back with a broad grin.

Both Jenny and Robin looked to her with questions painted on their wide-opened eyes.

Tammy got up to get herself a cup of coffee. She loved the feeling of suspense drifting heavy in the air. “I know what you two are up to,” She said as she poured herself a cup of streaming coffee, adding far too much sugar to it. “Come on, you really think I haven’t been with him?”

“What?” Jenny gasped. “You mean you and Dad have… Ah, you’re putting us on?”

Tammy sat back down to the table, a smile touching her lips as memories came back. “You know, he was the first man to treat me like a lady, not some God damned hired hand?”

“God! I never suspected,” Jenny whispered, it dawning on her that she was in need of a cup of strong coffee. “Lynn would have a shit fit if she knew.” She shook her head in disbelief as she sat back down to the table. “God, like I don’t think anyone even had the slighest idea.”

“No one did. You know as well as I do, my old man hated the idea that I was a girl; Hated the idea of me being with another man even worse. Guess he kinda figured it was too gay.”

“Did he ‘put the make’ on you?” Jenny asked, now wondering what her father had been up to.

“Wasn’t anything like that. It just happened.”

“How can it just happen?” Jenny laughed nervously.

“Well, it was one of those days when I came home all sore and ready to cry because I hurt so bad. I couldn’t sleep so I came over here to visit Dave for a bit. He was very cool about it and showed me what a good shoulder massage could do. By the time he was finished I damn well knew it wasn’t about to be the last massage he gave me.

“The next day I rushed right over here and had him do it again only, this time, he spent a lot longer with me. The third day I laid my head on the table and he slid my shirt up, undid the bra and showed me what a half-assed back rub could do. God, I will never forget the feeling of that hot oil on my back.

“Dave was cool about it for a few days then, as his hands slid back down my back, he started working his fingers further around me. By the time his fingers brushed along my tits, I was wetter than in my wildest dreams. I got a shoulder massage, a back rub and a real good boob massage that night.”

“You mean, he seduced you?”

“I don’t know. All I know is the next time her had me lay on the carpet, slid my shirt off and fumbled with my bra straps for what seemed like an hour or so, then took me on a ride I never thought could be had.”

“He took ya to bed, huh?” Robin asked, taking a deep drink of the now chilled coffee.

“No. The next thing I knew he had me on my back on the couch giving me the nicest boob massage a woman could have. Then he had my pants off and he was giving me a real good massage down there… A massage with his lips.”

“Oh, my God!” Robin giggled loudly. “What is it like? I’ve never had that.”

“God, Robin,” Jenny laughed. “Here you are, doing your own father, and he hasn’t ‘gone down’ on you. Come on.”

“Shit, he’d pass out if I even hinted at it.”

“See,” Tammy interjected with a knowing laugh. “I said I was sure the three of us can find something for him to do.”

“You’d pay him for that?” Jenny put her head back and laughed loudly. “My God, my own father a male whore. What next?’

“I want him to take care of the books and stuff like that. Around here it is a good idea to have a man go out about these jobs… Ya just don’t get taken too seriously if you’re a woman.”

“Ain’t that the truth,” Robin replied with a frown.

“Now, lets get back to business. Should we?” Tammy asked, with a smile brought on by knowing she was pulling off what no one she knew had ever tried, and she knew some real kinky people.

The three girls sat and talked till shortly after nine when the phone rang. Dave was instantly awake, groping for the phone. The three girls sat silently at the table as Dave talked to Lynn.

“She made it,” Dave announced walking into the dining room.

“Well,” escort gaziantep şişman bayan Robin said with an excited voice, “I better get home and have a talk with Pa. Catch ya in the morning.”

“Why don’t you go on to bed?” Jenny asked her father after Robin had left.

“I feel pretty good right now. Go ahead if your tired.”

“Ah, do you guys mind if I crash on your couch tonight? You know, I’m just not ready to go home right now.” Tammy questioned, looking down at the shiny, walnut table top.

“Sure,” Dave said. “Maybe we could watch a movie or something.”

“Nah,” Jenny said with a taunt in her voice. “Right now I think we just want to be held. What do you think Tam?”

Tammy giggled as Dave’s eyes got big. “Could be fun; Could be dangerous.”

“You game?” Jenny asked her father as he busied himself to scoop his lower jaw from the table’s top.

“Real funny,” Dave growled back.

“Whats the matter old man,” Tammy taunted. “Can’t handle it?”

Dave shook his head in amusement, not knowing that both girls knew what he had been up to. “Both of ya, huh? Just holding, right?”

Jenny laughed out loud. “Maybe we’ll do the holding. I’ll hold you down first for Tammy, then she can hold you down for me. How’s that?”

Dave lit the end of the cigarette, looked at both young females as he took a deep drag. “You two offering me a threesome?”

“He can be trained,” Tammy laughed loudly. “Yes, old man, we both know what has gone on with the other. Fuck! You’re doing your own daughter, what is a threesome?”

Dave didn’t mind the idea one bit. He had tried to talk Lynn into a threesome with a few of her friends over the years. He took a deep breath, knowing that, at forth-three, the offer might not be given again.

As soon as the bedroom door shut, Jenny felt an uneasiness descend over her as Dave turned on the dim night light. As Tammy silently undressed, she felt even more uneasy as she saw very firm breasts emerge then, as Tammy slowly slid her pants and panties down her long legs, she took a deep breath of anxiety to see the very well developed thighs.

“You okay?” Dave questioned from the bed as he removed his tee shirt.

“Ahh, well… I don’t know, maybe I should wait until you two are done.”

“Jenny,” Tammy said softly. “What’s wrong?”

“I don’t know. I just… Well, sorta feel out of place. Anyway, what if he cums in me or you? What about the other?”

“You worry too much,” Tammy replied with a soft giggling. “What I want is his tongue. Tell ya what. I’ll start by riding his face and you get on and enjoy his cock. Okay?”

“You mean, all you want is him to tongue you?”

“Not at all. When we both cum, then we’ll change places.”

“What if he cums right away?”

Tammy gave Dave a bewildered look then, with a slight grin, she turned back to Jenny. “I think I’ll take that risk. Now, come on, please.”

Once Jenny had her clothes off she watched Tammy stripping her father’s pants from him. As Dave laid back on the bed, Tammy was instantly on his chest, lining up her pussy with Dave’s mouth. She shrugged her shoulders as she looked at the fully erect, plump cock sticking up unused.

“There ya go,” Tammy moaned back to Jenny as Jenny slowly lowered herself onto her father’s hard cock. “You know how much I’ve missed getting tongue-lashed like this?”

Jenny found the deeper penetration to her liking. She loved the idea of being able to move around, slowly bringing herself to climax at he own speed which, for some odd reason, seemed to be even faster than when Dave was plowing wildly into her.

“Oh yes,” Tammy grunted, bending forward and pulling Dave even deeper between her shapely legs.

Jenny watched the back muscles of Tammy moving as she worked Dave deeper into her wet pussy. She watched the girl’s brown hair move about as Tammy’s head moved from side to side.

Suddenly Jenny realized she was not only having her first threesome but that, the man deep inside her was her father and the woman rubbing her hot pussy all over his face was her new boss. Her hands found her tits, slowly moving over them till fingertips found hot, erect nipples. He hips moved around in tiny circles as she felt the cock moving against her inner walls. All she could do now was watch and listen to Tammy as she cooed and whispered out her wildest thoughts to Dave. Quickly she felt her own breasts heaving under her escort gaziantep sınırsız bayan hands as she became totally caught up in every movement and sound the three were making.

“Oh, FUCK!” Tammy squealed, forcing her pelvis forward into Dave’s face. “God, fuck me,” She groaned out as her left hand reach out to balance her body as she trembled and gushed her first climax into Dave’s waiting lips.

Jenny was in her deepest passionate needs now. The sight of Tammy face- fucking her dad, and the passionate sounds she made as Dave’s tongue bore in and out of her pussy, seemed to be infectious as, with her own deep growl, Jenny’s body begun slamming up and down on the hard shaft.

“Oh, God. Oh, God,” Jenny gasped as she felt her mind moan out her desperate needs, and the juices begun flowing over and around Dave’s cock, now fully into her seething depths. Yet, Jenny didn’t have the foggiest idea she was capable of what happened next.

“I love you,” Jenny moaned loudly, her arms reaching under Tammy’s arms as her hands closed over the hot, firm breasts. “It feels so good,” she moaned, pulling Tammy back as she laid her head against Tammy’s back.

Dave could see his daughter’s fingers working at Tammy’s tits. Tammy gazed down at him, obviously unable to decide what she should do other than keep working her wet pussy back and forth as Dave redoubled his efforts to get Tammy off again.

Tammy’s mind was swirling as she felt Jenny’s soft, warm hands playing over her flesh as Dave’s tongue lashed out at her swollen clit, making any thoughts of stopping more than almost impossible.

Jenny sat back up, her hands still cupping Tammy’s breasts. She closed her eyes, waiting for Tammy to start yelling but, all she got was a deeply grunted “Don’t stop now,” was all the reply she got from the woman in front of her.

Without thinking, Jenny leaned forward, kissing Tammy’s neck as her hands ran down the yielding woman’s stomach and back up to the firm breasts. It was a whole different feeling than the skin of a man. It was softer, silkier and seemingly much hotter than she had touched before. Her tongue lashed out against the neck as Jenny decide that breaking one taboo was sure the hell worth breaking another.

Tammy had never had such hot, passionate attention before. Deep in the thores of her bodies needs she found no place to go but onwrds. She loved the feeling of a tongue deep in her as a females fingers moved over her. Reaching around her, he ran her fingers gently over the young girls face as she realized that the two making her go crazy were, in fact, father and daughter.

Tammy shivered in anticipation as she felt the two lower her to the bed. She moaned out loudly as Jenny’s lips kissed at her now totally excited nipples, her hand roaming freely between her wet thighs.

Jenny kissed her way down Tammy’s chest, taunting and teasing at the firm flesh as she moved towards the woman’s wetness. She could feel her father positioning himself behind her and, as her tongue dipped fully into Tammy’s pussy, she felt him entering her.

Tammy couldn’t see the action going on between Dave and his daughter but, from the movements of Jenny, she knew he was fucking her deeply. My God, she realized, she was being “eaten” by the girl who was getting hammered from behind by her own father. The degree of wildness intant overcame her as she pumped her pussy hard aginst Jenny’s face, letting the girl suck at her hot juices and she screamed out of her passionate needs.

Dave felt the deep stirrings of his own needs as he listened to Tammy scream out to his daughtr. His hands reach around Jenny and cupped over her tits, pulling her slightly back as his thrustings took on a new cadence. It wasn’t his daughter he was about to spew his juices into anymore. It was a hot, young woman who he craved without any feelings of guilt.

Jenny felt her own climax build in a couple heartbeats as she lay her head against the wet patch between Tammy’s thighs. As her breasts heaved, her nipples touching against the dark blue comforter, Jenny decided she wanted the most forbidden of all she could receive from her father- his child.

Dave grabbed onto his daughter’s hips, thrusting himself into her as deeply as he could. His groans turned to shouts, then to utter screams of abandonment as his juices flowed freely into her hot depths, mingling with her juices as if but a practice run for what was going on in his daughter’s passion-filled brain.

As the three lay in each others arms, Jenny looked out the window to Watts Bar lake so far away. She smiled as she felt her father’s fingers slowly stroking at the side of her face. She knew this was the last day she would be on birth control.

* * * * *

Again, let the reader say what this growing group will do next.

I have to thank Tom and the others who have edited and gave input on this story.

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