Stephanie Tops Her Family Ch. 3

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Stephanie was awakened by a scream. She sat upright in bed, heart pounding and breathing hard. For a moment she couldn’t remember how she’d gotten in bed. The last thing she remembered for sure was she and her cousin Emily’s enormous simultaneous orgasms while they both lay on the living room floor, covered in cum. Then, bits and pieces of the previous evening began filtering back into her consciousness.

She slowly recalled having a cum-covered Emily pulled gently off of her, and the both of them being cleaned by everybody in the room, the jizz getting licked from their slimy, satiated bodies. Em was then lifted from the floor by her dad and carried home to get bathed and put to bed. Stephanie remembered being picked up and carried upstairs, put into the shower and lovingly washed by her mother, while her dad and brother stood outside and helped as best they could. Her family all took turns drying their mistress and then her dad scooped her up, carried her into her room and tucked her into bed.

Now, though, she wondered what all the yelling was about. She heard sex sounds coming from down the hall, so it didn’t take much thinking to figure out what was happening.

Stephanie almost collapsed when her feet hit the floor and she tried to stand. Her legs were still shaky from the night before. She recovered after a little bit and continued to her parents’ room.

As she figured, there they all were: Mom, Dad, and her brother, Reggie, all in her parents’ room, all fucking. Dad was on his back, and Mom was writhing back and forth on his stiff cock. Reg was behind Mom, pumping his hard dick in and out of his mother’s tight ass.

Stephanie stood and watched for a while, unsure whether she really wanted any fucking this early in the morning, especially after the blowout last night. Eventually the sight and thought of her family doing this together got to her, and instead of putting her hand in her pussy and working on her clit, she decided to get involved in the action.

Everybody smiled when Steph walked up to the bed and reached out to caress her mother’s breasts while Mom squirmed in her ecstatic DP. After tugging on Mom’s nipples for a while, Steph climbed up on the bed and straddled Dad’s upturned face.

Dad happily stuck out his tongue and craned his neck to eat out his daughter and mistress. Mom leaned in and sucked one of Steph’s nipples into her mouth and began to work the firm little nub.

Stephanie reveled in the naughty ecstasy of being eaten by her dad and sucked by her mom. Every member of her family seemed to love sex with every other member, men and women alike. So far, everyone had proven to be bisexual, which opened a whole lot more opportunities for sexy play. Steph had dominated her brother, dad, mom, one aunt, one uncle, and her sexy cousin so far this weekend, and had invited Dad’s brother and his family over, to hopefully add them to the fun.

And then there was the mysterious Uncle Len… Steph hoped she’d get to find out what the story was behind him soon. She’d only seen Uncle Len a couple of times in her life. Mom and Dad had gone out to visit him before, but they’d left Steph and her brother with Aunt Pat and Uncle Eddie while they were gone. In fact, all the adults in her immediate family – even Dad’s brother, Uncle Scott and Aunt Mary – had gone to visit Mom’s brother, Leonard Austin. Somehow, this one man had something to do with how easily everyone in her family had given up sexual control to Stephanie. She was dying to find out what the full story was.

But right now, Steph was concentrating on what was actually happening at home. Dad *really* knew how to eat pussy. Mom must have been a happy girl the past twenty years. And Mom was working wonders on Stephanie’s tits. Stephanie felt herself working swiftly toward a big orgasm, and hoped it would come soon, because she realized she *really* had to pee. She hoped when she *did* cum, that she wouldn’t lose control of her bladder at the same time and pee all over her dad.

Moments after this thought popped into Stephanie’s mind, her orgasm started to build to undeniable proportions. She started to shake and squirm her pussy all over Dad’s face, then moaned out her cum for the whole house to hear.

Once the orgasmic vibrations let up, Steph hopped off the bed and started toward the door. Before she got into the hallway, though, Mom asked, “Where are you going, Mistress?”

Steph shot back, “I have to pee really bad. I don’t want to piss all over any of you.”

Mom looked at Dad and then back at Steph. “Mistress, your father has been curious about me peeing on him for the past two days, now. I told him I didn’t think I could. Could you satisfy his curiosity for me?”

Stephanie thought a moment. She really wasn’t into pee. The thing with her dad the previous morning was interesting, but she wasn’t sure she wanted to take it any further. She never would have thought of her dad as a pee lover, but then again, she’d never thought of her family as her sex slaves before, either.

An edge came to Steph’s voice when escort bayan gaziantep yavuzeli she said, “I suppose. Get your ass in the bathtub.”

Reggie whined when he had to pull out of Mom’s butt. Stephanie realized she’d been treating him worse than anybody else with this Domme thing. She thought maybe she’d have to give him a little something special later on to make up for it…

Mom climbed off Dad’s hard-on and followed when he got up and started to the bathroom. Reggie came with them all, to see Steph pee on their father.

Dad hopped into the bathtub happily. Apparently he’d been waiting for something like this for a little while. At least since he’d submitted to his daughter, according to Mom. Before she tried anything, Stephanie asked, “Now, you’re *sure* you want to do this, Dad? I’m not sure I want to do it to you, but I’ll try it if you really want me to.”

Dad begged, “Please, Mistress. I don’t know if I’m going to like this, either, but I *really* want to try it. If you’d wanted to pee on me from the start, you could have. You’re my mistress, and if you want to pee on me, then I have to let you. Please, dear Daughter-Mistress, pee on your slave-dad.”

Steph shook her head, then climbed onto the edge of the bathtub, straddling her father below. It was a little hard to relax while she held herself up in such a precarious position, but eventually, she managed to let go.

Yellow daughter-pee arced out of Stephanie’s pussy and onto her waiting father. It splashed under his chin and down his chest. Dad moved his face down so that some of his Mistress’s warm offering spattered over his cheeks and nose.

Eventually, Steph ran out of pee, but the offering was taken up by Reggie, who had realized once he got into the bathroom that he needed to piss, too. While Stephanie climbed off the bathtub edge, Reg took up a place beside it and let fly. He covered his dad head to toe, pointing first at Dad’s face, then aiming all up and down his body, taking plenty of time to piss on his dad’s stiff cock.

When Reggie’s stream tapered off, Mom decided to give her husband what he’d been asking for the past two days. She got onto the tub like Steph had and started to cover her husband in her warm golden liquid.

When Mom was done peeing on her husband, she got down from the tub and asked, “Well, Hon, how was it?”

Dad slowly opened his eyes, smiled and said, “It was fun. Nice and warm. I don’t know if I want to do this all the time, but I could stand it now and then. I like it. Thank you. I probably need a shower now, though.”

Mom laughed, “Well, you’ve already had a *shower*…”

Stephanie replied, “Do whatever you have to do.”

Reggie then asked, “Can I shower with him, Mistress? I need one, too, and we might as well share water.”

Steph nodded, thinking she knew what he was after.

Steph then left the bathroom, so Reggie could suck off their piss-covered father, or whatever it was he was wanting to do. Mom followed her to her room, where they sat on Steph’s bed and talked.

“Something wrong, Mistress?”

Stephanie shrugged. “I guess I’m just bugged about the golden shower thing. I don’t really see much in peeing on somebody else, but if Dad wants me to do it to him occasionally, as a Mistress/slave thing, then I guess I can accommodate him.”

Mom nodded. “Yeah, I know what you mean. It was kind of fun being the one doing the dominating for once, but I hope he doesn’t want to be peed on very often, myself.”


“Yes, Mistress?”

“Can you just leave the ‘Mistress’ thing for a minute? I want you to answer a question for me as my mom.”

Mom shook her head. “I don’t think I can. I’ve wanted something like this for so long, I don’t know if I can let it go.”

“Okay. Answer me honestly, then. Are you truly okay with all of this? I’m really enjoying myself and it’s getting a little overwhelming. I invited Uncle Scott and his family over here yesterday. I was hoping they’d all fall under my little ‘spell’. I’ve been in love with Trevor for years now, and have hated that he was my cousin.”

Mom took Stephanie in her arms. “I am *loving* all this. I don’t think this family has ever been so close before. I love my family. *All* my family. I would love for your Uncle Scott, Aunt Mary and Trevor to come over and share in what we’ve discovered these past few days. I’m sure Trevor wouldn’t mind slipping into that hot little pussy of yours, either.”

Steph smiled. She suddenly felt closer to her mom than she could ever remember. She leaned in and kissed her mother tenderly on the lips, and Mom immediately responded. Anne’s tongue slid up and around and over her daughter’s, and while she did this, Stephanie was doing the same. Steph enjoyed kissing. Whether it was her handful of boyfriends over the years, or lately with her relatives, the intimacy of that simple act was arousing beyond belief.

The two women’s soft breasts pressed together, and Stephanie reveled in the sensuous escort gaziantep yeni bayan feel of another woman’s body held close to her own. Holding her cousin Emily close was wonderful, but feeling her own mother’s skin bare against hers… wow!

Mom eventually pulled back a little and cupped Stephanie’s breasts in her hands. Steph reached out and did the same. When Mom pinched her daughter’s nipples between her thumb and fingers, Steph grabbed Mom’s nips, too. Stephanie went one further, and did what she always liked to do to her own tits. Without warning, she clamped down hard on her mom’s nipples, and Mom rewarded her with a gasp and a sigh. In reply, Mom’s fingers squeezed firmly on her Mistress’s sensitive nipples, and received a moan of pleasure back.

After several minutes of this nipple torture, Stephanie let go completely then enjoyed the startled gasp of pain while the blood rushed back into the little tips, turning them from white back to lovely pinkish brown. In response to this, Mom released Steph’s nips the same way, receiving the same pained, ecstatic reaction.

Mauling her nipples always got Steph really hot. She pushed her mother back on the bed and plunged her face into Mom’s pussy. Mom took her daughter’s blond head and held it in place against her throbbing cunt. Mistress or no, Mom wanted to feel her little girl’s face in her crotch.

While she ate her mother’s cunt, Stephanie reached up and once more took a nipple in each hand. Mom thrashed on the bed, her daughter bringing her off so well, she never wanted it to stop.

Just before Anne came, though, Steph sat back. Mom grabbed at her to pull her back into place, but Stephanie had other plans. Steph turned around so that she could get eaten at the same time she ate. Once in place, Steph lowered her head again and started once more, moaning into her mom’s pussy when she felt a tongue flick over her clit.

From the doorway came Dad’s voice. “Is this a private party, or is anybody invited?” Without looking up, both ladies waved him away in response.

After the sound of footsteps retreated down the hall, Stephanie and her mother licked each other with wild abandon. Before long, both of them were jerking and squirming over each other’s face, smearing girl-cum all over lips, cheeks and chins.

When both women had come down from their orgasms, they rolled apart, Stephanie turned around and mother and daughter cuddled together in post-orgasmic bliss. For several minutes, Steph rested her head against her mom’s shoulder, one hand gently cupping a soft breast. Eventually, Mom asked, “So, should we see what the boys are up to?”

A knowing smile stretched Steph’s cum-shiny lips. “Sure.”

Stephanie and her mother tiptoed down the hall to Mom and Dad’s room, where sounds of sex were emanating. As suspected, father and son were doing exactly what mother and daughter had been doing.

Reggie was stretched out on top of his dad, and Steve eagerly plunged his son’s hard cock in and out of his mouth. Reg slid a finger in and out of his dad’s asshole while he worked the stiff length of his father’s dick.

Both men were so engrossed in what they were doing with each other, they didn’t even notice the ladies come in. Stephanie and Anne sat down next to the bed and just watched the men of the family suck cock.

Both Conroy men were still plenty aroused from fucking their wife and mother, so they were ready to cum even before their frantic sixty-nine started. Reggie started to moan and grunt around his father’s dick, and Dad seemed to be having a tough time containing all of his son’s cum-load. Steve came shortly after his son shot into his mouth, and Reggie took it all.

Once Dad was through cumming, Reggie got off him and turned around, holding his face above his Dad’s. Stephanie was wondering what they were doing, when the white, slimy load Reg had in his mouth started to slither out into his father’s open mouth. Anne moaned when she saw her husband take his cum from his son’s mouth into his own. She expected Steve to swallow the boys’ ball-juice, but her husband got up off the bed and came toward her.

Knowing what he wanted to do, Anne tilted her head back and waited for both her men’s cum to drip out into her mouth. Anne had heard of “snowballing”, but thought it was a nasty, yucky idea, and had never considered doing it before. Now, however, it was right in front of her, drooling into her mouth. She rather liked it. The taste of cum without all the work. Of course, she enjoyed the slurping and moaning and yelling and everything else that usually came with it, but this wasn’t half bad.

Once Mom’s mouth was full of Reg and Dad’s cum, she held it in her mouth and looked across the bed to Stephanie. Steph looked sex-dazed. Anne quickly came over to her mistress/daughter and held her mouth over Steph’s. Stephanie quickly opened her mouth like a hungry baby chick waiting for her mother to feed her.

A white stream poured from Anne’s mouth into her daughter’s. escort gaziantep zayıf bayan Stephanie took everything Mom offered. When Mom was through, she leaned in and kissed her Mistress, and the two of them played back and forth with the jizz that had passed from every mouth in the room, before splitting it between them and swallowing with an obvious gulp.

While watching the ladies play with their loads, Dad and Reggie sat back on the bed, their cocks limp. Licking her lips, Mom retired to the bed and lay back across her son’s and husband’s legs. From her position, Mom said to the ceiling:

“What now, Mistress?”

Stephanie thought for a moment. This was what she hated most about being Domme. The expectation. With relinquishment of power also came a certain relinquishment of initiative. Unless she told them specifically otherwise. And Steph had told them the first night that they were free to do whatever they wanted when she wasn’t around to tell them what to do.

But here she was. So they expected her to give them orders. Of course, she could just tell them to act like a normal family and go watch TV or something, but they were no longer a normal family.

“Dad,” Steph decided. “Yesterday, I ran into Trevor. I invited him and Uncle Scott and Aunt Mary over. They didn’t make it, so you need to call and invite them over.

“Mom, go next door and get Emily. If Aunt Pat and Uncle Eddie want to come too, they’re welcome.

“Reggie, you come with me.”

While Dad went downstairs to call his brother and Mom went to see her sister, Stephanie left her parent’s room and entered her brother’s, followed closely by Reggie.

Steph sat on Reg’s bed. Reggie thought he was going to get spanked or something, so he didn’t come all the way into the room. His sister had been pretty hard on him the past couple of days, and he basically felt he was kind of being picked on. Or ignored, which right now felt like pretty close to the same thing.

“Reg, come here.”

Slowly her brother slunk over beside his bed.

“I’m sorry it seemed like I was ignoring you yesterday. I wasn’t really doing any such thing. This is tough. Everybody expects me to come up with new things for them to do. I’m trying. I hope I’m doing okay. What do you think?”

Reggie didn’t speak for a moment. “Uh, well, I think you’re doing okay, too. I’m sorry you’re feeling sorta overwhelmed. I guess this is a pretty big thing we’re doing, isn’t it? I mean, nobody’d understand. I’m glad we’re doing it, though. This is fun. We don’t have to worry about covering up any more around the house, huh?

“I’m sorry I was such a crybaby yesterday. It just felt like I was being left out. If I didn’t trust Perry, I wouldn’t have asked him over.

“Is that why you brought me in here?”

Steph smiled. “Well, to apologize for how I made you feel yesterday, and also to do this…”

Stephanie leaned forward and took her brother’s limp cock in her mouth. Reggie gasped at the feeling of his sister’s mouth. Steph enjoyed feeling the soft little thing grow larger and stiffer as she sucked on it. Soon, it was hard and filled her mouth completely.

Smiling inside, Stephanie stroked back and forth on her brother’s cock, tickling his balls with one hand while the other pumped in conjunction with her sucking mouth.

This was what Reggie had been hoping for since Friday night: a one-on-one session with his beautiful sister. He liked the submission thing, he couldn’t think of anybody else he’d rather have boss him around sexually than Steph. He’d had a crush on his sister ever since she started developing breasts and he started shooting cum when he played with himself. He’d been placing himself in situations that would allow him to see his sister’s body for years now, leading up to getting caught two days ago.

When Stephanie pulled her mouth off his cock, Reggie whimpered and tried to pull her back onto him. But, when Steph turned her back to him and bent over, showing her cute butt, asshole and damp pussy, he was disappointed no more.

Reggie reached into his nightstand drawer, pulled out a condom and put it on. He then stepped up to Stephanie and lined up his hardness to her soft, wet slit. Reg wanted to go slow to make this last, but his sister had other ideas. She plunged back onto her brother’s stiff dick, shoving him into her hot cunt until she could feel his balls slap against her clit.

Reg got the idea. He took Stephanie’s hips in his hands and pounded her for all he was worth. Her pussy clutched his cock so well, Reg felt like her cunt was made specifically for him. As he watched his dick sliding in and out of his sister’s pussy, Reggie decided Steph’s inviting rear needed some attention. He stuck a finger into his mouth, getting it good and wet, then pressed it against Stephanie’s tight little assshole.

Steph purred her satisfaction at the feeling of her brother’s finger penetrating her butt. She realized she was becoming a real anal lover. She knew that before this little session was over, she’d have to feel her brother’s fat cock in her ass.

Steph’s eyes were closed while Reg pounded her cunt, so she was a little surprised when she felt hands on her breasts. She assumed it was her parents pulling on her nipples, but when she opened her eyes, looked up and noticed her mom and dad going at it in front of her on Reg’s bed, she looked down to find Emily and Uncle Eddie tugging and squeezing her tits.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32