Sweet Revenge

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Tom’s wedding was less than two weeks away when he found out.

He wanted to surprise her by coming home early today with a dozen roses, so he parked down the street so she wouldn’t see his car pull up. Roses in hand, he snuck into the house and started to search for her. He checked the whole house unsuccessfully when he realized that it was the gardener’s day to work in the yard, so he looked out the window to see if Susan was with him.

There she was, talking under the bright sun about four feet from the teenage Mexican gardener. She was quite a vision there in the light. He mused for a second about how beautiful she was. He often thought that she was too gorgeous to be real. The 5’10” busty girl was very young, only in her second year of college. Although Tom, 28, had never seen under her clothes, he definitely knew all her curves by heart. They had been together for about 8 months and she was the only girl he ever thought about.

With natural blond hair that flowed all the way down to her hips and a soft cute little butt that always seemed to wiggle under the tight shorts she always wore, he never needed to think about another girl when he touched himself. And he needed to do that a lot. Susan was old fashioned and he had never touched anything but her large breasts when they made out. He did not mind waiting until marriage either, because it meant so much to her. He would have had sex with her in a second, but it was what she wanted and he worshipped her.

But there she was, tempting as ever, standing in the yard talking to the gardener. Thick red lipstick clung to her wet puffy lips and he could see her soft pink tongue resting at the edge of her mouth between perfectly white teeth, her face framed by two curly locks of hair riding down each flush cheek. The rounded shape of her face gave the appearance of a little girl, but her large lips, bright lipstick, makeup and clothes accentuated the sexual features he always thought about.

Tom’s large cock was straining his pants as he watched her talk. He actually considered masturbating as he watched her. “This was going to be romantic,” he thought, “I don’t want to spoil it with anything sexual.”

Susan pointed to some flowers in the yard and walked over to show the gardener. She bent over to grab one of the flowers, her blue shorts easing up slightly, giving the gardener a peek at her soft cheeks. Tom thought to himself how incredibly sexy she looked and Susan probably didn’t even realize it. He smirked as he saw the bulge the gardener had. The young man had unknowingly confirmed what a beautiful and wonderful wife Tom was going to have in the near future.

Susan stood up and looked back at the Gardener giving him a big smile, as she seductively licked her lips. He saw her motion for the two of them to go inside the house. Tom still wanted to surprise her and didn’t want to ruin the romance with the gardener present, so he quickly moved into the hallway and out of sight. He heard the sliding door open and the two passed through and into the kitchen.

“What would you like to drink?” she asked the gardener. “Tea, lemonade, cola, or water?”

“Si, gracias,” the gardener said, not understanding a word she said.

Tom heard the faucet running for a second and then stopped. “I want to show you the beautiful flowers I have in my bedroom,” he heard Susan say to the gardener; referring to the flowers he bought her last week.

Tom panicked, worried that she was going to find him and ruin the surprise, so he quickly and quietly ran into the bedroom and hid in the closet. No sooner had he carefully closed the door, Susan walked into the bedroom and past their twin beds. The separate beds were actually Tom’s idea because if he couldn’t make love to her, he didn’t want the temptation in bed. It would drive him insane.

“I know you see a lot of these, but aren’t these beautiful?” Susan asked, innocently holding to her chest the flowers Tom had given her last week. He blushed behind the door at the compliment because he had spent an hour picking them out.

Tom was looking through a crack between the panels and he saw his fiancé’s perky nipples straining her tight pink shirt. He was now painfully hard and breathing fast. He unzipped his trousers and began touching himself. He wanted her so bad; only a few more weeks until our wedding night, he told himself.

It was then that he noticed the gardener was as agitated as Tom. The gardener thought Susan was asking if her breasts were beautiful, not the flowers.

Tom got nervous at the situation, his smile fading. “What if the gardener tries to take advantage of her?” he thought.

Susan apparently noticed the gardener’s condition too. “Oh my god,” she said. “Do you have an erection?”

The gardener nodded slowly and Tom became extremely nervous. Sweat started to bead down his neck. “What’s Susan going to do now?”

Susan walked over to the gardener. “I better take care of that for you then,” and in one swift move she dropped gaziantep escort bayan to her knees and unzipped his grass-stained pants.

Tom’s feeling was indescribable. For the most part it was shock and disbelief. His erection went away and he stopped stroking himself immediately.

The gardener’s throbbing cock sprang out of his pants as soon as they were unzipped, slapping Tom’s fiancé in the face on the way out. She giggled.

Tom was a mere five feet away from his fiancé as her mouth slowly opened, fully exposing her wet mouth and soft pink tongue almost dripping with spit. “Has she been salivating thinking about this?”

The teenage gardener was sweating and rocking his hips back and forth subconsciously.

“Do you want me to swallow when you’re done?” Susan asked, looking up innocently, her red lips right at the tip of the teenager’s throbbing cock. The Spanish-speaking gardener obviously liked whatever that meant to him, because when she grasped his penis to take it into her mouth, he began coming. And coming. And coming. The boy was like a sprinkler. Susan giggled and opened wide, catching about half of it on her tongue, the rest ending up on her face, shirt and shorts.

Mouth agape, Tom stood in complete shock at his slut of a fiancé. Somehow there were no emotions of anger and sadness. Looking at Susan, dripping with cum as she squatted on the floor underneath his gardener, he immediately began to think of a plan to get back at her for this surprising slut moment. He had transcended anger and moved right onto revenge in a mere moment’s time.

“Oh no,” she said in her false voice of innocence as she took one of her fingers and pulled up a gob of cum from her shirt. “You came all over my clothes, I guess I’ll have to get out of them then,” and she licked her finger clean.

And just like that, his 20-year-old fiancé was in her panties, bending over the bed. Tom’s erection came back quickly at this sight. After all, he had fantasized about seeing her like this every day for the past 8 months. He looked at the sheer fabric cupping her pussy and saw a revealing wet spot between her legs. He had fantasized so many times about her being excited like that for his cock. Instead she had told him she was a virgin and wanted to wait. Now she was bent over his bed for the teenage gardener.

“My panties seem to have gotten wet from all this excitement, can you take them off of me?” she said, looking over shoulder and batting her eyes at him.

The boy, however, looked very worried. It seemed that now that he had shot his load all over another man’s fiancé, he had come to his senses.

“Husbind?” he asked, clearly worried about when the person who slept in the other bed, and paid him $50 every two weeks to do his lawn, would come home.

“You mean Tom? That dipshit won’t be home for another three hours,” Susan said. “Now get over here and fuck me you stupid idiot.”

The Mexican somehow got the meaning and started stripping. He mounted her faster than Tom could blink and Susan gasped loudly when he bottomed out. He didn’t even bother to pull her panties down, just moved them to the side. Tom started stroking himself again. He just couldn’t help it.

“You’re not too bright you dumb shit, but at least you know where to stick your cock,” she said as he started thrusting.

Susan must have started enjoying the fact that the boy couldn’t understand English.

“My fiancé is so fucking oblivious. He doesn’t have a clue that I’ve fucked the mailman, the paper delivery boy, the plumber — and now you. I even had a couple of kids from the high school over and they fucked me on his bed.”

“Si,” is all the gardener could say back as he thrust faster.

“It’s all part of my plan,” she said, speaking to the steady rhythm of their sex. She was getting hot talking to someone who didn’t even understand.

“He thinks I’m this innocent girl, but all I want is money,” she said.

“Si,” the gardener said with a huff.

“So my mom and sis came up with this plan. First, I’ll make the loser think I’m a virgin and that my family is totally religious and it’s wrong to do anything before we’re married,” she said, picking up the pace.

“Si,” the gardener said with a grunt.

“So I don’t even have to fuck this guy and I’ll get all his money,” she said, her body beginning to quake in a powerful orgasm. The Mexican pulled out as she continued to writhe. He hadn’t cum again, but it seemed that making her orgasm so violently reminded him how wrong this was. He started backing to the door.

“Awww, are you still worried big dumb Tom is going to come home?” she said in her baby voice. “Here, this should make it better.”

Susan bent farther over the bed and, spread her legs wide and wagged her ass for the Mexican.

It was simply irresistible and just like that he was in her again. Her asshole and his cock were already wet from fucking her other hole, so he easily slid into gaziantep cimcif escort her ass as Tom continued to watch, unblinking, in shock and awe. He had to cover his own mouth to stifle his own orgasm. Here was his supposedly virginal fiancé bent over like a porn star for the gardener.

“That’s it, good boy,” she said as he thrust harder.

“So the plan is to get Tom all hot and bothered the week before the wedding and tell him he can’t touch himself at all because I want it to be so memorable on our wedding night,” she said in a higher pitched voice, placing two manicured fingers on her clit as she was fucked in the ass.

Tom could smell her excitement from across the room as it dripped from her gaping pink pussy and onto his mother’s hand-made quilt.

“So I’m going to wear all my hottest stuff next week, my G-strings, tight outfits and almost see-through tops. He’s like a little dog and will do whatever I say, so he’ll just watch and wait for the wedding night,” she said, practically squealing.

“Si,” the gardener replied.

“This is the best part. On the wedding night I’ll tell him that we can’t do it for a few days because of women’s problems and I want it to be perfect,” she said, letting out the words between moans.

“So he’ll have to wait again.”

“Si,” the gardener said.

“Then my best friend who he’s never met shows up and seduces him. After a week and a half of my taunting, he won’t be able to resist the slut,” she said on the verge of climax.

“Then I walk in on the two of them and all of his money will be my money,” Susan said, shaking into another orgasm as the teen fucked her ass with all his might. The boy grunted and then came in the 20-year-old ass of the girl Tom was two weeks from being married to.

The boy stepped back and quickly grabbed his clothes and headed for the door. Tom could see the boy’s cum oozing out of his fiancé’s ass dribbling onto the quilt.

The gardener must have turned the sprinkler on again.

Part 2: Revenge

After a few minutes lying on the bed in the afterglow, Susan left the room. Tom snuck out the window and to his car. He drove a couple blocks away, shaking his head the entire time trying to comprehend what he just saw. For the rest of the afternoon he sat in the car thinking about how to get out of this situation and turn this around on her and her wretched friends and family.

Slowly, a plan emerged. The more he thought about it, the more he realized it could work — he would do it at their bachelorette party. If Susan, her mom, sister and a friend could hatch a plan like that, they must be the kind of women who would be up for a pretty wild party. He would make sure it was wilder than they could possibly imagine.

Tom came home at the usual time that evening and greeted his fiancé with flowers and a kiss. She probably enjoyed the fact that she had just used that mouth to swallow the gardener’s cum. She didn’t know they both were putting on a show for one another. Susan went about planning the wedding with her family while Tom got to work on his plans for the bachelorette party.

First he bought a new cell phone under a fake name and rented an apartment downtown. He was a computer graphics designer, so he created a flyer for “A Unique Male Stripping and Escort Service Company that specialized in WILD Bachelorette Parties, Birthday Parties, etc.” He placed the new cell phone number at the bottom of the flyer and paid a guy $20 to look like he was handing them out at the bridal shop where he knew she had an appointment for the dress fitting.

Then he waited for the call. This would make or break his plan. If Susan or her girlfriends didn’t call, it was over. He waited as two days passed. It was now nine days to the wedding and there was no call. The new phone rang the next day.

“Hi, I’m calling to inquire about the Unique Male Stripping Service,” said the voice on the phone, which sounded like Susan’s sister, also her maid of honor.

“Yes,” Tom responded in a deep voice. “We offer quite a wild night. We have an apartment downtown where we stock alcohol, food, and fun. What makes us so different is the type of male stripping service we provide.”

“Oh really, what do you offer?” the voice asked.

“Well, we know that some women like to get pretty wild at bachelorette parties with their friends and some don’t, so what we offer is an anonymous service. You rent the apartment for the evening and do all the usual stuff, drinking, joking, and the typical bachelorette party craziness. But here’s the catch, all the girls in attendance get a sealed envelope at the beginning of the night with a colored card in the envelope. Nobody shares their colors, and at 11 p.m. all the lights go out and lockers become unlocked all around the room. A small colored light corresponding to each girl’s color turns on above the locker. Inside each locker the girls will find a hooded robe cinsel bilgiler and mask. Then, the girls put all their jewelry and clothing in the locker and switch to the identical outfits. There is also another room marked by a white light where girls can enter for the night that don’t want to participate in whatever goes on afterward. Are you with me so far?”

“Mmmmmm, absolutely,” the voice said.

“At 11:15 the lights turn on and our masked strippers are there. None of you know the strippers. The strippers won’t know any of you. And none of you will know each other. We don’t ask what happens. With guilt and worry free fun, it’s amazing what can happen at a bachelorette party. There are no risks of girls ratting on each other for having too much fun. The next morning we turn off all the lights again, the women change back into their clothes and that’s that. What do you think?”

“I think it sounds like we’ve got a bachelorette party,” the voice said.

“Okay, just let us know how many girls you’re going to have at the party and we can make preparations. The cost is $500 per stripper and we offer one stripper per 15 partiers,” Tom said. “Too many girls may tear our stripper apart.”

He crossed his fingers, hoping it would be under 15 and he wouldn’t have to bring someone else into this.

“We’ll have a small party, about 6 people,” the voice said.

Tom gave her the address of the apartment and told her it would be theirs from 6 p.m. till 11 a.m. the next morning. She picked three days before the wedding to have the party.

That afternoon Tom took called up an electrical crew to build the room to his specifications. He ordered equipment, furniture, lights, TV’s, stereos, all using proxies and anonymous couriers.

Five days before the wedding Susan came to him.

“Hey honey, I wanted to talk to you about a couple things,” she said with her now false innocent voice.

“Sure,” he replied.

“I know how long you’ve waited for us to be together,” she said with pouted lips. “And I’m looking forward to our wedding night so very very much.”

Susan’s hands raised from her side and “accidentally” touched Tom’s crotch on her way up to hug him. As intended, the brief touch excited him as his cock strained his pants once again as she squeezed her arms around him, her large perky breasts pushing against his chest.

“I was hoping you could not touch yourself for the next week because I want our wedding night to be really special,” she whispered into his ear.

“That’s really sweet honey, absolutely,” Tom said.

In truth, he hadn’t touched himself since the day he discovered her secret. He was saving every ounce of sexual energy and frustration for the party.

“Neato,” she said characteristically. “I also wanted to let you know that the girls are planning an all night bachelorette party for me three days before the wedding. Is that okay?”

Tom was enjoying this. “Sure,” he said. “But you don’t think there will be anything naughty going on there do you?”

“Oh gosh, no” she said, pouting those cute little lips. “I love you and would never think of seeing a stripper or something like that.”

She had a true gift for lying.

Part 3: The Execution

By the day of the bachelorette party, the room was finished and everything was ready. It cost Tom a pretty penny, but it was done. However, there were certain things that needed to be finished up, namely, his appearance.

He said goodbye to his fiancé when he left for work that morning. He wouldn’t see her again until after the bachelorette party.

First, Tom went to a beauty parlor and bought some fake tanning cream and applied it all over his body. Then he went to a tattoo shop and got several high-quality, fake tattoos placed on various parts of his body.

It was time.

He got to the apartment about 5 p.m. and checked to make sure everything was set up. The room was perfect, so he made his way into the back room of the apartment where he had a control room built and then locked the door.

The girls arrived at 6:00 p.m. — right on schedule.

There were 6 of them — right on target.

Tom looked at his computer screens for the various cameras he had set up in the main apartment. All said and done, he had put almost $80,000 into the room. He spared no expense because, after all, he had discovered that the love of his life was actually trying to steal all that money. He thought it poetic.

He smiled as he identified each of them. First was Susan, of course, the beautiful and not-so-innocent bride to be. Second was her mother, a blond who looked to be in her late 30s but was likely in her mid 40s. She still retained much of her beauty and had assisted in planning his demise. Third was Susan’s older sister Michelle, a 26-year-old with dyed black hair. That wasn’t the only thing that looked altered, as Michelle had enormous, almost obscenely large, breasts.

Two more of the girls looked to be college age, but Tom had never seen them before. He guessed they must have been Susan’s friends. One of them had to be the one that was going to seduce him after the marriage.

The final girl was a surprise. He didn’t expect to see Susan’s younger sister, Sarah. She had just graduated from high school and looked even sweeter and softer than Susan.

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