Sydney Sunshine Spoils Her Daddy

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Sydney Sunshine was an exotic dancer and prostitute. She was young and beautiful. She was one of the headline dancers at the Red Zebra Club. She did lap dances on the side and for the right client she would prostitute herself.

She made good money dancing. Sometimes she would have three lap dances scheduled for the night. They were three hundred dollars a dance.

If they wanted a sexual experience, she would provide that too. Having sex with the dancers was expensive. A night with Sydney was a thousand dollars. For that price, she did anything you wanted.


Paul was a VIP at the club. He entertained clients while watching the exotic dancer’s strip. They were all nude and some of them were quite sexy. Paul had his eye on the headliner dancer. Her name was Sydney Sunshine.

She was young, at least twenty-one. She was petite with blonde hair and size double D breasts. She had a small waist and a nice ass. She had long hair which she wore either up or in a ponytail. She was a great dancer and exceptionally good at her craft.

Paul had paid for his clients all to have lap dances and sex if they wanted. Paul had his eye on Sydney and arranged for her to give him a lap dance. After the dancers were done, the strippers went into the VIP section and started doing the lap dances to the men sitting in that area.

That night Paul made his move on Sydney. She gave him a very sexy lap dance and later he propositioned her to be his “sugar baby.” She agreed and that night the two made love all evening at his mansion.

Sydney never left Paul’s mansion. He gave her a job to be his “sugar baby.” Her job just was to please Paul sexually whenever he wanted sex. She would be his trophy girlfriend when he entertained. She would go anywhere he wanted and be on call all the time. In turn, he would spoil her and give her three-thousand dollars a week.

Paul felt alive being with this sexy creature. He needed Viagra to keep up with such a sex-crazed minx. She loved sex and loved pleasing Paul. She also liked the three-thousand dollars she was paid every week. He spoiled her with clothes, jewels, love, and lots of cash.

As time went on, he insisted she call him “Daddy Paul.” She thought that was cute but later told her she would be the dominant person in their relationship. He would be the submissive man. He wanted her to spank him, humiliate him and if needed he wanted her to urinate on him.

Sometimes he would wear lingerie and he would want her to catch him. If she caught him wearing the lingerie, he would be spanked gaziantep escort and not be able to cum for long periods of time.

Paul also liked her to strap-on a huge cock and fuck his ass when he was bad. Sydney loved being a dominant woman in the bedroom. She learned how to treat Daddy Paul and how to keep him happy.


Sydney was a bit stressed about a medical problem she had been having. She suffered from Galactorrhea which is a milky nipple discharge to normal milk production of breast-feeding. It is not a disease but can be a sign of an underlying problem. Sydney was not pregnant, but she experienced lactation. Paul made her go through tests to make sure she was not sick. The doctor said she could go on medication, but Paul found her problem super kinky. He liked to incorporate his fetish into their bedroom pleasures.

One of Paul’s fetishes was breastfeeding. He loved when Sydney was resting in bed, Paul would lie in her lap and put her teat into his mouth. He would slowly suck the warm goodness that came from her breasts.

He would suck so slowly which made Sydney get all warm and wet in her panties. He would empty her first breast and would move to the next one. Her warm milk tasted nutty which excited Paul. While he breastfed on her tits, his cock would swell to a baton.

He would continue draining her breasts while stroking on his long cock. She fed him most days. She made a lot of milk, but he also liked her to put her milk into things. Like what she did with his cum. Her milk was frozen for later use in recipes or for a quick snack for Paul.


It was his birthday and she was preparing all his favorites for a night of domination and humiliation. She went out and bought new lingerie for his birthday. She wore a demi-cup black bra, black panties, thigh highs, and stilettos. She wore red lipstick and carried her paddle and whip. Paul loved to play games and after their game, he would be allowed to eat her pussy. He loved making his sugar baby cum. Only after she said it was okay.

Paul had another fetish about his cum. He loved to lick it out of Sydney’s ass and pussy but also liked her to cook with it. For about three months, when it was time to cum, he would blow his load into bowls where Sydney would put into ice cube trays or popsicle molds. He enjoyed drinking his cum in ice cubes when he drank his favorite drinks.

Sometimes when they would entertain, he would put the cum ice cubes in his guest’s drinks. They never knew they escort gaziantep were drinking his cum. They probably would have been humiliated and grossed out. You really could not tell if you did not already know what cum tasted like. Most men did not have a cum fetish so they would not know.

He loved being sneaky like that. He would have Sydney incorporate his cum in his sweets. He loved having cumsicles. Sydney would mix his cum into the popsicle pops which Paul enjoyed on hot days. He was a very kinky older man.

On the day of his birthday, Sydney took the cum from their morning play and put it into a bowl with frosting. She iced his cum frosting on the tops of the cupcakes she had baked. She also squeezed some cum onto the fresh strawberries.

For drinks, she made breastmilk milkshakes and warm urine with ice cubed cum. It was all his favorites and were waiting for him. First Sydney would be dressed to kill and ready to play. Paul knew when he got home, he was to undress, put his collar on and attach the leash. Sydney would walk him around the property and play the part as his dirty mistress.


Mistress Sydney walked downstairs where her obedient plaything was waiting on all fours. He had a butt plug tail vibrating in his butt. He wore his collar which had his name hanging down. His leash was on the floor.

“There you are slut! Are you ready for your walk?”

“Yes!” Mistress.

Mistress Sydney walked over to her slut. She picked up his leash and walked him outside. He followed her like a good pet. She walked him around the gardens and sometimes he would go ahead. She pulled his collar back and spanked his butt.

“Slut! You will walk slowly, or I will spank your butt.”

“Yes.” Mistress.

Mistress Sydney walked him out by the garden and the pool. She could see his cock was swelling and he was enjoying the nice walk. She took him back into the house.

“I noticed you’re wearing a butt plug. Did you ask me if you could wear one? Have you cum today? Answer me slut!”

“I came today while I was thinking of you. I was so horny and needed to feel something vibrate in my dirty ass.”

“That’s not allowed. You have been very naughty. I must spank you to get your attention. You are not allowed to have anything in your butt unless I say you can. Take it out slut!”

Paul pulled out the vibrating anal plug. His cock was pulsating from the toy. Mistress Sydney was not pleased.

“I am sorry Mistress Sydney. I know I was a bad gaziantep escort bayan boy.”

“Count while I spank you!”

“One, two, three, four, five, six.”

Sydney swatted his buttocks until he was red and sore. She was not happy. She stepped out of her panties and stepped into her strap-on cock. It was exceptionally long and thick. She would not use jelly to push up into his butt.

“Mistress did not like what you did. Now she will fuck your dirty butt. Mistress will use her biggest latex cock in that tight dirty ass of yours.”

Paul was on his hands and knees. Mistress Sydney pushed the large cock up inside of his butt and fucked his butt hard. She pulled on his hard cock while she spanked his butt.

He was moaning and groaning while she rode him like a horse. She felt pre-cum dripping from the head of his cock.

“Do not cum.”

She would take her cock all the way out and then jams it into his dirty butt. He was so hard and horny. He was loving the humiliation she was doing to him.

“You can cum. Cum you dirty slut.”

Paul moaned and groaned and blew a load onto the floor. Mistress Sydney pulled out of his butt. She was horny and her cunt was pulsating.

“Get on your knees and lick my pussy!”

“Yes, Mistress.”

Paul was on his hands and knees like a dog and went over to Mistress Sydney. He licked her pussy lips and sucked on her hard button. She played in his hair while he ate her pussy. She was turned on and moaned while she orgasmed on his mouth. He continued to lick her pussy and she continued to come.

She made him lick her pussy for an hour and he was glad to do it. He liked playing games.

“Let us go to the shower. I need to take a piss.”

“Oh yes. Please urinate on my body. I’m your dirty boy.”

Paul lay in the shower while Mistress Sydney stood over him. She needed to pee and let the warm liquid spray over his body. He massaged her urine into his skin he was quite happy.

Mistress removed her clothes and they took a long hot shower together. When they were done, they put on their robes and Mistress Sydney brought her daddy down to where she had his birthday spread.

“Baby is this for me?”

“Happy Birthday daddy! I made all your favorites.”

Daddy Paul drank her breastmilk milkshake. He drank her warm urine and had a cumsicle made with his cum. He ate a cupcake made with his cum and enjoyed the strawberries and cream.

Sydney drank wine and ate cheese. She was not into his cum fetish food. Daddy Paul had an amazing birthday.

“Baby, thanks for a sexy night. I really love you, baby.”

“I love you too. Happy Birthday Daddy!”

Afterward, the couple soaked in the hot tub and watched a meteor shower that was happening. It was quite a birthday and Paul was another year older but had the best “sugar baby” a man of sixty-five could have. He loved her dearly.

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