Taking Mommy’s Place Ep. 03

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If you haven’t read episodes 1 and 2, this will make more sense if you read them first.


I was no longer a virgin. Daddy had taken – no, I had given Daddy my virginity. He lay beside me, snoring intermittently. It was still very dark in the room. Daddy had made it clear that he wanted it dark as I played the role of my deceased mother. It was what I had wanted – to take her place; to give her back to him.

Now I wondered if he would continue “this”. Would it have to be role-play or would he want me, his little girl, his 18 year-old daughter. Even though I was very sore from last night, I already knew that I loved it and that I wanted more. I wanted him and I wanted him to want ME. It was great that I was able to give him the pleasure of re-living sex with Mom again, but I wanted him to be attracted to me. I needed him to want me. I loved him and I felt that incest was the most loving, most natural sex possible. I understood the taboo, but I couldn’t understand why most people were disgusted by it.

As these things drifted through my mind, I eventually fell asleep and awoke the next morning to the smell of bacon and coffee. Daddy was cooking breakfast, again. I got up, used the bathroom and showered. I was so sore!

When I went into the kitchen, Daddy greeted me with a big smile. He was watching TV as he sipped his coffee, but got up and served me some eggs, bacon, and toast as I poured my coffee and sweetened it. We ate in silence. Was he feeling guilty? He seemed to be absorbed in the news on TV and I was still drowsy, so I didn’t try to make small talk.

Finally he said, “Well, Honey, we need to head back home tomorrow. What do you want to do today?”

I managed a weak smile. “Lay around. Maybe go down the beach awhile. I don’t feel like going shopping or anything like that.”

“Then let’s go down to the beach. You can wear that green bikini again, if you want!” he grinned.

This was unexpected, but I was ready and willing to go along with it. We were soon at the beach and he was rubbing suntan lotion on me. He obviously was not trying to avoid any part of my body, even slipping his hand under my top and squeezing my breast. As tired and sore as I was, I was getting hot and horny already.

When I rubbed his back with the lotion, I reached underneath and into his trunks to find his semi-hard cock. “I want that,” I whispered as I kissed his ear.

“You had it already,” he teased. “You really want it again?”

“Well, let me think on it,” I replied, demurely.

We took our walk down the beach, even though my soreness kept me from walking as briskly as we had the previous day. I could see men staring at me and I liked it. I liked the fact that Daddy held my hand and occasionally stopped and kissed my lips. He wanted everyone to know that I was his. I wanted to drop to my knees and suck his big Daddy cock right there in front of everyone.

Upon returning from our walk, Daddy asked if I was ready to go back to the condo. Was he wanting sex already?

He announced that he was taking a shower to wash the sand and suntan lotion off of him. I headed to my shower and did the same. I came out, wrapped in a towel, and went to find him. He was also wrapped in a towel, in his bathroom, combing his hair. I grabbed his towel and jerked it hard, uncovering his beautiful body. His cock was at half-mast. It looked delicious.

He grabbed me, picked me up and carried me to his bed, kissing my mouth as he lay me down and uncovered my body. He sat there, evaluating me, making me feel slightly shy and embarrassed as he gazed. “I have something to admit to you, Pammy,” he said.

“What, Daddy?”

“I’ve fantasized about you quite a bit since you’ve become a woman.”

“That’s such a great compliment, Daddy. That makes me so happy!”

This piqued my interest. I pulled him down so that we lay facing each other. His revelation had made me even hornier. “Tell me more. I want to know what you did and what you saw.”

“You are going to think I’m a pervert when I tell you. Maybe I shouldn’t.”

“Come ON!!” I begged.

“Remember when I bought those security cameras that I can watch on my phone?”

“Yes, escort gaziantep there’s one pointing at the front door and another at the back door.” I thought for a moment where they were mounted. One was in the hallway to the back door, mounted on the ceiling. The other was at the top of the stairs, also mounted on the ceiling, but which pointed toward the front door.

“They both can rotate about 270 degrees,” he said. “They usually are motion detected, but I can remotely turn them from my phone, or computer. I can point it toward your room and, if the door is left open, it points right at your dresser mirror.” Dad got up and retrieved his phone. He opened up an app, pushed a few buttons and handed it to me. The camera showed the entrance to my bedroom with my dresser mirror plainly in view. In the mirror about half of my bedroom was visible, including part of my bed.

“Oh, Daddy! That is SO naughty,” I laughed.

“You’re not mad?” he laughed.

“No! Yes, it’s kinda perverted, but I still like it. I’ve wanted you to notice me for a long time. I wanted you to like my body. What did you see??”

“It was so frustrating. It seemed like that the times when I had the best opportunities to monitor you that you closed your door, or you were just at the periphery of the screen. But occasionally I saw you getting undressed and I saw you in all your glory.”

“Did you ever see me play with myself?” I giggled.

“Yes, but it was at the very edge of the screen! It drove me crazy!”

I massaged my breasts. “Did I play with my tits like this, Daddy?”

“Fuck, you’re hot, Pammy! Yes, yes, you did.”

I reached and stroked my wet pussy. “Did I play with my pussy, Daddy? Did you see me do that?”

He swallowed. “Yes, Baby, I saw you play with yourself, and it drove your Daddy insane!”

“Did it ever occur to you how badly your little girl needed her Daddy to make love to her?” I whispered as I continued to play with my clit.

Daddy moaned as he pushed my hand away, kissing my clit and pussy lips, very gently.

“Daddy, I am sore, so please don’t do anything rough,” I gasped.

Daddy continued to lick and kiss. Oh, it felt so good. “Please make love to me, Daddy,” I groaned.

Daddy positioned himself between my legs, kissing my breasts, then my neck, ears, face, mouth. We kissed passionately as he rubbed his blood-engorged member against my wetness.

I reached down, grasped him, and guided the head inside me. I was sore and knew it would hurt, some, but I knew that the pleasure was going to far outweigh the pain. Daddy was going to make love to his little girl – he had lusted for me and even spied on me. I should have been disgusted and appalled, but I wasn’t. Not one bit. It turned me on that he had wanted me.

“Slowly, Daddy,” I said as he began to sink into my very slick, very wet, and very sore pussy. It WAS sore, but there was little resistance and the fact that my sweet, wonderful, handsome Daddy was fucking me made pure lust course through my body.

Daddy continued to push himself into me, but very slowly and deliberately. “Oh, Pammy, this is heaven, Baby. Are you okay? Am I hurting you?” he asked as he kissed me.

“Just don’t move for a minute, Daddy. It feels good. I love it, but I am a little sore.” I closed my eyes for a minute, concentrating on the feel of my own Daddy’s huge cock sunk completely to the hilt inside me. I was thankful that Mom had insisted that he get a vasectomy a few years ago. My lust for him didn’t include wanting to have his baby. After a while, I whispered, “Do it. I’m okay.”

He began moving almost imperceptibly, then faster, in a steady rhythm, drawing his shaft farther and farther out and then slipping it back. “It’s good, Daddy. Oh fuck, yes, it’s soooo good!” I sobbed, “but not too fast, please. Not hard.”

Daddy moderated his tempo, looking in my face, making sure everything he did was exactly what I wanted. He wasn’t, as I had feared, fantasizing any longer about Mom. He was fucking ME. It was ME that he had lusted for. It was me that he had wanted, ever since I turned 18. Now I was fully ripe and in full flower and was giving gaziantep escort forumları him what he had wanted for so long. And that was mutual, for I had lusted after him. I had loved him and admired his body. I had masturbated, so often, thinking about him and what I would love to do with him.

I could feel my orgasm building. It was feeling so good. Gone was the slight soreness that I had felt earlier. I was well-lubricated and eager. “Fuck me, oh Daddeeeeeee it feels so fucking goooooooooooood,” I cried. “Oh please don’t stop. Fuck your little girl. Fuck meeeeeeeee. Make me cummmmmmmmmmmmmm,” I spasmed as my orgasm washed over me. There was nothing to which I could compare this. All the orgasms of my life paled into insignificance compared to this one.

Never before had I felt such a release. No more frustration, no more wondering if he accepted me, no more fear of his guilt, no more taking second place. My body was his and his was mine. Daddy was gazing into my eyes as I sobbed and whined through my orgasm. I licked his lips, then our tongues wrestled as my body continued to convulse.

I grasped Daddy’s head, looking intently into his beautiful brown eyes as my orgasm began to wane. “Oh, Daddy, I love you so much,” I cried as tears flowed freely down my cheeks. “Oh thank you, thank you, thank you!”

I kissed him again, as he began to pick up the pace again. “Your little pussy feels so good on Daddy’s dick, little girl,” he groaned.

“Are you going to cum in your little girl’s pussy, Daddy?” I taunted him. “Do you like fucking your little girl?

Daddy’s breath was coming in great heaves as he continued to look into my face and down at my body, pushing himself up so he could see his cock sawing in and out of my slobbering pussy, the wet smacking sound of fucking echoing in the room.

I suddenly realized that I was on the verge of cumming again. “Ohhhhh, please, Daddy, let me cum again. Let me cum again. Please?? Let me, let me, oh fucckkkkkkk, Daddeeeeeeeeeee, I am cumming!!” I shrieked as my body was once again wracked with delightful spasms.

“I’m cumming, Pammy!” he groaned and I could feel the warmth fill me as he squirted what seemed like quarts of Daddy-cum inside me. What a stud! He shuddered and fell, almost lifeless, on my body. I could feel his heart beat and he was gasping for breath.

“I’m breathing like I’ve run a marathon!” he gasped as he rolled off of me. “Oh, Pammy, that was delightful!”

“Was it the best ever?” I teased.

“I am taking the 5th on that one, but I don’t think I can even imagine it being any better!” he said as he sat up and stroked my face.

“I guess time will tell,” I mused, smiling at him.

“Indeed!” he replied, enthusiastically.


I found out soon enough that I needn’t have worried about Daddy having guilt-pangs or a lack of stamina. I soon found out that he had a voracious appetite for sex. We fucked again late that afternoon, went to dinner, and fucked again when we got back to the condo.

The next day, on the way home, I would occasionally reach over and play with his cock, fishing it out, making it hard, and suckling on it. I didn’t intend to make him cum, knowing that it would make it that much better when we got home.

I took my bra off and occasionally flashed him, massaging my breasts and tweaking the nipples, asking him in a little-girl voice what he thought of them. We discussed, more in detail, his voyeurism.

I drove several hours when Daddy got drowsy. I wanted him to be well-rested when we got home. The trip home seemed unending. The traffic, at times, was bumper to bumper. I was eager to get home, but mostly because I had been initiated into the wonders of sexual intercourse, and I wanted more. Much more.

As soon as we got home, got the suitcases in the house, and took a quick shower, we were back in the bed. We both emerged from our respective showers totally naked, though I carried some clothes down “just in case” someone should show up.

When I entered his bedroom, Daddy opened his arms and gestured for me to get on top of him. We escort gaziantep bayan kissed while he played with my bottom. Daddy scooted down a bit and said, “sit on my face, Pammy”.

Well, this was something I had done before, with my brother. had loved it, and had given his little sister an abundance of earth-shaking orgasms with his talented tongue. I eagerly mounted Daddy’s face as he began to lick and suck at my clit and pussy. As Jeff had taught me, I began to fuck Daddy’s face as he grabbed my butt-cheeks and pulled me down into his furious onslaught.

Why did guys like that? I sure, as fuck, didn’t care, as it felt FUCKING GREAT. “Eat it, Daddy. Oh that’s gooooooooooooood. Ohhhhhhhh. Right there! Suck it. Suck my fucking clit! Daddy, eat your little girl OUT!” I screamed as my orgasm shook me.

I was too sensitive to tolerate more so I scrambled off and kneeled between his legs, hefting his big bull-balls so I could lick them. They were covered with a thick mat of hair, but I didn’t care at all. He was MANLY, and I loved his big hairy nuts. I tried sucking one into my mouth, but, even though it probably was not impossible to do so, my mouth was salivating for Daddy’s MAN-size cock. I knew that, as many times as his nuts had been drained recently, that it might take a while for him to cum. That wasn’t my goal. I wanted his cock in my throat again. He could cum in my mouth or pussy or wherever. I didn’t care.

I began to bathe his cock with my tongue, kissing it all over, moaning with delight. “Your little girl loves your big dick, Daddy,” I said, in my little-girl voice.

“Oh, Pammy! Suck your Daddy’s big cock!” he replied. I laughed a little as I eagerly took his cock-head into my mouth, licking it wetly all around its circumference. I wished I had some beer to make me a little tipsy so that the gag-reflex would be dulled. I forced my head down and found, to my delight, that I was hardly gagging at all. “FUCK!! Pamela, how in creation do you do that?” he groaned in abject pleasure as his cock sank several inches into my throat. I was totally deprived of air and felt as if I might pass out, but the knowledge that my own Daddy’s huge cudgel was in my throat was so thrilling that I felt as if I might spontaneously orgasm.

Soon, however, my greedy throat had to relinquish its prisoner. I gasped for air and said, “Oh you don’t know how much I love doing that!”

His saliva-coated cock was throbbing in my hand. I crawled up over his body and, pointing his cock perpendicular to his body, began to ease my wanton, eager body down. Down, down, down, down – every delicious inch of his pleasure-giving wand just made me want more. Oh, it felt so good, sliding into my body from this angle. I was very much in control of my body as I sank more and more of his thick tool inside of my willing pussy until, at long last, he was completely inside of me.

Daddy leaned up until he was sitting straight up, his cock deep inside me, my legs around him. He kissed my mouth and licked my breasts. I could feel a tiny tremor run through my body, beginning to build. It felt as if my entire body was engaged. My feet were shaking. I began trembling. I was almost scared. Daddy continued to devour my breasts, but began hunching upward, as if he had more to give me. He was in as far as it could possibly go.

What was this new sensation? Was he hitting my g-spot? What was that, anyway? FUCK. Whatever this was, it was fucking unbelievable. My hands were shaking. My body started shaking all over. Daddy looked into my face with what appeared to be concern. My eyes rolled back in my head.

“FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKK. OHHHHHHHHH, FUCKKKKK, I’m CUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMINGGGGGGGGG!! I shouted. The orgasm came in waves, like a storm. My body continued to shake. I had the sensation that the room was moving.

“Unggggggghhhhhhhhhh,” Daddy groaned, and I realized that he was cumming, too. He was emptying himself into my body. His little girl was giving him everything she had.

This triggered another orgasm. “Daddy, fuck it’s too gooooood! Oh, please don’t ever stop fucking me!” I began to hunch myself up from his body, rotating my hips as I tried to screw him deeper inside me. We were covered in sweat. I was exhausted and rolled off of him onto the bed.

As I lay there in the after-glow, I suddenly realized that I heard a car in the driveway. “Daddy, hurry, someone is here!” I shouted, jumping up and looking out the window. “Shit, Daddy, it’s Jeff!” My brother was emerging from his car.

To be continued…

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