Tanya Comes Home Pt. 02

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All characters in this story who engage in sexual acts are over 18 years of age.


After the first night sleeping alongside my sister, I awoke feeling aroused, refreshed, content. I always do after sex, but this time my sexual partner was my own sister. I examined my conscience — did I feel it was wrong? Actually, no. The gorgeous woman beside me breathing gently in her sleep was the same person I’d grown up with but at the same time another person altogether. I’d grown up with the girl called Tanya, this was the woman called Tanya. In the morning light I looked at her peaceful face. She must have sensed something and opened her eyes.

“Morning squirt.”

“Good morning.”

“Whatcha lookin at?

“Dunno, the label musta fallen off.”


We smiled, then her face got a serious look: “You OK Dave? With what we did?”

“Yeah. Maybe I shouldn’t be, but I am. Are you?”

“I think so. I haven’t really processed it yet. It wasn’t a dream, was it? We really fucked?”

“It was real. Very real.”

“Hmmm. OK. So, you gonna make my breakfast?”

“Yeah, OK. But you don’t get waiter service every day, you have to put in an effort too.”

“I’ll cook dinner.”

“No you won’t. You can only cook chilli con carne and spag bol.”

“Fair enough. I’ll do sandwiches for lunch. Dave?”


She rolled onto her side and propped her head in her hand.

“I don’t want to over-analyse this. But I wanna face the reality. We committed incest last night. What the fuck. Why?”

“I dunno Tan. But maybe where you’ve been you saw stuff that makes what we did pale by comparison.”

“Yeah. Maybe it’s that. Maybe.”

I saw her wicked look return: “That’ll work as an explanation for me, but you’re fucked though. You’ve got no excuse except just being a nasty pervert!”

I rolled on top of her, pinned her arms behind her head and kissed her lips. We kissed gently like that for a little while, until she said: “Unless you want a wet mattress, gaziantep escort bayan you better get off me so I can go pee.”

I watched her perfect bum as she left the bedroom. She called over her shoulder: “You still watching my bum?”


“See? You’re just a pervert!”

I raced after her, she squealed but I got to her just before the bathroom door. I tickled her.

“Stop it! Shit Dave, stop it or I’ll piss on your carpet!”

I let her go and she raced into the bathroom. I heard the toilet seat crash down then instantly I heard her stream hit the water. She hadn’t been joking.

I waited for my turn in there then went to get dressed before making breakfast. We both had an appetite and I made bacon, sausages, eggs, mushrooms and toast with jam plus a load of coffee. Tanya wore a simple yellow cotton dress with buttons down to her waist and, I noticed with glee, no bra.

We talked for an hour after breakfast, then we decided to go shopping for supplies. She changed into jeans and off we went.

Around lunchtime she asked to borrow the car to go clothes shopping. I fussed around the house and did some work in the pool. She was gone all afternoon but I was still in there when she got back.

“Buy anything nice?”

“Yeah. I got a new bikini and some tops, a pair of shorts… Wait there, I’ll put the bikini on and join you.”

She was back in two minutes. It was stunning. Two yellow triangles cupped her breasts, with two thin straps over her shoulders and a thin tie around the back. The bottoms were just enough to cover her treasure and cupped the delights behind the fabric tightly enough to show her mound.

“Wow Tan! Hot or what?”

“Yeah, thanks. I wanted something to sit in the spa with and…” (She slipped into the pool and swooshed over to me) “…Something that is easier to get off in the pool, in case…” Her head was tilted down so she was looking up at me.

“In case?”

“In case you’d like to fuck me. In the pool.”

I gaziantep escort ilanları think she had her new bikini on for less than three minutes in total before it was on the bottom of the pool where my shorts immediately followed it. I pinned her against the side, she lifted one leg and I wriggled my cock into her, standing, then we pulled at each other’s hips with our hands to fuck each other.

I watched her. I saw raw lust in her flashing eyes, felt the warmth and wetness of her pussy on my cock. We fucked luxuriously, with no urgency: We were secluded here, so our moans and groans were private. We watched each other’s face throughout those five or six minutes until her eyes closed in the buildup to her orgasm. Mine I kept open. I watched her frown, bite her bottom lip, and start to pant. Just before she came she opened her eyes and met mine, and for the first time we came together, thrusting at each other under the water, our loins joined together.

In the cool water my erection faded quickly. Tanya giggled as it fell out of her quim, then kissed me on the lips. I asked her: “I guess you got over your doubts then?”

She said: “Nah, this was a goodbye fuck.” Then she burst into laughter as she saw the momentary pain on my face, then I laughed with her too: “I swear one day I’ll slap your ass so hard…”

“Oooh will you now?”

We hugged, and swam naked. At one point I was supporting her to float on her back, loving how the water lapped at her tits, then I held her like that with one arm while I touched her pussy with the other hand. It was warm, wet, and my finger slid in easily.

“You trying to get me horny again, squirt?”


She splashed away from me, ducked under the water, and took my cock in her mouth. It was electric. Her mouth felt hot on my cool dick, and it had the inevitable result. Of course she couldn’t stay down there, so when she came up for air she pulled me over to the side of the pool. She had gaziantep escort numaraları me hold onto the wall while she pushed me up. I realised what she was doing and hauled myself up to sit on the edge.

Tanya got between my legs and supporting herself with arms on my thighs, she began sucking my cock. She was quite fast, almost wanking me with her mouth. She kept up the pace for a couple of minutes, then my twitching thighs signalled my imminent ejaculation. Tanya stroked my cock quickly and watched as my jets spurted up, over her hand, onto my thighs. She smiled at the power it gave her. She washed the spunk off with pool watre then licked the end of my knob before taking my cock in her mouth again.

I stroked her wet hair. She looked up at me: “Not bad. Might let you cum in my mouth one day. Wanna repay the compliment?”

I just fell into the water and lifted my sister up so she was bent over the edge of the pool on her stomach. I got behind her, spread her ass cheeks and buried my face in there. I licked at her pussy, her clit, and occasionally got a big moan when I tongued her asshole. I expected it to be gross, but it only tasted of pool water.

I put two fingers in her pussy and licked her asshole. I changed it around. I nosed her ass while I pushed my tongue in her pussy. All the time she cooed and moaned softly, until I was rewarded with tensed thighs and a little shiver through her bum cheeks as she flicked into a brief orgasm.

She slipped beside me in the water and kissed me. She looked at me and said: “I was wondering what it would taste like.”

“Your pussy?”

“Hell no. I’ve tasted pussy before… Oh I’ll tell you one day you big perve. I never had a tongue up my ass before though. Was it OK?”

“Not horrible, but not strawberries and cream either.”

“Haha! C’mere you dick!” She put her arms around my shoulders and her legs around my waist. She kissed me, and said: “I thought about it while I was shopping. Us, and incest. If you meet someone, or I do, and we do the whole picket fence and tiny tots and suburban grind thing with them, well, so be it. Maybe we’ll still fuck, maybe we won’t. But if not, well, this is nice, isn’t it?”

“No. Not nice. Terrific.”

We kissed like lovers before we broke off. She said: “Come inside. I bought steaks and stuff. You can barbecue. You’re gonna need your strength, boy…”

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