The Boy

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Chloe Amour

He towered over her, his arms engulfed her. She looked up at him placing a light kiss on his chest.

“Are you ready for this?” she asked.

“As ready as I can be,” he replied.

“Get on the bed boy and assume the position,” she tells him in a low commanding voice.

The large man gets on all fours on the low bed. She steps in front of him adjusting the straps making sure they are tight enough. She positions the 8inch pink strap on right in front of his full luscious mouth, close to touching him but not quite. She looks down at him and makes eye contact. She licks her lips and says, “what do you want, boy?”

“I want your cock Mistress.”

She touches his cheek tenderly and gazes softly into his eyes. He stares back and watches her eyes harden. The hand on his cheek moves to his chin and grips it tightly.

“Beg me for it.”

“Please Mistress, please allow this naughty boy to suck your cock. I need your cock more than I need air Mistress. Please allow me to pleasure your cock.”

She smirks and let’s go of his face after running a thumb over his full bottom lip.

“Go ahead and suck it boy. Make sure I don’t regret letting you have my cock.”

He glances greedily up at her before leaning forward and gobbling down about 3inches of the pink cock. He pulls back before going down again, getting 4inches in that time. She stands with her hands on her hips, watching him from beneath hooded eyes, struggle to suck her cock.

“Come on boy, you must try harder than that! You’re barely getting half of it in. You’re making me regret giving you this chance. Get some more spit on there and do better than this.”

He starts working harder managing to get 6 inches in this time. He is using so much saliva that it is dripping off his chin and down her cock. She strokes his cheek loving how they hollow out while he blows her. The vibrations while he moans around her cock go straight to her clit. She puts a hand on the back of his head and Escort bayan looks into his eyes.

“I hope you’re ready for this.”

She grips his head with both hands to hold into to position and thrusts forward. He predictably gags on her cock as she shoves in the whole 8 inches. His gag reflex was always sensitive. she holds him on her cock watching him struggle for air. After a moment she lets him go. He pulls off of her completely, gasping for air, eyes watering.

“And here I thought my cock was more important to you than air. Guess I was wrong.”

She moves like she is going away.

“No Mistress! Please don’t go! I do need your cock; I just wasn’t ready for it. You know my gag reflex is sensitive.”

“I’ll give you the same advice you gave me when I first sucked your monster cock. Relax your throat and breathe through your nose. Now we will try again then it’s time for something new. Hold me in your throat without gagging for 1 minute, got it pretty boy?”

He nods and takes a few deep breathes. He leans forward and takes half in one gulp. He locks eyes with her, takes a deep breath and takes the rest down his throat.

“That’s my good boy, you can do it,” she purrs. “Such a good boy, moan for me.”

He moans around it and she can feel the vibrations all the way to her clit, which causes her to moan.

“Enough of this, it’s time for the real fun. Get up boy, assume the final position.”

The cock comes out of his throat and mouth with a pop and a wiggle, the latter causing her to moan. She was so turned on by everything so far and they had only just started. He gets up and moves to the padded bench and lays with his stomach on it. She puts the attached strap across his lower back, right above his cute, delicious bubble butt; then moves to secure his wrists and ankles. Once he is secured to the bench, she picks up her favorite gag to use on him. A small 4-inch purple cock goes into his mouth and the straps go around Bayan escort to be secured to be secured around the back of his head. She looks into his eyes and sees the trust in his eyes.

“Boy do you remember your safety signal when I have you trussed up like this?”

He nods his head and uses a fist to knock on the floor twice.

“Good boy. And for your sake, I hope that you prepared like I told you too, or this is going to hurt you.”

He nods, she places a gentle kiss on his nose, “you are such a good boy for me. Now let’s have some fun.”

He nods eagerly which causes her to smile broadly and genuinely. Still smiling she moves into position behind him and puts her hands on his luscious behind. She massages and squeezes each cheek, loving the feel of the hair on her hands and the warmth on her skin. She lifts one hand and brings It back down. SMACK She lifts the other hand and brings it down as well. Back and forth, harder and faster all round each cheek. Bringing each cheek to a nice rosy pink hue. One last slap to the middle and then gives them a nice hard squeeze, hearing the whimper around the gag.

“Your ass looks so much better like this boy, so much more delectable and fuckable.”

At that she leans down and bites the right cheek hard, causing a whimper to leak out from around the gag. She pauses a moment to look over the boy. Strapped to the bench, panting through his nose, ass cheeks a bright pink and now a delightful bite mark blooming on the right cheek. She smiled at what she owned, knowing he trusted her to push his boundaries and not hurt him more than he could handle. With that thought she gets back into position, lines the cock head up with his asshole.

“Hope your ready boy.”

She plunges in all the way in one thrust. He grunts with the force of it. She moans when she bottoms out, pausing to savor the moment. She grips his hips tightly and pulls out all but two inches and thrusts back in. She sets up a steady Escort rhythm and just pounds his ass.

“Do you like this little boy? You like when I pound your tight little asshole?”

She reaches around and grabs his throbbing hard cock.

“He likes it. He loves when I pound your tight little asshole.”

She continues to thrust and stroke his cock. Every time she senses that he’s close, she stops stroking and squeezes the base.

“You better not cum before me boy. I’m not there yet. You know the rules boy.”

He nods and moans as she continues thrusting deeply. Her legs start shaking, her orgasm approaching. The thrusts start becoming sporadic. She starts stroking him faster.

“I’m almost there boy. You’re going to make me cum from fucking your tight little asshole.”

With that she cums hard and gives his cock a final squeeze. When he feels that squeeze he cums all over the bench and her hand. She stops thrusting and slumps over his back, panting and out of breath from the effort and the orgasm. She sits up and brings her cum covered hand to her mouth to clean it off. She loves the taste of his cum. Once her hand is cleaned off, she pulls out of him and admires his slightly gaping asshole. She undoes the straps and drops it onto the floor for cleaning later. She undoes the straps on the gag and throws it with the strap on. She undoes his wrists and ankles, rubbing them to help bring circulation back. Then she undoes the strap across his back. As she turns away to gather the toys for cleaning, she gets swept up into his big strong arms. She wraps her legs around his waist.

They kiss passionately, one of his hands in her hair and the other roughly grabbing her ass. Pulling her closer to his once again hard and throbbing cock he growls, “It’s your turn.” Then he lifts her up and drops her onto his cock. She lets out a yelp as gravity drops her all the way onto him in one fell swoop. He slams her against the wall and starts thrusting hard and fast. No words are spoken, just grunts and moans, as her takes her almost brutally. It seems like within moments an orgasm is ripping through them both. They remain there panting and basking in the afterglow. They look at each other and kiss.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32