The Car Trip

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He was there again; he was always there. Didn’t he take a hint, the relationship was over.

“Hiya Claire, you alright?”

“Hello T” she replied, she thought of calling him Trevor but knew how much he hated his real name. “Who are you here to see?”

“Ah, come on Claire, you know it’s you, why don’t you come for a drink with me?”

She hated being put in this position. “I can’t” she replied, “I’ve got to get home, someone’s coming round”

“Who?” he questioned

She had to think fast, “ermm, Stephen, yeah Stephen’s coming round to look at my boiler”

T wasn’t convinced. “C’mon, just a quick drink, listen to what I’ve got to say and then, if you want to, you can leave”

She weighed up the pros and cons in her head, it was only for a drink, it couldn’t cause any harm, could it? ” Alright then, one drink, have you got a car here?” He shook his head, “nah, it’s in the garage, I don’t mind you driving.”

With that she opened her car door, releasing the lock on the other side and allowing him to climb in. “What pub shall we go to?” she looked over to him starting the car. “How about the Kings Head” he said, “that’s a nice quiet pub.” He was right, it was a quiet pub, it was so far out in the sticks that no one could get to it. “OK” she said, ” we’ll go there” anything for a quiet life, she thought to her self. The roads became clearer the further out they went, the hedges higher and the house more sporadic.

Thirty minutes later they arrived. It was just the same as the last time she was there, the car park half empty, the lights on the front door still not working, nothing changes. She parked the car and turned the engine off. “Look T, this is just for a chat, right? I don’t want you getting the wrong idea.” He nodded, secretly hoping for more. They walked into the bar; three sets of eyes turned to them, the barman, the dog and what Claire imagined was a regular.

“You having the usual Claire?” without waiting for a reply T went up to the bar and ordered. “Pint of lager, shot of scotch and a Malibu and pineapple for the lady.” He went to his pocket and pulled out a roll of five-pound notes. As soon as the scotch was put in front of him he picked it up and swallowed it, he shuddered as it went down his throat. “Six pounds eighty please sir,” said the barman as he put down the final drink, T checked his pocket for loose change, finding enough to go with the note. He made his way over to the table Claire was sitting at and sat down opposite her.

– The chat –

It started pleasantly enough, they exchanged compliments of how the other was looking, they talked of his family, her family, everything but themselves. T got up more than once to get another drink, putting another infront of Claire, this way she knew how many he’d had as well. The time continued to go past, there were no clocks in the pub, the only way of telling time was to look outside and see how light it was. Soon the sky was dark, nightfall had come.

“Christ T, I’ve got to go,” said Claire finishing the drink in front of her, “it’s got to be at least eight o’clock.” “It’s nine,” said T holding up his watch for her to see. “Guess you’ve missed Stephen, you might as well stay.” What could she say, maybe if she’d looked more closely at the night drawing in she would have been able to make her excuses and left, but it was too late for that now, what should she do? “T, it’s been nice talking to you but I’ve still got to go. I’ve got to get ready for tomorrow yet, iron my clothes, get a bite to eat, you know what its like! If you want a lift back to town, I’ll drop you on the way home.” T agreed and finished, what was his fifth, lager.

– The Drive –

They got into the car and started off. The country lanes and fields looked lovely in the night’s light, Claire liked driving down the narrow lanes, never knowing what would be around the corner. After about five minutes T started to stroke her hair, he’d always liked her hair, so long, so smooth. Soon he was rubbing her shoulder. “Stop that T, it’s putting me off my driving” said Claire trying to concentrate on the road ahead, “if you don’t I’ll stop the car. “No you won’t” said T, ” you can’t stop on this road, it’s too dangerous, you’ll have to wait until we get to a driving bay and that’s about ten miles from here.”

He was right of course, the road had too many bends, and stopping was far too dangerous around here. T continued to caress her shoulder, moving his hand to her face, outlining her features. He moved his other hand over to her, this time he grabbed at one of her breasts and squeezed. She yelped, “please stop T” he ignored here plea, “if you’d given out in the pub car park we wouldn’t be having this now would we” he said, ” I know you enjoy it, so you drive and I’ll play.”

His hands were now both on her breasts, he was undoing her blouse, flicking a finger inside, touching her bare skin. She tried to concentrate on driving, trying to block out what he was doing. He opened her blouse fully, showing two beautiful breasts, covered only Escort bayan by the skimpiest of bras. He put a hand fully on one of her breasts and pulled it out of the bra allowing for maximum movement.

As much as Claire was trying to ignore what was happening her body could not lie, her nipples stood up, wanting to be touched. Her breasts eagerly waiting for the next stroke of his hand. She could also feel something between her legs, her legs tensing when her breasts were touched, the muscles of her womanhood tensing and contracting, she may not like what was happening but her body wanted more. T’s hands were expert at this, he could feel her breasts tensing and relaxing as he put his hands on them. He was also very excited, his penis trying to burst out of his trousers, wanting what was in her trousers, wanting to climax inside her.

T moved one hand lower, he rubbed her stomach and started to play with the button on her trousers, in the blink of an eye he had the button undone. His hand quickly undoing the zip and resting on the front of her knickers. She accelerates accidentally, taken by the quickness of T’s hand. She calms down again and continues to take the corners carefully. He moves his hand, his fingers moving the material out of the way, “Good God Claire, you’re soaked down here,” he was right, her body gave itself away. He began to stroke between her lips, the fluid making it easy. Claire was trying to concentrate on the road but finding it incredibly difficult to do so. T kept on stroking her, faster, doing circles with his fingers, bringing Claire closer and closer to an orgasm.

With half open eyes Claire stayed on the road, looking for the next lay-bye, it had to be close, she kept raising her groin, meeting his fingers, wanting more feeling. The lay-bye, she’d finally come to the lay-bye. She pulled in, breaking, stalling the car; unable to use her left leg on the clutch. She turned to T, “OK mister, if you want it, lets go for it,” she quickly undid his trousers and pulled them down with his shorts.

She’d forgotten how big he was, what a sight, she needed him inside of her, she needed to come, she began to climb on him when he pushed her back, his lips meeting hers, his tongue darting into her mouth, his hand back between her legs. She started to pant into his mouth, she grabbed at one of her breasts, holding it tightly, feeling the spasms starting in between her legs. He suddenly released her mouth, pulling his head away.

“If you want to come you’d better help me out” he said as he put his free hand over her head and started to pull her down. She can see where he wants her, she hadn’t done something like this for ages, but God she needed to come, she would do what ever it took. She slowly lowered her head opening her mouth to place the knob end of his penis in it. She could taste the precum on her tongue as she moved it around the head.

She sucked gently as she lifted her head, her lips almost losing contact with him. She wrapped her hand around his penis, using the liquid she’d left on it as lubrication. Stroking up and down in time with his hand on her clitoris, her mouth covering the top of his penis as her hand reached the bottom. Her groin moving faster, pushing into his hand wanting, waiting for the moment to happen.

She continued to stroke his penis faster and faster, her mouth hungrily sucking on him wanting his cum. But she started first, she moved her other hand to cover his, she could feel the explosion starting to happen inside her, she pulled him in, tightly holding him there to get the most out of it she could. The waves kept flowing through her body, releasing all the pent up energy she had.

While in this state she didn’t realise what was happening with T, it could feel his climax coming, the cum rising to the top of his penis, he used his free hand to keep her head down, pushing her further and further onto him, he exploded, cum shooting onto the back of her mouth, spurting out, she tried to swallow but it was too much, she started to gag, he released her and her head flew back, cum dripping from the sides of her mouth. She looked at him, she was glowing, he knew that she was in no state to complain.

The Drive II

“What now” Claire asked, trying to give herself a little composure, “that wasn’t supposed to happen!” T looked over at her “suppose we could go back to my place” he said, you could tidy yourself up before you go home.” She thought about it, it would be good to be able to sort her hair and clothing out before she got back to her apartment block, the neighbours were so bloody nosey.

“OK then T, lets go back to you place, I hope you’ve still got that toothbrush I use to use.”

He laughed and nodded “yeah, and that underwear you’d wear.” Claire blushed as she started the car back up. They drove in silence, Claire concentrating on the road; she didn’t like driving where he lived in the daylight. T had his head back and was just enjoying the aftermath of what had just happened.

Staircase to Heaven

They Bayan escort arrived at his home, Claire pulled in to what was suppose to be a parking bay, a couple of white lines painted over grass. They made there way to the lift, exposed after someone had ripped the doors off of the building. Inside the lift Claire could smell urine and looking down could see where someone had relieved themselves.

T pressed the button, 18th floor, at least he wasn’t at the top of the building. The lift went up, sporadically jolting as it went, Claire was unsure whether it would actually reach his floor, she watched as the numbers lit up on the display board, 16, 17, 18, finally it reached it, the door opened and they both got out. T went first straight to his flat, reaching into his pocket he pulled out a bunch of keys. Claire watched in amazement as he opened six different locks, just to get in the front door.

When the door opened Claire could hear music, she looked at T with a puzzled look on her face. “Ah, that’s only Peter” T announced, ” He sleeps in the day time and works at night, he’s probably just got up.

T swung his head around one of the doors, “yo Pete, was up?”

“Nothing man, just getting my head in gear for the night shift, you know how it goes,” and T did, he owed Peter a lot, he’d been his friend for a long time, he always knew where to get gear and if T was short he always sorted him out. T shut the door to Pete’s room and showed Claire to the front room. It was immaculate, the latest hifi stereo, a massive widescreen TV with more speakers than she could count.

“This is nice T, where’d you get the money for all this?” Claire enquired.

“It’s not mine, its Pete’s, the man got it sorted. With that T started up a CD, he knew the type of music she liked, smooth R&B filling the room. T moved over to her, putting his hands on her hips, moving with the music.

Claire pulled away, “T, I’m only here to sort myself out, don’t get carried away.” She started to walk to the bathroom, “Claire” T said as he stopped her, “you’ve got stains on your trousers, take them off I’ll let you have a pair of my jeans, you look good in baggy jeans.” Claire looked at her trousers and agreed they needed changing.

“OK T you go and get the jeans, I’ll be changing in the bathroom.” Claire walked off to the bathroom and shut the door behind her. T went to his room to get the jeans and saw Pete coming out of his room. T explained to Pete what was happening and took a draw on the joint that his friend had made up; Pete could mix the right amount of coke with black to give such a buzz without the need for blowbacks.

T was enjoying the feeling when he heard Claire call, “T where are you?” What had seemed like two minutes was infact fifteen and Claire was impatiently waiting. T slowly gave the joint back to his friend, smiled and made his way to the bathroom. Claire had the door open and stood there with just her bra and knickers on.

“Have you got a T-shirt as well?” she enquired, “only, my blouse has loads of your cum all over it.” T couldn’t believe it, she was gorgeous, he went to hand her the jeans lifting them just a little to high, Claire raised both hands to grab at the material, just as she was at tip toe T released the jeans and brought his hands around the back of Claire, he scooped her to him, his head straight into her bosom, licking up between her breasts.

She tried to push him away but he just went lower, his hands on her buttocks, his mouth on her navel, licking in her bellybutton. His hands slipping inside her knickers, pulling them down, to fast for her to react, not realising until there below her knees, she feels helpless, his tongue diving between her legs, separating the lips, licking up to her clitoris, she shuddered, God, what a feeling.

She looks down at him, this should look funny but the buttons he presses make her only think of release. She puts her hands behind his head pulling him into her, rocking on his tongue, his nose, his face. Moving faster, faster, faster, one leg goes over his shoulder and pulls him in even more. She starts to pant, to yelp, noises coming from her mouth, release, she needs release, she screams, opening the floodgates once again, she soaks T, holding him tightly, waiting for the feelings to calm down inside her.

Time seems to flow past, she finally releases T, smiling at his shiny wet face. “You know it’s mine turn now, don’t you?” he says lifting himself up. He leads her by her hand to his bedroom. The light in the bedroom is off, just the glow from the hallway light reaches the room. He takes her to his bed, pulls her in to kiss her, his hands undoing her bra as his tongue plays with hers.

He moves away taken her bra off. He takes her arms and gently pushes her to the bed. She goes down her buttocks reaching the bed first, then she leans back and lets her body fall. She opens her eyes to see T take off his top, he has a firm body, muscle definition to draw her fingers around.

He takes off his trousers, Escort his penis looking out the top of his shorts, ready for action. He pulls down his shorts, standing there, his penis, jerking, wanting to enter her. He sits next to Claire and kisses her on the forehead, on the eyes, on the lips.

“I want you to wear this,” he says and he pulls out a blindfold.

“What for?” She asks.

“To make this even more pleasurable, trust me” he starts to pull it over her head, “close your eyes” he says and puts the blindfold on fully. “Can you see?” he asks as he waves his hands in front of her.

“No” she replies “not a thing.” He kisses her on the forehead again. “I’m gonna light a candle now” he says as he gets of the bed. She hears the rattle of matches and the fizzle they make when they’re lit. Claire feels a little on edge with the blindfold on but tonight has been so weird she decides to go with it. She felt him get back on the bed, his hands starting to stroke her legs, caress her vagina, making their way up her body.

They reach her breasts and start to caress them. She feels a wetness on a nipple; his mouth envelops her breast, his hand pushing it up to fit more in his mouth. She moves a hand to pull him in but he stops her and puts it back by her side. He begins to kiss her neck, moving up to her ear, gently pulling on it, nibbling. At the same time she feels pressure between her legs, he’s going to enter her.

His hands join with hers as he pushes up into her. She gasps as he penetrates her deeply. He holds it there for a second feeling inside her. Then he starts to rock, in, out, in, out. Moving to the rhythm of the music. He moves her head sideways as he sucks on her neck. She seems unable to do anything for herself, she was in his power, each thrust seeming to go higher and higher.

Suddenly fingers at her mouth, opening it, one finger, two fingers, three fingers, pushing in and out, fucking her mouth. She sucks on the fingers, dreaming of them being his manhood. He plays, taking his fingers out, putting them back, her mouth open waiting for them. His penis pushing up her, reaching so far, touching so much. He puts his fingers back, thrusting again, pushing deeper and deeper, his hands coming up behind her head, how many hands did he have? His hands pulling her onto his ‘hand’.

‘My God’, she thought it’s a penis. Before she could do anything it erupted into her mouth, spurts lining her throat as it trickled down. She gagged and pulled the penis from her mouth. She ripped the blindfold off to see T standing there, his penis in his hand, smiling down at her. She turned to see who was on top of her. She sees a dark face looking at her, it must be Peter. He continued to rock, his penis pushing into her, higher than ever before.

“Relax baby, this feels to good to stop. He was right, the feelings in her groin were too much to ignore, she couldn’t stop, she needed to cum again and he was hitting the right spots. Faster and faster he went, she was almost at a peak but could just not reach it, she kept pulling him in, but couldn’t get the final spot.

He fell fully on her and twisted, rolling her on top of him. The move was so fast she did realise for a few seconds. She looked down at him, seeing his face fully, Afro-Caribbean not African.

She lifted herself up, her knees each side of him, their pubic hair rubbing on each other. She began to rock on him, moving side to side to reach the spot. Closing her eyes, moving, reaching the perfect peak, building up so she could explode onto him. Peter was loving it, he just lay there, letting Claire do all the work. T was getting a bit pissed, just standing there, so he thought he’d join in. He moved to the side of Claire and reached out to grab at one of her breasts. Claire didn’t care, she continued to rock on Peter. T’s other hand was massaging his penis back to life. It didn’t take long before it was standing to life again. He climbed on the bed behind Claire, putting his legs either side of Peter’s.

He pushed Claire’s head down and started to push a finger into Claire’s ring hold. In the position she was in it gave him full access to her. He put on a very lubricated condom and positioned himself behind her. He pushed. There was little resistance, he entered fully into her. She lifted up her head, she’d never had a ‘DP’ before, they filled her so fully she felt like she would burst. She continued to rock on Peter. Knowing that any time now she would cum. T continued to work on her arse, pulling and pushing on her, Peter underneath her ready to cum.

He grabbed on her breasts and pulled her in, sticking his tongue deep down her throat, tasting his friends cum from earlier. He was coming, he jerked, his muscles moving with the spasms. Jets of cum pushing up her cervix. He groaned. Claire knew it was now or never. She moved slightly to the left and felt wave upon wave hit her. She climaxed like never before, feeling both men inside her, getting wonderful sensations all over her body. She wanted to stop now, but T was still behind her, pushing in and out will such force her whole body shook. He lunged forward, squashing Claire onto Peter. “Ahhhhhhhhhh” his body erupted, spurting cum into the protected rubber. He did another four or five pushes into Claire and stopped.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32