The College Lifeguard

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Although I had a fair amount of sexual partners during my first year of college, I had to admit that I had never imagined this would happen. Along with my fraternity brothers, Phil, Joey, I was in an older woman’s apartment. She was naked and straddling Joey as he lay on her sofa. His hard-on was in her cunt. Phil stood to the side, had a fist of her hair in his hand and was pumping his cock down her willing throat.

I had the best seat in the house. I was kneeling behind her slim athletic ass. A palm was holding each of her ass cheeks wide and I was slowly working my thick rod into her tight asshole.

As the four of us worked to get into a rhythm, I thought back over the first two months of my summer break and all the sex I was getting.

This is my story:

Our first session of summer swimming lessons was ending. The kids had all received their certificates and were in the locker room.

I saw Linda Murphy wave and call me over. I walked to the edge of the pool deck, with only the eight foot chain link fence separating Linda and I.

She began, “I want to thank you for all the extra time you spent with Ashley. You really are a great swim teacher.”

Two weeks earlier, Ashley had started swimming lessons and was deathly afraid of the water. Over the two week period, she not only lost her fear, but surpassed the other students in the beginner class. In reality, it wasn’t tough. Ashley wanted to swim and just needed to be coaxed through her fears. Once she was comfortable in the water, she took to it very easily.

“You’re welcome. Ashley was fun to work with. I had a feeling that she would do well.”

Linda continued, “Well, as far as I’m concerned, you are a miracle worker. I thought it would be awful dragging her here every evening.”

As I chuckled, I saw Ashley skipping down the path from the locker rooms toward us. She was followed by her Dad, who was holding hands with another woman. Ashley stopped to kiss her Mom and show her the promotion certificate, then skipped on and rejoined her Dad and his friend.

Linda looked sad and said, “It’s her weekend with her Dad.” She looked over her shoulder and continued, “I hate when she’s exposed to his Bimbo.” I noticed a little bit of edge in her comment.

“Ashley is a good kid. She has a great Mom and is going to be fine.”

She smiled and said, “Thanks Chris. I appreciate it. How was school this year?”

“School was fine. Everyone told me to make a good impression with my Professors, freshman year. My grades ended up being better than I expected. I did really well!”

“Congratulations! I’m sure your parents are happy. Other than teaching swimming lessons and life guarding, what are your summer plans?”

“I don’t have any big plans. I cut a few neighbors lawns and am just hanging out with my old high school friends.”

As I finished my thought, Linda’s cell phone beeped. She pulled the phone from her purse, pushed some buttons, read the text and groaned, “Great! Just great! This weekend is going to suck.”

When I didn’t say anything, she finished, “I was going to grill steaks and drink some wine with a girlfriend. She just got a better offer … a date … perfect!”

I laughed again and Linda smiled along. “Looks like you’ll have an extra steak. That’s not too bad.”

Linda rolled her eyes and shook her hips. “I just barely have enough time to exercise as it is and I can’t over eat.” Linda stopped for a second and then hesitantly asked, “Hey listen … ummm … I have two steaks and some skewers of shrimp defrosted. If I don’t grill them tonight, they’ll go bad.” She hesitated again before continuing, “If you haven’t eaten … ummm … maybe you could come over?”

I’ll admit that I was surprised at the offer, but before I could form an answer, Linda said, “Listen, I didn’t mean to put you on the spot. I’m sure you have plans … ”

I didn’t have plans, but wasn’t thrilled to be hanging out with someone pushing forty. But she looked so sad that I smiled and said, “I accept. I have to help the other guards get the pool ready for the morning. Its 6:30 now and I work until 7:30. If I get to your home around 8:30, is that too late?”

Linda’s smile surprised me. She looked so happy. “8:30 is perfect!”

She took a small note book from her purse, scribbled her address on a piece of paper, tore it from the book, folded it and passed it through the chain link fence. She smiled, said “see yeah,” and turned and walked to the parking lot.

It took the full hour, working with the other life guards to prepare the pool for the next day. I drove home and showered a day’s worth of chlorine, sun screen and grim off. I didn’t put much thought into what to wear and pulled on a black A&E tee shirt, khakis shorts and flip flops. As I walked through the cellar to my car, I grabbed two bottles of wine from my parents stash.

Linda’s home was a neat, 1970’s style raised ranch, in a small neighborhood on the edge of town. After parking in her driveway, I grabbed the wine and headed to the front door. When Maltepe Escort I rang the door bell, Linda’s shout directed me into the house and to the back deck. Her back was to me and she faced the grill and I let out a hearty laugh, when I saw what she was wearing.

When she looked at me questioningly, I nodded at her and said, “We’re dressed like twins.” Linda had changed into a khakis skirt and black sleeveless tee and sandals.

She joined my laughter, when she got the joke. When she spied the bottles of wine in each hand, she said, “I know you’re over eighteen, but I didn’t know you were old enough to buy wine.”

I admitted, “I’m only nineteen. I kind of stole them from my parents wine closet.”

Laughing even harder, Linda said, “Christopher! All the Mom’s and I thought you were such a good boy!”

“Luckily, my Dad buys a few cases of wine at a time and will never notice two missing bottles.”

I followed Linda back into her kitchen. She said, “Since you are not legal to drink, I’m not sure if I should offer you a glass of wine.”

Looking around the kitchen, I spotted her wine glasses hanging upside down, from the bottom of a cabinet. I walked over, slid a glass from the rack, saw an opened wine bottle on the counter and poured a healthy amount. I looked at Linda, smiled and said, “How about if I help myself?”

We toasted and Linda said, “To mostly good boys!”

And I countered, “To mostly good girls,” as we clinked glasses.

I’ll admit I had a great time with Linda. I ended up grilling the steak and shrimp, while she made the salad. We sat together at a small coffee nook in the kitchen, with a view of the back yard. The wine flowed freely and the conversation was great. After clearing the table and pouring the last of the wine, Linda invited me to sit with her in the living room. She sat tucked into the arm of her couch and I sat in an arm chair at the other end of the couch. We each propped our feet on the coffee table in front of us.

Although the evening had been a ball and Linda was a very attractive woman, to this point, I hadn’t even considered the possibility that our evening would turn sexual. I would even bet that Linda hadn’t considered it either.

That changed in a very short amount of time. We were talking about college life and comparing her years in college to mine, when her cell phone chirped.

Linda rolled her eyes and apologized, “Chris, I’m so sorry. Since Ashley is with her Dad, I need to check my phone, in case anything is wrong.”

I answered, “I understand. No problem.”

Linda was walking back to the kitchen, while looking at her cell phone. She stopped in her tracks and as her face turned maroon, she said, “I can’t believe her!”

I asked, “Is everything OK?” As Linda continued to the couch and sat.

“Yeah, it’s my girlfriend, Sherry. She stood me up tonight. She just sent me a silly note.”

“It must have been very silly to turn your face so red,” I teased.

I didn’t think it would be possible, but Linda’s face got even redder. “Well maybe it wasn’t a silly note.” Linda gathered her thoughts and continued, “Sherry’s divorce was finalized a couple of months ago. She’s being … kind of … wild.”

As I said, “There’s nothing wrong with being a little wild,” her phone chirped again. Linda looked at the screen, rolled her eyes and groaned.

“What did she say?” I asked.

She said, “No way buster! This is private girl talk.” As she finished, her phone chirped again. Linda giggled as she read and after another chirp, her giggle turned into a laugh.

“No fair Linda. If the texts are this good, you have to share.”

Instead of refusing, Linda said, “Sherry would kill me!”

Her phone chirped for a fifth time and as she read the text and continued to laugh, I got out of the arm chair and plopped into the couch next to Linda. “Sherry will never know. I promise!”

“Oh God! This is so embarrassing!”

When the phone chirped again, I leaned in and read along with Linda. There were a total of five messages from Sherry.

Got a delicious mouthful of cream for dessert in parking lot.

His cock is hard again — so invited him in. thong is drenched.

69’d and had 2 cums.

Glad im on the pill cuz he filled me with a load of cum.

He admitted he took Viagra is hard again. What next????????

I asked, “What advice are you going to give her?”

“Chris, I’m so embarrassed!” As she admitted her embarrassment, we laughed together.

When I said, “Do you want me to answer?” She laughed even harder.

“You’ll never tell her?” Linda asked.

“I promise.”

Linda handed me the phone. I reread the messages, before typing, “only 1 hole left. B a 3 hole girl!!!”

Linda shrieked, laughed and curled up into the couch, as I hit the send button.

A moment later she announced, “I need a drink of water. Do you want one?”

I agreed and watched as she walked to the kitchen. I heard ice being dropped into water glasses as the phone Kartal Escort chirped again. When I looked at the response from Sherry, I was stunned.

I heard, “What did she say?” Come from the kitchen.

As I tried to think of a good answer, the phone chirped again.

When Linda came into the living room carrying two glasses of water, my face was as red as hers was before. “This must be good,” she announced.

She snuggled into the couch between me and the arm and held out her hand. Linda gasped as she read:

Ur the 3 hole girl … the ass slut … lol!!!!!!!!!!

His dick is less than 5. And skinny. Ur right. Ganna let him have my virgin ass n c if its as good as u say. Good nite.

I’m not sure how it happened, but the next thing I remember, we were kissing. Linda had pushed me back, we were lying side by side, our lips were touching and tongues exploring. Linda was an unbelievable kisser. Her hands explored my arms and back, but stayed above my waist. I followed her lead and caressed her arms and back. Occasionally my hands glanced over her hips and ass and luckily, she didn’t seem to mind.

At one point, Linda pulled away and said, “Chris. No one can ever know.”

I nodded and said, “I know.”

I continued to kiss and caress Linda. Her encouraging moans gave me the courage to let my hands slip below the hem of her skirt. My hands quickly found her round ass cheeks and I palmed and massaged them as Linda groaned into my open mouth.

As Linda was twice my age, I was hoping that she would make a more aggressive move. She felt wonderful to my touch. Her kisses were passionate. I was about to slip a finger under the tiny string of her thong and into her pussy, when her phone chirped again.

On cue, our kisses turned to laughter. I was able to reach over Linda back and grab the phone. I said, “I guess Sherry isn’t an anal virgin anymore,” as I clicked on the text.

This time, I saw a picture of a hard cock resting in the open mouth of a masked woman. The message read, “I hope ur having a good nite u dried up old prune.”

Linda gasped, after she turned the screen, so she could read it. The sexy mood was definitely broken, when she said, “That juvenile asshole.”

“Who is it?” I asked.

“My ex,” was her short and defeated answer. After a minute of silence, she said, “I’m sorry that the nights ruined. You should probably go.”

Linda looked incredibly sad. The only thing I could think of saying was, “So you’re going to let him win?”

She angrily cried out, “What the fuck can I do?”

I told her, “My motto is, ‘Don’t get mad. Get even!'”

Linda stared at me sadly and explained, “You don’t understand. For Frank, it’s all about cock size. I’m not a slut, but I’ve been with enough guys and Frank is the biggest.” She bowed her head and seemed ashamed to admit, “He knows I’m a size queen and he holds it against me.”

When I stood up from the couch, Linda mistakenly thought I was going to leave. She said, “Chris, I’m really sorry about tonight.”

Instead of answering, my right hand quickly unfastened the waist button of my shorts and they dropped to the floor. I was going commando and my fat nine inch cock bobbed in front of Linda.

Her response was an immediate, “Holy shit!” She reached out, circled her hand around my shaft and noticed that her fingers didn’t quit meet. “Oh my God! Your cock is beautiful!”

I asked, “Do you still want me to leave?”

She shook her hand and said, “Please no.”

She stroked me and continued, “You’re so hard. So thick.”

After a few more moments, I asked, “Do you want to get even, before we have some fun?”

Linda’s eyes turned hard as she answered, “Fuck yes! What do you have in mind?”

Thinking quickly, I suggested, “Bring me a ruler, an elastic for your hair, a silk scarf and a distinctive piece of jewelry.”

Linda returned a few minutes later with all the items. While she was gone, I kicked off my flip flops and stepped out of my shorts. My tee shirt was added to the small pile of clothes as she stepped into the room. If it was possible, my cock got even harder when Linda said, “God you’re hot!”

“You’re hot too!” She stepped up to me, pressed her body into me and attacked my mouth with hers. It was one of the most erotic kisses I ever had.

When we were done, she showed me what she had gathered and asked, “What should we do?”

The piece of jewelry that she held was a distinctive white gold bangle bracelet. She said, “Asshole bought it on our honeymoon.”

I slipped the bracelet over my hard cock and held the ruler against it. I nodded to her phone and said, “Take a picture.”

Linda snapped two quick pictures that clearly showed my cock hitting the 9 inch mark on the ruler. My girth could be estimate by the way my shaft filled out the opening of the bracelet. Without instruction, Linda sent her ex the picture.

“Pull your hair back and put it in the elastic.”

She pulled her shoulder length golden hair into a pony tail Kurtköy Escort and held it in place with the elastic. I took the silk scarf, walked behind her and tied the piece over her eyes.

In front of her once again, I pressed my hands to her shoulders and said, “Kneel.”

Gently, I had her pull her head back and I lay my cock over the length of her masked face. “Are you all right with this?”

Linda answered, “Yes. Do it,” as I clicked another picture.

“Open,” was my next instruction. Over the next few minutes, I took pictures of Linda taking more of my cock down her throat. She was an amazing cock sucker. When her nose hit the bangle bracelet, I pulled from her mouth and took the bracelet off my cock, before pushing back into Linda’s warm willing mouth. It took another minute before Linda’s nose was pushed against my groin. I decided that I would get a copy of that picture, as Linda was the first to ever deep throat me completely.

“Baby, I’m getting close. I want to cum in your mouth, but I don’t want you to swallow right away. Do you understand?”

She pulled all but my mushroom shaped head from her mouth and concentrated on sucking the first three inches. Linda cupped my balls and snuck a wet finger into my tight asshole, as I exploded into her mouth.

She captured my entire load. I took a picture of a string of cum, leading from the tip of my cock into her mouth. I took another of her open mouth, filled with my white cum. And a third of her blowing white jizz bubbles.

“Your incredible, Linda.” She smiled as she gulped down a mouthful of my sperm.

She slipped off the scarf and stood. “Can I kiss you?”

I smiled and pulled the still fully clothed woman against me and plunged my tongue into her cum flavored mouth. She groaned, “MMMMMMmmmmmm,” as our kiss escalated.

It was a long passionate kiss. When it ended, Linda excitedly asked, “Let’s see the pictures.” She scrolled through the eight pictures and decided to send them all to her ex. I asked, “Will he be able to tell it’s you?”

She laughed and responded, “Hell yeah! How many women do you think he knows that can swallow a cock that big?” She ended with a deep and satisfying laugh and then asked, “What now?”

I smiled and reached for the hem of her tee shirt. She giggled when I pulled it over her head and tossed it to the floor. I quickly unsnapped her bra and a pair of perky B cup breasts topped with eraser size, mouth watering pink nipples popped in view. All it took was a sharp tug and her skirt pooled at her ankles.

Linda was the definition of a MILF. She was 5’4″, 130lbs, blond hair, blue eyes, full tits, great ass and toned legs. I could see the pink folds of her bald twat through the thin, nearly see-through lace of her thong. She looked better than most of the college co-ed’s I had bedded and I knew first hand, she sucked cock better than any girl I knew.

“Take me to your bedroom,” I suggested. I held out my hand and let her lead me to her second floor bedroom and king size bed. We kissed at the edge of the bed and slowly sat and lay on the mattress. I continued kissing Linda and slowly moved to her cheek, ears and neck. She cooed as my lips pressed against her skin.

Slowly, I worked my kisses to her breasts. I kissed them. I licked them. I sucked them. I lightly bit them, as Linda wrapped her arms around my head and held me against them.

I continued my decent and moved my lips over her stomach. I could smell the scent of her very aroused pussy as I settled between her widely spread thighs. She bucked against my face as I kissed her swollen slit through the lace of her thong.

Linda reached for her thong and pulled it to the side and spoke a single word, “Please!”

She was open and very wet when I first touched my lips to the sensitive folds. She bucked again and the wetness against my face drove my desire. I pushed my face into her pussy and drove my tongue deep into her tunnel. Her fist orgasm came seconds later, but I was just getting started. I ate her pussy, sucked her super sensitive clit and rimmed her pink puckered asshole. Her orgasms came every few minutes. Some were small and others were shivering explosions.

When I pushed two fingers into her wet hole and found her g-spot, and sucked her clit with even greater intensity, she went off like a nuclear blast. She needed a few moments to relax, but she smiled when she saw me kneeling between her spread legs, fisting my fully erect cock.

I asked, “Do you want to be on top to start?”

Linda shook her head and answered, “Stick it in and fuck me.”

That’s what I did. I was balls deep in her tight wet pussy by the third thrust. She hooked her legs around my waist as I power fucked the sexy forty year old. She had another orgasm and when she was through; I held her tight and rolled her over, so she was on top.

Linda fucked me hard and worked her tight pussy up and down on my rock hard cock. I pulled her forward, so I could suck her tits and as I cupped her thrusting ass, I snuck a finger into her tight asshole.

Linda’s response was, “Fuck yeah. Finger my ass.”

She bounced harder and soon shook and orgasmed again. I let her fall against my chest and held her tight. My dick was still embedded in her twat and I felt her twitch and squeeze my shaft.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32