The Mechanical Penis

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(I was installing a new washroom at the Harper Valley Medical Center, when I had a chat with one of the nurses there on lunch. She was telling me about a lot of strange shit that went on there. But suddenly she stopped talking. So I gave her a couple of hundred to tell me more about what went on at that place, and she proceeded to tell me the story of science gone wrong, trying to enhance body parts and such. Nothing wrong with an oversized rod, I guess, as long as that’s what the doctor ordered. On the other hand, maybe doctors should just leave well enough alone. I’ll let you be the judge.)


The Harper Valley Medical Research Center rose ominously over the sandstone embankment, its fortified gates and rotating cameras poised to keep curious snoopers out.

Helen Jackson, head of security, led Doctor Ashton Wilcocks down the long corridor of bland white walls that smelt of disinfectant and mind numbing boredom.

Helen’s routine for the past two months had always been the same, day in, day out. She would lead the doctor down the corridor three times a day, and then wait by his side as he completed his customary injections into Suzan Halworth’s breasts.

Breast enlargement was a multi-billion dollar industry that was currently wide open for any medical firm that could make a woman’s boobs bigger and firmer without dangerous surgeries or hazardous, leaky implants.

“Any closer to finding the magic formula doc?”

“We’ve made lots of progress. It’s the firmness that was creating the greatest challenge. But we can make a woman’s breasts triple their regular size and keep them that way. It was getting them not to sag that was stumping our scientists. Although I think that finally, we have the answer.”

Helen’s eyes lit up. “Three times as big? And you can keep them from sagging? Wow! That’s really something. Once it’s perfected I’d certainly want to go for something like that. As a matter of fact, I know a lot of girlfriends of mine that would be equally interested. Being flat chested is certainly no fun. I’ll take a blond dye job and a ton of your miracle injections any day of the week.”

Ashton laughed. You saying you want to become some kind of dumb blond or something?”

“That’s exactly what I’m saying. Being a plain Jane with tiny tits is not all it’s cracked up to be. In this day and age men are demanding their women be more sexually active and a whole lot more sexier looking. With all the dating sites around its survival of the fittest. Snaring a hot blooded, handsome, buff kind of guy is not as easy as it used to be. Competition for men is getting real stiff. It’s either that a woman finds a way to make herself more desirable, or else remains single and lonely.”

“And you think making your breasts triple their current size would attract men to want to be with you?”

“Damn right that’s what I think. Uhhh, these new and improved breasts you’re talking about, the nipples grow huge as well, don’t they?”

“Absolutely! Actually, it’s a different set of injections that go into the nipples, but when all is said and done, honey, those nipples come out looking like giant bullets.”

“Sounds amazing. Once its perfected, I’ll be the first customer, that’s for sure.”

“They’re planning to charge over twenty grand once its been FDA approved. You think you could afford so much coin?”

“I’ll mortgage my damn house if I have to. With a set of sexy, pointy pillows on my chest I can get any man I want, although I did hear through the rumour mill that they are looking for another volunteer, which would make the injections free along with a huge bonus check at the end.”

“Yes, come to think of it, I did hear that myself. If you like, you could probably have the upper hand since you already work here, mind you. You might want to opt for less injections than what Suzan agreed to, and have bigger breasts but not so damn huge as hers. Not all men prefer women with giant melon breasts,” Ashton said.

Helen eyed him with a sarcastic smile etched onto her face. “You believe what you want. But ninety-eight percent of the men I know would sell their mothers for a girlfriend who had giant, way too big titties.”

She stopped and pulled out her swipe card, ready to let the doctor into Suzan’s room for her noon injections.

“Okay, doc. Time for you to work your magic on Suzan’s chest again.”

“Uhhh, that’s not the door. You’ve gone too far.”

Helen looked up and down the hallway and realized she had indeed gone too far down the corridor. There were only two rooms on that floor, and Suzan’s was first. With all the talk about bigger breasts distracting her, Helen had inadvertently gone to the second room instead.

“Oh shit, you’re right. I did go too far. Just goes to show you that us dumb security guards aren’t able to think about two things at once.” She chuckled at her own words then turned and walked back to the first door.

“You coming in, this time?”

“Naw,” said Helen. “I can’t Ankara bayan escort stand the way Suzan winces every time you stick that damn long, thick needle into her breasts. It looks very painful.”

“It is, but the pain doesn’t last long, a few minutes at most until the gel evens itself out.”

“I’m talking about the one that goes straight into her nipples. She yelped something fierce at that one. I haven’t dared go back into the room after that first time.”

Doctor Ashton Wilcocks shook his head vigorously. “How is it that you expect to have continual injections yourself now its perfected if you can’t even stand to watch the needle go into someone else more than even once?”

“Good point, doc. I guess when the time comes I’ll just have to grin and bear it. You know what they say? No pain, no gain.”

“Very true in this case.”

She slid her card through the latch and the light turned green, causing the door to swing open of its own accord.

“Be out in five as usual,” Doctor Wilcocks said as he stepped inside, leaving Helen still standing in the hall as the door then swung shut.


Doctor Henry Dobbs strolled along the shiny linoleum. His heels clicked as he went along. Helen passed the first door and in a moment arrived at the second.

“I almost went through this door this morning by mistake” Helen remarked, her face beaming with an ear to ear grin.

Doctor Dobbs, usually very stoic and humorless, suddenly allowed himself a brief chuckle. “I don’t think those guys would have appreciated being given bigger breasts.”

“Soooo, tell me doc. How’s it going down here in your neck of the woods?”

He sighed and watched as she slid her card through the latch, opening the unbreakable reinforced steel door. “Why don’t you come in and see for yourself what’s up with the mechanical penises?”

“Oh, I don’t know doc. Those male subjects of yours have been without a woman for so damn long, they seem mesmerized at the sight me. Those adjustments you’ve been making daily to their own cocks, you know, fusing them to the artificial ones, well, it all seems to be making them extra horny or something.”

“It’s possible,” he agreed, “or it could just be that we haven’t allowed them any female companionship in the two months they’ve been here. They could just be getting desperately turned on because of that?”

Helen laughed. “Thanks doc. You really know how to deflate a woman’s ego. Now I know the only reason they stare at me whenever I come in the room, is because they’re desperate. Having said that, I hope you medical guys are going to perfect those super cocks of theirs one day, cause I’d sure like my fiancé to be fixed up with one.”

“He laughed. Well, since you’re hell bent of getting bigger breasts, then yeah, a super huge artificial cock may be just what you need!”

“Sooo are their cocks getting even bigger than last time?”

“Very much so. A two to three times size enlargement, not only in length but girth. Very impressive, with no side effects as far as I can tell. Actually, it may be too impressive. I have to ask myself if women are really ready willing and able to handle such gigantic cocks. Mind you, there is a special cream they’ve developed that they claim can relax a woman’s vagina’s muscles into stretching over top of such a cock, although it isn’t tested yet.”

Helen smiled and shook her head. “Don’t underestimate us girls doc. When do you think you’ll be ready for testing those erections out on a real woman instead of those damn flesh light tubes?”

“Actually I think we’re ready now. But you know how cautious head office can be. They’ve only got two speeds, slow and slower.”

“Well, in a way that’s a good thing don’t you think?”

“The program to allow a gigantic mechanical Penis to fuse with a regular sized cock is probably going to bring in even more money than the breast enlargement program. Guys will pay anything to have a longer, thicker cock.”

“Yeah, especially since its not just artificial!”

“Exactly! The robotic wiring is attached to the human penis nerve endings. A man would feel enormous increased pleasure at both thrusting and orgasm.”

“Boy, if this stuff works out for both men and women, this company is going to make a fortune.”

“I’ll say. And not just on that alone. One of the subjects, Nigel, has been receiving some extra fertility injections directly into his balls. Its an experiment in allowing his sperm to give a woman the multiple birth experience. Some women would like to have all their three, four or five children at once, so they didn’t have to get pregnant all the time. Nigel’s sperm is now encoded with a quintuplets sequence. Any woman not on the pill would be having five kids at once.”

“Wow. That is simply unbelievable. I never dreamed such technology was available.”

“It is, but it’s a well-guarded secret.” He stepped through the open door and she watched it shut behind him, automatically locking of its Escort bayan Ankara own accord.

She contemplated the doctor’s words. Bigger breasts to be admired by gawking men, and bigger cocks for those same men to use on her once she did get the bigger breasts. It all made her smile. And if a woman did love children? Programing her man to give her twins? Or triplets? Or even five at once if that’s what her heart desired? The world was definitely becoming a better place.

Still, his words began to puzzle her. Helen could picture a woman’s tiny breasts being two or even three times as large, but a guy’s cock? The average cock size was only six inches long. Three times that would be a foot and a half. And being three times as thick? What would that make the new and improved cock? As thick as a man’s wrist? Or his forearm? She shook her head in amazement and smiled. She then whispered to herself, “talk about your pussy stretching volcanic log! Wow!”

The thought of seeing an oversized stiff wanker, two or three times as long and thick as a normal cock?! She suddenly changed her mind about not wanting to go in. This she just had to see!!

She slid her card through the latch and it clicked open, then swung open of its own accord. Helen stepped inside and the door closed behind her.

What she saw caused her to reel in absolute shock. The same five men she had seen a few weeks earlier with their tiny cocks were now all sporting artificial erections attached to those cocks, that were well over a foot long.

All five now stood at the arrival of the doctor and Helen. They had been sitting naked at the table eating lunch. All five of their cocks were impossibly thick, and erect as steel. They looked life like, only instead of fleshy, they were a little on the rubbery side.

Doctor Dobbs greeted them, exchanged some humorous banter, then began to inject the steel stretching serum into each of their cocks while Helen stared in awe. The wires had become fused with their own penis nerve endings, giving the men better control, and letting them feel enhanced pleasure at the slightest touch. When they got horny, their cocks got naturally bigger.

Helen watched in amazement. She could only imagine how millions of men would line up and pay any amount to have their cocks become so gigantic like that, and to experience so much extra pleasure. She found herself suddenly and inexplicably hiding behind the shadows at the top of the staircase and rubbing the area of her pants between her legs with her left hand. She wondered in awe how it would feel to have such a massive cock stretch open her tight and tiny pussy. She then rubbed one of her breasts by placing her right hand onto her shirt and squeezing it playfully through the cotton material. She let out a gentle moan.

Doctor Dobbs was now finished with his injections and she pulled her hands away from her body quickly as he abruptly turned on his heels and began marching back to the steps that would carry him up the short staircase, past the turned on Helen, and back out into the corridor. He then explained to Helen how an orgasm with the new and improved artificial life like extensions could actually be times more pleasurable and powerful than a regular orgasm. She sighed at the thought. What man wouldn’t want one?

Helen swiped her card and they exited together, hearing the door lock shut as they moved northward back along the hall and past Suzan’s room. She paused for a moment but the doctor kept on going. When he reached the end of the hall he punched in his employee code, swiped his fingerprint, and then waited impatiently for Helen to come and swipe him out.

She came to her senses and then jogged over to where the doctor was waiting and swiped her card quickly. “Sorry doc,” she muttered. “I guess I was daydreaming for a moment.”

He plastered a fake smile onto his face as he stepped into the next hall, then turned and said, “quite alright, Helen. Not much else to do when guarding the doors except to daydream. It happens to the best of us.”

“Thanks for being so understanding doc, have a nice night.”

“You too. Bye for now.”

She waited for the impenetrable metal door to swing shut and become locked before she started back down the corridor and stood nervously outside Suzan’s door. Suzan had not pressed the button to signal she wanted something, and it was not meal time, nor time for yet another doctor’s visit. Going into her room at an unauthorized time would certainly be questioned and closely scrutinized, and yet, she just had to talk to Suzan. She hated watching her grimace as those damn painful needles jammed into her breasts and nipples. But it was not injection time. It was a time that Helen could gaze at her tits and ask her how it felt and to see and hear for herself if there were any side effects. Rumor had it that Suzan’s injections were such a phenomenal success, that they were looking for another volunteer to take the injections. All told, when released to the Bayan escort Ankara general public later in the year, the injections were to cost over thirty thousand dollars. But a three month volunteer could have them done for free. Helen sighed at the blessed thought. No more tiny tits the size of baby tangerines. With the injections, after just twelve short weeks, she could have massive breasts the size of giant cantaloupes, firm with pointy gigantic nipples that would make any man drool over her. She was certain the company would readily pick her if she volunteered since she came to the medical complex every day anyhow. Plus she knew all of the security measures and there would be no risk of her being a planted spy or of selling information to the competition since she worked for the company in the first place.

The thought made Helen smile. She loved tall, handsome, buff men, and she loved sex with her cherished fiancé even more. But in terms of sex and her man, she had been getting so little of either lately. She was pretty enough and shapely enough, but without breasts to complete the picture, her man’s wandering eyes and hands might keep looking and touching other women. She needed something to captivate her wandering fiance’s mind and body. He was quite the hunk and she couldn’t afford to lose him to some sexier woman. If he did run off with someone else, then she would be forever relegated to a woman who might have had, could have had, should have had and would have had, if only it weren’t for her tiny, almost invisible tits. She had heard so many horror stories about breast implants gone wrong and disfigured scarred for life victims of bungled breast enhancement surgery. But the injections she were witnessing seemed to be one hundred percent safe, without any side effects whatsoever, except of course, for making the woman a whole lot hornier, and that she could definitely handle.

Helen summoned the needed courage and swiped the card into the latch. The door swung open. She stepped inside and a stunned Suzan took her finger off her throbbing clitoris and jumped to her feet, trying to hastily pull a bath robe over her naked body.

“What are you doing here right now?” she blurted out. “It’s not meal time or time for an injection, and I didn’t summon you. You’re supposed to respect my privacy.”

Helen noted that Suzan’s face was flush and red, a sure sign that her guilty finger, being hastily pulled out of her pussy, was engaged in some really intense masturbation. Helen pretended that she hadn’t seen anything.

“Sorry to bother you, Suzan. I just wanted to talk for a while, is all.”

“Talk about what?” she spat out indignantly, still seething over Helen having caught her in the act of playing with herself.

“Well, how your injections are progressing, for one thing.”

“They’re progressing just fine,” Suzan responded. “Just two more months and I walk out of here with my free massive, melon sized breasts and a check for forty grand. A really good deal for only four months of being experimented on.”

“The reason I ask,” Helen whispered. “Is because I am hoping to get the injections done on myself.”

Suzan chuckled, her eyes widening and starting to sparkle with trust and light heartedness for the first time since Helen’s unauthorized entry into her room.

“Oh, so that’s it. I can tell you that when I first got here, ten weeks ago, my breasts were just as tiny as yours. I had thought about breast implants, but my sister ended up having her tits amputated when the damn things leaked and became grossly infected.”

“I’ve heard so many damn horror stories myself,” Helen agreed. “But these injections seem so much safer.”

“They certainly are safer, except that my breasts and especially my nipples, hurt like the dickens whenever they puncture the skin. But he twinge of intense pain only lasts for a few minutes, and then-“

“And then what?”

“And then unadulterated, blessed ecstasy. Sensations of sensual healing as the breasts and nipples swell in size and become so sensitive to the touch. That is one of the major side effects, I’m afraid, is that I get so damn unstoppably horny from the injections. That’s why you noticed me playing with myself when you first came in.”

“I didn’t notice anything,” Helen lied.

“If you do get the injections,” Suzan cautioned. “You’ll have to be prepared for that, the constant and nagging sensations of being turned on and wanting sex, sex and more sex. Luckily for me, that’s what I was after in the first place, bigger breasts so I could find more men for more sex. “I’m not like most women. I’m kind of a slut, I guess, always wanting more and more. I’ve always been pretty as well as curvy, but like you, I was cursed with tiny breasts, only as you can now see, my curse has been lifted and I am the proud owner of melon sized firm breasts with massive, horny, sensitive nipples.”

She let the robe slip off her shoulders and Helen gasped at biggest, firmest, most sexiest set of melon sized tits she had ever seen.

“Wow! They are simply gorgeous,” Helen managed, clearly blown away by the sight. “Magnificent. Any man would sell his mother for a chance to use those as pillows, or to shove his horny cock in between them.”

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