The Perfect Roommate Ch. 02

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Female Ejaculation

— This is a slow paced story focused around male on male handjob, edging and frottage, with lots of affection and care. No fast dicking here.—

“No, no, no… you can’t do this to me again… please, Tommy…”

A sweaty jock, with his muscular hairy legs spread wide across the bed and similarly buffy arms tied behind his back, was almost ready to cry. His red, tired face was ignoring the mirror in front of him, focused only at his craving, pulsing, begging prick.

Said jock, named Logan, was leaning against a much slimmer, smaller guy, who was currently situated behind him. His name was Tom. His handsome, young face was lit with a smile; his boyish hand was massaging Logan’s bloody boner, in long, painfully slow and cruelly gentle strokes.

“Hey, Logan. Look,” the boy whispered into his ear, pointing at the mirror. Jock’s mind, overwhelmed by the erotic haze, barely found the strength to look up. “Look how sexy you are.”

Logan smiled, even though it seemed that all he could think about now was busting a nut. Tommy was always so precious to him. Always complimented him, always made sure to appreciate him. And these weren’t just mere words. Logan could see that his friend’s eyes kept admiring every inch of his body. He never felt this sexy or confident about himself before. During his life, he got used to chasing girls, praising them, putting their comfort and pleasure on the first place. It wasn’t bad, but it felt great to be on the receiving side of that, too.

His beefy pecs were dripping sweat, both from their combined body warmth and the excitement. Big red nipples had currently clamps on them — something that Tommy implemented merely two sessions ago. Logan absolutely hated the pain they have brought… but at the same time, also kind of loved it. They matched this entire experience’s conflicting vibe really well. After all, Logan used to spend entire days at work craving the evening, just to see Tom and have his caged cock out for a play.

But during this session and after them, he would be a pure mixture of chaotic emotions — frustration, hope, despair, love, anger, hate… That wasn’t just pure, easy to define pleasure.

A week has passed since their first try and Logan received no true orgasm, despite being masturbated like hundred times. 95% of these jerk offs would end with an edge, but the remaining ones have been ruined orgasms. Calm and collected Logan absolutely loved those, but horny Logan fell into hysteria twice while receiving them. They’ve been the cruelest sensation he had ever endured.

All of the sudden, Tom pulled the little chain dangling from Logan’s nipples. Jock moaned and started breathing heavily, having his manly tits pulled without mercy. Tom repeated the movement and this time, the clamps slid off of his nipples, freeing them, which sent and spread a jolt of incredible pleasure mixed with pain across his entire body. That seemed to have triggered enough of excitement for his orgasm to build up immediately…

“Oh my God– please!” Logan shouted, taking a deep breath and holding it. His buff torso expanded, muscles tensed, few drops of sweat that has been holding tight to his skin released and slid down his stomach.

Tom’s hand speed increased. His long fingers carefully caressed the shaft and penis head, while the other hand kept massaging his nutsack. In helpless, overwhelming shot of pleasure, Logan’s toes curled up. It was it. The pleasure stacking in his dick was so incredibly big and Tom wasn’t stopping… it must have been it. He chose this moment to grant him the first orgasm. That must have been it, he never brought him that far this confidently, after all…

Logan made a wide smile, closed his eyes, pushed his head back. His dick started pumping cum…

And only then, Tom immediately retracted his hands and stopped touching Logan at all.

“NOOOO!” Logan yelled with his full voice, not caring about their other roommates. For a moment he was convinced that he would at least score a ruined orgasm, but that also turned to be not the case. His semen sank back down into his balls and all he could do was to slowly lie down on bed, almost crushing Tommy with his massive back, and desperately try to hump on air. “NO, NO, NO, NO!” His hips kept pushing, as if he was fucking an invisible hole. “No… please… no…” Logan cried, as he realized it’s all for nothing. “Tommy, I beg you…” he whimpered, as two tears escaped both of his eyes, running down his cheeks.

Tommy, who barely escaped getting hammered by Logan’s muscular back, sat next to him on bed and now started lovingly massaging his pecs, while watching his friend sob.

“Let it all go, Logan,” Tom whispered. “Take as long as you need, I’m with you.”

Logan listened. He allowed himself to feel this despair, to embrace it and release it.

He couldn’t make himself cum. He couldn’t make Tom make him cum. He couldn’t move his wrists freely. He couldn’t rise his tied feet up. He didn’t know why, but all of it made him feel porno 64 so incredibly good, relaxed and paradoxically, free.

Tom patiently waited for him to regain his calmness. When it happened, Logan smiled and laughed, embarrassed.

“Geez, I can’t believe I cried so much again!” he brushed it off. “Over a nut! Will you untie me now?” he requested, rising up.

“You weren’t crying over a nut,” Tom said gently, meddling with the restraints. “You’ve been withholding too many emotions, Logan. No wonder you craved to be controlled so much. You can’t be a director both in work and after that. You need to have time in your life when… well…” Tom took a second to find the right word, “…you’re just a bitch that gets bullied and denied.”

That narrative definitely explained Tom’s actions during this week. Completely unprovoked, he did many playful things that brought Logan misery. First of all, two times already he made the tied Logan watch as he masturbates himself, with the difference that he obviously reached his delicious orgasm freely and quickly, without any trouble.

Also, while showering Logan’s dick out of chastity, he was making the water either unbearably hot, or completely cold — and Logan’s cock and testicles had to endure all of it. Later, he allowed Logan to try and cum by humping the cold bathroom tiles. And he–as the silly, horny jock that he was–actually attempted that, while Tom was standing in front of him, watching with a superior smile as Logan effectively pretends to be a worm.

“My cock is still stiff,” Logan noticed, while Tom was busy untying his ankles, bound to the bottom side of bedframe.

“Do you want to touch it?” Tom tempted him, smirking naughtily, since the jock had his hands free for the moment. Logan also smiled, hesitating to answer. “Go on,” Tom encouraged him. “It’s my dick, after all. I get to decide who gets to touch it.”

Logan confidently grabbed Tom’s junk, but the one that was actually attached to Logan’s body, and almost sighed in deliciousness of his own touch. Nothing could replace his own grip on it — secure one, that would certainly not fucking disappear right before the climax…

But he had only like ten seconds of this particular self-love, as the moment Tommy freed his leg, he jumped on him, pushing him on his back. Logan caught him and allowed the boy to sit on his muscular abs, while holding hands on his hips.

“When will you let me cum?” Logan asked, not exactly in a serious tone, but with a clear ring of hope to it.

“I will be very honest with you, Logan: I don’t know. Only the first time I lied my hand on your cock, I did not consider letting you reach the orgasm. Each time after that, I was thinking about it.” Tom leaned over and kissed his jock’s cheek. “But I guess there’s no point in hiding that from you. In the next ten times, I will let you cum.”

Logan looked at him, surprised, and then smiled, so naturally that his perfect teeth showed up.

“Wait… for real?”

“Of course, I would never lie to you.” Tom chuckled and kissed his neck. “Don’t get too excited, though. I never told you how many days it will take us to reach those ten times…”

“Man, you’re killing me…”

Tom reached for the bottle of water lying on the dresser.

“Now, hydrate,” Tom ordered, bringing the bottle to his jock’s mouth.


“Oh, boy,” Tom said, looking at the thermometer.

“Whaaat?” Logan asked through a stuffed nose.

“Well, let’s just say you’re not going to work tomorrow.”

“Good. Just let me die,” he mumbled.

“No, we’re not going to do that,” Tom sighed, annoyed. “For now, go to sleep. I will make you a chicken soup once you wake up. Do you want me to take off your chastity, so that you can sleep more comfortably?”

He coughed.

“No, I just don’t want to live anymoreeee…” his voice sounded like he had spikes in his throat.

“Well, but you’re gonna…” Tom placed a bottle of water next to his bed. “Sleep well!”

“Uhhhhh,” he said something in a zombie dialect.

Tom left Logan’s bedroom and went straight to wash hands. Then, he quickly took the chicken leftovers he brought from work and got them ready for a soup. He boiled it, spiced it up, sprinkled in a lot of turmeric, knowing that Logan loved it.

Right after making the soup, he was surprised by someone entering the apartment. It was 11 pm, so Tom was rather surprised. Usually, when the boys were leaving for a party at the end of week, they would be back home not before 4 am.

Jay, another rather jockish roommate of Tom, barely managed to get in through the door without falling. He seemed to be completely wasted, but not in a cheerful, careless way; through his facial expression, Tom knew immediately that something bad has happened.

“Jay, buddy!” Tom jumped to him and helped by letting the giant lean over him. The weight of his larger colleague surprised him so much that they barely remained standing. But in the end, Tom managed to drag him to the couch porno izle safely. “What happened? Are you okay?” Tom asked and placed his arm around Jay’s wide back, in a reassuring way.

The other jock remained silent for a longer period of time, staring down at the coffee table. But then, he looked Tom in the eyes. He had a dark, grim stare, borderline hostile and aggressive. Out of blue he started leaning over for a kiss.

Just as he did that, Tom started backing off. He also tried to stop the jock by placing a hand on his chest, but all of his roommates were gym buddies, in general a lot stronger than him, so he was pretty much used to always having to resort to diplomacy.

“Jay, what are you doing?!” Tom asked, when he had no more couch to run on. The jock got between his legs and lied a kiss on his lips.

At first, it was just a quick peck, that tested out the softness of their lips. But then Jay kissed again, this time longer, less innocently. He placed his big hand on Tom’s cheek to control him. With lots of struggle, Tom broke the kiss and tried to move away.

“Jay…” he moaned, barely catching a breath and still keeping his hand on the jock’s perky pec, feeling his powerful, beating heart. “What are you doing, dude? Have I skipped some context? We’re friends, remember?!”

“I don’t want to be your friend anymore,” he declared, kissing the boy’s jaw and then going lower, towards his neck.

“You have a girlfriend!”

“Not anymore. I broke up with her.” Tom gasped in surprise, hearing that. It was quite the news to drop so randomly. Jay was the opposite of someone who would change girlfriends often, or even break up only to get together after some time. He and his partner Sam have been together for eight years.

Tom managed to push him away a bit, but Jay just chuckled and attacked the other side of boy’s face.

“Why don’t you want me?” Jay asked, but not in a demanding way, on the contrary, using a deeply sad tone. He closed eyes, joined foreheads with Tom and remained silent, patiently waiting for an answer.

“Jay, you’re drunk, you’re not thinking… oh my God…” Tom raised eyebrows when his moving knee accidently brushed against Jay’s bone.

“I thought you liked me,” he said, in a way that broke Tom’s heart.

“Of course I like you! But you’re not yourself right now.” Tom wrapped his arms around his big colleague and gave him a powerful hug, trying to avoid that huge cock stuck in his pants. “Why did you break up with Sammy?”

“She cheated on me,” he said, sounding like he was close to tearing up. “That toxic bitch… I was putting up with her for so long and she was getting banged by half of all men in this fucking city…”

“Well, you’re not thinking clearly, Jay. You won’t get revenge on her by immediately throwing yourself into bed with someone. First, you need to sober up, then…”

“NO!” Jay protested and rubbed his face into Tom’s neck. “I don’t care about revenge or that bitch… I want to taste my new sweet freedom, hehe… with you.”

Jay insisted on another wet kiss. He tasted like cheap alcohol, but could that really make lips of such attractive, well-smelling, kindhearted guy not taste well? Tom moaned, slowly realizing that being pinned down by Jay and forced to kiss was dangerously fun and pleasurable. With each time when their lips joined, it was more difficult to oppose to him.

“Jay, come on, we can’t…” Tom whispered, but then Jay kissed his lips again. The jock pressed his stiff boner against the boy’s crotch and started slowly humping him. Tom moaned, helplessly. “Dude, come on…”

“Tell me you really don’t want me and I will stop,” he said, frowning.

Tom thanked God for this, as he was two steps away from unapologetically surrendering.

“Jay, right now, you’re drunk and I don’t want to have sex with you,” Tom said, surprisingly firmly. “But if that desire is still there once you sober up…” Tom hesitated, having a trouble believing that he’s about to say this, “I will be yours…”

Jay took like twenty seconds to process this and then, without saying anything, he moved to the side, releasing Tom. The boy quickly jumped off the bed and almost immediately ran to Logan’s bedroom.

“Logan!” he screamed, using one of these clever whispering kind of screams. “Dude, I know you’re sick, but wake up!”

“Oh my God,” Logan moaned. “I’m still alive…”

“Jay came back home! He broke up with Sam because she cheated on him! And he kept pushing me for sex!”

Logan chuckled.

“Jay? Didn’t think he had this in him…” Unfortunately, that chuckle turned into coughing. “Jesus… Anyway, good for him. Well? What are you waiting for?”

“You want me to have sex with him, few hours after he broke up with his girlfriend?!”

“Yeah, sure, why not? It’s just sex. And our boy deserves it more than anyone after years of celibacy with Sam…” Logan loudly cleared his throat. “Well, unless you don’t want to. I guess I just assumed that you do, because Jay is almost sex izle as pretty as I am, hehe…”

“I’m not going to fuck a drunk guy!” Tom protested once more.

“Well, aren’t you a little knight? Good for you. Now please, leave me alone and don’t update me on any dramas. I’m confident that I’m about to pass away in sleep and it’s a good thing.”

“First, you will hydrate,” Tom barked and actually waited for Logan to move and drink water before leaving.

Fortunately, once Tom returned to the living room, Jay was already lying on his back and sleeping. Tom sighed, untied his shoes, pulled them off, then unbuckled his belt and did the same with his pants. Then, he went for a blanket to his bedroom and covered the sleeping giant with it. In the end, he had to stay there for a moment to look and smile — Jay was just too cute when sleeping.

“I’m still cold,” Jay said, all out the sudden, without even opening eyes. That jumpscared Tom so much that he moved the coffee table by accident. “Cuddle me…”

“Nice try!” Tom chuckled.

“Nooo, I’m serious. Please, Tommy… I’m so sad… I will have nightmares…” Once again, Tom couldn’t believe that he was actually considering entering such obvious trap.

“Are you sure you’re not trying to get into my pants again?”

“Oh, get over yourself, you’re not that hot…”

Tom sighed and took his hoodie off, if he was about to go to sleep. But when he raised the blanked and was about to slid under it, Jay opened one of his eyes and raised his leg to block the entrance with his socked foot. “No pants,” he announced in a drunken tone.

“And why is that?” Tom asked, suspiciously.

“They will contain your warmth instead of sharing it with me,” he argumented, rather logically, which was more than enough to convince Tom. The boy removed his jeans and placed them on the same chair where he threw Jay’s pants. The jock’s leg withdrew, allowing him in. “Good boy.”

Tom slid in, but rather shyly. Him and Jay used to be rather affectionate in the past, but never to the point where they would kiss.

Jay was so big that there was just no way for Tom to lie down next to him, without pressing himself against him. Jay confidently wrapped his muscular arm around Tom, inviting him closer. Tom placed his hands on Jay’s chest, not trying to pretend like he’s not enjoying this. At first, Tom felt like really shy, but when Jay kissed his forehead, he felt encouraged and clung against Jay’s torso, pressing his face against jock’s pec, right under his jaw. Jay was breathing slowly, his heart was beating calmly and quietly. Tom enjoyed all of these little signs of a living body, feeling safe and secure.

Jay’s hand found Tom’s wrist under the blanket and started caressing it gently with a thumb. Tom was really enjoying that particular touch, probably because he loved the size difference between their hands.

“Who needs a bitch girlfriend, when they can have a friend like you?” he asked rhetorically, again in his drunken voice. “Do you like me, Tommy?”

“Go to sleep already, dummy,” Tom snorted, getting more comfortable on his new favorite pillow, smelling like men’s perfume and cigarettes.

“Tell me. Pleaaaseeee…”

Tom sighed.

“Of course I like you. Were there any doubts? I’m cuddling with you.”

Suddenly, Jay grabbed Tom’s wrist that he was just gently holding up till now and guided boy’s hand towards his crotch. Tom immediately opened his eyes, feeling the clear outline of a boner and two big balls being pressed against his fingers…

“Jay, I told you…”

“No sex,” he mumbled, again in this sad, manipulative tone. “Just… rub it for me… It’s not sex, okay?” Tom didn’t move his hand, but didn’t back it away, either. “I won’t fall asleep unless I cum… Please, I just want to feel good again…”

Tom sighed again, defeated. Blushing, he slowly started massaging Jay’s dick.

Through the thin layer of Jay’s boxers, Tom could feel pretty much everything. Jay was long and thick. Tom couldn’t stop himself from constantly leading his hand lower, to feel up also his balls. Man’s testicles rarely received the respect, love and recognition they deserved, in Tom’s opinion.

“Hmm… good boy…” Jay mutter in pleasure. Being called a good boy made Tom feel so well that he immediately got really into rubbing his junk. “Yes… milk that cock…”

“I never imagined you would be such a dirty talker…” Tom whispered, trying to ignore his cheeks burning in delicious embarrassment an desire.

“You all assume that monogamy means missionary only,” Jay mumbled and suddenly grabbed Tom’s wrist, stopping movement. For a brief moment Tom thought that he just ruined the mood and Jay stopped him, but instead, the jock brought Tom’s hand to his pretty, boyish face. “Now, that you rubbed the smell and taste into your hand, lick it. Hehe,” he ordered, very pleased with himself.

Tom submissively pulled his tongue out and started licking his own hand, in long, sensual, sluttly licks, letting Jay feast upon that sight. He moved more to the side and brought Tom even closer to himself. Now their crotches were pressed against one another. The boy looked into Jay’s eyes and found only hazy lust there.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32