The Protégé – Then Came four

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Although this is a standalone story, it is final chapter in The Protégé series. It details the transition of a straight, career driven, young, over achiever to submissive lesbian slut at the hands of her mentor and lifelong idol. There are scenes of submission, lust and group sex. If this is disturbing, please try another story. If you read on, please enjoy.


I awoke from a sound satisfying sleep, expecting Cynthia and Stacey to be close at hand. Quickly though, the emptiness of the bed became apparent. Rolling onto my back, it occurred to me that Cynthia was most likely on her morning run. She never missed a day, even when she woke up with two eager pets ready to serve her every desire.

The sound of the shower let me know where Stacey was. I thought if I hurried, I could join her but as I rolled out of bed, I noticed a note on the nightstand.


I am off for my morning run. If you get this before I return, you are to clean up and be prepared for a rigorous day of pleasure. When you are washed, shaved and properly primped, you are to put on the outfits I left for you on Leasie’s bed.

The outfits came with very sexy matching panties, but I did not include them, as I am certain you both would have them soiled long before I could remove them later.

Be dressed and ready for inspection when I return. Also, you are not permitted to cum at any point for the rest of the weekend unless I give you permission. I have a surprise for you this evening and need you fresh and rested if we are to maximize our pleasure.

With Love,

Ms. Cynthia.

I ran quickly to my bedroom to see the outfits. A wave of wetness hit me when I saw two black lace French maid outfits placed on the bed. They had thigh high black lace stockings with waist high garter belts and clips. The outfit was a black silk, lace trimmed corset with two white lace ribbons running vertically up the front in line with each breast, the ribbon split into a Y at the base of the integrated bra.

The corset was trimmed in white lace at the top and bottom and had black thin shoulder straps trimmed in white. Finally, a white lace tiara head piece completed the outfit.

My heart raced at the thought of serving her all weekend in the uniform. I felt like a teen on prom night. I couldn’t wait to see myself in it and longed for the look on Cynthia’s face when she saw me in it. My pussy tingled and pulsed in excitement with each heartbeat. Cynthia was 100% correct. My pussy was wet just thinking about putting it on. The panties stood no chance.

Revved up, I ran to the bathroom in hopes of joining Stacey. I walked in to see her turning the water off as she finished her shower. Her amber hair contrasted remarkably against her pail skin, as it clung to her wet back ending mid shoulder blade. Her curved shapely body and full wide ass was glistening with water and my eyes were drawn to the dimples in her lower back over her ass cheeks.

I again marveled at the difference between her body, short, soft, curvy and thick and Cynthia’s, tall, firm, slender, super model bod. Yet they both excited me so much…

“Damn, I’d hoped to wash that beautiful back…” I said startling her. She spun around showing off her small shapely tits, and subtle pink areolae. I smiled and stepped toward the shower. Her dark freshly trimmed muff also stood in stark contrast to her white skin and pink labia peeked out through her glistening wet hair.

“That doesn’t mean I can’t wash yours Lecia.” She opened the glass door and welcomed me in.

As I stepped in, she pulled my head to hers and kissed me with probing tongue. The minty taste of her tongue reminded me that I had just woken up and she was likely getting a dose of morning breath from me. She gave no indication it was a problem and kissed me passionately as I caressed her naked ass.

She spun me under the warm water never breaking the kiss while her warm hands gripped my back and pulled me close. My heart raced as my best friend and I explored this new dimension of our relationship. My lips and tongue melt into her as I closed my eyes, lost in the moment.

As we kissed my hands explored her warm wet skin as the vision of Stacey in the maid’s uniform filled my mind. My pussy heated up, as her tongue swirled in my mouth and I imagined what Cynthia might have in store for us.

Stacey broke the kiss, stepped back and began to lather up the washcloth. “Turn around and place your hands against the wall.” She said like a police officer.

I did as commanded and she began rubbing the soapy rag across my shoulders and back. As she worked her way down, she moved in and placed her chin on my shoulder. She had to be on her tip toes to do it.

“I can’t tell you how many times I’ve dreamed about this Alecia Carmichael.” She whispered as the soapy cloth moved slowly side to side and down to my lower back. “I have dreamed of touching you, and exploring this beautiful body, wishing I could tell you how I felt, but afraid I would destroy Bycasino our friendship. Longing to touch you and kiss you…” She kissed my shoulder as the soapy clothe caressed my ass.

I exhaled heavily and pushed my ass toward her, “Oh God, Stacey…”

“I love touching you Alecia.” Her cloth covered hand slid between my cheeks and down my ass crack before plunging between my thighs.

I groaned as my body stiffened letting her do as she pleased. The soapy cloth split my labia as she pressed it against me, rubbing back and forth from my asshole to my clit. The slippery soap film coated my pussy as she rubbed me, my moans growing louder, and my lower body tingled at her touch.

“Oh Stacey,” I squeaked as the cloth dropped to the floor and her fingers continued rubbing me.

She rose to her tip toes and kissed my neck while I leaned forward resting my cheek against the tile. My hands were pressed flat against the wall and fingers spread. “I love pleasuring you Lecia.” She said softly as her fingers slid into me. “I love being inside you.”

I squealed as her slippery fingers pushed deep into me. The warm water cascaded down my back and her breasts pressed against me.

“So warm and tight Lecia.” She moaned.

I was overwhelmed with excitement and in awe that I was on the verge of cumming after just few seconds of contact from my best friend. Just weeks ago, I had never given thought to anything like this with Stacey. Now I was gyrating my hips in complete surrender as she finger-fucked me from behind.

“Oh God Stacey, I’m gonna cum for you Sweet…”

He fingers withdrew completely and she slapped my ass. “We’re not allowed to cum. Did you not read the note? Turn around and let me get your front.”

I stood there in shock at the sudden emptiness, my pussy pulsing, so close to climax but denied, rudely and torturously. When I turned around, the devious grin on her face was priceless. I couldn’t help but smile.

“Oh, you’re gonna pay for that…” I kissed her hard, leading with my tongue. “Big time!”

Then I held out my arms and let her wash me. She continued slowly and thoroughly, washing every inch of me, teasing my nipples with the warm cloth, surrounding my pussy but not touching it again. Next, she grabbed the razor and soap and proceeded to shave me very carefully. She started with my arm pits and when she finished lowered herself toward my legs.

She paused at my breasts and lick my pointy areola and stiff nipples. As she kissed and tongued me, I found my anxiety for having “missile tits” replaced by gratitude. While waves of tingling pleasure radiated through me, I was reminded, my protruding areola were more sensitive than the average flat ones. As she sucked my left one into her mouth and swirled her tongue on my nipple, I knew how lucky I really was. A jolt of electricity shot, directly to my clit.

Next, she dropped to her knees and sat on her heels as she meticulously shaved my legs. I smiled down at her as she worked.

“I could get used to this. Suddenly shaving is no longer a chore.”

She smiled back. “Me too,” she said as her hands rubbed up and down my leg checking for stubble.

When she finished, my legs she looked up mischievously, and pushed my thighs apart. “One last spot.” She said softly. Her soaped up hands began to rub around my pussy, preparing me for grooming. I closed my eyes as she slid between my lips again. “Quite lubricated… Now hold still, this is precious turf, I’m trimming.”

I spread wider and closed my eyes trusting her steady hand. She slowly and carefully groomed my pussy and when she finished, she soaped up her hand and inspected me completely, checking every nook and cranny.

“All done,” she sighed as two fingers enter me. Her left hand gripped my hip and turned me toward the shower, and she rinsed the soap off me. I leaned against the shower wall and let her fingers explore me once again. Eyes closed; I rocked my hips as she worked her magic.

“Lecia sweetie, I really need to taste your sweet pussy, just a little. Please remember our orders, we may not cum. But once I get a taste, I may not be able to stop. Whatever you do, please don’t cum in my mouth.” She grinned her devious grin and leaned in.

I pushed my pelvis out to meet her and felt a soft tender kiss on my labia. She planted several more up and down, circling my lips with her subtle kisses. When her tongue slowly slid between them, I gasped in surrender.

Her warm rough tongue slid slowly into me as her nose tickled my clit. My palms press flat against them tile on either side of my hips and I pressed forward against her. Her fingers gripped my cheeks and pulled me against her face.

“Oh Stacey, you feel so good,” my head rolled back, and her tongue took control of my body. I didn’t care that Cynthia might punish me. All that mattered was Stacey was inside me and had complete control of my mind and body with that hot probing tongue.

“Please Stacey, ah! I’m cumming!”

Her Bycasino giriş fingers gripped my ass hard and pulled tighter against her thrusting tongue as her wiggling head rubbed my clit with her nose. My hand gripped the back of her head and held her there. “Oh God, please don’t stop!” I yelled as the orgasm built like a water balloon ready to burst.

She groaned and shook her head rapidly, sending me over the edge. “OH, Yes! Stace-Y.” I grunted in rapid puffs.

My orgasm hit in pulsing wave of pleasure, my clit throbbing with each swell. As it peaked, I released my grip on her head, but she just pulled me harder against her wiggling her head wildly and moved her lapping tongue against my clit.

“Oh please, I can’t…” I started to plead but her lips and tongue were relentless. As second orgasmic tide overwhelmed me, I began to convulse in ecstasy shoulders lunging forward and back. “Oh! Fuck! Stace-y! Cum-ming so, Aaaahhh!”

My body jerked and I grunted uncontrollably while she continued her unrelenting stimulation. The orgasm seemed unending as I writhed with pleasure. Finally, unable to take another second, I pushed her head away, legs wobbling.

Stacey stood quickly and hugged me tight. I rested my chin on her shoulder, body limp and gasping for air. She slid her arms under mine and locked her hands behind my back as I caught my breath.

I spoke between gasps, “Oh my God! Stacey, that, was…”

“Amazing. I love pleasing you.” She kissed me deeply as I tasted my own cum. “This will be our little secret.” She said.

I giggled, “You don’t think she’ll notice?” I laughed and did the snore we used to do mocking our boyfriends falling asleep after sex. “I think I’m spent. I just came twice, harder than Prince Valium ever made me cum. I think twice matches his total for two years and you did it in two minutes!”

We laughed. Prince Valium was our nickname for the sleepy boyfriends, named after the sleepy character from the movie “Spaceballs.”

Stacey gripped my chin and looked at me with those bright impossibly blue eyes.

“Did I not warn you to stop me? Did I not say, whatever you do, please don’t cum in my mouth? I won’t be able to stop myself.”

“Yes, you did, but…”

“So, don’t blame me. Besides, I think one look at Ms. Cynthia’s ass, and you’ll be wetting your panties in seconds.” Said Stacey. Then, she tongue-kissed me and got out to the shower. “My work here is done, for now.”

I finished up washing my hair and toweled off. Then I primped and spritzed and got into uniform. Looking at myself in the mirror with stockings and garter, my excitement grew. Cynthia had awakened so much in me. I had never felt so alive as these last several months.

I thought about my unbelievable career success. I was further along in six months than I imagined in six years.

But as I stared at my ass, and felt myself heating up at the thought of being Cynthia Liebert’s horny slut toy for the weekend. I was terrified by the reality; I was happily risking the success I had strived for all my 25 years for the chance to be a submissive little slut!

I couldn’t wait for the look on Cynthia’s face as she saw me in the outfit. I spun around and admired Stacey’s work on my brown perfectly manicured muff. I put on the corset and tiara. It was embarrassing, just how excited I got looking at myself.

The white lace frill left just 1/4-inch stipe of tanned skin above my bush. I imagined Cynthia in front of me tracing that patch of skin with her finger as she licked her glistening lips. The top of the corset cut just barely over my nipples with a tiny hint of areola peeking out of the lace frill. It pressed my tits up and together accentuating them beautifully.

When I made it to the living room, Stacey was breathtaking. Her back was to me and the white lace at the bottom of the black corset just touched the top of her buns, with her white satin skinned ass fully exposed. Even after cumming twice already, I imagined walking up behind her and letting my hands glide over her cheeks while I kissed her neck.

As she stood in her stocking covered feet, it occurred to me. A man would have included stiletto heeled shoes with the outfit. Ms. Cynthia knew for comfort and… flexibility, heels would only hinder us.

When she spun around, her dark bush and light skin caught my eye immediately. I loved her curvy shape and white satin skin. The urge to drop to my knees and repay her for the earlier tongue lashing was strong. Her face lit up when she saw me, and I felt butterflies.

“You look so sexy Lecia,” she said stepping toward me.

Just then the front door opened, and Cynthia stepped through in her spandex jogging shorts and sports bra. Her toned stomach was exposed, glistening with sweat and there were spots of sweat soaking through between her thighs as the spandex clung to every curve. Her chest glistened and her nipples fought to escape the tight fabric.

“Well hello my pets.” She held out Bycasino deneme bonusu both hands, arms spread. “Come let me see you.”

Like two eager puppies we ran to Ms. Cynthia, each taking a hand. She extended her arms holding us away so she could look us up and down. “Beautiful ladies.” Turn and show me those slutty little asses.” She raised her arms and we spun like ballerinas. “Very nice,” she exhaled heavily as we turned back toward her.

“So, it’s time to decide. Who wants to eat my pussy first this morning?” She said as if she were truly pondering.

I yelled, “I do” at the same time Stacey yelled, “Me!”

“I was afraid of that.” Said Cynthia smiling. “Tell you what, I’ll take a shower and freshen up while you two try to work out an agreement…”

I cut her off “I want to lick your sweaty pussy right now Ms. Cynthia.” I smiled deviously at Stacey.

“No, no me first,” replied Stacey reaching for her waist band.

She held us back. “You horny little sluts! Look at you. You really want me sweat and all”

A unanimous “Yes.” reverberated through the room.

“Then get these clothes off me…” We dropped to our knees and pealed her shorts and underwear off her moist sweaty body in one smooth downward motion. She stepped out of them revealing her toned shapely legs and shaved pussy. My hands slid up her legs. “Easy my pets, don’t forget the top.” She turned revealing her round million-dollar ass.

Stacey stood up to help with the top, but my hands latched onto her ass as I leaned in and nibbled her buns.

“Ms. Carmichael you have a one-track mind.” She said in her schoolteacher voice.

Stacey, pulled the top up and off as she raised her arms, “Thank you Stacey. You take direction well…”

“Do I get a reward for good behavior?” She asked smirking at me.

She spun back around and looked at her as I watched from my knees, face to face with her pretty pink labia and hairless pussy. I fought the urge to dive in tongue first.

“How shall I decide?” She wondered aloud.

She looked down at me and held out her right hand. I took it and she guided me on my knees to her right. Then she held her left hand down with the left palm open to receive Stacey’s hand. “On your knees, please Stacey.”

I looked at Stacey and we smiled with excitement trying to imagine what she had in store. We were both enjoying the competition and either way there would be no loser today.

We looked up at her holding a hand in both our hands. Her breasts were beautifully shaped, her nipples small but quite stiff as I looked anxiously up at her. Even after jogging she was stunning with her sandy blond hair, pulled tight in a ponytail. I kissed her hand for affect.

“What shall I do with you?” She asked rhetorically.

Her eyes moved back and forth between us and her face awash in the pure joy of having two willing and eager pets at her command.

She looked to the sofa and back at us, then pulled her hands away. “I’d better sit down for this. Stay here for a moment my sweets.” She walked to the sofa and sat with her knees wide apart.

We remained on our knee’s eyes fixed on her glistening pink pussy lips and fully shaved mons. Her labia were slightly parted begging for my tongue tip.

Cynthia held her hands palms up on the outside of her knees. “Come to me pets.”

We eagerly crawled to her and took her hand in ours again. I was outside her right knee and Stacey outside her left, both eyeing the prize before us. “Is one of you willing to let your best friend go first or will we have to test to see who is more deserving.”

We looked at each other waiting for the other to relent, but neither did. After an awkward moment, she spoke up.

“Very well my pets turn toward me and spread your slutty legs.” She guided us to face her still holding our hand and pondered for a moment. Her head continued to bounce between us.

“Let’s see who is wettest, shall we?” She slid her feet on the floor between our legs and raised them up until her lower shins met our hot pussies. She slid them slowly up and down as we both sighed our approval of her touch. “Oh, my sluts, you are both so warm and wet, I just can’t tell.”

My gaze fixed on her labia as they moved ever so subtly apart and together with each stroke of her legs. She leaned her head back against the sofa and her ass rested on the edge of the cushion. Gently, she rubbed us while she pondered. Unable to resist, we began to move in time with her legs. I could feel the top of her foot touch my ass as I rocked against her shin and ankle.

“I’ve got it sluts!” Her smile brightened “Grab my leg and who ever rubs herself off first gets to eat my hot sweaty cunt. Sound good?”

Once again, a unanimous “Yes,” came from both our mouths

We looked at each other, smiled, grabbed her leg with both hands and began to ride her like a horse, trotting at first and rapidly moving to a gallop.

“Easy my pets. I’m not a wish bone to be split apart.” She teased.

We both quickly began to moan as she, once again, brought out an animal need to please her and ourselves at the same time. Her warm smooth skin rubbing my wet clit was remarkable, combined with the hard shin bone beneath rivaled any cock I had ever felt.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32