The Public Spanking

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I advertised all over the small town of Haston, the Brat of the land Amber was to be publicly spanked at the village hall. It said online that she was the terror of the town, rude discourteous and a vandal of public amenities. No one could really picture her but everyone was sure they had been the victim of her thuggish ways and the two hundred tickets sold out in no time.

The audience filed in and took their seats around a low revolving stage, which guaranteed a close view for all of the girls spanked ass and her blushing face.

I walked in and stood centre stage to the warm applause. I bowed to all around before taking my seat. The villain of the small town was then led in, her hands tied. She had long black hair and a sullen face that screamed ‘attitude’. Her ears were adorned with multiple earrings and studs. She had a nose and lip stud, which glowed against her gothic make-up. She had large breasts heaving in her tight blouse showing too much cleavage for this conservative little town. She had tattoos everywhere imaginable some easily seen on her long legs under her stockings. Her plaid skirt was too short and her heels too high, she was a wrong ‘un all right and she would soon have that gum chewing sneering attitude face spanked into submission.

She stared at the crowd scornfully as she saw them visibly cower. She sneered and then quickly pulled up her skirt to flash her panties at them. “Perverts!” She snarled.

I got up and quickly pulled her back over my lap and lifted her skirt. I pulled hard at her panties, pulling them hard away from her body until the sound of rendering material sounded out. I then ripped her panties clean off and held them high in the air.

The crowd cheered as the stage slowly rotated as I hooked the remains of her panties over the back of my chair as a souvenir of this punishment.

Her bare butt cheeks upturned and exposed, her hands and toes barely able to touch the floor. Her buttocks clenched as the audience moved forward in their seats that were three rows deep. They clamoured to be in the front row only a few feet away from her bare butt.

I lightly tapped and stroked her bottom to warm it up for the hard spanks to come. The revolving stage gave everyone a chance to see her reddening derriere and her resentful face. At this moment her head was bowed in embarrassed surrender awaiting the onslaught to come.

Everyone had taken their seat and looked on lustfully as her ass was nicely warmed up. I then attached a leg spreader to keep her legs wide apart so her moistening sex was on view for all to see! Escort bayan There would be no room for modesty here!

The lights went down and a harsh spotlight hit her reddened ass. A single drum beat strikes and its time…

The first spank whips down into her ass and the crowd gasp in its intensity. Spank after spank snaps into her ass cheeks causing her back to arch and her legs to kick. Her flushed face comes up for all to see with every stinging blow to her rump! She bites her lip determined not to cry out and give the crowd the satisfaction of seeing her humbled.

The audience pushes its face to the edge of the revolving stage enjoying in close up the full snap of my spanks and the smell of her sex.

The drumbeat doubles up and I go two-handed on her butt spanking using her ass like a bongo drum, snapping down hard with the 4th accent as if her ass were a snare drum. She kicks and writhes randomly as she struggles to ride my two-handed shuffle. Still, she doesn’t cry out as she struggles to ride the pain.

An African drum beat starts with triplets and its open season on her very red butt. I spank her two-handed with hard blows, faster and faster, the sound of my hand echoing off the hall walls as I smash into her firm ripe youthful ass.

She kicks out and her head bobs and then the sound of my spanks is interrupted by the cry of pain from Ambers resentful mouth.

The crowd cheer as she is broken, “Not so tough now are we you little bitch!” Spits a resentful onlooker.

The audience all get their phones out and film when her ass rotates into position. All of them checking their newly filmed spanks of the neighbourhood pest. The music stops and I rub her sore bottom to get her blood flowing through it.

I give her a moment’s rest as the crowd applaud. Her ass cheeks are then spread by one hand exposing her starfish as I move my hand to spank her inner sensitive areas. I hold her open allowing all to get a good close up shot for one whole rotation of the stage. She hangs her head in shame until I start to spank her inner sanctum. She twists her buttocks trying to evade the inner sensitive spanks but it is pointless as her cheeks are held spread open and a sharp stinging snappy spank is administered.

I return to the single spanks on the reddened flesh of her delightful derriere. The soreness Is kicking in and she flinches wildly to the snappiest of spanks. I decide to have some fun and raise my hand high in the air aiming to give her the hardest spank in Christendom. She clenches her ass cheeks in anticipation Bayan escort mentally trying to put some steel into her bottom for the coming blow. Amber clenches her butt cheeks hard but I cruelly keep my hand up in the air leaving her waiting for my spank. She clenches and clenches straining not to release her ass muscles but still, no spank comes.

I could sense her ass muscles tiring as she kicks and strains to keep them closed as she knows what her poor bottom will be in for. She strains and strains but eventually she lets go. And once more she is soundly spanked! She cries out and the crowd roar.

I do this again and again until she surrenders to the inevitable and lets her ass be spanked without resistance. The audience delight in her girlie squeals, gasps and ohs, as all signs of resistance have gone. Her bottom is now meat to be tenderised and it glows in the spotlight!

I reignite her fight for modesty as my spanks now come in low just above her pussy! “No, not there, please!” She begs, causing the audience to laugh.

There are shouts of, “Yes spank her there!” but I tease them and keep her on tenterhooks as spank after spank hits just above her modesty.

The audience has become ravenous and erection bulging trousers are regularly caught in the spotlight. Women with flushed faces squirm in their seats as their panties dampen, some of them yearning to be in Ambers place!

I take my index finger and place it on her inner knee. The whole room is silent as I slowly draw my finger up her inner thigh, slowly, slowly up and up her inner leg. She tries to force her legs together from the impending invading finger as it draws nearer and nearer her sex.

The audience fight to position their phones for that delicious moment. My finger is moving slower now halfway up her quivering inner thigh and many disappointed viewers get up and run around with the rotating stage eager to get that shot. The finger draws closer and closer as almost half the audience zooms in on her surrendered pussy about to take an unwelcome guest.

This is it, this it! They cry as my hand hovers over her gate of paradise and then. My hand comes up and spanks down hard into her unsuspecting bottom! She cries and kicks out once more to a quick six of the best on her naked ass. Her gnarled face lifts up showing her tear smudged eye make-up.

My finger once again returns to its slow journey up her inner thigh, closer and closer, once again causing her legs to quiver as I approach her leaking pussy but again I lift my hand and spank her poor raw sore Escort buttocks! “Mercy, mercy!” She cries as her body grows limp in exhausted resistance.

The people using phones swear they can see her moist pussy glinting from between her legs! “Why the harlot is moist! She’s enjoying it!” Exclaims one hell-bent on watching her suffer. For most women, it is too much and they secretly rub themselves while in the shadows sighing for a love they cannot obey.

Both the audience and the girl are teased and tantalised with this soft caressing finger time and time again. Surely this time? But no! She is spanked hard once again! She is here to be spanked and spanked again.

Once more the music strikes up, a slow African rhythm.

I play her ass like tom-toms along with music again. The music speeds up along with the intensity of my spanks. The volume increases as well to mute the cries of “mercy,” of the kicking brat who has somehow found a little energy to psychically protest, giving her all like a sprinter in the final yards. My spanking speeds up along with the drum beats as does Ambers kicking limbs. Faster and faster I beat her ass until her cries are one long high pitched scream. There is a high pitched crescendo and then one final wallop! Silence.

Amber is then unceremoniously rolled off my lap and left in an undignified heap centre stage! The house lights come up as she tries to rub some life into her desensitised bottom.

The audience burst into applause as the house lights come up and I stand up to take my bow!

Encore! Encore! They cry! But like any Maestro, I leave the stage leaving them wanting more!

Amber is taken from the stage and positioned bottomless hands-on head by the exit. The Audience file out and many people take this chance to have a selfie with her crimson red bottom.

“Gosh you can feel the heat!” exclaimed some. Some have been so aroused they can’t resist a sneaky feel of her buttocks or between her legs.

“No touching the exhibit!” shouts the guard.

An hour later I walk backstage! “How was that for you?”

“Great, although some of those low spanks caught my pussy!”

Said Amber inspecting her deep crimson bottom in the mirror.

“Sorry about that, it won’t happen again,” I apologised getting out some cream to rub into her poor bottom.

“That’s okay, how much money did we make?”

“Plenty and we’ll be rich just so long as we can find little towns like this where everyone is convinced they know the brat to be punished.”

“They don’t care about the punishment they just want to see a spanking. One randy bastard almost got two fingers in me on the way out!”

“Yes, we’ll have to guard you better, we need that ass well protected for next weeks performance. Who knows with-in a year we’ll be spanking at the Albert Hall!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32