The Scent Factory Ch. 03

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Jack woke up to the sound of Saturday morning cartoons. The sound was coming from the other end of the apartment – he knew he hadn’t left the television on last night when he went to bed. Someone was in the apartment – and chances were, it was one of the girls.

Jack’s cock sprang smartly to attention. His whole body was pulsating with excitement: what pleasures awaited him for today? The past couple of days had been so incredible, he felt his erection straining at his boxers from the mere recollection. So now which of them had arrived for the morning? Which of his new ‘roommates’ – Hayley, Zoe, Jess or Katie – had come to play?

His mind wheeled through what he knew about the girls, his ‘business partners’ – trying to work out who it was that could have arrived. Hayley – she was sweet as a button, a cheerful blonde cheerleader – she would be preparing for the big game today: not her, then. Zoe – a glamorous night-club addict, but also a swimmer: she would be on her way to a swim competition. Jess – a tomboyish redhead, but she was a star gymnast – she’d be limbering up for gymnastics that morning.

So that left Katie: the only one of the girls he’d not yet met in this strange venture. He remembered when Hayley had shown him the website – the place where their ‘customers’ could place their orders for the schoolgirls’ panties. There had been a photo of Katie there, and… what had Hayley said?

All of the girls had been cute, sexy, stunning in that kind of girl-next-door kind of way. Ordinarily, he’d have been incredibly lucky to go out with any of them on their own. But Katie – even from her photograph – had seemed so much more. She was incredibly beautiful, the kind who could become a model without any effort. $10,000 for just getting out of bed.

And what had Hayley said? Oh, was it true? Was she here for Jack to take her virginity?

Jack felt almost feverish as he pulled on a t-shirt and jeans. The excitement was almost boiling over within him. But he felt the real need to keep a lid on it as he walked towards the sound of the television.

But keeping a lid on it was going to be insanely difficult: as he first laid eyes on the dark-haired girl – the only dark-haired girl among his four new roomies – he nearly had a seizure.

“Hi!” she said with a smile. “So you must be Jack. I’ve heard a great deal about you.”

“Uh… yeah… hi…”

He couldn’t help but stare at her. She was stunning. Dressed in a short red skirt and black cut-off top, her long dark hair was tied back in a flowing ponytail. Her body was petite, much like her friends, with shapely thighs and toned stomach as well as perfectly proportioned, beautifully rounded breasts – not too big, not too small. Her face, though – well, that would have been enough to launch 1,000 ships, sale 1,000 ships and bring them all back home again with all the sailors hard as rocks.

“I gather you’re here to save our project,” she said, her incredible cocoa eyes peering as if into his very soul.

“I’ll do my best,” he said.

“That’s all you can do,” she smiled as she rose to her feet. What a smile! Jack couldn’t help but gulp.

“So how are we going to do this?” she asked, her voice so smooth, so soft, so enchantingly seductive.

“I… uh… I’m not sure…” he felt weak at the knees.

“So do you want my panties now?” she asked. “I guess we’re going to need some different ones for when you take my cherry, huh?”

“I… uh…” he said. He felt like a simpleton.

Katie leaned forwards to kiss him gently on the lips. It was just a tiny kiss, but so soft, so delicate – and her Anadolu Yakası Anal Escort scent so sweetly feminine. Truly enchanting. It left him a little star-struck, in fact, shell-shocked, perhaps. Then she seemed to shimmy a little, and before he knew it, her panties were in his hand.

She leaned forwards and almost whispered in his ear: “Why don’t you go and test the merchandise, and I’ll go freshen up, huh? Then we can get down to the fun stuff.”

In a near-daze, Jack found himself wandering back to his bed, with a small pair of white and pink checked panties with a white lace trim. Her panties.

“I’ll be over here when you’re ready!” she called.

Jesus, what the hell was he in for? Jack’s entire being felt as though it was on fire: the most incredible girl in the world had given him a pair of her worn panties to sample, and then wanted him to fuck the living daylights out of her. Was he the luckiest man on Earth?

Trying to keep calm – he didn’t want the most incredible day of his life to be ruined by a heart attack at this stage – he lay down on his bed to examine the panties in his hands. They were cute – girlish, sexy while not being slutty. They were cotton with a slight lace trim – very feminine with the bright pink checks, and cotton was always the best when it came to aromas in his experience. The fibres seemed to absorb more, store up more of the exquisite aroma when they lay against a girl’s pussy than silk or any other kind of underwear.

Now he pressed them to his nose. The material was already slightly damp – a good omen, if ever there was one. He took in his first, deep breath. Irresistible. The raw, musky scent filled his senses, circulating through his nose, his throat, his lungs. Oh God, this aroma had come from the young pussy of the most gorgeous girl he’d ever seen. The prettiest girl in the city had worn this scanty scrap of cotton for three days, all those hours it had been wedged against her little vagina.

Luxury. He rubbed it against his lips, then for the first time tasted her – so tangy, so fresh, so strong. This role as tester for four girls selling their panties – it was going to be the most amazing time of his life.

“How’s it going?” he heard her voice.

Oh, but he would have been happy to be there with just her panties. Did she really want him to… well, was she really going to give him all of her as well?

“Great,” he called back.

God, but he didn’t want to waste a minute with her. As quick as he could, he pulled open a zip-lock bag and dropped the pink cotton panties inside. Was there any way he could get a free sample? If he was allowed one, he’d have chosen those. He didn’t seal the panties up in an envelope, though – not only because of what Hayley had asked him last night – but because he just wanted to rush to be with her again – Katie. The most incredible creature.

“You like?” she asked him as he returned.

Wow. She looked incredible – even more than usual. The dark-haired beauty had put her hair into two braided pigtails, leaving a girlish bang covering most of her forehead. She was wearing a matching underwear set of white cotton embossed with sweet little cherries – a tight crop-top, which left her toned tummy uncovered, a pair of girlish panties in the same material and a white cotton stockings in the same print reaching up to her thighs.

Jack was speechless – he hoped she didn’t think he was stupid. But he couldn’t help it. She took from the fact that his jaw dropped that he approved.

“The cherries are kind of apt, huh?” she grinned. “Shall we?”

She Anadolu Yakası Yaşlı Escort stepped towards him, placing her arms over his shoulders. Her eyes were so incredible, he could have lost himself inside them. Her perfume, like that he’d detected on her panties earlier, was pretty and elegant – just right for Katie. Those lips looked so kissable – and as she leaned up to touch her mouth to his, it felt like electricity was passing between them.

“I can see why the girls chose you,” she smiled. “They did well.”

“Thank you.”

His cock was already hard as she broke apart from them and led him through to one of the four double beds in the apartment’s strange open-plan lay-out. There they kissed again, his mouth seeking out hers even as her tongue sought out his. She tasted of sugar, so sweet, so addictive.

After they collapsed onto the bed, he touched her small breasts – first through the thin cotton top, then reaching up under it to sweep his hand across her sensationally soft skin to seek out the gentle mounds of her chest.

Ducking down, he took her nipples into his hot mouth – one by one – and she couldn’t help but utter a quiet moan as he did so.

He kissed his way down her beautifully sculpted stomach – it was amazing – as though one of those models had come out of a teenie magazine, or a singer from a teenie-bop girl band had stepped down from a poster.

As a professional connoisseur of panties, now, Jack knew these would have to be special to give the purchaser value for money. As he skimmed his mouth and nose over her soft cotton underwear, though, he could tell it was not going to be difficult. The material covering her pussy was already soaking wet, and as he moved down to kiss her inner thighs and around the edge of her underwear to tease out those groans, he could already detect the pungent aroma of her arousal.

“Please…” the little teenager groaned as he tickled her pussy through her panties with his lips. “Please… please, Jack…”

Jack smiled: it was good to have such a pretty girl so in need of release, and he was only too willing to help her. He nosed aside her panties, revealing her surprisingly pink vagina surrounded by soft dark pubic hair – not too much, but enough to be a distinct difference to her roommates. The pink folds of her pussy were glistening with moisture, and her pheromones drove him wild.

Gently at first, he nuzzled into her velvety flower, tasting her purity for the first time. She flinched and sighed at the excruciatingly wonderful sensation of his hot mouth, lips and tongue connecting with her sensitive vagina. Then, as Jack lapped at her juices, trailing his tongue around her private region, she clamped his head between her legs and pressed him to her with her hands, desperate for release.

He knew she was a virgin – that was the whole point – but he was a little surprised at just how sensitive she was. It was as though she had honestly never been touched before, as though she’d never let anyone inside her panties before.

And with a great scream of pure carnality, she shuddered as her orgasm swept over her, her pussy juices flowing freely as the wave of energy flooded through her.

“Oh God…” she moaned softly as Jack replaced her panties across her pussy, allowing the soft cotton to soak up her wetness – though he’d have loved to lick her little vagina clean himself, he was a professional now – he had to ensure that Katie’s panties were up to the standard.

“Ready for some more?” he asked, after a quick glass of water from the kitchen.

“Absolutely,” Anadolu Yakası Zenci Escort Katie replied with fire in her eyes. “Make me a woman, Jack.”

He took off his clothes – his confidence buoyed by her obvious desire for him. She smiled, now able to see him completely, and she licked her lips at the sight of his hard cock, primed, ready to pierce her for the very first time.

“How do you want to do this?” he asked, climbing onto the bed.

“Right here, right now,” she demanded, opening her legs and pulling her panties slightly to the side to show him her little sopping vagina.

For a moment, he just looked at her – still amazed at his fortune, unbelieving, almost, that he was to take the cherry of this exotic young beauty. He returned her enchanting smile, and for a just a little longer, buried his face in her pussy, sampling her panties while they were still on – at source, you could say. He also couldn’t resist nudging aside her underwear and tasting her a little more, saturating his taste buds with her tangy juices. Katie did not object.

Then he kissed his way up her stomach, taking her tender nipples into his hot mouth again, making her shiver and tremble all over.

“Please, Jack,” she said as he moved up to kiss her forehead softly. “Do it now.”

“Do it?”

“Fuck me, please, fuck me now.” The teenage girl demanded.

He nodded silently, and climbed between her legs. Katie groaned again as she felt his hardness rubbing against her panties. Jack groaned himself as he felt the heated wetness of the exquisite high school girl’s pussy against his cock through the saturated cotton of her underwear.

With one hand, he reached down to guide the head of his cock past the barrier of her panties and up to the searing entrance of her vagina. He heard her catch her breath as his penis touched her pussy, lined up ready for the moment at hand.

He stared into her eyes, her beautiful, elfin eyes and there was a question in his expression. Silently, she nodded once. Yes.

Firmly, he thrust into her, pushing his cock between the strong muscles of her vagina. There was a moment of resistance, which made her wince slightly, but then there he was inside her, completely filling her tightness.

It was the most amazing feeling, being so connected to such a beautiful girl, and now he began to stir within her, and she reflected his movement with her own gyrations. The sensation of gliding up and down inside her – it was wonderful, immeasurable.

The world was revolving, and yet it was still. It was everything, it was nothing. The fire that surrounded their bodies and completely filled their bodies was all-consuming. Their breaths were so deep, so heavy, so strong, their muscles flexing as they moved together, their most private, sensitive parts so intimately connected.

They rolled over, so she was riding him like a cowgirl at a rodeo. From there, he could look up at her while she danced on his cock, and it was like he was imagining making love to a model from a magazine while he touched himself – but she was real! It was real.

Then they were turned over again, and she was lying face down on the bed, with him all over her, squeezing his hard cock inside her tight, wet pussy.

And when he sensed she was ready, her orgasm was not going to be held back, he took her up to the peak, timing his own peak so that his cry mingled with hers as they came together, her soft vagina shivering around his cock as it filled her with his hot seed.

“Oh Jack,” she said breathlessly, “that was incredible!”

“Now no touching,” she said, placing her hand over her pussy. “We have to allow it to seep out into my panties, huh? Before tonight, when the girls all come over.”

“Oh, right.”

“What, you forgot about that?” she giggled, hiding her mouth behind her hand.

“Well… I guess…”

And she asked: “You gonna be able to handle all of us together?”

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