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I had left Marie more than three months ago. It was clearly the biggest mistake of my young life—since I was sent back from the dead as a thirty-year-old. Eventually—a miserable wretch and desperate to see her again–I phoned from right outside her apartment. When she opened the door we stared at each other for almost a minute before she ran into my arms. We held each other so tightly for almost ten minutes and when we kissed I was positive I had made the right decision—it was the kiss of a lifetime. Marie had called my name and yelled, “YES! YES! YES!” when she answered the phone—the answers to any question I had for her. My last two questions were:

“Do you love me?”

“Oh, yes, George!”

On a roll, I played a hunch. Nervously I asked her, “Are you pregnant?”

Marie looked up at me, those marvelous violet eyes sparkling like never before. “Yes,” she whispered just before pulling me into yet another long sensational kiss.

Chapter 1

Eventually, I broke the kiss. I could have gone on forever, savoring her touch, but there were things we had to do, and there’d be plenty of time for kissing once we had returned to my home. I wanted Marie to come home with me in the worst way and she had said, “Yes!” I was thrilled but there was a lot to do and it was almost 10:30 in the morning so, if we wanted to be back at my place by this evening we had to begin soon.
Holding hands I walked Marie into her apartment, planning to organize the move, but Marie had it all under control. “I rented this apartment furnished so, other than a few personal items and the TV, it’s all staying here. I’ll need my clothes,” she started. Then, with that same evil smile forming on her face, she continued, “but, then again, maybe not! I have my pictures—they’re the only ones I have of my family—and, of course, my toys. We wouldn’t want to forget them, would we?” My grin matched hers.

Marie pulled her clothes from the closet and I carried them down to my SUV, a new BMW X5. I dropped the rear seats and then piled them in the back. Her clothes from her dresser were placed in bags—paper ones from the supermarket. Working together it took us almost two hours to get everything down, packed into the car, and the apartment cleaned.

“Do you have a car? “ I asked her. “Can you drive?”

Of course, I can drive. I have a license. Want to see it? I never needed to buy a car. Living here I’m only ten minutes from work by bus and everything I need is close by.”

“Well, you have a car now,” I told her, passing the spare keys to the Beemer into her hand.

“You mean this is mine? Can I drive now?” She was really excited, but I thought she should wait until we were on the open road before taking the wheel. I got in and we drove away.

Marie was checking out her key ring. “What are these other things?”

“The chrome-plated brass thing is to our house—it’s a special kind of key for the house and the security system both. The remote will open the gate and the garage, OK? I’ll show you how to do everything when we get there.”

“Am I going to like our house?”

“I hope so. Do you like noise or quiet and privacy?”

“I think that with you I’d like lots and lots of privacy—so we can fuck all day and go naked as much as possible. Will we be able to do that, George?”

“We’ll have plenty of privacy, Marie. I don’t think we’ll ever have to get dressed.” I pulled onto the interstate and soon we were hitting 70, heading northeast toward North Carolina and the beach. We had been driving for maybe an hour when Marie asked me, “How much did this car cost, George?”

“I don’t know, Marie—sixty-five, seventy, I think.”

“Wow,” then after a short pause she continued, “Are you really giving it to me?”

“Yes, Marie,” I replied, resting my hand reassuringly on her thigh. “I have a Ford pickup and a Porsche 911. I bought this especially for you. Don’t you like it?”

“I love it, George. It’s just that nobody ever gave me a present like this before. I’m having a hard time believing it.” Then after planting a kiss on my cheek, Marie whispered, “Thank you, George.” Even stopping for lunch we were home by six p.m. Marie drove the last hour, loving how nimble and responsive the X5’s twin turbo six was. I showed her how to open the gate and then the garage.

Hand in hand we walked into the house. Marie followed me into the bedroom. She pulled me into an embrace and a long hot kiss. Her long tongue wrapped around mine as her hands found my belt. In seconds my hard cock was out. Breaking the kiss she whispered, “Let’s take advantage of all that privacy, eh?” Then Marie literally ripped the clothes from my body before stripping herself—the shreds of my former clothes falling to the floor. She stepped out of her panties, her long slender legs, tight round ass, round firm breasts, and that delicious sweet pussy all just begging to be fucked, and pushed me back onto the bed. “Do you have any idea how many times I fantasized about this?” I shook my head “no,” overwhelmed with her beauty and sexiness. “Hundreds of times, at least, George–now I’m going to fuck you ‘till you drop.”

Marie fell on top of me, driving her hard nipples into my chest. She ran her wet slit up and down the sensitive underside of my erection making me harder and hotter. I had also prayed for this more times than I could count and now my dreams were coming true at last. Marie eased a bit forward, moving the head of my cock to her slit. She was oozing pussy juice at an incredible rate so when she moved back down I slid into her hot tight velvety tunnel with the greatest of ease. It was like we were made for each other! The muscles in her tight cunt gripped me like a circular vise, each squeeze delivering one incredible sensation after another.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…at…long…last,” sighed Marie. “You feel…so fucking good George—so very fucking good.”

“Yeah, well, you should feel it from my end. You feel…wonderful…fantastic…incredible. I could just remember how tight you are,” I replied breathlessly. Marie was on top so she was in control. Eyes closed, she remained remarkably still, breathing slowly, savoring the way I was filling and stretching her cunt. Slowly she began to move as her passion and her lust claimed reign over her body. Marie rocked, bending my cock within her muscular canal. I was in a playful mood so just after massaging her firm smooth breasts and rolling her hard nipples between my fingers I teased her, “I thought women always had to pee after a long ride.”

“It’s a matter of priorities, George,” Marie gasped, ” I do have to pee pretty badly, but I need to fuck you even more. I’ve peed several times already today. I haven’t made love with you for more than one hundred days.” Staring at me with those fantastic violet eyes she continued, “I haven’t had sex in all that time. I really need you now!”

“What would you have done if I hadn’t come back?”

“Do you have to ask that just now?” she grunted, “I’m almost ready to cum…and…it’s going to be a…really…OH, GOD!” She humped me hard three times grinding her clit into me with tremendous force, arched her back, threw her head up and screamed non-stop for almost a minute as her climax raced through her body like a tsunami through an oceanfront town. About half-way I felt a familiar surge up from my balls—I shot a huge river of cum into her womb. Five more times I drove deep into her as I drowned her pussy in my seed—I was still cumming like Peter North! Drained, Marie fell onto my chest as buckets of cum leaked from her pussy.

Lying on my chest as she recovered, I caressed her head, running my fingers through her long black hair. It was several minutes before Marie spoke, “George, I cried all night when you left. I will never know why I made you go.”

I gently stroked her head and kissed her forehead as I replied, “Marie, I started crying before I even left your bedroom. Maybe it was something we had to go through so we would know how much we really love each other. I don’t know why I left, but I know now that I’ll never leave you again. I love you more than anything.”
Marie raised her head and I could see that she was crying again. “Don’t worry, my darling, these are tears of joy—of elation. I’ve never been happier. I don’t care one bit for the money you won. I only want you.”
She moved back down to kiss me tenderly—lovingly. It was long and soft, and hot, but after a minute or so I broke it.

“Just exactly how badly do you have to pee? Don’t forget—I’m on the bottom here.” My smile was ear-to-ear and when Marie saw it she laughed.

“I think I’d better get up. I could stay here with you all night, but right now nature calls.”

Chapter 2

Marie returned to my side right after I heard the toilet flush. She seemed relieved (no pun intended). Marie snuggled up close, her arm over my chest, her leg over mine. I wrapped my arm around her as she laid her head on my shoulder. Her pussy was still leaking my seed. “I still can’t believe you came back for me, George, but I’m so glad you did.” I didn’t say a word; I just pulled her closer, if possible, before leaning up to pull her into a long hot kiss. Marie pushed that long tongue of hers into my mouth to wrestle with mine. Damn, this woman could kiss! We went on like that for almost twenty minutes before we broke at the same time.

“Wow,” I was breathing heavily. “Is this what I have to look forward to?” Marie gave me that evil smile in reply. We lay silently for quite a while until I heard my stomach growl. Marie laughed; I was embarrassed; Marie laughed again. She pulled me from the bed. ‘Do you have any food here?” I shook my head “no” before explaining that I ate out a lot.

Marie rose and walked around the bedroom several times before she entered the bathroom again. “I love your bathroom, George, and this shower is great. We’ll be able to shower together all the time.” She left, walking down the hall to the other rooms. I followed a few steps behind. As she checked out every room—the other bedrooms, the guest bath, the living room, kitchen, dining room, and, finally, the family room—I was checking out her fantastic ass and the cum dripping down her legs. Suddenly, she turned, placed her hands on her naked hips, and asked, “George…don’t you have ANY furniture? I’ve never seen so many empty rooms in one place in my entire life.”

I was tongue-tied, unsure what to say, so I figured the truth was the best. “I…uh…wanted to wait for you, Marie, and I was…uh…afraid you wouldn’t want me after all this time, so I didn’t know what to do. So, I didn’t do anything.” I had my head down, ashamed of my indecision, but Marie didn’t see it that way.

“George that is one of the sweetest things I’ve ever heard. I guess if I hadn’t come with you you’d never have anything, would you?” I shook my head “no” again. “Well,” she continued with a look of determination on her face, “I am here so I guess I’d better get busy.” She rushed forward into a wonderful hug as her perfect smooth skin rubbed against mine. She ran her mound and her silky smooth pussy lips up and down my leg.

“Again?” I queried.

“Not yet, George. We can wait until later, OK? I’m kind of hungry, too and if I have to listen to that stomach much longer…. I think we should get dressed, don’t you?” We dressed and in five minutes Marie was driving us to a nearby Italian restaurant in her new SUV. We ordered a large sausage pizza to go, and while she was waiting for it I bought some Pepsi 2-liters at a neighboring market. I got back just as she was walking out with our pie. It was only a few moments later that we were back home again. We sat in front of the TV as we ate and drank our fill although we paid more attention to each other than to what was on the screen. I was just about to stretch out when I felt a tug at my elbow. “It’s later now, isn’t it, George?” Marie all but pulled me into the adıyaman escort bedroom for an encore. I was barely there a few seconds when Marie suddenly dropped my shorts and boxers in a single motion. She removed my feet from my shoes and socks while she pulled my shirt over my head and pushed me back onto the bed. “Now, stay there, George! No moving, OK?” I nodded while she stripped before joining me on the bed. I reached out to massage her velvety smooth breasts, but Marie pushed my hands away as she moved down between my legs. “This one’s for you, George. I have something special in mind for you so lie back and enjoy it. You can pay me back later!”

Starting just above my asshole Marie licked up my balls to the underside of my stiff cock, over the top and down the other side; then she reversed, going back the other way. I groaned non-stop at what she was doing to me. When she came back to my helmet she swallowed me in a single gulp, taking all eight-plus inches into her mouth and throat. She didn’t stop until she was kissing my pubic hair. Using her mouth she fucked me hard, sucking and licking with that incredible tongue of hers. “Ohhhhh…Ma…rie,” I groaned after several minutes of this sweet torment. ”I’m getting close; I’m cumming.” I thought she would swallow as she had in the past, but at the last instant she pulled back, jerking me tightly with her surprisingly strong hand. My first rope of creamy cum shot more than two feet into the air before finding its way to my chest. Five more times I shot a thick arc of cum that landed on my stomach, abdomen, thighs, or chest. I was a mess by the time my orgasm had ebbed—my torso looked as though it had been covered with white frosting, like a toaster strudel, or a pop-tart.

Marie batted her eyes coyly. “Oh…George…I’ve been so naughty; just look what I’ve done. I think I should clean up this mess, don’t you? Maybe you should punish me if I don’t do a good job—a good spanking, perhaps.” She batted those long lashes at me, her violet eyes dancing. She stuck her tongue out and licked and licked and licked. She began on my thighs and moved her way north. When she had cleaned my legs and torso she turned her attentions to my withering cock. Using her tongue again she licked all around my helmet and, once she was sure it was spotless, she moved down to the shaft. Just to make sure she sucked me deep into her mouth. I say deep because by now all her attentions had made me hard again. Marie rubbed my ball sack while she slowly stroked my organ.

I was in ecstasy, but I had a job to do. I pulled her up and flipped her onto her back. I levered her long legs onto my shoulders as I leaned forward, pushing her ankles behind her head. My cock was poised just above Marie’s slit. I reached down, rubbing it into her, moistening it with her natural lubricant. It was only a second later that I eased into her satiny smooth tunnel. Marie moaned in her rapture as I pounded her pussy, driving my cock deep into her love canal, rubbing her G-spot going in and out, as I bottomed out on every stroke against her cervix. I was afraid of hurting Marie until she begged me, “Harder, George. Fuck me harder, please. I love it hard.” I pulled out until only my helmet was within her before driving into her. Again and again I rammed home, forcing my cock into that delicate rough spot just inside her tight pussy. I tweaked her nipples and massaged her mammoth firm breasts until Marie could take no more. She drove her hips up to meet me when her first spasm hit. She twitched and shook as her orgasm took over her body. On and on she went—one convulsion after another—until, finally, it passed. Marie was bathed in sweat; it pooled between her magnificent breasts. Marie panted and panted as she came down from her ordeal. I released her legs; she wrapped them around my waist; I fell to lie atop her chest as I engaged her in a long deep kiss.

“I want you to cum, George. Use me to cum. Make me your cum bucket, George. Drown my pussy in your cum.” On and on Marie encouraged me. First with her words, then with her body, she drove me to an incredible orgasm. Using her legs as levers, Marie pulled her hips up with my every thrust, creating the friction I would need to reach my orgasm. Faster and faster she moved with me until I was there. “Put it into my mouth, George; I want to feel your hot cum explode into my mouth.” She released her legs; I pulled out, moved forward, and shoved my slimy cock into her mouth. She swallowed my rod, tasting herself, just as I blasted my first river of baby cream into her throat. Marie jerked me with her long strong tongue as I shot repeatedly into her mouth. It was all she could do to keep up with my deposits, but, in the end, she swallowed every single drop. I fell beside her, pulling her into a hug and a long tender kiss.

I was thinking as we rested, loving the touch of her sensational skin against mine. “You know, Marie,” I began, “there’s a lot we don’t know about each other. I’ve told you everything I know, and it’s not much. It’s not going to make any difference to me, but I realized that I don’t even know your last name, or your birthday, or a lot of other things about you—like where you grew up, where you went to school….” I would have continued, but Marie shushed me by putting her finger to my lips.

“George, you obviously weren’t paying much attention to my name badge when you claimed your prize.”

“No,“ I responded with a smile, “I was checking out your hot body. Why?”

“Well, for one thing you would have seen that my name is Marie…Shaw—the same last name you have. I grew up right there in Columbia. I’m a home-grown South Carolina girl, although I had to take a lot of flak for leaving Columbia, the home of USC, to attend Clemson. I majored in business admin. I was born on June 25, 1986. I’m 25—almost 26. You know I have a sister—she’s four years older, married to an accountant, with two girls, so I’m an aunt. We’ve never been close; I told you she was in California—in Modesto. I went there once. I hated it, so I came back here to Columbia and I’m very happy I did. Otherwise, I would never have met you, George. Oh, one more thing, George—I’m a big Atlanta Braves fan.” I kissed her cheek, pulled up the blanket, and prepared for our first night together in our house.

Just before falling asleep I whispered, “I’m a big Yankees fan.” Now how did I remember that?

Chapter 3

We woke the following morning when the sun shone brightly into the bedroom. In our haste to make love we had completely forgotten to draw the drapes across the glass wall leading to our screened porch, the back yard, and the marsh beyond. Still spooning together, my arms around Marie, my hands caressing her hardening nipples and her satiny smooth breasts, Marie turned for a wake-up kiss. I protested mildly, claiming “morning breath,” but Marie was not to be deterred. She gripped my head, locked her fingers into my hair, pressed her lips to mine, and thrust her tongue into my mouth. There was no way to resist; I rolled her over to face me—to once again have those glorious breasts pressing against me, to feel that gooey sticky cunt against my thigh.

We kissed nonstop for almost fifteen minutes when I had to break it. “I gotta go,” I whispered into her ear. “Me, too,” Marie responded with a smile on her face. I pulled her from the bed and, being a gentleman, allowed her to use the toilet first. When I left the commode room I led Marie to the shower. This was something I loved about the house. The shower is 6 by 8 tiled on the walls, ceiling, and floor with an open doorway at one end. There are spray heads overhead on either side of a small opening skylight, at chest level, and again at leg level—fourteen in all. I set the thermostatic control by the doorway and a moment later we stepped into the hot spray. I pulled Marie into an embrace while the hot water ran over our bodies. We laughed as we rubbed our slippery skin against skin. I grabbed a bar of soap, turned Marie around and began to wash her back. Moving down I massaged her sensational butt, tickling her when I pushed my soapy finger up and down her crack. She stopped laughing when I gently slipped a soapy finger into her butt. “Ohhhh, George that feels so good. I love it when you do that to me.” She was getting pretty excited which was good, but, being pregnant, I didn’t want her to fall which would have been bad, so I stopped. She gave me a quizzical look, but nodded her understanding once I had explained. I kissed her tummy lovingly—the health of our child was much more important than fooling around–as we got back to the business of washing each other. Once I had cleaned her—the first time I had ever washed a beautiful hot pussy, Marie took over and washed me. I felt she took an awful long time washing my cock and balls, but I’d never complain.

I carefully led her back into the bathroom, making her stand on the rug while I lovingly dried her fantastic body. Once dry she wrapped a towel around her hair and pulled another from the rack to dry me. Still naked we walked to the living room, through the French doors to the screen porch, and sat taking in the beauty of the marsh and the dunes beyond. “Is that your dock?” Marie asked.

“Yes, it runs all the way into the ICW—the Intracoastal Waterway—and I have two boats out there in addition to a covered area where we can fish or just sit and enjoy the sunset.”

“Can we swim there, George?”

“Well, we probably could but I don’t recommend it. There can be a really fast current when the tide starts to ebb. A swimmer could wind up a mile away in no time at all, plus I hear there’s all kinds of debris on the bottom. I think it’s too dangerous, but we can go to lots of beaches, either in the SUV or boat.”

“Can we go out there now, George? I started to say, “Sure,” when I realized that we were still naked. We could easily be seen from a passing boat, or even by my neighbors. When I looked at Marie I could see she was thinking as I was—all her stuff was still in the X5. We began laughing at the very same instant. I gave her a quick peck as we walked into the garage to retrieve her clothes. Carrying them in I showed Marie “her closet”—a spacious walk-in with more than twenty feet of hanger space along three walls and shelves, drawers, and shoe racks along the other. Marie took one look and stood there in awe. “Uh, George, where are your clothes? Is all this just for me?”

I hung up the clothes I had carried in and showed her my closet a few feet away. Mine was by far the smaller and when Marie saw it she had to pull me in for another sensational kiss. I let her put her stuff away while I did the grunt work, knowing that she’d probably rearrange everything several times, at least. We put on shorts, tees, and sandals and walked hand-in-hand through the yard and out along the dock. We sat on the bench and talked—real stuff, not love or sex stuff. We agreed that Marie would hire a decorator to furnish most of our rooms; we would work on our baby’s room ourselves. That was a joy we wanted to share. I also insisted that she see a top-notch OB/GYN; I’d get some recommendations from the neighbor wives—one of whom had three teenage daughters. I knew there would be lots of questions about Marie, but I had thought all this out before I had brought her home.

We spent almost three hours there before we decided to take the Robalo—an 18-foot center console– for a ride. I returned to the house, filled a cooler with sodas—no alcohol for my pregnant lover—sandwiches, and snacks. I lowered the boat into the water. Having hydraulic hoists installed had been a great idea. The boats were kept out of the water where they couldn’t be damaged by wakes from boats—some of them quite large– that sped by. I carefully handed Marie into the seat next to the helm. I was going to ask her how well she could swim, but instead I just handed her a PFD. akkent escort She gave me a questioning look until I explained that our safety was a primary concern and there was always the chance of an accident. Just the previous week, I explained, a boater had struck a submerged log and been thrown from his boat. Even if she could swim I’d want her to wear a personal flotation device, just like the one I would wear. Fortunately, I had bought several that inflated automatically when they got wet. They were cooler and much more comfortable than the typical bulky life preserver. I cranked the engine and it started immediately. I stood at the helm while we cruised down the ICW at more than 30 miles per hour. The wind wrapped around the windshield, whipping Marie’s hair as she laughed from the exhilarating feeling. It took us about fifteen minutes to reach the inlet and another ten to reach Bird Island, not really an island any more, just the southern end of Sunset Beach which really is an island. I double anchored–one on shore, the other fifty feet out and let the boat drift on the current.

Cooler in one hand I took Marie by the other, and we went exploring. We walked barefoot through the shallow water at the shore from the inlet side out to the deserted ocean beach where we sat alone, ate our lunch and relaxed. I was lying back, digesting my sandwich, and taking in the sun when something blotted out the light. I looked up into Marie’s beautiful face. I grinned as I pulled her down for a fantastic kiss. Her long strong tongue explored my mouth as mine explored hers. I sucked on her lower lip, pulling it between my teeth. I felt rather than heard Marie groan as I slid my hands under her top. I was surprised, but pleased, to find that she wasn’t wearing a bra. I moved around to cup each breast, loving the firmness and weight. My hands adored the satiny smooth feel of her skin as I massaged each globe, teasing her areolas and nipples. Marie broke the kiss, pulled back looking at me lustfully.

She wanted me and wasn’t taking “no” for an answer. Seconds later my hard cock was in her hand as she stroked me slowly, just enough to drive me wild with desire. She lifted her hips to pull down her shorts and panties. I could see the tiny droplets of pussy juice glistening on her labia. Marie grabbed my cock again, brought the tip to her cunt and sat down, engulfing me in that torrid tunnel. Marie closed her eyes, held her breath, and arched her back. “Oh, George, I can’t believe how good you feel inside me. I love the way you fill me up.” She leaned down to show her appreciation; she pressed her lips against mine, forcing her tongue deep into my mouth. I massaged her breasts again, pinching her nipples. Soon she was so hot she had to move on my cock—so hot she craved release. Marie rocked like a woman possessed. Faster and faster; harder and harder she rammed her hot hard clit into me. Marie was breathing hard, panting from her exertions, so much did she want and need this orgasm. Marie was getting closer; so was I. I could see her eyes glass over. She was in another place mentally and physically. Her whole being was into the sex and the rising sensations of her orgasm. Suddenly the rocking—the gyrations—stopped. Marie’s breathing quieted. It was the lull before the storm. Just as suddenly she started to shake, small tremors at first, but growing with every second. Marie opened her mouth for a silent scream, remembering at the last instant that we were only yards from a public beach as her climax hit her hard. She convulsed repeatedly for almost a minute, shaking uncontrollably. She collapsed onto my body exhausted.

We lay there for almost thirty minutes while Marie recovered, my hard cock still slithering in and out of her pussy slowly. Eventually, she was able to dress and we walked back to the boat hand-in-hand. Minutes later we were on our way back through the inlet to our home.

Chapter 4

Ever look at something without actually seeing it, without recognizing it for what it really was? It came to me on about the fourth or fifth time that someone was sending me signals. The first time was when Marie and I went to the Hope School to make my donation. It was a cloudy day, but when we walked out of the school I noticed the clouds part, the sun shining down upon us. The second time was when I left Marie’s apartment. There was supposed to be a full moon, or close to it. Walking to my car I saw the clouds form in a cloudless sky and cover the moon. The next day clouds covered the sun all during my drive home—no matter which direction I drove in those clouds followed me. When I walked out with Marie en route to our home the clouds had parted and they had stayed away for the entire weekend. That’s when I knew that God was sending me a message—Marie and I were meant to be together. Someone much more powerful than me was controlling my destiny. I don’t know why I would be surprised; my entire life—my second chance at love and happiness—was due to divine intervention.

I couldn’t remember whether I was religious or not in my prior life, but after all that had happened to me so far in this one I knew that I definitely believed in a higher power. I resolved to live my life the right way—taking the absolute best care of Marie and our family.

Marie amazed me almost every day. She learned all the technological concepts dealing with our house, the security system, and her car in less than a week. She hired a decorator and coordinated all the work of buying furniture, carpets, and all the things that go into making a house a home. She employed a cleaning company, did our laundry, bought and cooked our food, and still found time to look beautiful and sexy every minute. The sex continued as it had been that first time together. We fucked and sucked each other several times every single day.

Marie also showed me her determination and perserverance in several ways. One night we had been too tired for sex so I went to bed in a T-shirt and gym shorts, my usual sleepwear prior to bringing Marie home with me. She climbed into bed with me, spooning in front. “Uh, what’s this I’m feeling with my butt?”

“Well,” I replied, “since we didn’t have sex tonight I thought I’d wear pajamas—my version of pajamas, anyway.”

“George, just because we didn’t have sex doesn’t mean we won’t, does it? If I reach out for you during the night what am I going to touch—you or some stupid cloth?” I got the hint, rose from the bed, and stripped quickly. Marie rewarded me by gently stroking my cock.

“Much better, George,” she whispered just before falling asleep, my cock still in her hand, “…much better.” She spooned against me and, just before we were ready for sleep she spread her butt cheeks apart and pulled my cock into the space. “If it’s still there in the morning I may have something special for you.”

“Unfortunately, it’ll almost certainly go soft by then and we’ll wind up on opposite sides of the bed,” I whispered as I wrapped my arm around her, just below her breasts. Marie immediately moved my hand—onto the breast and touching her nipple. “Now, that IS much better, George.” We fell promptly asleep.

I woke the following morning to a tongue pushing its way into my mouth. I opened my eyes to see a pair of beautiful violet eyes. “Guess where your cock was this morning? I’ll give you a hint—it was nice and hard and right where I wanted it to be. I think I owe you something.” With that she kissed me, her tongue exploring every part of my mouth. I had realized early in our relationship that even the worst morning breath was no deterrent to Marie so I moved into the kiss eagerly. Suddenly, Marie broke the kiss and pulled away, leaning toward her night stand. She returned a moment later with a bottle of lube. “I’ll do you. You get me ready, OK?”

She squeezed a big dollop on her hand and slathered it all over my cock. Then she turned away, presenting her rosebud for my attention. I lubed a finger, pressing it into her. A second followed a minute later. In another minute Marie had three fingers probing her butt. “I think I’m ready, George. Put it in me…please. Please, George…I need you now!” I rose and positioned behind her sphincter. I aimed for the small hole I knew would be there and pushed. Slowly and steadily I gained entrance—“popping” as my helmet passed the sphincter. Marie turned and nodded. She mouthed the words, “Hard—do me hard.” I reared back and drove deep into her bowel. Over and over I punched into her and when I reached under to tease her clit I thought Marie would jump through the ceiling. I rubbed in tiny circles as Marie pushed back, shuddered repeatedly, and fell forward, my cock ready to explode in her butt. Marie was completely drained but still she encouraged me to cum and I didn’t need much. She reached back to massage my balls. A gentle squeeze of her hand and butt sent me over the top. Hot white semen poured into her ass. It was over all too soon; I fell on top of Marie. Afraid of hurting her I started to slide off, but she stopped me, “Don’t you dare! I’m not made of glass, you know. Stay where you are. I love having you on top of me.”

Another example occurred one evening when I told her I wanted to watch a Yankee game on TV so she shooed me out of the kitchen right after dinner, explaining that she’d handle the clean-up on her own. She joined me about a half hour later, fresh from the shower, and wearing only her robe. Sitting on the other end of the couch she wriggled her feet in my crotch. When I glanced her way her neatly trimmed pussy glistened between her legs. I returned my attention to baseball but Marie wasn’t having any of it. She stood on the couch right in front of me, her dripping pussy inches from my mouth. I couldn’t miss her intoxicating aroma; I couldn’t resist just a taste. And that was it for the ballgame! One lick led to a slurp and one slurp led to another—and another and another. In seconds I was attacking that hot wet pussy with a passion. I would have licked her to an orgasm eagerly, but, to my surprise, Marie stopped me, flipped over, her head at my zipper. She turned to me for only a second, “Please hold me, George, so I can open this.” I held her hips while she exposed my cock. I got hard so fast it was throbbing with my pulse at almost a hundred beats a minute.

She held herself with her arms as my cock disappeared into her mouth. I attacked her cunt which was seeping juice now. Marie used her tongue to great advantage; running it around my helmet was driving me crazy with want and need. When she tickled my pee hole I was done—hot creamy semen erupted into her mouth. Over and over in a seemingly never ending river cum poured into her mouth and throat. Meanwhile I laid siege to her clit with my tongue and teeth. I sucked it between my teeth and tickled it with the tip of my tongue—it ignited an explosion within her body. Marie shook and trembled in my arms as she came repeatedly. I continued to suck as long as she continued to shake and I sucked for several minutes, at least.

Eventually Marie groaned, “Enough, George. Please stop. You’ll kill me with pleasure if you go on.” I released her clit, pulled her up, and took her into a long loving embrace. We rose some time later and headed for the shower. We were enjoying the hot water when I told her I had to pee. She grabbed my cock before I could turn to leave. Marie kneeled, directing my stream to her breasts. She rubbed the hot pungent liquid over her chest. When I was done she told me, “My turn, George.” I wasn’t crazy about it either way, but fair is fair. I kneeled to allow Marie to tinkle on my shoulder. Her pee ran down my chest and back. I had to admit her heat was pleasurable, but it wasn’t something I’d want to do every day. When Marie wanted something, she really, really wanted it. That was the kind of determination I would always admire.

Chapter gaziantep anal yapan escort 6

As I had promised I did speak to our neighbors about finding Marie a top doctor. It took several weeks to get an appointment and we only got that because Marie was now four months pregnant. Of course, I took Marie, feeling uneasy as almost the only male in a waiting room full of women, many very obviously pregnant. I was sure that Marie sensed my uneasiness; she squeezed my hand, pulled me close, and promised me many wonderful things once we got home as she kissed my cheek. Of course, there was paperwork to be completed—Marie’s name, mine, our address, insurance information, medications she was taking (none, thank God), and a whole host of other questions I considered mostly irrelevant.

Eventually, after almost an hour’s wait we went in to see the doctor—or so I thought. We saw a nurse who weighed Marie, took her blood pressure, pulse, and temperature, and had her change into one of those horrible hospital gowns. I helped her fasten those unreachable ties—didn’t these people ever hear about Velcro? We laughed when she asked if we knew the date of conception—“January 8 or 9,” we responded simultaneously. When the doctor finally arrived she went through the same questions that were on the form we had completed for what seemed an eternity before the exam finally started. In time we got to the ultrasound—the chance to actually see our growing child.

“What are you hoping for, Mrs. Shaw?” the doctor asked, making the obvious mistake since we had the same surname.

“I think I’d like to have a boy,” Marie responded as she smiled at me, surprising me because while we had not discussed this I assumed she’d want a girl.

“And you, Mr. Shaw?

I hesitated only a second before answering, “No doubt about it, I want a daughter!” Dr. Jonnson moved the device over Marie’s abdomen going, “Hmmmm…hmmm” several times. I thought it was like looking at ink blots or an old black and white TV with barely working rabbit ears as an antenna. When she rotated the screen to us she turned to me. “Well, Mr. Shaw, it looks like you’re getting your wish.” I was beaming until she continued, “And, Mrs. Shaw, it looks like you’re getting your wish, too. You’re going to have fraternal twins.” That’s when the room started swimming and everything went black.

When I opened my eyes I was lying on the floor, my head in Marie’s naked lap. She was stroking my face; I could see the concern etched on her face as the doctor waved smelling salts under my nose. I was still groggy as they helped me to a chair and the nurse brought me a cup of water. “Did I hear…?” I asked. “Did you say…twins?” I looked at Marie and she was nodding happily. I was still unsteady as I walked from the office.

“George,” Marie asked once she was again behind the wheel of her X5, “did you hear my last question to Dr. Jonnson?”


“I didn’t think so. I asked her how long we’d be able to have vaginal sex. She said it will depend on how the pregnancy goes, but as long as I don’t have any pain we can go almost until I’m ready to give birth. Isn’t that great? We can continue to fuck as often as we want, and I can always take care of you with my mouth, or ass, or even my hands, if necessary.”

“Marie, have I told you lately how much I love you? Here you are having twins and all you’re concerned about is taking care of me. I’m so lucky to have you. I feel like celebrating; let’s go out to lunch.”

“Well, George, I feel like celebrating, too, that’s why we’re headed home.” When I looked at her she had that fabulously evil smile on her face. Thirty minutes later we were pulling into the garage. Marie led me into the house and then to the bedroom. “George, you were so cute when you fainted. I wasn’t too worried until you fell and hit your head. Are you OK now?”

“Yes,” I replied with a grin of my own, “but I think I’d better lie down and get out of these tight clothes.” I took off my loose golf shirt and my baggy shorts to lie naked on the bed. I extended a hand to Marie. That was all it took. She had most of her clothes off by the time she reached me. In bra and panties she joined me on the bed. I pulled her into a long deep kiss as I ran my fingers through her long black hair. I broke the kiss and moved my attentions to her long graceful neck, and then to her shoulders, and then to her breasts. Like the rank amateur I was I struggled to remove her bra until Marie took pity on me, shrugging it off with a giggle in only a second. I took one of her hard hot nipples into my mouth. “I’m already envious of our children,” I whispered. “I’m going to miss suckling you.”

“I’m going to miss you doing it, too, but I’m sure you can find something else to suck. You can, can’t you?

“I think I’m headed there right now,” I told her as I moved farther down her body. I slipped her panties from her legs and found my objective—her delicious moist pussy. I moved between her long strong legs to stroke her silky thighs. I inhaled deeply, savoring her musky scent until I leaned forward to run my tongue up one side of her labia and down the other. Marie moaned and gasped repeatedly under my ministrations. Changing tactics I moved my tongue to the center of her slit to drink the pussy juice from her fountain. Over and over I slurped up her fluids. Moving up I teased her clit. It was hard as a pebble and oh so hot. I nibbled and sucked it between my teeth bringing Marie to a long and strong orgasm.

“Come up here and kiss me,” she ordered. I obeyed instantly. She kissed and licked herself from my sodden face. “George,” she cooed, “that was great but right now I need you to stick that great big cock into my tiny tight pussy. Lie on your back so I can climb on top of you. I did, and she did. Very slowly she lowered herself onto my erection. When she bottomed out she leaned forward, stopping inches above my face. Looking straight into my eyes she told me how much she loved me, and then she showed it by fucking me for more than an hour. She used her vaginal muscles to squeeze my cock as she milked me over and over. All told, I came five times—once for every one she gave herself.

“Enough, Marie, I love you and I love making love with you, but you’re going to kill me. I’d like to live long enough to see our children.” Marie stopped moving on my cock, but not removing it from her pussy as she laid her head on my shoulder. Not surprisingly, we fell asleep almost immediately.

Chapter 7

We had a lot of re-planning to do. One of the problems with twins is that when one wakes up he/she wakes up the other. Should we have them in separate rooms, or together in one? Should we keep our carriage and get another like it, or get a tandem? We would need another crib and all the supplies that go with it. How many additional blankets and outfits would we need? Oh—the joy of having twins! It turned out that I worried too much. Marie took all this in stride and in only a week or so she had it all straightened out.

Meanwhile I was making plans of my own. I took Marie with me when I went to get fitted for new golf clubs. She told me that she had never played, but she had been a successful softball and volleyball player in high school and she was incredibly coordinated and limber so I thought she might enjoy learning the game. Besides, it would give me the opportunity to show off my lover. I’d seen plenty of men’s eyes follow her at restaurants and shows. I loved being seen with Marie almost as much as I loved her, and that was with all my heart. I knew I’d never have anything to be jealous of. Marie loved me as much as I loved her—probably more!

Marie had once told me that she didn’t care about the money I had won and when I showed her credit cards in her name she proved it. She could have spent thousands on clothes, cosmetics, perfume—whatever she wanted. She used the cards to buy groceries, gas for the X5, and supplies for the babies—nothing for herself, even though she obviously was going to need almost a whole new wardrobe. If I hadn’t taken her shopping for these things I think she would have gone naked all the time. I loved seeing her body, especially her swelling belly, but there were times we had to go out in public. One of the things I insisted she buy was a swimsuit. We lived near the beach and I wanted to take advantage as often as possible.

In mid-May I suggested we plan to go to the local beach for the Memorial Day weekend—the official start of the season. Marie asked to wait to see how the weather would be. On Saturday morning I packed the car even though the skies were overcast. Marie balked until I told her I was pretty sure it would clear up after we got there. “That’s not what the weatherman says,” Marie countered.

“I have my own weatherman,” I told her, “and my weatherman reports to a higher authority!” Marie rolled her eyes, but nodded saying, “I can always read a book on my Kindle, George. If you really want to go it’s OK with me.”

We left for the municipal beach around 10:30, arriving about fifteen minutes later. The municipal lot was jammed so I went next door to the fishing pier, paying $10 for the privilege of using their lot. I carried our stuff over the dunes searching for an open spot. We eventually found one in front of a large group of women in their 30’s and 40’s. Golf widows, I guessed. Once I had set up the umbrella and chairs Marie applied lotion to my body and then invited me to do the same to her. Just touching her sensuous skin was usually enough to give me a raging erection and today was no exception. Marie laughed when she saw the tent in my suit. “Oh, George, if we were home I could do something about that. I’m sorry, but you’re going to have to wait until we get back there.”

“You’re well worth the wait, Marie. Now, at least, I have something to look forward to, don’t I?” I kissed her and we sat back to enjoy the day. We were relaxing and reading when Marie asked me, “What’s that, George?” pointing to a small plane pulling a large banner.

“Oh, that’s how a lot of restaurants and tourist attractions advertise around here. I remember that, don’t ask me how, from my prior life—you know, when I visited the area.” We sat in silence at the plane passed us, towing a banner for the Ripley’s Aquarium in Myrtle Beach. We went back to our reading until maybe a half hour later. “Here comes another one, Marie. I can’t quite make out what it says. Can you read it?”

Marie leaned forward, placing her Kindle into her bag. She stared at the banner for almost thirty seconds then she looked at me. She returned to the banner that everyone could clearly see read “MARIE, WILL YOU MARRY ME?” and when she turned to me again I was on one knee. “Well, Marie, am I going to have to ask you twice?” I could see tears come to her eyes.

“No, George, I mean yes. Oh, you know what I mean.” Marie dug her long slender fingers into my hair and pulled me into a long kiss as the women behind us started to cheer and applaud. It was at that exact moment that the clouds disappeared, bathing the beach in bright sunlight. We both noticed it and nodded at each other. Our marriage would be blessed in Heaven!

When Marie broke the kiss I dug into my pocket, retrieving a blue velvet-covered box. I pulled out a ring, her ring—a 2.5 carat solitaire in a platinum setting. I don’t know whose hand was shaking more—hers or mine—as I slowly slipped it onto her finger. “I hope you like it Marie. If you don’t I can get you another.”

“Don’t you dare, George Shaw; I love it and I love you.” The ring was just the right size, thanks to one I had recently “borrowed” for the jeweler. Of course, our new fan club had to see it, kiss Marie, and congratulate me. Being women they had immediately recognized that Marie was pregnant, but were thrilled when they learned she would have twins. Marie just had to tell them how I had fainted in the doctor’s office when I got the news—they laughed; I turned red until Marie leaned over to give me another sweet kiss.

On Tuesday morning we went to the town hall for our license and, after lunch, we returned to be married. It was by far the happiest day of my young life.

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