The Third Richest Man in the World

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I just touched Sid’s arm. He got the message immediately. “Sunglasses, skin-tight jeans, great ass…okay, Boss I’m on it.” His cell phone was out and he barked a few coded commands to the rest of his team. He’d get a photo with the phone and seconds later the entire team—four men, two cars, and a motorcycle—would cover her for at least a week, all without her knowledge. I’d review the file and make the decision to take her or not. At first glance my instinct was to take her. We’d have to find the right time and place, but that would come rather easily. We’d done it before—several dozen times.

I’m rich—filthy rich—richer than filthy rich. I made my money on the internet before diversifying into more than a dozen different industries. I’d tell you how, but then you’d know who I am and I can’t have that—not yet, anyway. Anonymity is important to me, especially when I tell you my story.

I was rich, a multi-billionaire sure, but what I really craved was the power to totally control another human being—to be able to control their every action and thought. What good is money without power? That’s how I came up with the idea. Using regular real estate resources I looked for and bought an island—15 square miles of lush tropical jungle in the South Pacific—well off the beaten trail where I could be alone. Well, not really alone, but I’ll get to that in a bit.

I brought in architects and engineers—men and women who knew how to keep their mouths closed. Primarily, these were construction companies who were accustomed to building facilities for the Department of Defense and NATO. Step one was the construction of a landing strip more than a mile long that could easily handle a Gulfstream G550, the interior of which has been modified to handle my special cargo needs.

My island has two major buildings—what I refer to as the hotel for my “guests” and the dormitory for my employees—as well as a number of smaller outbuildings. First, let me tell you about my employees. I have two pilots, of course, and aircraft maintenance personnel even though the bulk of my aircraft maintenance is done on New Zealand, approximately 2,500 miles away. I have all the personnel one would expect to find in a five-star hotel—everything from chefs to maids to masseuses to gardeners to maintenance personnel. They live in the dormitory which has all the comforts normally found in a four-star hotel. There is a high electrified fence that separates the hotel from the other facilities. There is only a single radio for communications to the outside world. It is in a small locked room in the hangar with only the Chief of Security holding the key. The telephone system has no outlet to the outside world. Only buildings on the island are reachable by telephone.

For the most part my employees are men and, since all of my “guests” are nubile and naked young women who are off limits to everyone but me, they have their own supply of women, all of whom work in one capacity or another. I pay them extremely well and also give them plenty of time off in either New Zealand or Australia, or even Japan to recharge their batteries and dip their dicks in as many cunts as they can handle. Only once did an employee attempt to seduce one of my “guests.” My chief of security is both loyal and effective; the man hasn’t been heard from since.

My “guests” each have their own suite of rooms complete with balconies that overlook the ocean and the reef that protects the beach from storms and sharks. The only thing missing from the suites are closets. There is no need; all my “guests” are naked at all times.

Many of my “guests” are unwilling at first. That’s to be expected since they have been kidnapped and drugged before being transported to the island. I select them carefully as I travel around the globe with my staff. However, I do compensate them for their stay at the rate of $1,000,000 per year.

Just last week I was touring the British Isles where I acquired two new “guests.” I was wandering through the ancient Roman Baths in the equally ancient city of Bath with two of my trusted assistants—Sid and Champ. I was reading one of the explanatory signs when I saw her. She looked to be mid-twenties, tall and slender; Mediterranean, I thought. Her breasts were a trifle small for my usual tastes, but she had great hips, washboard abs, and an ass that just wouldn’t quit. It was muscular and well-developed with an appetizing spread between her legs. We saw her again at several exhibits. A tap on Sid’s arm was all he needed. He followed her for almost two weeks, providing me with a complete report that would make the FBI or CIA jealous. She was taken from her flat in Kensington, about three blocks from the famous park just outside the City of London early on a Monday morning. The team went into her apartment at 3:01 a.m. and were out five minutes later unseen and unheard. Bianca had been chloroformed and placed into a black carry bag and taken to the van where she was injected with a strong sedative by Malcolm, a former U.S. Navy medic who would monitor her vitals all the way to the island.

My second guest was located in Edinburgh, Scotland while my team and I strolled down the Royal Mile from Edinburgh Castle toward Holyrood Palace. I never even saw her face, but she had the firmest ass I’d ever seen. Her short shorts ran up between her ass cheeks like they were a second skin. Champ followed her. Her name was Sheena, 19, a student, and a physical fitness nut. She was taken from her university dorm room. Her roommates never saw or heard a thing.

Bianca arrived on a Wednesday after flying half-way around the globe. She was sedated—unconscious—with Malcolm seeing to her the entire way. An IV of saline solution ensured that she was adequately hydrated. A catheter inserted into her bladder removed her liquid wastes into a sealed vinyl bag. She reclined on a special bed complete with belts and blankets to safeguard her. Once on the island she was rushed to the hotel lobby where she was met by Samantha as Malcolm injected her with the antidote. He was gone in the Land Rover seconds later and the integrity of the electrical fence was restored.

Samantha rubbed the young woman’s cheeks, encouraging her to regain consciousness. “Uh…where am I? Who are you?”

“One thing at a time, dear; I’m Samantha, but I answer to ‘Sam.’ You might call me a house mother even though I’m only a few years older than you. I’ll help you become acclimated to your new surroundings. I’ll explain everything, but, first of all, are you thirsty or hungry?”
“No…I just want to know where the fuck I am and how do I get out of here?”

“The best I can tell you is that we’re somewhere in the South Pacific on a privately-owned island. As for getting out of here…you will in a year, exactly 365 days from today, if that’s what you want. Before we do anything else you need to send several messages—one to your family and another to your employer. It will be easy. We’ll go into the studio and you can read from the script.”

“And, if I don’t?”

“You will, especially once I explain why you’re here and how much you’re being paid. You’ve been selected by the Master to be his sexual plaything. It’s quite an honor…believe me. There are nine of us here now, including you and one more new girl coming Saturday. That’s good because four girls are scheduled to leave soon. One of them, I think, will ask to be extended for another year.”

“You’ve got to be kidding—stay here voluntarily? Why?”

“Well, for one thing we live here in luxury—much better living conditions than any of us have experienced at home. We each have our own suite. We have haute cuisine chefs, maids, stylists, masseuses, you name it. And, of course, there’s the money—one million tax free U.S. dollars a year. I’ve left twice and both times I’ve asked to come back. Soon I’ll have enough to live the rest of my life in luxury or buy a small business, whatever I like. Let’s get the messages out of the way and then I’ll get you settled in.”

Samantha led the startled young woman into the studio. The technician showed her where to sit and how to read the teleprompter. “What we’re going to do is prepare a DVD. All you have to do is read the teleprompter and act sincerely. If you don’t we’ll be here until you get it right. Personally, I’m hoping you’ll be cooperative. I’m planning on getting laid this afternoon.”

“No…not you, dear,” Samantha laughed and explained. “The staff has their own women. You and the others here are strictly for the Master. You can always tell the staff; they’re the only ones permitted clothes. I’ll shed mine before we leave here and so will you. You’ll adjust to the nudity easily—we all do.”

Bianca looked down at her tee shirt and shorts, what she called her pajamas, then sat where she was led and ran through the script then read as instructed. She decided she was hungry and was hoping to eat soon. “Hi, Mama and Papa, I want you to know I’m okay. I’ve taken a new job and things here are kind of hush–hush so I can’t tell you where I will be working, but I can tell you that the salary is fantastic. I’ll be in touch in a few months. Bye…I love you both.”

“Okay, that was pretty good. Let’s just do it another time.” Bianca was upset, but repeated before taping a similar message to her former employer. She was about to leave the studio when Samantha reminded her to remove her clothing.

“It’s the rule, dear. Also, we’ll have to deal with your pubic hair. We have special treatments to remove all of it.” Samantha led the way, removing the few garments she’d worn for the official greeting then assisted Bianca with hers. Everything, including her shoes went into a bag that was labeled and collected by the technician. Bianca was astounded by Samantha’s body. Samantha was obviously somewhat older than Bianca was yet her body was incredibly fit and toned.

Samantha read Bianca’s mind. “Master requires that we work out regularly. Other than that we are pampered shamelessly. Let’s get a bite and then I’ll show you to your accommodations. I’m sure you’ll be pleased.” They walked across the lobby and into the hotel dining room. It was surprisingly small with seating for not more than eighteen people—three tables for four and one for six although there was room for a number more. Bianca was impressed by its opulence. They sat at a table covered with a spotless linen table cloth and set with genuine sterling silver cutlery and what she recognized as expensive bone china. Their chairs were upholstered in leather—the softest leather she had ever felt. The table overlooked the beach and a luxurious free-form pool where Bianca saw several other young women romping in the water. Like her they were completely naked and they were all incredibly beautiful and sexy. They looked as though they were having fun.

A uniformed waitress brought menus and if she thought there was anything strange about serving naked women she kept it to herself. The menu was quite extensive. “Everything is cooked from scratch here and the food is quite excellent. If we’re not careful we’ll all be as fat as a pig before long.”

“Does everyone eat here?”

“Only Master’s “guests” dine here—and Master, of course, when he’s here. We get three meals a day and we can also have English High Tea here in the afternoon. We can also get waitress service out on the beach or at the pool. We can have wine or beer if we like or even spirits, but we’re not permitted to get drunk. Several of us like to swim or run on the beach, but we’re always careful—the sun is especially strong here. There’s always one of us to help you with the lotion.

“Speaking of lotion I think we should address your body hair as soon as we finish lunch. I’ll help you with it and I think we can get Carrie to join us. She’s the redhead out there. She’ll need to come out of the sun soon, anyway.”

They ordered lunch–crab bisque and the cold lobster salad. Both ordered iced tea to drink. The soup was excellent in Bianca’s opinion, but the lobster salad was just outstanding with large succulent pieces of cold Maine lobster atop a bed of fresh lettuce, tomatoes, and multicolored sweet peppers that was lightly doused in balsamic vinaigrette. Bianca couldn’t recall such a delicious meal except, perhaps, when her parents had taken her out for some celebration. She knew the meal was over when Samantha rose from her chair.

Together they walked down a set of steps and outside. “Carrie,” she called, “time you were out of the sun, I think. Come over and help me with the new girl.” At that the entire group jumped up and ran in their direction. Bianca was stunned by their beauty and overt sexuality. Could she compete with these vixens? Apparently someone thought so. Was it the Master? She wondered as the other women introduced themselves. She also wondered how they could be so relaxed after being kidnapped.

Together they walked into the building and down one additional level. Carrie brought over a pair of leather handcuffs, telling her, “Not to worry—we’ve all done this at least four times. These are for your protection. You definitely don’t want this stuff in your mouth or eyes.” Bianca allowed herself to be handcuffed and watched silently as her cuffs were attached to a cable suspended from the ceiling. Seconds later she was secured, her legs separated and held in place with sturdy ropes.

Again Carrie approached her. “Two other important objects—a bathing cap and a blindfold; this stuff is strong. It’ll remove all your body hair and after a few other treatments it will be permanent. What a joy not to have to shave your legs or pits. Marie and I will help Sam so it will go faster for you. You’ll find the solution burns a bit, but nothing serious. We should be done in about fifteen minutes. Just try to hold perfectly still…okay?”

Seconds later Bianca felt three sets of hands rubbing a gel or lotion over her skin. Carrie had been right—it did sting a bit, but after ten minutes it was hosed away carrying her hair with it. “One more treatment, Bianca, to neutralize the gel then a quick rinse and we’ll dry you off.” Bianca stood completely still as the neutralizer was applied. She felt better—cleaner—once it was done.

She waved good-bye to Marie as Sam and Carrie accompanied her up the stairs. “There are no locks on the doors, Bianca. We have no need. Here is the bayan escort gaziantep storeroom for hair care and cosmetics. You simply help yourself to what you need. If you want to try something else as an experiment, that’s okay, too.” Bianca was amazed as she saw literally thousands of dollars of cosmetics sitting on the shelves. “Remember, Bianca how I told you we were pampered shamelessly? This is just one example.”

They moved to the next closet. It was filled with all kinds and brands of sandals and sneakers. “These are the only clothes we’re permitted. I have eight pair. Retail they’d run almost $5,000, but here they’re free. You can help yourself. I already know that we have your size.

“Finally, your quarters—you’re right between Carrie and me in number nine. It’s been empty for the past year and I know Master had it upgraded only a few months ago.” Sam opened the door and stepped aside to allow the astonished girl to enter. The floor was covered with a thick mauve carpet. Bianca had never seen a thicker carpet. The room was large, maybe twelve by seventeen with a couch and three upholstered chairs spread around a large flat-screen TV and DVD player; there were bookcases with an assortment of reading materials. The far wall was all glass overlooking the beach and lagoon. A door to the right led to the bedroom. Was this where she’d be expected to entertain the Master? There was a queen-sized bed along the far wall with night tables and a clock radio, but there were no closets and no dresser or armoire. The glass wall extended from the living room across the entire wall of the bedroom, too. To the rear was the bathroom which was as sumptuously appointed as the rest of the apartment. “Fuck,” thought Bianca, “this is nicer and bigger than my flat—by far.”

Sam opened the linen closet. Inside were an extensive collection of towels of all kinds. One shelf held a variety of sunscreen products. Under the marble vanity were tampons, toilet tissue and boxes of facial tissues. A hair dryer was suspended from the wall as was a make-up mirror. The drawers held an electric toothbrush exactly like the one in her flat and several tubes of her usual toothpaste. The other drawer held boxes of her birth control pills. “Don’t forget to take them, dear. You’ve been tested negative for STD’s and I can guarantee that the Master is, also. He hates to use condoms and he’ll be furious if you become pregnant. Okay, I’ll leave you now to get used to things. We’ll have dinner at eight. It’s usually a great time to get to know the others. Oh, yeah—throw the used towels in the hamper. The maid will take care of them daily.”

“We have a maid?”

“Yes, dear—remember how I told you we were pampered? You’ll see how much over the next few days. Master will be coming for several weeks on Saturday with the other new girl. You’ll be his first this visit. The others will be so jealous.” Samantha kissed Bianca’s cheek and left.

Bianca’s head was swimming as she sank onto the luxurious bed. “Damn,” she thought, “this might work out okay after all. I wonder what Master is like.”


Half the world away Sheena Reynolds had just finished brushing her teeth and was ready to climb into bed. She hoped she’d be able to fall asleep. There was a big exam tomorrow and she hadn’t studied—not even a little. Instead she’d gone out to a pub for a pint or two. Actually, it had been three and she’d had to pee all night, but it was worth it to meet that hunk Michael Smith, the grad student from Oxford. Maybe she’d be able to hook up with him over the weekend. She wondered idly how his hard cock would feel in her tight little pussy. Oh shit, she had to pee again.

Unseen within the anonymous white van Champ and his crew reviewed their plans—pick the cheap dorm locks, use the pins to knock out the two roommates, and chloroform the acquisition. Malcolm already had the sedative and other equipment at the ready. Champ checked his watch—12:27. He sat back and relaxed; it would be along night.

They moved at 3:13. There had been no activity in the area for more than an hour other than the routine sweep of the campus cops. Champ knew from experience that they wouldn’t be back until after five. The three members of the team ran silently across the lawn. The main door was locked, but they had opened it three times before during rehearsals so it presented a delay of less than thirty seconds.

Their crepe soles were silent as they moved up the two flights of stairs. Champ opened the stairway door silently as he checked for activity. Seeing none they moved quickly to number 224 where the lock again presented no obstacle. This one also had been opened before; the three men had been inside the mini-suite, as well. They knew where Sheena slept and were ready. His partners readied the thin hypodermic pins which would knock out the roommates for as much as ten minutes. It was unlikely that they’d even wake up, but why take chances? Champ removed the chloroform-drenched cloth from the plastic bag at the same instant the roommates were “pinned.” She felt nothing as she was lifted into the carry bag. They were gone in seconds—down the stairs and across the lawn into the van where Malcolm awaited them. Sheena was laid out carefully and prepared for flight before the van eased out slowly into the street.

Unlike commercial aviation where security is extremely tight, general aviation security is virtually non-existent. Sheena was loaded onto the plane without incident or delay. The Gulfstream rose into the sky at 6:35 a.m., exactly on schedule en route to Berlin where the four team members would be reunited with their boss. The trip, approximately 12,000 miles, would take almost twenty hours in the air, but somewhat longer due to refueling and rest periods for the pilots. Estimated time of arrival would be Saturday morning at 9:25 a.m. local time. It would be Saturday night in Scotland.

Bianca had met all the other women at dinner. She was amazed at how easily she fit into the group. She was also a bit self-conscious about the size of her breasts. She was barely a B-cup while all the others were either a C or D. Recognizing her concern Marie commented, “Mine were even smaller than yours when I first came here, Bianca. Master had them enlarged for me. He said it was my decision. I think he’ll do the same for you if you ask him, but, of course, you’ll have to take care of him, too if you get my drift. Personally, I think they’re cute and they fit your body so well. You’re so lucky to go first.”

“Yeah,” the others cheered, “you’ll probably have him more than the rest of us put together. He’s going to love that sweet ass of yours.” Bianca turned red with embarrassment.

“What’s he like?” She was obviously nervous.

“Ladies…enough of this conversation; let Bianca learn from her own experiences. I think it’s obvious that we all love Master, Bianca. He may have kidnapped us, but I don’t think that any of us regret it, do we?”

“Hell no!” There was a chorus of cheers that lasted several minutes. Eventually things quieted down and Stephanie spoke, “I’m going home over the weekend, but only because I’m engaged and he refuses to wait any longer. I can’t wait to see his face when he sees my bank account. He thinks I’m marrying him for his money.” That evoked a chorus of laughter, even from Bianca. The more she thought about it the more she felt thankful that Master had picked her.

After dinner Bianca joined several girls in the gym. There were twenty pieces of equipment with only the eight of them. Several she recognized from her regular workouts at Gold’s Gym back home. She began to understand more fully Sam’s remarks about being pampered shamelessly. She returned to her suite around ten, showered and washed her long black hair. She sat on the balcony overlooking the moonlit ocean while she brushed her hair thoroughly. She set her alarm for seven and fell asleep almost immediately, praying not to God, but that she’d be able to please her Master.


I always looked forward to visiting the island. Who wouldn’t want the opportunity to fuck a group of hot horny women? This time I would have two new bodies to experiment with. I would have an enjoyable visit. I’d miss Stephanie. Dear God what that woman could do with her tongue.

I stretched as Alonzo, my cabin steward and personal assistant, served my breakfast. I ate slowly and checked with Malcolm as to Sheena’s condition, “How’s she doing, Mal?”

“Perfect, Boss. Her heartbeat and breathing are right in the center of the grid. Damn, she is really a beautiful woman.”

I got up from my seat and took a closer look. “Yeah, she is and that’s one tight little body. This is the first time I’ve seen her face other than the photos Champ took. How much longer, Dan?”

Dan Seymour had been an ace pilot in the USAF before trying his luck with a major commercial line. He had chafed under what he considered ridiculous rules and restrictions. He jumped at the chance to work for me, bringing one of his buddies, Chad, along with him. He now earned three times as much working for me. Sometimes he went weeks without having to fly, as he would once we reached the island. Other times we’d fly practically non-stop for almost a week. Now he checked his instruments before replying. “Should be about an hour if we beat that big storm. Add another thirty minutes if we hit it.” I stripped and stepped into the bathroom where I shaved and showered. At six feet two inches and 185 pounds I hadn’t gained even a pound since college. Alonzo had clean clothes—golf shirt, tan microfiber shorts, and Merrill sandals. I added my Omega dive watch and was ready to meet my newest acquisition. I’d leave Sam to manage Sheena until I was ready for her.

Dan brought the Gulfstream in for a smooth landing. The Land Rover was waiting as we pulled into the hangar. I wanted to hurry up to the hotel to save Sheena a soaking. We pulled up and had removed her litter just before the downpour hit. All my girls ran up to greet me, but one held back. I parted their ranks and extended my hand. “Hello, Bianca; there’s no reason to be shy. You do look good enough to eat.” Bianca blushed; the others laughed. That was exactly what I had in mind. I took her hand and led her up to my suite.

My suite was the only one with a lock. It was centered on the third floor and, including the dining room and small kitchen, was about double the size of the women’s accommodations. I led Bianca in and closed the door. I turned to her and pulled her to me. She looked up. She was nervous, but not afraid. “Tell me about your first days here. Are you pissed off about being kidnapped? C’mon, you can be honest with me. I respect honesty, even when I’m being criticized.”

“Well, I was pissed off at first, mostly because I had no idea what to expect. Then I saw how considerate you were, you know, sending a message to my parents and all. Then I met the others. They seemed happy to be here and they welcomed me like I was a member of their family. I loved the food and my suite…. Did you ever see my flat?”

“I’ve seen photos.”

“Well, basically it’s a dump. It’s a one-room studio not even as big as my lounge now and the furniture is all junk. I was making about 13,000 pounds a year as a store clerk and barely getting by. I’ve done a lot of thinking over the past two days and I think I’ll like it here. I have been doing a lot of praying.”


“Yes, praying that you’ll like me and that I’ll be able to satisfy you.”

I laughed and laughed. “I wouldn’t worry too much about that. I’ve already told you that you look good enough to eat. You’ll find that I’m always honest. I have no reason to lie to you, do I?”

“I guess not. You’re subtle about it, but I already know that you control everything here…including me. Are you going to fuck me now?”

“Pretty soon, but first I think we should kiss a bit.” I pulled her face up to mine for our first kiss. Her lips were soft and plump. She hesitated a bit at first, but that was to be expected. It was less than two or three seconds though before she threw her soul into it. Our tongues dueled fiercely as our lips mashed together; it was raw animal passion. I knew I had her when she ground her cunt into my thigh. I broke the kiss and looked down at her for several seconds.

“Wow, Master…you’re a great kisser.”

I looked down at my thigh. There was a large wet spot on my shorts. I chuckled as I said, “And you’re leaking.” She turned the most delightful shade of red. I turned away taking her hand and led her to my bedroom. The blankets and sheet had been turned down as they always were on my visits. “You won’t mind if I wait on the fucking a bit, will you? I just have to taste you.” I laid her onto the side of the bed while I removed my shirt and shorts. I never bothered with underwear on the island—just one more thing to get in the way. I knelt before a woman who could best be described as a slave and applied my tongue to her pudenda.

One of the primary reasons why my women were always hairless was to expose their labia. I’d always found the look particularly appealing. It was never more appealing than this very moment. Bianca’s scent was intoxicating. I could see myself spending many hours lapping her nectar. I began with her thighs; they were so soft and silky even though there was probably almost zero fat there. My gentle kisses helped her to relax. I moved to her core at a snail’s pace. She almost jumped when I first nuzzled her labia. They were red and swollen in anticipation. I always loved to combine licking with sucking and a little nibbling. I wouldn’t hurt her, but the thought of teeth on these delicate tissues was something many women loved.

I stayed there for almost ten minutes before venturing into her tunnel. My tongue scooped juice as it literally poured from her. I marveled at her tightness as I sought and found her rough-surfaced G-spot. The merest touch was enough to set off her first orgasm, but I wasn’t even close to finished. I pulled back a bit to examine her clit. It was surprisingly large and it was fully engorged. Best of all there was no bush for it to hide in. I loved what I was seeing in Bianca; she had incredible potential.

My technique for clits cim cif gaziantep escort was simple; suck it between my teeth and gnaw it until my partner could handle no more, then continue for at least another minute. That’s what I did now. Poor Bianca almost jumped off the bed when her bud squeezed between my teeth. She must have shaken for five minutes until I felt her massive orgasm traverse her body. She lay still—sated—when I released her. I gently lifted her body onto the bed and crawled in next to her. I held her close while she recovered.

I stroked her hair and kissed her cheek repeatedly. Her eyes were glassed over. Eventually she was sufficiently lucid to speak. “Why? Why Master? I thought I was supposed to take care of you.”

“You are and you will, but all work and no play makes Bianca a very unhappy employee. Do you think the others would greet me so eagerly if all I ever did was force them and take from them? Can you stand and walk?”

“I…I think so.”

“Good, I’ll help you—let’s hit the Jacuzzi.” My arm around her shoulder I walked her outside onto the balcony. Several of the others looked up and cheered when they saw Bianca’s condition. I just waved as I helped Bianca into the tub, started the aerator, and joined her. I called down to the kitchen and ordered a chilled bottle of Chardonnay and two plastic glasses. Alonzo delivered it in minutes along with a tray of shrimp and lobster cocktail. I encouraged Bianca to help herself.

I relaxed in the soothing bubbles until I felt Bianca slide herself next to me. She leaned over and initiated a long sexy kiss. Her hand found my cock hard and eager. “It’s so big, Master. I hope it will fit.”

“Perhaps we should wait until we have some lube.”

“No, Master—I want you now. I need you now.” She rose and turned, sitting on my legs as she slowly impaled herself on my cock. There was an incredible look of euphoria on her face as I disappeared into her slender body. I’ve fucked dozens of women, but nothing like this. Bianca was, by far, the owner of the tightest pussy I’d ever known although I had very high hopes for Sheena whose hips and ass were even smaller than Bianca’s. She wrapped her arms around my neck as she began her ride. Slowly, she began to rock. Back and forth she moved, rubbing her clit into me in both directions.

I placed my hands on her butt, using my strength to pull her onto me. I marveled at her butt cheeks. They were firm and muscular and round. I could sense the power in her. I thought at the time that she could probably fuck all day without tiring. All I’d have to do was keep up with her. I focused on her breasts. Already I had learned of her dissatisfaction with them. Personally, I thought they were perfect on her. I tried to show her by massaging them and rolling her swollen nipples between my fingers. Once they were sufficiently hard I leaned down to suckle, freeing my hand to rub and pinch her clit.

Sex in the Jacuzzi was fun, but I knew then that I’d want to see Bianca in action, preferably in my bed. I had rarely seen any woman work my cock as hard as Bianca was doing now. She bent it in directions I’d never even imagined and the impact was obvious. I groaned under her assault like never before and just as I was ready I pinched her clit and twisted it more than ninety degrees. Her head went back as her back arched. Her scream was unworldly; it went on and on until she collapsed into my chest. I held her tightly until I called for Alonzo. He appeared in seconds with a huge bath sheet which he wrapped around her barely conscious body. I dried myself—yes, I actually do that sometimes all by myself—and carried her to my bed. I laid her carefully in the middle and climbed in next to her. I held her closely, warming her with my body until she began to stir.

She looked lost when she opened her eyes then she blinked a few times and seemed to recognize where she was. “I thought I was taking care of you.”

“You were and you did…magnificently. I haven’t cum like that in ages. Thank you.” I leaned over to kiss her nose. I rolled onto my back and pulled her onto my chest. “Why don’t we rest for a bit? It’ll be lunch time in about an hour. Alonzo will let us know.”


“Yes, he’s my personal assistant. He does everything for me.” She raised her head as if to question me. I laughed. “Okay, not quite ‘everything.’ That’s why I have you and the other girls.” She pouted when I said “other girls,” but I continued. “Don’t forget other than Sheena who came in this morning they’ve all been with me for eight months or more. They all feel the same way. They’ve learned to share. Can you?”

“I…I don’t know. I’ve never met anyone like you before. I don’t think I’ll like it, but I’ll try.” She hung her head, but I lifted her chin for a quick kiss.

“Let’s just rest. Why don’t you tell me about your first few days here?” She lowered her head to my chest and told me everything from her confusion when she was revived to her surprise at being welcomed by the other girls. She rambled, but that was okay; eventually she covered almost everything and then she began to tell me about her life. I already knew almost all of that from Sid’s report.

It was just after noon before we knew it. I had refrained from touching her sexually all morning, but now I put my hands on her hips and ran them up and down her fine ass, spending an inordinate period of time on her crack. My finger toyed with her pucker and when I moved my hand even lower I found her wet—again. “Leaking again, I see.”

She pushed her hand between our bodies. “Hmmm, hard again.” I looked into her eyes. They sparkled in the dim light as I moved up for our kiss. Her tongue wasted no time finding its way into my mouth; her sweet lips pressed into mine; her hands gripped my head with a strength I hadn’t experienced in years. I lay back on my bed as I prepared myself to be fucked.

Bianca lifted her body to give my cock some freedom of movement. I found her movements funny. She wanted me in her, but her hands were tied up in my hair. Finally, I took pity on her and moved my cock into her slit. Once there she knew what to do with it. I was balls deep in seconds—that’s how wet she was. The earlier sex in the Jacuzzi had been raw savage lust. Now it was more like lovers’ sex—slow and easy as though we had all day and night to be with each other. We did, but she didn’t know that. All the same I found the experience exhilarating. The sensations she gave me were intense. I only hoped I was doing as well by her.

Our motions changed subtlely, but definitely as our passion grew. They were faster, more frenetic—less coordinated. Our coupling was soon to end. In seconds we were rutting like wild animals in heat. I rose up and flipped her over, lifting her feet to my shoulders as I did. It was the first time I’d taken the lead role in our congress and she loved it. In this position I rammed into her G-spot with every single thrust. I felt her muscles clench around my organ as her orgasm began. Spasm after spasm rolled through her body. Her eyes were glassy and unfocused. Her hair hung in sweaty strings in spite of the air conditioning. I pumped into her three more times before my balls moved up close to my body and my cock blew. Five straight times long thick ropes of slick white semen erupted into her. It ran from her cunt once my cock had softened and slipped from her body.

We spent almost twenty minutes recovering before I led her to the shower. “Everyone will know we’ve been fucking,” I told her. “There’s semen running down your leg.”

She looked at me for a few seconds and laughed, “I think they’ll know that anyway.” She kissed me as I grabbed the soap and began to wash her sensational body. Bianca looked amazed. “You’re nothing like what I imagined. I thought you’d rape me or fuck my ass.”

“I will fuck your ass, but when you’re ready and when you want it.”

She laughed again then whispered, “You can have it now. You don’t even have to ask.”

“Actually, I may want it now, but I’m not the ‘Man of Steel,’ you know. C’mon, I can use some lunch.” We dried each other and I dressed while she brushed and combed her hair. We walked downstairs to the dining room a few minutes later. Of course, all the other women were waiting. Meals were not served until I was present and seated.


Carrie rushed up to Bianca, “Well? How many? I’m pretty sure we heard a couple of screams. C’mon, tell us!”

Bianca looked to me for permission. “You might as well; there are few secrets when it comes to sex around here.”

“Three for me and two for Master; he’s a fantastic lover.”

“Hell, we already knew that. Tell us how.” Bianca entered into a brief, but accurate description of our morning’s adventures. That was when I first noticed Sheena. She was sitting apart from the group, her arms clenched around her body and a huge scowl on her face.

“Giving you problems,” I asked Samantha.

“Nothing but. We needed four of the girls just to restrain her for the depilatory.”

I left Sam and walked over to where Sheena was sitting. “I’m pleased to see you’re okay after your long journey.”

“Fuck you! I know you’re going to rape me so—please—spare me the so-called manners. I hate you. You’ve ruined my life.”

“First of all, I haven’t ruined your life. I’ve enhanced it, and I have no intention of raping you. When the time comes you’ll give yourself to me willingly and eagerly.”

“That will never happen. You know nothing about me.”

“Actually, Sheena I know almost everything about you: Sheena Elizabeth Reynolds, born August 2, 1994. Your mother is Elizabeth Markley, but she goes by Beth; she’s 37. Your father deserted her before you were born. Her parents wanted her to have an abortion, but she refused. They haven’t spoken to her since. Now, I will continue, but only in private. If you want to tell everyone about your life that’s okay, but I’m not going to do it.” I reached down to her, but she refused my attentions. The other women were appalled.

“You’re not being very smart, Sheena. Remember that my word is law on this island. I would like to speak with you in private—that’s all. Will you please accompany me to my suite?” I extended my hand. She took it this time and walked with me. “Alonzo, we’ll eat in my suite. Please see to it that my other guests dine immediately.”

I sat on the couch once we were in the suite. Not surprisingly, Sheena chose one of the chairs. “Now to continue: your mother has had a difficult time of it raising you and working with virtually no help. You work part-time to supplement your university scholarship which barely covers your expenses. Of course, things would be better for you if you studied more instead of drinking beer and chasing gay graduate assistants.” That got her attention immediately.

“What do you mean? Why would I have an interest in someone who’s gay? Ewww!”

“Well, you might if you didn’t know he was gay…like Michael Smith, for example.” I turned on the TV. Sheena was immediately taken by the video.

“That’s ‘Tron,’ the bar in Edinburgh where we like to hang out.”

“Yes, and that’s you chatting up Mr. Smith. You certainly do enjoy a pint or three. I’ll just fast forward a bit. Ah…here we are. You’re leaving in one direction and he’s going the other. One of my men followed him. Notice the man in the shadows.” She did as they hugged and kissed. I turned the set off so we could speak again.

“That fucking bastard!”

“If it’s any consolation he prefers being on the receiving end.” Sheena smiled for the first time and actually laughed.

“Your mother has already received your message and she was told she could send you one at the end of next week. The courier will pick it up from her on Saturday morning. She’ll tell you how she met a charming gentleman at a tea shop and how he liked the sound of her voice. He offered her a job to do inside sales—calling repeat customers for supplies and equipment they use regularly. She will be given three of the company’s best customers and she’ll clear more than 20,000 Pounds Sterling a year after taxes so you know her gross earnings will be closer to forty.”

“How could you know all this?”

“She didn’t meet that man by accident. He works for me and now she does, too. She won’t miss the meager sums you used to send her. In fact, she won’t need anything for as long as you’re with me and probably not for many years after either. I’m sure you’ve already been told that your salary is a million tax free U.S. dollars a year. Your money worries are over. Now…shall we eat?” I extended my hand and this time she did take it.

“I still have trouble believing that everyone is so eager to fuck you. You must have to force them.”

“Okay, I can understand; it’s hard to believe so…how about a demonstration?” I picked up the phone. Alonzo answered immediately. “Alonzo, please ask Carrie and Stephanie to join us at their convenience.” I hung up and helped Sheena into her seat at the table. There was a knock on the door a few seconds later.

“Did you want us, Master?”

“Yes, thanks for coming so promptly. Sheena thinks I must have forced you to have sex with me.”

Stephanie has always been a thinker. “I can see how someone might think that, but they’d be wrong. You heard Master tell Bianca that there are few if any secrets here when it comes to sex. I’ve never even heard of anything like that. I know he never forced me to do anything.”

“Me either, Sheena.”

“Why do I bother to dress when you’re all naked?”

“That’s easy,” they chimed in together. “If we saw you naked we’d be all over you in a second.”

I turned back to Sheena. “Need more? A real demonstration?” I could see her hesitate. “I have to admit, Sheena that I cheated a bit. I know Carrie and Stephanie very well so I can tell you exactly what they’ll say in answer to my next question. In fact, I’ll write it for you.” I retreated to my desk for a few seconds. I passed a folded sheet of paper to Sheena before addressing my two ladies. “Okay, Steph if you could do anything you wanted right now, what would it be?”

“Suck your cock.”

“And, Carrie what would your choice be?”

“Fuck my ass.”

“Surely, cinsel bilgiler you don’t mean that.”

“Oh, yes I do. You know how much I love you in my ass. Please don’t tease me, Master.”

“Sheena, what did I write?”

She opened the paper and her eyes went wide as saucers. “Suck your cock. Fuck my ass. But…how?”

“Carrie’s year with me is almost over. She’s opted to stay at least another. What salary did you demand, Carrie?”

“I told you I’d do it for nothing. You don’t have to pay me a penny, but…please fuck my ass.”

“Very well, I’ll give you both what you want. Steph, you can get me ready and, Carrie, I’ll get you ready.” I stood, spreading my arms and legs. Carrie stepped forward to remove my shirt while Stephanie unbuckled my belt and pulled my shorts from my body. I grabbed them both and kissed them even as Steph slipped to her knees to take me into her mouth. Carrie joined her a second later.

Sheena looked on shocked and amazed. “They enjoy sharing me,” I laughed as each took one side of my cock to stimulate it to rock-hardness. We all laughed as I brought them up to another kiss before I led the three into my bedroom. “Carrie…over here on your hands and knees.”

“Oh, goodie…doggie. I love doggie.” I moved up behind her, rubbing some lube into her anus and stretching her with my fingers. “Steph, why don’t you get under Carrie and….”

“Yes, Master; it will be my pleasure.”

“And mine,” Carrie giggled. I had them all arranged and was ready to stick my cock between Carrie’s ivory-colored ass cheeks. I turned suddenly, extending my arm to Sheena and pointing to Stephanie’s naked glistening cunt. The expressions of hatred and anger had dissipated. She was still fearful, but that was understandable.

“But…I…I’m not a lesbian.”

“Neither is Stephanie.”

“This has nothing to do with sexuality, Sheena. It’s all about having fun. Master is doing it to Carrie, and I’m doing it to Carrie, too.”

Again, I extended my arm to Sheena. “Come…join us and I guarantee that you’ll be next—three mouths and six hands all to give you pleasure. Come, Sheena—join us.” She was hesitant, but slowly she moved onto the floor, crawling between Stephanie’s long slender legs. I knew she’d be fine when she took her first lick. It came just after I had entered Carrie’s bowel. I fucked Carrie just the way I knew she loved it—slowly, my cock pressing deep into her. Fucking her this way guaranteed maximum stimulation of her anal nerve endings. Her tightness guaranteed that I’d cum, too, in spite of my earlier escapades with Bianca.

Stephanie attacked Carrie’s cunt with a vengeance, sucking and licking her labia before fucking her tunnel. She gave instructions to Sheena as she did, “Start at the outside and work in. That’s it…that’s good, Sheena. You can nibble a bit. Don’t be afraid to hurt me. I love it hard, especially when you get to my clit.” I looked back to see Sheena’s mouth full of Stephanie’s juicy cunt. It was a good initiation for Sheena; Stephanie’s cunt was delicious. I’d miss it when she returned home. Her fiancé was a lucky man.

I could tell that Carrie was getting close. Her anus always pulsed and throbbed as her orgasm neared. The faster it went the closer she was. Right now it was firing at about a hundred beats a minute. She was also humping Stephanie’s face something fierce. Looking backwards I could see Stephanie doing the same to Sheena. Carrie finally came as only she can, sucking ribbons of hot slick semen out of my cock. Then it was Stephanie’s turn. Her motions smeared Sheena’s face with ejaculate. I pulled out of Carrie’s butt and turned, pulling Sheena into a kiss. “You’re a mess, you know that? You have Stephanie all over your face.” She didn’t resist at all when I leaned down and our lips met. Her small breasts pressed into my chest as we held each other for the first time.

I felt our bodies pushed apart. We broke the kiss and looked down. Carrie couldn’t wait to get my ass-dirty cock into her mouth for a good cleaning. Sheena looked up at me, hesitated for less than a second before commenting, “I believe you now.” She kissed me again, our tongues dueling wildly in our lust.

“I believe I made a promise.” Sheena gulped nervously as Stephanie and Carrie positioned her in the center of the bed. I knelt between her legs and lifted them over my shoulders. I pushed them forward and lowered my mouth to her cunt. I was hardly surprised to find it gushing her sweet juice. I gently kissed her thighs. She was slender and muscular, the result of many hours in the gym or jogging, but her skin was as soft and smooth as any I’d sampled. Placing my mouth over her entire cunt enabled me to suck and draw blood into her delicate sensitive tissues. I was pleased when her back arched and her mouth emitted a long guttural groan.

I hadn’t given any orders to either Carrie or Stephanie. I knew what they’d do. Stephanie engaged Sheena in a long tongue-laden kiss as she massaged her breasts and kneaded her nipples with her fingers. Carrie headed straight for her ass. That was why I had Sheena in this position—so Carrie could get her head into Sheena’s ass. There was no mistaking when Carrie’s tongue made contact. Sheena’s body jolted and shook as Carrie licked and tickled her pucker. Sheena screamed, “Oh my God!” I knew that Carrie’s tongue had forced its way into Sheena’s bowel.

Let’s see now, my tongue was fucking Sheena’s love tunnel and my hands roamed over her shoulders and back. Carrie’s tongue fucked her ass and her hands massaged her ultra-firm ass cheeks. Stephanie had her engaged in a long sensual kiss while she massaged her breasts and tweaked her nipples. Three mouths and six hands—exactly as promised.

I would have been shocked if Sheena had not reacted. She was getting enough stimulation to satisfy ten women. Her body turned and twisted as dozens of mini-orgasms coursed through her body. In time she’d had enough. “FUCK ME, MASTER! OH GOD, PLEASE…PLEASE FUCK ME NOW!” I moved forward and Carrie helped me to align my cock with her slit. Her labia were swollen and covered with her natural lube. My erect cock slid into her. I can’t say I entered easily—Sheena was extremely tight, but she was also extremely eager—and extremely ready. I could hardly believe this was the same person who claimed to hate me probably less than an hour ago.

We moved together, but no matter how frantic we became Carrie’s tongue remained firmly in Sheena’s ass. I could feel her tongue rubbing against my cock through the thin wall separating vagina from rectum. We continued like this for only a few minutes until Sheena stopped cold. I kept on pumping into her as I felt the tension mount between us until it blew from her body like lava from a volcano. Sheena shook and shook and shook. Her body was under her orgasm’s control.

Stephanie and Carrie knew enough to move away; I lay Sheena carefully on the bed. She was out cold. I checked her breathing—shallow– and heartbeat—slow, but regular. I smiled at my two girls and they left, hustling downstairs for a late lunch. I caressed Sheena’s tiny body, stroking her cheek and kissing her head and hair. Finally, after almost ten minutes her eyes opened and she blinked as though trying to remember where she was—and with whom.
Sheena looked up at me and recognized me at last. Then she smiled. “I’m sorry I said I hated you.”

“Shhh…just lie here until you’ve fully recovered. You had a monster of an orgasm. I would have worried if it was anyone other than you. You’re in fantastic physical condition. I find that extremely sexy.”

“My boobs are too small.”

“Hmmm, I don’t think so. You’d look ridiculous with D’s, don’t you think?”

“Maybe, but I wouldn’t mind B’s or even C’s.”

“Perhaps…sometime in the future although you shouldn’t want unnecessary surgery. How are you feeling now? Why don’t we shower and grab some lunch? I’ll bet you’re starving.” We spoke briefly and I called downstairs to order some lunch then I hustled her into my shower. We washed each other with me paying extra attention to her pussy and asshole. Of course, she concentrated on my cock, even washing it several times with her mouth. We stepped out and dried each other before Alonzo arrived with two huge omelets, ham steaks, and fried potatoes. A pitcher of iced tea gave us more than enough to quench our thirst.
We sat on the couch, our plates on the coffee table. “I want you to see something.” I turned on the TV and started the DVD player.

“That’s my mum!”

“Right you are—her first day at work for me…and her first big sale. See the man in the suit? He’s the manager who hired her. Let me turn the sound up.”

“That was great, Beth. You handled the client like a real pro. I want to ask you something, but first I want you to know that you can say no. Your job doesn’t depend on it. Okay?”


“I think you’re a wonderful person and you’re gorgeous, too. I’m a few years older than you and….”

“Jack, are you asking me out?”

“Uh, yeah…I guess I am. Would you go to dinner with me sometime?”

“I’d be pleased….” I cut the sound off.

“That has nothing to do with me. It’s strictly between them and he was right—her job does not require her to date him or obligate her to do anything more. He makes that abundantly clear later on in the recording. Some of the conversation is actually funny. You can take it with you later if you want.”

“Does that mean you don’t want me to stay?”

“Not at all. You’re welcome to stay as long as you like, but I’d probably have some complaints from the others, especially Bianca. She hasn’t learned to share yet.”

“I don’t think I have either. Oh God, I feel like such a fool for treating you so badly.”

“You certainly weren’t the first. You should have seen Sam when she first came here. She’s been here seven of the last nine years. She keeps on asking to return and I permit it because she’s so good in her house mother role. She has more than ten million now thanks to the investments I’ve made for her. She’s a rich woman now and she still loves to fuck me. She refused to even speak to me for more than a week. I was afraid I’d have to force feed her.”

“What happened?”

“After almost two weeks she saw that I was patient and that I wasn’t going to force myself on her. We began to talk and spent some time at the beach and pool. Then one day we bumped into each other—I swear she did it intentionally—she looked into my eyes, I leaned down and our lips touched. Next thing I knew she had her tongue down my throat. She practically raped me there in the pool. The rest as they say is history.”

“May I ask how many you’ve had?”

“Not as many as you might think. I doubt I’ve picked out more than two or three a year. You and Bianca are the exception, coming here less than a week apart. Today’s Saturday; she came in Wednesday morning by the same plane that brought us. The pilots really had to hustle to make that schedule. If they hadn’t we would have had to keep you unconscious an extra day or just pick you up later. You were in excellent hands. Please believe me.”

“I do believe you, Master. I could tell even this morning how much you treasure all the women. They’re all so beautiful and so sexy, too. I feel kind of inferior.”

“What’s the saying—beauty is in the eye of the beholder? I think you’re every bit as beautiful and sexy as any of the others.” I cupped her butt cheeks in my hands. “These are what originally attracted me to you. Other than photos, I never even saw your face until we were on the plane together.”

“Ever reject anyone?”

“More than you’d think. I don’t want any mothers and I’d prefer not to take any married women, although I did take Stephanie who was and is engaged, but I took her for a different reason.” Sheena looked up as though to ask a question so I continued, “I could sense her budding sexuality, but she was obviously very insecure, almost to the point of being submissive to her fiancé. He’s in for a big surprise when she’s back in Indiana. I don’t really know if they’ll stay together. That’s how much she’s changed. I will tell you this much—she has the most talented tongue I’ve ever encountered.”

“That sounds like a challenge; I love a challenge.”

I laughed and kissed her nose. “I’m glad, but not now. I’ve cum twice with Bianca and twice with you and Carrie. That’s about my limit until tonight. What say we check out your suite then join the others at the pool? You’ll be happy to know that you’re just down the hall.” I took her hand and we strolled, still naked, down the hallway to number fifteen. “This is yours,” I told her as I opened the door. After showing her around the suite I led her back into the hall where I shared the closets full of cosmetics and foot wear.

We were still holding hands when I opened the door to the fitness center. She was awestruck. “You must have over a hundred grand invested here.”

“Yes, and if there’s anything else you need I hope you’ll tell me.” Her eyes said “thank you” as she tiptoed up to kiss me. I kissed her back and led her out to the pool where I announced our presence, “I hope this is that ‘clothing optional’ pool I heard about.” I was met by a host of giggles as all the women jumped up to hug and kiss me and rub their tits into my chest.

My entire body was covered in sunscreen in seconds, but Sam told Bianca to leave my cock alone. “Nobody likes the taste of that lotion, dear. Wouldn’t you like that in your mouth a bit later? I know I would.”

I stood aside while three of the women coated Sheena, rubbing it into her soft tender skin. “I need to apologize for being such an arse earlier. Trust me–I’ve seen the error of my ways. I’m very sorry for my behavior.”

“Not to worry, Sheena,” Stephanie replied. “Playing with you made all the rest meaningless. Carrie and I loved your orgasm. Are you always like that?”

“No…never…I’ve never cum like that before. I just hope I have the opportunity to repay you.” Now everyone laughed.

“Don’t worry about that, sweetie. We’ll make sure you do your penance.” Sheena started to turn red in embarrassment. It was a joke, but I thought it had gone far enough.

“Okay…enough; I could name a few others whose behavior was worse. Sheena had a good reason. Before this past week her mom needed money from her to survive. She was afraid—that’s all. Now, how about a swim?” I picked up Sheena in my arms and fell backwards into the pool. She shrieked and kicked her legs in mock protest. Soon we were joined by the others as we played in the warm clear water.

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