The Toy Box: Textured Mini-Vibe

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— I don’t ever think of myself as a connoisseur of sexual toys, but I know what I like and I know how to use it. —

The first toy I ever received I had to talk my boyfriend Jake into buying for me, not that I actually had to convince him that much. He bought it for me with one stipulation – that I had to let him use it on me after I had gotten used to it. With small tingles between my thighs I agreed.

As I stood in front of the endless aisles of blissful excitement I felt Jake’s arms wrap around my waist, he leaned my body against his and I smiled wickedly when I felt his erection against the soft back of my thigh. I laughed softly.

“Getting a little excited aren’t we?”

He leaned close to my ear and whispered teasingly into it. “I always get excited knowing that I’ll be able to bring you to multiple orgasms.”

I felt my face redden softly and I gently pushed back against his throbbing member, teasing him back. I laughed again as I felt him groan and his goatee tickled my ear. Jake and I were at the point in our relationship that public displays of affection didn’t bother us, so it felt good having him hold onto me while I looked at the buffet of goodies before me.

I thought Jake would get impatient with me, but he sweetly and dutifully stayed either behind me or beside me while I looked. I ended up in an aisle filled with miniature vibrators and dildos, I nervously felt that it would be better to get something small since my virgin hood was still intact. Jake sweetly took my hand and kissed the back of my neck, understanding my decision for size. Even though we’d been dating for almost a year he knew I wanted to wait but also knew I would try anything else that didn’t involve ‘popping my cherry’ so to speak.

I laughed suddenly as I picked up a small disgustingly neon purple vibrator shaped like something other than a penis and teasingly waved it in Jake’s face and laughed even harder at the look of horror on his face. As I smiled and went to put it back my eyes fell on a small Ankara bayan escort display of the pleasure vibe series. The small jelly vibes came in three different styles – g-spot, a textured one, and a normal shaped one. I stared at them more often than anything else and Jake must have noticed because he left my side for the first time to walk over to them and he picked up one of each.

“Which one?”

I laughed softly and smiled at him. My eyes shifted between each one, it finally fell the most on the textured one and I reached my finger out to tentatively tap the box in the middle. Jake smiled at me and nodded. He put the other ones back and we walked around the shop slowly still, Jake picking up some lube and a couple of other things I never saw but he said he needed. He just smiled teasingly at me as we paid and left.

I laughed softly and rolled my eyes at him as I shoved him playfully walking to the car. He let me in on my side and as soon as he got in I straddled his lap and kissed him fiercely, letting my tongue glide over his as small tingles spread through my spine.

“Thank you Jake.”

“You’re very welcome baby.”

I kissed his mouth again deeply as his hands caressed my back. I sat back on my side and held his hand in my lap the whole ride home. I told him I wanted to use the toy by myself first and he told me that was fine…

I sat naked on the edge of my bed, looking into the small box. I smiled as I took it out. It was about five inches long and a little over an inch wide, it was flesh-colored with small raised bumps all over it. It felt light in my hand, even when I put batteries into it, and I twisted the base slightly feeling small quiet vibrations. I ran my fingers slowly over the textured tip of the toy, feeling my way along the same way I always do with Jake.

I touched the small vibrating toy to the inside of my knee, making my skin quiver and I giggled softly at the feeling. I scooted my body back to lay down on the bed, feeling the spirals of sensual anticipation Escort bayan Ankara traveling through my body.

I ran images through my min of Jake crouched between my thighs and it was his hand that guided the vibrator. I ran it higher up my leg and when it moved slowly over my inner thigh I jumped slightly and moaned for the first time. I could feel my body heat rising and my pussy lips began to get moist. My toes curled into the sheets as I set the vibrations a little higher and let the more intense feeling run over my sensitive inner thighs. I felt like jumping out of my skin in pleasure.

My clit began to throb and I hadn’t even touched it yet and it seemed to scream out in outrage at the thought. I slid a hand down my stomach to spread my lips open, exposing my sensitive nub. I teased my thighs slowly, letting pleasurable pressure build. My body screamed out for me to add the tingle to my core. I rolled my sweet nub between my fingers in slow circles as I continued to add and release the speed of the vibe on my inner thighs, never letting my skin get used to one speed.

My finger still rolled my clit, causing small drops of wetness to spread onto my lips. I took the vibrator from my thigh and my skin seemed to sigh in relief and cry out in anger at the same time. I placed it on the middle knuckle of the finger that worked on my clit and I cried out in pleasure as the steady thumps were transferred from the toy to my finger.

My lower half shook softly with the first risings of an orgasm. I dipped one of my fingers slowly into my dripping wet hole and felt my walls spasm and clench around it. While my body was heating up to a slow release, I took a second finger and let it join the one that slowly moved in and out of me. I spread myself with two fingers and as I felt my body began to spasm I shoved the vibe into my wet waiting center. I cried out sharply as it intensified my orgasm, making hot wet streams of my juices run down my thighs. My body rose off the bed slightly as I came. The pleasure Bayan escort Ankara only growing greater as I began to move the toy gently in and out of me, my sensitive walls feeling the bumps gliding inside. I felt another smaller orgasm coming and my body shook as my clit throbbed in time with my rushing heart.

I heard my door open and through hazy eyes I saw Jake walking nude towards me. For a moment I thought my mind was playing tricks on me until I felt his hands grasp my thighs and pull them apart slowly. His cock was pulsing hard and standing fully erect as it hit the inside of my calf. I moaned out to him, still gently thrusting the toy in and out of me.

He moaned to me, telling me I was beautiful, as he leaned forward and suddenly sucked my clit between his lips, flicking it with his tongue. My lower half flew off the bed, crushing into his face as I came harder than I think I ever had before. I could feel my cum covering his face. He only moaned louder, drinking me.

He took the vibrator from my fingers and he began to move it in wide circles inside me as his tongue still played with my nub. With this new passionate feeling I came again, my hands curling into fists on the sheets. My hips began to fuck both his face and the toy, undulating in time with his hand movements. The small beads tickled my sensitive walls and I could feel my body collapse in final release. Jake switched off the vibe at the moment right before I came again.

My moans fell silent as I lay there breathing hard. I placed a hand on Jake’s thigh, pressing it in a gesture of come-hither. He straddled my body and I scooted down to lick the head of his cock, tasting precum. He moaned to me as I enveloped his whole head into my mouth, my fingers pressing into his skin, letting him know I wanted him to fuck my mouth and my body was too shaky to do much else but lay there. He smiled down at me in understanding and I felt his engorged flesh moving at his favorite speed inside my mouth. My tongue licked and sucked in time with him and I sensed him tense up as he came in my mouth. I moaned as I swallowed him.

He slowly laid down next to me sweetly and we soon drifted into dream-filled sleep together. My fingers clutching around the mini vibe as I fell asleep smiling against his chest.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32