Timothy Helps Out

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Her head smashed against the wall, the rough plaster rubbed against her breasts, cheek and ear. She tried to push herself free but Timothy was way too powerful. Her 61 kgs were no match to his over 100. He held her firm with his hand in her neck and his arm between her shoulder blades. She felt his cock against her buttock. That stick hard cock almost the size of a ½ lts bottle she helped to get free just moments ago. “My God pls. don’t put it in my ass. “Pls. don’t” It would hurt either way but at least her cunt was wet of excitement. “Pls.”

She met Timothy when he was senior student on her high school. He volunteered to help other students with mathematics and physics. Even back than he was already an impressive boy, strong, tall, hands like coal shovels. But his appearance was gentle and helpful.

A few weeks later she met Brian. Brian came from the same primary school as Timothy. They were not exactly what you would call friends but their common background made they were close enough for superficial friends. She liked Brian and over time they felt in love. Brian was gentle, shy, a bit nerdy and a dwarf next to Timothy.

They were together for over 10 years now and she could not imagine someone better as Brian. He was really the man a woman wants to get old with. He was absolutely the best but for one thing: He was so neat, gentle and kind he could not bring himself to dominate her, In bed he was inventive and had lots of surprising ideas but no way he would be rough to her. It was just not him. Oh yes, he knew her wishes but when he gently slapped her breasts he instantly checked if she was alright. It just was not him. Sometimes she did not want him to be gentle, she wanted him to overpower her, to throw her on the bed and to ravage her like a wild animal, have that animal mobil porno instinct overpower him. But he just did not have it in him.

Last week after they had another satisfying vanilla fuck he had asked her if she would have rough sex with another man if he agreed. She was completely taken by surprise by his question. As gentle and kind he was she never thought he would allow her to sleep with another man. It was so out of their common comfort zone she herself had never considered it a possibility. She had fantasized about it alright, a safe fantasy, no way it would ever happen. But now? Would she fuck another man?

His cock moved between her legs back forth, back again. “Pls. pls. pls.” Forth again, back, forth. All of a sudden he shoved his cock deep inside her vagina. The plaster rubbed roughly along her breasts when her body was lifted up by his force. “Oh God, this hurts.” Her sensitive breasts were on fire and her vagina was stretched as never before. He had lifted her feet from the floor. He held her secure against the wall.

Brian was glad Angela could not see him. He held his hands over his face and almost forgot to breath. He knew that it was what she longed for but nevertheless he felt sorry for his girlfriend. No way he could do it to her, to anybody. This was way beyond his imagination. Of course he had seen videos of rough sex but he could just not imagine somebody would like it. He knew sometimes Angela was in for some rough sex but he just could not do it to her. No way he would be rough to his sweetheart, no way. He pledged to himself that he would ever hit her not even in a unforeseen moment the middle of a fight when emotions had long supplanted reason. But it was something she wanted to experience at least once and he was willing to give it to her.

From alman porno his sometimes bragging talk he knew Timothy was in for some rough behaviour when it concerned woman. It was a good guy but a masculine alpha one. Brian had asked Timothy if he fancied Angela and if he would have sex with her if he let him.

At first Timothy had not believed him. That nice sincere Brian who offered him his girlfriend. He only got the picture when Brian explained his dilemma. He had seen a possible future friend with benefits as he knew Brian was never to change. Good chance Angela would come to him in future as well when she wanted some explicit sex. Fucking Angela was a good investment. Even more since Angela was an attractive woman with long legs, a slim body, long curly brown hair and firm breasts. A woman men turned their heads for and girlfriends who had to remind them of their presence.

“Ogh,” He held his balance with his arm against her back and the air was pressed out of her lungs when he started to move. Down, up, down, up, down, … Her feet were still in the air and she actually hung on the wall. The sharp plaster pressed against her hips, belly and breasts. He had reduced the grip on her head. She was still unable to move it but at least the plaster was not hurting as before. Up, down, up. His cock bounced against her cervix undisturbed. She was impaled on his cock and completely filled up. A mixture of pain and pleasure caused some tears in her eyes to appear. Down, up, ogh, down, up ogh, down, …

She had no idea how long he held her like that but suddenly he pulled his cock out. “Nooo, not my ass, … pls.” She scraped her knees painfully when he let loose and she fell along the wall. He grabbed her by the hair and turned her around, before she even alexis texas porno knew his cock was down her throat. She gagged but he held her in place. For a moment she panicked but when he pulled her head away the reflex was gone. She gasped for air. When he forced his cock into her mouth again she tried to fight him of but she was no match. “Suck it” he ordered. She did not have a very big mouth and had to open her jaws wide to let his cock in. She gave head the best she could..

This was much different from blowing Brian, this cock was much thicker and soon her jaws started to hurt. She was glad when he took her head in his hands and took over the rhythm to shoot his load. It would be over soon. He warm cum filled her mouth. Ough, he smoked and drunk a lot of coffee. His cum tasted much different from Brians. His cock was so thick that his cum would not leak from her mouth as long as he kept him inside her mouth. “Yes, swallow!” he ordered. She managed to swallow most of his cum down her throat. When he pulled his cock from between her lips she swallowed again. She opened her mouth to show him she had swallowed it all.

Only then did she see Brian looking at her with his eyes wide open of wonder. Despite her humiliation, she tried to look gratefully. Yes she was grateful to her boyfriend, who was generous enough to step aside and let her fulfill her fantasy with another man.

Timothy forced her up on her feet and pressed her back against the wall. “You will behave? Be an good slave for that generous man who let me have my way with you?” His voice was rough and it was clear that he did not tolerate a contradiction.

She nodded.

“I cannot hear you slut!”


“What yes? Yes dog?” he pressed her against the wall.

“Yes sir.”

“Yes, MASTER.!”

“Yes master.” she whispered.

“Fine,” he threw her towards Brian. She fell over in front of him.

“There is your slut again, treat her as a man should.”

He started to dress. When he finished he raised his hand as a salute and left the apartment.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32