Tokyo Train Pt. 01

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She only knew this guy for the last few weeks. Working in a city like Tokyo made other foreigners stand out easily. They met in passing on the subway to work. He was new to town and just started working in the same building.

By some off chance he picked her carriage to share the commute. She always had the same spot on the train. She is a workaholic, doesn’t have time for anyone.

They caught eyes occasionally, From there it progressed into catching each other staring. It seemed harmless.

It was a Tuesday morning, Typical cold, wet, miserable day. She hadn’t seen this stranger for the last week, Suddenly he came running to the door of the train just as it shut, With no where near enough room to fit, He squeezed his body into the train, the sliding doors closing pushed them together tightly.

Rather than it being awkward while this somewhat stranger was pressed up against her until the next stop, she asked “I have missed seeing you this last week.”

Looking a bit shocked he replied “Oh, ahh I’ve been busy moving my things from across the other side of the city, Why are you so interested?”

“No Reason” she said defensively.

They stood stuck together porno izle in a cloud of awkward silence until the doors slid open again, He slid out, It wasn’t his stop yet but decided to walk the rest of the journey, The doors began closing again, On a whim she jumped onto the platform and yelled “Hey, Wait up”

It didn’t take long before they started talking and swapping stories. Surprisingly they had a lot in common.


He took the bike down to her apartment, It is only a short distance away. It’s pretty safe to ride here in Tokyo. Months had passed since the encounter on the train and they had become good friends.

He knocked on the door and was greeted by her, Except this time she was wearing something more revealing than normal. A white silky top that was definitely see through, Trying to keep his eyes up, He came in and sat down on the big leather lounge.

She came around in front and looked him in the eye, Then up and down. Slowly moving closer she hopped on and sat in his lap with her legs either side of his, Her long brown hair sitting in front of her shoulders curled around and tickled his face.

Without hesitation she leant in and whispered into his amatör porno ear. “Remember that day on the train” While she was saying this her body slid towards his, Her chest pushing onto his.

Without hesitation he lifted her up and lied her onto her back.

Slowly he started kissing her neck, gradually sliding down towards her collarbone. He dragged his kisses across her collarbone out towards her shoulder. His hands were gently holding her hips while all this was happening, Eventually once the kisses retreated from the shoulder his hands began lifting up her silky top, It didn’t take long until it was up and over her head, Leaving her top half naked.

One hand slid around to the back of her head and lifted it up towards his face, He tilted it and whispered in her ear “Should I continue” The only response was a light moan and her hands pulling his shirt up and over his head.

He continued kissing down her body, Slowly down the middle of her chest. His hands holding her hips up and close to his body. Eventually he reached the center of her chest with his kisses. Slowly he moved left kissing up and over her breast. Carefully he made his way towards the anal porno nipple. His big strong hands sliding up her sides supporting her now arched back.

He starts to kiss and tease her going around her nipple in large circles, spiralling down to the centre. They were really hard by now and desperately In need of attention, Gently he starts to suck and tease them with his tongue. Making circles, doing anything that prompted a gentle moan from her,

His hands are still gripping tightly to her sides, keeping her In position. After endless minutes of pure attention, he switched sides and started to tease the right.

When he was finally ready to move on he proceeded down her body, his hands taking the lead, they meander down her sides and back over her hips then to those thighs. Concurrently his kisses take a swaying path over her stomach, he stops and looks up once he reaches the top of those black lace underwear.

His hands push her legs slightly apart, just enough room to run a hand up and along the inside of her leg. He does just that, all the way from her knee up to the very edge of her panties, He jumps over and proceeded to move down the other side. While this is happening he’s also lying short sweet kisses across the top side of the underwear line.

They both knew what was about to happen, but how long was he going to make her wait.

His hands pushed her legs further apart, spreading her…

Part two soon!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32